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Welcome to South Today, I'm Allen Sinclair.


Tonight, we ask why the Isle of Wight's NHS boss has


resigned without warning, just days ahead of a report


Why the landowner involved fears the Stonehenge bypass scheme


All these barrows are on the ridges, looking down into that valley.


Painting the problems of the Middle East in a new light.


How an art project here is forging friendships.


And saying so long after 72 years in the same salon.


This isn't just my ordinary business - someone comes in and buys


It's a much more personal contact them back.


The chief executive of the troubled Isle of Wight NHS trust has


resigned, just days ahead of the publication of a report


Karen Baker is stepping down from the top job two weeks


after concern was raised that the trust could be put


She said the latest CQC report would contain important messages.


The trust has confirmed she won't receive any kind


Our health correspondent, David Fenton, is on the Isle


It is clearly the report due out in 12 days' time. She has seen it, I


haven't, but it will not be good. The trust will come in for a


slating. The CQC criticises people all the time. Cheap executives do


not resign though. But when they do, it tends to be because the


leadership is called into question. We do not know if that is what the


report is saying, but today Karen Baker said in her resignation letter


that the trust needed a new pair of eyes to look at the problems it


faces and to move things forward. What does this say about the


standard of health services on the island? It does not say much. They


had been problems for some time. In December 2016, mental health


services were told they needed drastic improvement. In January, the


hospital cancelled 260 operations and had to move patients to the


mainland. And in March, an improvement director was put in to


turn things around. We have been on the island today, talking to


patients and public about what they think of the services.


I suffer from clinical depression and anxiety and borderline


I have a complete and utter total lack of confidence.


I know that there are problems everywhere in the NHS,


but I think that they do a marvellous job.


I can't criticise it is at all, not for me and not for my family.


I wouldn't choose to go to St Mary's.


When I've been to the hospital, all the staff have been amazing.


And children's ward is just so lovely.


The strange thing about the island is that almost all of the health


services is all run by the same trust and the CQC has looked all a


bit so it will be a big report. We will look at this, particularly the


mental health services, which will come under a lot of criticism, over


the next few days, if anything has anyone to say they can get in touch


with me on this e-mail, and we will give you a full report on the day


the CQC investigation is published in 12 days' time.


The pilot and owner of a plane that ditched into the sea off the Sussex


coast yesterday says the engine cut out at an altitude


Ian Perry swam to shore with his passenger after the light


aircraft came down into the water shortly after take-off


from Shoreham Airport, where he runs a flying school.


Insurance assessors have been examining the plane today.


A lorry driver's died after his HGV left the road on the M27 motorway


The 58-year-old was taken to hospital in Portsmouth


The vehicle left the carriageway, ending up on the hard shoulder.


The motorway was closed westbound for nearly six hours to allow


the air ambulance to land and repairs to be carried out.


On a day when Britain's Defence Secretary called on other Nato


members to increase their military spending, a senior retired naval


commander from Portsmouth has questioned whether some of our armed


Rear Admiral Chris Parry says, when it comes to taking


on emerging threats, like Russia and China,


the UK simply doesn't have enough personnel or the right equipment


Our reporter, Joe Campbell, joins us now from Portsmouth.


Admiral Parry was the man who, when he worked at the Ministry


of Defence, warned his political masters about instability


due to mass migration from the Middle East and a resurgent


Russia, so he has a track record of spotting looming problems.


His comments come on the day when press reports have suggested


a looming ?10 billion black hole in the military budget.


The Navy's new carriers, which are due to arrive


here in Portsmouth over the next few years, are the government's flagship


policy when it comes to military spending.


But some question whether they've been built on the cheap and,


even worse, whether cuts to the rest of the Navy would leave them


vulnerable in the face of a serious military adversary.


It's no good just scooting around the carrier.


You have to have the escorts, you have to have the support ships,


the surveillance and everything that goes with it.


So, unless we have this balanced capability,


it'll be no more, frankly, than some of the capabilities we've


had in the past and totally unsuited for the world in which we have


hypersonic missiles, unmanned aircraft, unmanned systems


and highly capable platforms operated by our potential opponents.


