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Welcome to South Today. The headlines tonight:


Cooking for one - The widowers who have been left behind


but are now learning new life skills and finding new friends.


I'm from a generation that lived with mother until I married


and then married and had a lady to look after me.


Carry on cruising - the number of people taking a cruise


is up and the average age is coming down.


Showing off their skills, but should skateboarders be banned


It's been one of the warmest days of the year so far.


I hope you enjoy the sunshine because it's not set to last.


More men are facing loneliness and isolation in old age,


especially after the death of a wife or partner.


Researchers have found that men over the age of 65


There's about 600,000 men who are now living alone,


That figure is expected to increase by 65% over the next 14 years.


Bereaved older men are most affected by loneliness,


and have less contact with family and friends than


But a small scheme in the New Forest is helping them


to look after themselves - and talk about their feelings.


And it's all based around the kitchen.


Our health correspondent David Fenton reports from Lymington.


Some people feel at home in the kitchen but not these men.


I'm from a generation that lived with mother until I married


and then married and had a lady to look after me.


Many had never cooked a proper meal before.


Now they're having to learn because their wives have died.


That's Janet and myself, taken in 1955.


62 years and suddenly all gone, but that's life, isn't it?


Many of these men lost wives after a lifetime of marriage.


Ted and Eileen had been together 53 years.


When it happens, it's a very big change.


There's nobody to do anything for you,


I can remember my wife saying every day they must be browned off.


John D'Arcy is making his first ever lasagne.


We're putting the last there of them meal on,


the meat you saw cooking with the tomatoes and cheese


and everything, and now we put the top there.


The class is run by volunteers at Oak Haven Hospice in Lymington.


Lasagne is next, strips and then the cheese sauce all over


While we cook people open up, chat about what's happened to them,


the funerals, the bereavement and it's just a really good tool


for people to open up and chat about what's happened to them.


When John's wife Catherine died, he barely went out.


The cookery club called him three times before he finally accepted.


I looked in the fridge on the third occasion of them ringing me


and all that was in the fridge was one can of John Smith's and half


a crunchie and I thought it's time to do something about this.


It's time for the lasagne to come out.


Everyone makes something, then the men sit down


Good old penny. I didn't see you helping her there, David.


It's a simple idea, teaching these men to cook,


Absolutely, and that's what many of these men are not good at.


and it was a pound of lard and a pack of sausages for lunch,


These men went from mother to wife and they were looked after by


When they lost them, they really struggled.


