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The quiet dignity of Muslims leading a service of hope


and solidarity with the victims of the London terror attacks.


If you stay quiet, say nothing, then people only hear the negative


messages and voices which are around everywhere.


The crippling cost of petty crime and its impact


Why this woman's sounding off about cinema chains and the lack


I have to go and watch it on that day and that time and if I don't go,


And we'll hear the story behind a full-size caravan made


It was a show of quiet dignity and of solidarity with the victims


While Westminster paused for today's service of hope and reconciliation,


members of the Muslim community here in the South gathered


with people from all faiths, as a mark of respect,


and to demonstrate their absolute rejection of terrorism.


Joe Campbell was at the event, in Newbury.


They marched partly in silence but the message was loud and clear. We


are British but we are British Muslim and we live in this country,


loved by their rules and regulations of the land. They still have it


tends to meet everybody. This event may have been organised by new's


Moslem community can they claim it was open to all. People came from


all sections of the time. Buyers coming out this week and being vocal


about it, that we are united, we condemn the act of violence and we


pray and our thoughts are with the victim's family, that is the message


we want to send out to comfort those -- to confront the others that are


in the media and other places. We pray for those in the Westminster


attack, from -- for the family, friends and colleagues of those


killed. Outside the town Hall, Muslim and Christian prayers.


Flowers from those of all faiths and none. If the -- if the intention was


to divide communities, the clear objective of today's march was to


show that Shearer, they failed. We, in this community, a community that


is changing, more trips are people coming to live here, we are


determined to understand and be one community, to be tolerant. And then,


two weeks to the minute, a time to remember. The crowd hushed but


speaking with one voice. The current terror threat in the UK


is rated as "severe", which means an attack


is highly likely. In Guildford today, the second


of two special events was held to help businesses prepare


for the worst IF something This from our home affairs


correspondent, Peter Cooke. Nice, Berlin, London,


but where next? This morning, more than 100 people


from Guildford's business community were told how they could stop


it being them. The counter-terrorism workshop


was organised the town's Business Crime Reduction Partnership


before the attack in You don't know where it is great to


happen. It doesn't have to be an iconic location. The idea is to


teach and today, to plan and prepare.


This is one of hundreds of similar events run by the South East Counter


Terrorist Unit since it was set up in 2009.


But what should people be looking out for?


Terrorists will visit the scene they are targeting somewhere. It is about


asking unusual questions, trying to seek information that you wouldn't


normally be in the public domain. Just really working out with the


vulnerable points are of an EDS are the to attack it.


Cecilia Morfoniou runs a shop in the same street where a pub


She realises the training could help save lives in the future.


Definitely very informative. It is something that is not impossible or


probable to have it happen in Surrey or Guildford itself. I took all the


court away from it today and I getting it will be transferring it


to my staff and it's made us more aware that it is something that can


happen at any moment. The threat of terrorism


in the South remains very real, In 2015 a Reading couple,


Mohammed Rehman and Sana Ahmed Khan, were jailed for plotting to bomb


locations in London. The security services remain


concerned about the changing Vehicles have been the weapon of


choice in recent incidents. Any future attacks from the radicalised


or disaffected could strike anywhere. Whilst not wishing to


alarm, this training was about training and preparing our


businesses and communities for that potential reality.


Peter's here now, and, Peter, what's the reality of the terrorism


In the recent words of the head of MI6, it's unprecedented.


UK intelligence and security services have disrupted 13


There are more than 500 live counter-terrorism investigations


ongoing at the moment, which result in arrests


And in the last 12 months a terrorist hotline has received


more than twice the number of calls as it had done previously.


This is not just people associated with Islamic terrorism but also


And as we saw in the piece the security services are becoming


increasingly reliant on the public to help identify individuals and


A soldier has been found guilty at Winchester Crown Court


27-year-old Jay Nava will be sentenced tomorrow.


The attack took place in Bournemouth last October, while the couple's


26-year-old Natasha Wake suffered 11 stab wounds to her chest.


Police arrested Nava at Hengistbury Head


Officers resuscitated him after he tried to take his own life.


A Bournemouth shop owner says theft and vandalism has cost him almost


The association representing convenience stores says


across the UK crime cost the sector over ?230 million last year.