The old adage was that a military that was prepared for war


could easily change down a gear for other roles, like peace-keeping


The concern is that, after years of operations


against insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq, we're less able


to face down nation states like Russia and China,


who've been flexing their military muscle.


As you might expect from a naval man, Admiral Parry is particularly


concerned about the impact of recent years on our seagoing power.


If we aspire to a global role after we leave from Europe,


the sea is the physical manifestation of the World Wide Web.


And if we are not strong at sea, if we are not there to defend our


interests and deter our enemies, then that will count for nothing.


Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon,


meeting his US counterpart today, has been stressing we're the only


other treaty member to meet Nato's 2% spending target,


but he also added the military couldn't escape the pressure


Government plans to build a ?1.4 billion tunnel to hide


the A303 at Stonehenge have been criticised by the woman who farms


Three conservation bodies have already expressed their concern


at the proposals, designed to relieve one of the South's


They've now been joined by landowner Rachel Hosier,


who's spoken exclusively to the BBC's Inside Out programme.


Stonehenge is one of our top tourist attractions but our experience


This is the sound of the A303, the main route


It often grinds to a standstill because it can't cope with demand.


We've got 24,000 vehicles a day on this road, going up to 30,000


That's not good for road users, it's not good for the local


residents and also it's not good for the setting of this


Now a ?1.4 billion scheme to reroute the road through a tunnel and widen


it to a dual carriageway is undergoing public consultation.


But Rachel Hosier is not happy because it will pass


through her land, which is littered with burial mounds, including one


of Britain's richest Bronze Age burial sites at Bush Barrow.


It's named because it's got the bush on it.


So they left Bush Barrow man in there and then they took


all the pots and all the gold and all the exciting


Within 500 metres of Bush Barrow is where the Western entrance would go.


I feel very upset. I cannot see a worst place. All bees barrows are on


the ridges, looking down into that valley. Paying homage to a road!


World Heritage Site, need I say more? What does the man in charge of


the proposed scheme have to say? We are still in consultation and taking


the view on the best way forward. Earlier this month, more than 20


archaeologists registered their objection to the scheme. They are


concerned the tonne's entrance will destroy the view of the sunset.


Construction will possibly start in 2020.


And there is more on this story on Inside Out at 7:30pm on BBC One.


Hampshire Police say they're looking for two men who were seen running


from Watts Park in Southampton yesterday shortly


The victim was a 42-year-old man who'd suffered knife


He's in a serious condition in hospital.


Police say the men they're looking for are black.


One wore a grey hoodie and the other had a black coat.


A quarter of children are falling behind in their first year at school


because nurseries don't have enough qualified teachers.


That's according to a study by Save the Children.


It's now calling on the Government to ensure all nurseries have


But while parents have welcome the idea, they're also concerned


Love, laughter and learning - that's the ethos behind


The activities here are supported by qualified teachers to get


a good start in key areas like maths and English.


But a new report by Save the Children has revealed that


generally struggling toddlers aren't getting the support they need.


As a result, one in four is falling behind in the first year of school.


It's very important for all our staff to have an underpinning


knowledge of children's development so that they can tune


in to children, but they need to have a holistic approach.


What's most important for children is for them to have warm


affirming relationships with their carers and teachers.


A quarter of parents surveyed said they were worried their child would


Half were concerned about sending their child to nursery


without a qualified teacher and three quarters believed


it was the government's responsibility to ensure


there were teachers in all nurseries.


But that would require a major recruitment drive to find an extra


3,200 nursery teachers in our region.


The shortage is being blamed on the fact nurseries are struggling


with recruitment costs and funding pressures so those likely to foot


I think they're highly qualified as it is and I've got two


But I do pay a lot of money so, if I do have more qualified people


in nursery settings, would I be happy to pay for it?


Dr Jo Blanden from Portsmouth recently published a study that


found children with access to teachers only performed slightly


Our point is that they're really quite small -


the effects you find in these types of studies compared to the other


kinds of differencess, say, between rich and poor children.


When it comes to learning, all the studies conclude


that the early years are the most important and that everyone involved


Workers at the Rolls Royce factory at Goodwood are to strike over plans


to close their final salary pension scheme.


They're among union members at a number of car plants


owned by BMW who've voted in favour of stoppages.