One man there got a call from his GP because


But I think the cookery is just a way of getting them together,


getting them out of their homes and talking about


The volunteers are mostly women. Each man has a volunteer next to him


to talk if he wants to talk and this is quite it has been so successful,


there was not a lot of money spent on it, when it started nobody wanted


to do with and now it's full. Hampshire Police have questioned


a 64-year-old man from Southampton as part of an investigation


into historical abuse in football. The man who cannot be


named for legal reasons has been interviewed


by officers under caution. Our reporter Anjana Gadgil


has more details. Hampshire Police confirmed


it was investigating historical abuse in football


in November last year. Now the force says it has questioned


a 64-year-old man from Southampton. The man, who attended voluntarily


for questioning earlier this week, has been interviewed under caution


in a police custody suite. In a statement today the force said


this was part of a significant and complex investigation


being undertaken by specialist officers from Hampshire's


major crime team. Since last year, forces


across the country have launched investigations into historical abuse


in football and hundreds of alleged Hampshire Police says


it is still encouraging victims of any abuse to contact the force


or the NSPCC. The number of people taking cruise


holidays is up again. The key trend is towards taking


holidays that set sail from this country, rather than what's


known as fly-cruising. Let's join our transport


correspondent Paul Clifton, Our love affair with


cruise ships is thriving. The British cruise industry has


grown by 50% in ten years. The last new ships were P's


flagship Britannia, named by the Queen, and the latest


offering from Royal Caribbean, which brings one of the world's


biggest ships for the summer season. But the number of people who choose


to start their holidays from a British port,


usually Southampton, is rising three times faster


than the number who fly off Almost two million British


holiday-makers And the average age


is getting a little younger - Royal Caribbean in particular has


spent billions on ships that Southampton-based P Cruises


has done much the same. The travel industry thought


the Brexit decision, and the drop in the value


of the pound, would mean more I think we are seeing some holiday


decisions being made around I think we're seeing people


who might travel to Europe maybe trading down in the length of time


they would go for for so they will still spend the same amount


of money on their holiday. What a cruise allows people


to do is budget ahead, they know exactly what they will pay


for their holiday, they can prepay for all the items they might want,


so their shore excursions, drinks if they want to,


so they can budget carefully Paul, does that explain why


more people are choosing to start their holidays in the UK


instead of heading We're taking more foreign


holidays as a whole. Partly cruising is about paying


for your holiday in sterling. No need to worry


about currency changes. Partly it's about avoiding the fight


through increasingly A cruise costs typically


?70 to ?90 a day. That's about the same


as a mid-price hotel on land, but you get meals and


entertainment included. In May, Reading's Caribbean


community will host a carnival The once annual event began 40


years ago, but it hasn't been run since 2014,


due to a lack of money Now a new team has been


awarded financial support from the National Lottery


to bring it back. The unmistakable colour


and sound of Carnival. This was, until a few years ago,


a popular annual event in Reading. It's not been held for the past two


years, a lack of organisation and money to blame, but it's back


this year, with new organisers hoping to draw on the event's past


as they shape its future. There's a lot of history stored


in Reading and there's a lot of passion and feeling that's


attached to Carnival. It's something that belongs


to our communities that we're inviting everybody


into and opening out. So we're really proud


to be hosting it. Artist Philbert Herman will help


children make costumes this year. He helped organise the carnivals


in the early days and has fond memories of 1977,


the first one. It rained and the people


still came out. There were a lot of street


parties to celebrate the Queen's Silver Jubilee


and the West Indians were out there, dancing with the bin liners


and the brollies They came out and celebrated


with the whole community. Our diversity in Reading


particularly is our strength and the fact that we have people


from all over world living We want to celebrate that


and we want to invite people from other communities to celebrate


that as well. ?10,000 of lottery money has


been awarded this year. Organisers say they still need more,


but crucially, they want support. Keep the last Bank Holiday Monday


in May free - it's Carnival Day. A new deal to end the dispute


by train drivers has been agreed by Southern Railway


and the Aslef union. The drivers will now be


balloted over the proposal, The drivers rejected a previous


deal between their union Police have released images


of a petrol station attendant in Dorset being threatened


by robbers with a knife Two men stole cash from


the Esso Service Station on Charminster Road in Bournemouth


late on Monday night. They've just missed out but three


students from Reading still have a chance to send


their invention into space, The issue of slow economic growth


on the Isle of Wight has been raised in today's Prime Ministers


Questions. The island's Conservative


MP Andrew Turner said he was disappointed that the Isle


of Wight was lagging The Prime Minister called


on the business community and council on the island to push


for economic growth. Will my Right Honourable friend to


ensure that more growth funding is targeted at rural areas like the


island, with many small and micro businesses, to deliver a country


that works for all? We have already been able to support the island's


economy through the local growers deal for the Solent and the local


enterprise partnerships, supporting the SME programme, he referred to


rural funding and I want to make sure we make the best of the diverse


strengths of Allbritton's cities, regions and Islands.


The leader of a Hampshire Council has unexpectedly announced


Ferris Cowper says he'll leave his role as leader of East


He also says he won't stand for re-election as a councillor


It was designed to be the dynamic and cultural heart of the city.


But to the horror of some people, it has become a skateboarding mecca.


Southampton's ?50 million cultural quarter complete


with the landmark Guildhall Square.


Aficionados of the sport - which'll feature at the next Olympics -


say the square is better than many purpose built skateparks.


But the City Council is looking at drawing up a Code of Conduct


On a warm sunny day there's a constant stream of skateboarders


doing their flicks and tricks in Southampton's Guildhall Square.


While some people are happy to see and hear


We don't hear it, the windows are good enough.


I don't know where else the kids have got to go.