The most commonly stolen items were alcohol,


There've also been over 9,000 violent incidents against staff


This disagreement is over the cost of a pack of beer.


The customer leaves but not before smashing the shop door.


On this occasion, he did come back days later to apologise,


but for this shop owner, he still has to clear up the mess.


In another case, his cameras captured this woman putting a can


He says there have been many other incidents in the past year.


The impact is really, I mean, something I can't digest


because that money I would have put for my holiday or my clothes


or put back into the store to make more money.


It's just like fixing the criminal damage is like binning the money.


21-year-old Charlie says he has recently had to leave his job


in a convenience store in Southampton because of


I was seeing people coming in with giant bags, putting


in Persil and coffee and meat and wine and just shoving it


in their bag and then they take the fake basket,


they leave it by the door and walk out.


Even behind the till, I was shaking and I expected things


To keep themselves safe, convenience stores around


the country are spending around ?4,000 per year, fitting CCTV,


security doors, bollards and even employing security guards.


But this does not always lead to a prosecution and the body that


represents shop owners in the UK says that more than half


of its members say there is a lack of consistency from the police.


When you've got something like a shop theft that is under


?200, that is often dealt with just by a fine or a caution or, in some


The National Police Chief's Council says police always investigate


claims against local businesses and urges shop owners to continuing


He says he has thought about giving it all up but it is his loyal


The support they give you makes you think you're


doing the right thing, so that is kind of a boost.


You don't feel like giving up, so you get up and do it again.


Linda Dean is a film buff but because she's deaf,


sometimes the first time she can see a new release is when it comes out


Not every film is shown with subtitles in the cinema


and you can wait for weeks if they are.


I'd like to be relaxed about my social life and go


spontaneously where I want to go, when I feel comfortable,


without having to think, oh, I have to go and watch it on that


day at that time - and if I don't go, I'm going to miss it.


And I must say, some of that time I've actually been to the cinema


at Basingstoke or other locations and I've been told there


is a subtitle showing and actually, it's not subtitled, so I've


travelled all that way for nothing and that's even more disappointing.


There's no point in me having a choice, there's no equality.


So, I do feel like I'm discriminated against.


Linda is in Newbury with her friend Victoria to see what films


There are just a handful on with subtitles this week,


They don't have any awareness of the shows for next week,


no information on the website is clear enough, so I think


probably more training is needed for staff members.


No one from Vue Cinemas was available for interview


but a spokeswoman did tell us that, "We follow the industry


best practice approach to subtitled screening,


with two performances every week, alongside Mini Mornings,


which are subtitled, and the second Sunday


Could these glasses shown here at Sony's headquarters


They project subtitles onto lenses, meaning deaf people can watch any


film without having subtitles appear on the screen.


Similar technology's already in use in the US and Australia.


Can you imagine the first cinema chain that operated


How much reputationally, how much benefit would that be?


In terms of their general business brand but also


You'd have deaf people just going to that cinema chain.


So, I almost feel that they're not taking advantage of a great


opportunity that's right in front of them.


Until things change, Linda and some of the 11 million


other people with some form of hearing loss can't enjoy


They have to recreate the experience at home.


Earlier, I spoke to doctor Roger Wicks, who's director


of policy at the charity Action on Hearing Loss, and I asked him


if cinemas are obliged to offer subtitles.


Yes, under the Equality Act, all providers of services


reasonable adjustments for people with disabilities.


For cinemas, this means hearing loops and it means subtitles.


So is this an issue where you regularly hear complaints?


One in six people have hearing loss and many of them regularly use


subtitles on television and in the cinema.


It's a regular source of complaint, films put on with subtitles


at difficult times of the day and not being advertised at all.


There is huge demand for subtitles in cinemas.


In Tom's report, we saw somebody wearing glasses that project


the subtitles but only the wearer is seeing those.


Is technology the answer, do you think?


It is definitely part of the long-term solution, yes.


The UK Cinema Association is working hard with us on different technical


solutions and glasses, so-called invisible technology,


where the subtitles are only visible to the person wearing glasses,


-- Just simply to complaing to your local cinema manager?


Definitely talk to your cinema, manager when you want subtitles


available when you watch films, that is really helpful.