Union leaders will hold a series of meetings in the coming days


to discuss the action and have urged BMW management to enter talks.


Stay with us because, coming up, Sam Fraser has the weekend weather,


We will look ahead to the south coast clash in the Premier League as


Bournemouth travel to Southampton. Pride and a top half is at stake.


Homes in west Berkshire were evacuated yesterday


after a lorry began leaking highly explosive gas.


A tanker carrying liquid petroleum gas developed a fault


Firefighters and police cleared the area and residents were sent


They were allowed back home later in the evening.


I was walking down the road. I saw a tanker. It was squirting gas from


it. Police and fire engines were surrounding it. We walked down to


the shop and the police told us it was a gas leak so we got evacuated.


Now, two artists are painting the problems of the Middle East


in a new light by encouraging others to pick up a brush and


Murad Subay from the Yemen and Lisa Marie Gibbs from Berkshire


live 4,500 miles apart but they've been linking their local communities


The aim - to forge friendships and promote peace.


Two award-winning artists, two very different communities,


I have a lovely friend who introduced me to the work of


We wanted to link up on a project and we decided that this might be


a beautiful project in these really difficult times in Yemen,


to kind of work together, show solidarity and peace


Yemen has been in the grip of civil war since 2015.


So far, it's estimated that over 7,000 men,


women and children have been killed as a result.


At a time of war with borders that separate people


Even if it is for a short time it's an outlet for people who need it


in such hardship and it also a way for them to seek peace.


And at the same time, thousands of miles away, men and women


in Sana and boys and girls in Reading's Dee Park did just that.


It was a day that made my heart skipped a beat as an artist.


You never know what's going to happen, if the day


was going to work and it was just a beautiful day of solidarity and,


yeah, one of wonder, it was wonderful.


They may be thousands of miles apart, but Lisa-Marie and Murad


are not letting that get in their way.


They are hoping to work on another project linking Yemen and Reading


in their bid to build bridges through art.


Onto sport now and Tony's here to look ahead to a big game


in the Premier League tomorrow as Southampton host Bournemouth.


A game the complexion of which has changed a little since it was moved


Bournemouth's resurgence has moved them to the brink


Seven points from nine, including a draw at Manchester United,


earned Eddie Howe the Manager of the Month award for March.


Tomorrow, the Cherries, in 11th, visit a Southampton side gearing up


for a strong finish and just a place above them in the table.


When they met in December, the sides were neck and neck in the Premier


League table. It is the same again tomorrow. We are taking every game


individually, so starting with Southampton, a special game for the


football club. We are really looking forward to it. For Claude Puel well,


victory was a lift. He was rotating his side at the side due to a


fixture pile-up but now little such talk. He is without Gabbiadini so


the squirrel two goals and December could start. He cannot see a lot of


rotation. I think it is important to keep structure of the team but I do


not know. Perhaps two or three players can change on the game. It


is billed as a Derby but still an emerging rivalry in Premier League


terms and there is respect on both sides. He has done a good job. It is


very difficult to continually lose your best players and still be


competitive in the Premier League. A real credit to the club. I respect


this team because I find qualities with technical players, quality of


the management or so. I think it is a good game. Back-to-back wins in


the Premier League is difficult to achieve the economic massive


difference to your season. I would like to think we are looking up now


rather than behind us. If we can build on those wins, it would be


great. A win would probably mean different things for these two. For


Bournemouth, safety, the Southampton, the chance at a top


eight finish and today's Premier League, neither club can be too


disappointed with those aims. Reading could take a giant


stride towards securing They host Leeds at


the Madejski Stadium. It's a game which pits


fifth against fourth. A win for the Royals would lift them


above their opponents and build on a fine win away


at Sheffield Wednesday We have two enjoy it because we have


worked hard to be where we are and we are in such a break position so


now we have to make the most of it and make sure we stay in this


position. It is the best way to go up if you want to go up.


While Reading's focus is realistically on the play-offs,


that's a fate Brighton hope to avoid at all costs.


Automatic promotion is the only aim for the Albion, who host Blackburn


Chris Hughton has a clutch of players returning from injury.


Brighton are just a point behind leaders Newcastle.


Blackburn are in the division's bottom three, fighting to stay


in the Championship under a new manager in Tony Mowbray.