It's difficult because they ought to provide somewhere for them to do


it, but on the other hand it shouldn't be here.


Skateboarders say the super-smooth Guildhall Square is


The only thing we've harmed is the ?10,000 benches they've done,


which they could invest into a skate park.


I've been skateboarding at Guildhall for five years now,


it's a real important place to me, it's like a second home but I would


Today the City Council has been discussing what should be done.


Ultimately we do need to make sure the square can be used by everyone


coming to Southampton, but hopefully it won't get


to draconian measures, we can do things with consent


A few minutes walk from Guildhall Square is Hoglund's Park,


the skating facility that most agree is well overdue a makeover.


Skaters say it would be used far more if it was upgraded.


Certainly, there would be more people coming down


I don't want to disturb someone else's day so a better


park would be better for everyone, really.


The City Council could use its powers to ban skateboarding


For now it's looking at collaboration


Earlier, I spoke to Iain Borden, who is a Professor of


I began by asking if he thought skateboarders should be


Skateboarders have as much right to use public space as any other


urban citizens and banning skateboarders because of their


activity seems to me to be highly undesirable.


And yet why not use purpose-built areas?


Because some argue that they are spoiling the space and damaging it.


Purpose-built areas like skate parks are great and many skateboarders


like using skate parks as well but they're not really a substitute


Skateboarders like to use urban squares because they are public,


dynamic, there are other people around and to ask skaters to move


into solely purpose-built skate parks would be like telling members


of the public, you can walk but you can only walk around


You advise councils on urban architecture, so what do you suggest


councils do when it comes to public spaces that everyone can use?


There are some places where you don't want skateboarders.


You don't want them on public train platforms or busy roads,


so a certain amount of sensible approach is required,


but generally speaking there's no reason why skateboarders can't exist


alongside people cycling or walking or running or pogoing or playing


music or any of the other things people do in public space.


It's not an innately dangerous or risky or damaging activity.


You're a skateboarder yourself - do you use public spaces?


I tend to use skate parks a lot more.


Some of the people I skate with use skate parks and public spaces.


Professor Iain Borden, thank you very much.


was him there, that bit of skateboarding footage. Let's get on


to the sport. Some good fortune for Pompey last night.


Yes, word getting to march were some of the league to futures will be


decided. In last night's football,


Portsmouth maintained their charge for promotion in League Two,


with their third win in a week. For the rest of the South's


teams though, it was We kick off our round-up


at Fratton Park. It was effectively all over by half


time for Portsmouth, who had fought for the second game in a row. They


had an early lead against Grimsby, but that advantage was doubled when


Danny Rose made at two. Pompey added another on the stroke of the break


when Kyle Baker fired home, and it was for after the interval, when a


rebound fell for Kal Naismith. They now have a 7-point cushion in the


automatic spots. Oxford's hopes took a knock after they went down at all


time. They had drawn level through Chris Knight wire's penalty but the


second half winner came from Lee are one. That woman plunged Swindon


deeper into trouble after they lost to Sheffield United Swindon were


already 2-0 down, then this strike levelled matters at 2-2. A moment


for keeper will Henry to regret. And in the battle of the dons old and


new, Wimbledon prevailed against MK Dons. The second AFC goal came from


former Bournemouth striker Lyle Tate.


Southampton Football Club's latest set of financial figures show


a post-tax profit of almost five million pounds.


Turnover increased by around ten million, to 124 million,


while commercial turnover was up by 21 per cent.


In a four-year period, Saints also published details


of ?175 million in player sales, while spending


With wages added on top, Saints' net investment in the squad


Two Southampton footballers have signed on to support an appeal


to raise funds for a new children's emergency department


James Ward-Prowse and Sam McQueen added their names to a bus which has


the signatures of prominent local people on it.