On our website, there is a lot of information


Thank you very much indeed for joining us.


Coming up, the midweek weather and Sarah Farmer looks like she's


I'm at the National motor Museum for the wonderful world record breaker.


Join me for that later and your fall forecast to. -- fool forecast.


Members of the RMT union have said that their strike will go ahead


on Saturday after "no specific proposals" were put forward


It'll be the 32nd day of action over the introduction


of driver-only operated trains and changes to the role


Earlier this week members of Aslef, the drivers' union, rejected


for a second time a proposed deal to end their dispute


With just six games to go in the season, Brighton once again


sit top of the Championship table, until Newcastle play


Perhaps more crucially, with the top two going up automatically,


the Seagulls are ten points clear of third, a position now occupied


by Reading, who cemented their own play-off credentials.


If the question was can they cope with the pressure,


Glenn Murray had the answer just two minutes in.


With pre-match nerves dismissed, a routine win was on the cards.


Tomer Hemed doubled the lead soon after the break,


Uwe Hunemeier's deflected shot made sure, a record breaking 25th


Che Adam's scored a consolation late on for Birmingham,


but Brighton's charge shows no sign of stopping.


The fight we got the illegal, normally one that motivates others,


and we took our moments Yann Kermogant was central


to Bournemouth's promotion Two headed goals here over


Blackburn Rovers helped make it three wins in a row


for Jaap Stam's side. true Who are hitting form


just at the right time. Goal of the game was


Elliott Bennett's sweet volley But Garath McCleary's


shot soon dampened that. MK Dons also beat Charlton


2-0 in League One. Onto tonight's action,


and in the Premier League Southampton host Crystal Palace,


but will once again be without injured striker Manolo Gabbiadini,


and Sofiane Boufal is also a doubt While Bournemouth face


a tough trip to Anfield, from where Kris Temple sent us


this match preview. that gathers still only seven points


so they are no means safe, and they come to a Liverpool side still with


second at least. Of course, that humdinger of a game down at the


vitality stadium earlier in the stadium -- season. The cherries are


fresh from me when, and the draw with Manchester United. They have


proved in recent weeks they have what it takes to compete away at the


big sides as well. Something at Anfield tonight would be a huge


boost from them ahead of their visit to Chelsea on Saturday.


Thanks, Kris, BBC Radio Solent the place to go for full match


commentary of both Southampton and Bournemouth games this evening.


In League One, Oxford will look to stay in the play-off race


Striker Conor McAleny is back in the squad after missing Sunday's


The County Championship cricket season gets underway on Friday.


As part of our season previews, it's time to head to Sussex,


where they have their eyes on improving on last seasons 4th


With new chief executive Rob Andrew at the helm,


there's a steely determination about Sussex.


We can compete on all fronts. We want promotion this year. We want to


get the quarterfinal. Experience was the ingredient


required of summer signings. They arrived in the form


of South African's Vernon Philander, Stiaan Van Zyl and David Wiese


While Laurie Evans from Warwickshire It was important to us to add some


senior players but also some batters, and someone who can ball.


The pre-season has gone well and I think we just want to get going,


really. Club Stalwart Michael Yardy has


taken over as batting coach. While someone just starting to make


a name for himself is young Having toured well with


England U19s this winter, I just want to play as much cricket


I can for Sussex. I want to get on the park and hopefully we can get


some silverware. Throw in pace bowlers Tymal Mills


and Chris Jordan who return Sussex have built an


exciting squad capable Now, here's a sneaky


way of getting children to improve their maths


and English skills. A tournament's being held


in West Sussex this evening where youngsters compete


in a version of the sport that's geared-up to help


with their academic results. For this afternoon only, this is the


version of the Crucible. This is the first snooker tournament they have


had year. 50 children and for local schools taking part. The trophies


are here, ready to go. A quarter and the semifinals are going on. Here's


a flavour of today's action. I just love playing people and the


game and just the concentration, because some people think it's


boring but actually think it's great fun because it gives you something


to do every now and again. Habitually fun. It's something


different. It is something we're not used to seeing in skills. We see Ed


on television and four children the stage, they think, I would like to


go go at. My first night is on table one. They


are raiding the rating to go. Yes. Are you feeling confident? Yes. I am


feeling good about it. I feel like I can get to the semifinals. It all


looks great fun, doesn't it? But there is a next -- and educational


side to it as well. Stephen runs the after school snooker club. Tell


others about functional snooker. That is based on helping the


children with their education and it helps them with their mathematics


and the literature, dear social skills. For example, we have


numbered balls here, we have some traction, addition and we have teams


and all the Red Bulls are numbered one to ten. And it just helps them.