Teams that come to the AMEX coming good form. Sometimes you can get a


change of manager and things do not change too much, sometimes they do,


and the form has been very good, and it will be a tough game.


With Oxford involved in Sunday's Checkatrade Trophy


final, only Swindon and MK Dons are in League 1 action.


Swindon go to Fleetwood, MK host Gillingham, Portsmouth can


move a step closer to promotion when they travel to Hartlepool,


Pompey have won two of their last three away games.


You can follow it all across TV radio and online tomorrow,


including live commentary on BBC local radio.


Poole rider Sam Sunderland will be part of a strong field


in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge - the latest stage of the World Cup


The 27-year-old will be tackling the terrain of the western desert


in Abu Dhabi and he's been blown away by the response since his Dakar


It has been really cool. All the people I grew up racing within the


UK, all the messages and everything, it is really nice. It is back to


work now. The pressure is now here. Time to go back and fight again. He


has got good fan base good to him. Now, choosing when to retire


from work can be a difficult decision, particularly


if you have a job you love, which is why 93-year-old hairdresser


Kathleen Privett from Portsmouth has Yes, after an incredible 72 years


in the family salon, Kathleen's Briony Leyland shared


a special last day with her. Hairdressing has been a life's work


for 93-year-old Kathleen Privett. She has grown up and grown


old in the salon opened by her father in the 1940s


in the Drayton area of Portsmouth. He encouraged the young


Kathleen's emerging enthusiasm and she would try out her skills


on anyone who would let her. My aunt, when she came down, I asked


if she wanted to help. I felt quite chuffed.


Kathleen looks back fondly on the experimentation


One customer took great pains to preserve her "bubble" cut.


She said she would lay on her face because she did not want to disturb


it. I thought, how silly! Widowed at the age of just 28


with three small children, earning a living was important


but working in the salon has always It is part of your life. It is not


just an ordinary business, it is much more personal contact them


back. Kathleen's daughter


Barbara followed her mum into the business and her


daughter in law Pat too. suffering from osteoporosis they've


decided together that's it's time to close the salon


and enjoy retirement. I feel sorry for the ladies because


they are like family is all good things must come to an end. Some


days you could order than others. I am really sad. After coming in all


this time. You get to know the girls, they are really lovely.


Kathleen is really special. An apprentice once


suggested to Kathleen that she'd missed out on adventures by spending


all her life in Drayton. Kathleen sees things differently -


for more than 70 years she has been at the heart of life


here and wouldn't swap Yesterday was fab. I even got some


sunburn yesterday. This was Lepe Lighthouse


first thing. And this was the scene under cloudy


skies at Barton on Sea. March ended on a try and find note


in the end. For April, April showers, something more traditional


on the way. Tonight, cloudy with showers. This evening starts dry,


you can see this band of rain out to the West. That will make its way in


to the early hours. A damp place for some places and under cloudy skies


temperatures drop away to 89 Celsius. For Saturday morning, a


damp start. Those showers becoming more widespread. Very little in the


way of wind tomorrow. If you get caught under one, you will know


about it. Bright spells too. Temperatures will reach 14 Celsius.


As we go through Saturday afternoon into the evening, those showers


clear away to the north-east and overnight, try and find. Clear


spells, a touch of mist developing here and there, overnight lows of


seven Celsius. Looking ahead to Sunday, an area of high pressure


builds so Sunday, much more settled. Dry, fine, sunny spells,


temperatures up to 14 Celsius, and that high pressure set to stay with


us as we head into the start of the new week. To recap of the weekend,


Saturday, showers. They could be accompanied by a rumble of thunder


and hail that we should see bright spells as well. Looking ahead to


Sunday, that will be the better day of the weekend. It will be dry and


fine, high pressure dominating, so we will see a sunny spells. To make


the most of it. Looking ahead to the start of the new week, that high


pressure stays with us so Monday is a dry day. Bright spells, a little


bit of cloud, overnight rain into Tuesday means a great start for


Tuesday but again high pressure mix-up, returns with bright spells.


Tony, enjoy your trip to Brighton tomorrow. Thank you for your company


this evening. We are back again with the headlines at 8pm. Whatever you


are up to this weekend, have a great one. Goodbye.


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