Organisers hope the VIP bus, which will travel around the city,


will help raise two million pounds for the facility which could treat


It's great to be done here with Sam to help raise awareness for a great


charity, to create the emergency and trauma units at Southampton


Hospital. It's a great initiative to be involved with by using our


profiles to help raise awareness. And the Brighton Hove Albion


manager Chris Hughton is to take a brief break from chasing promotion


to the Premier League next month. The Seagulls boss has been announced


as the official race starter of next He'll set off more than 8,000


runners from Preston Park It was another winning


day for Berkshire-based trainer Nicky Henderson


at the Cheltenham Festival, as he secured a 1-2


in the RSA Novices Chase. 7-2 favourite Might Bite battled


to hold off his stablemate Meanwhile, there was a narrow second


place for Dorset trainer Colin Tizzard in the big race,


the Queen Mother Champion Chase. His horse Fox Norton in the red cap


just failed to catch A couple of thrilling finishes at


the festival. That was an outsider.


Yes, building up to the big one on Friday.


I'm sorry that Thistle Crack is not racing, that would have been a


perfect race. Three students from Reading invented


a device that could one day allow humans to breathe in habitation pods


on the moon. We featured them a few weeks ago


as they took their design all the way to India as part


of an international competition which would see the winner become


part of the first ever Today, they were told they'd


come in third place - but they could still have a spot


on the rocket - at a price, The Moon is still in reach for the


lunar dome team but there is a catch. They will have to pay and the


song is astronomical. $750,000. But it is going to the moon, that's not


cheap. And when you think what it's doing, it's not surprising.


Everything to do with space cost millions. They have come third out


of 3000 teams who were hoping to be on that first commercial craft to


land on the moon. Lunar dome is designed to control their pressure


on the lunar surface, theoretically allowing people to breathe, but only


the two winners from Italy and India will now get free passage on the


team in this rocket. It's a lot of money but we will do everything we


can to support them to secure that funding through whatever means


necessary. Team Indus is locked in the corporate space race of its own


but it says if the money is found, team lunar dome can go on the rover.


I wouldn't see them as having missed something, they got close and if you


can get a British philanthropist to fund them, they govern. But the


chance of a moonshot is fading. Funding needs to be secured by the


end of the month. Obviously were over the moon at our experiment


potentially going to the myth that there is stress on us because we now


have to secure this quickly. So the hopes of the lunar dome team have


not yet been brought fully to earth. That will be a big piggybank,


?650,000, but good luck, guys. Onto the weather. Alexis is here. It was


gorgeous, you were on the golf course. I was not playing like Tony


but we were doing a piece with Scott Gregory. Highs of 16 Celsius,


glorious day but not everyone had the sunshine. We have some lovely


weather pictures to show you, from the weather Watchers, where you can


upload your photos. Today we saw blue skies in West Sussex and clear


skies also for those in Berkshire, glorious day to be had that not


everyone saw the sunshine, spare a thought for those on the south coast


and the Isle of Wight, this fog played the south coast through much


of today and the fog is increasing in many places under clear skies


tonight but we are looking at increasing cloud so by dawn there


will be more cloud and temperatures will rise, so the lowest


temperatures will be at the start of the night, but once the cloud


arrives a low of 6-7. Quite a murky start to tomorrow, after I might


have closed in the morning, but things will brighten up in places.


Generally cloudy, the odd spot of rain for western areas, temperatures


will reach a high of 11. Tomorrow night we will have to weather


fronts, one moving through and then another one, they that second front


there will be cooler air so temperatures will fall to four or


five, a chilly start to Friday but plenty of sunshine first thing.


Through the morning the cloud will thicken from the West and we will


see further cloud through the day ahead of this weather front which


will arrive on Friday afternoon, bringing pulses of rain which may be


heavy at times through the evening and overnight into Saturday. Looking


ahead, a lot of cloud in the next few days, the odd spot of drizzle


tomorrow but mainly dry with one or two bright spells. Friday will have


a good deal of cloud, a bright start in places but clouding over with


rain expected in the afternoon and evening, and over the weekend, the


breeze will increase through Friday and into the weekend, a windy


weekend with spells of rain and temperatures will reach a height of


12 Celsius, so a fresher feeling two days ahead, especially over the


weekend with the rainfall and the brisk winds, which will take the


edge off temperatures. You give with one hand, you take with another!


That could be a bit of high pressure middle of next week.


That is it from us. We will be back with the headlines at 8pm and then


at 10:30pm. Goodbye.


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