You have had some great results with children who aren't so great with


their numeracy, haven't you? We have had amazing results, especially with


people who don't learn very well traditionally or people with


disabilities moral learning disabilities and they really take to


it, especially, as I say, the different way of learning commented


that structured classroom environment. Just briefly, it is


very popular in Asia, but not so much year after its 1980s heyday.


Are you trying to spot future talents as well? We certainly are.


I'm sure we've seen some future world champion to you. We're working


very hard to draw the game. We have this programme and the functional


snooker programme and we are working on snooker skills. I have to stop


you there. Although this is the first tournament, there are already


plans to make it an annual event. Now, not all road users are fans


of the humble caravan but a very special one has just gone on show


at the National Motor Yes, what makes this full size


caravan unusual is that it's made out of Lego bricks,


lots of them. It also has working lights,


and running water. The world-record breaking


construction took 12 model-makers from Hampshire over 1,000 hours


to build, and they've incorporated Sarah Farmer's been to take a look


and she's there for us now. Hello. Have a look at this for a


world record breaker. 215,000, 158 books have gone into this build of a


life-sized replica caravan. It has all the comforts as well. A cup of


tea, toast, freshly cut flowers, Leeds, running water and the works.


Dan Connolly is from the team behind this project. Tellers a little bit


about why you decided to do this. Apart from everybody loves Lego, the


idea was to support freedom of leisure vehicles and the old days


you can go on. The concept of caravanning has evolved over the


years. The idea behind it was to challenge ourselves. We had 12


difficult -- dedicated experts, over a thousand man-hours to build this


replica. The detail is absolutely fascinating. Thank you for joining


us. Well, it is here at the National motor Museum through the holidays


and the summer holidays and it is like the summer stay here in the


South. Ken Rayner captured this


beautiful image at Chisbury near Hungerford And it was a lovely


sunny day at Sturminster Newton, -- And it was a lovely sunny day


at Sturminster Newton, thanks to Colin Lennox-Gordon


for this picture. Let's re-join Sarah farmer at


Beaulieu for the midweek forecast. And, Sarah, it's been


a perfect Spring Day today. We had beautiful blue skies and


we'll get going with a look at the satellite picture. Not too much


cloud but generally, all of us seeing some pretty sunny spells. I


must say we have a few more of those to come in the next few days.


Through the course of this evening, we will start to see the cloud


building and thickening in the overnight PDA, so gradually the --


covered in our region. Temperatures to seven Celsius. The temperatures


can drop the a touch but steering clear of the menace when we saw last


night. Until tomorrow morning, we get off to a bright start to the


day. We will see temperatures of around eight Celsius as people are


getting up, but it looks like we'll have some sunny spells. More cloud


in the picture than have had through the course of today. Tomorrow


afternoon, temperatures up to 12 Celsius but we could see those


temperatures nudging up to the Celsius.


Can make you want again tonight, but there will be cloud. Temperatures


reflect that, with the cloud, seven or eight Celsius, and they will fall


lower if we had the brakes on the cloud. Looking ahead to the


remainder of this week, dizzy promising few days ahead, so for


Friday, yes, it will be cloudy at pains but who will start to see some


blue skies and a sunny spells through much of the day. We start to


get a change in that wind direction. It looks as if we will have some


warm conditions to take is into the weekend, possibly topping 20


Celsius. That in mind, I will see a black and blue Rover sport.


We'll hear the final legal ruling on the case of the Isle of Wight


dad who was prosecuted for taking his daughter out


We'll have the man himself, here on the red sofa


CHILD: This is a major scientific breakthrough.


Hello. It's All Round to Mrs Brown's, where my guests will be


Steve Backshall, and music from the beautiful Pixie Lott.


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