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Welcome to South Today. The news teams where you are.


Welcome to South Today. The headlines tonight.


Our mon got cancer from smoking and then died in 2013 because of it.


A heartfelt plea by two sisters on the consequences of smoking as they


start a campaign to get people to give up.


Why has the council put up signs to direct lorries through a tiny Dorset


village? I see further destruction of the


village and I don't think that is worth saving drivers are few


minutes. The red kites now flying high after


being on the verge of extinction. Maiden took the first all-female


crew around the world and now she is back on try-line and -- dry land as


she is prepared for a new challenge. Two young sisters whose mother died


from cancer caused by smoking Isabelle and Grace feature


in a new short film commissioned by Portsmouth City Council as part


of its drive to reduce smoking. One in five adults


in Portsmouth smokes - that's higher than the national


average of one in six. Every year there are almost 1,400


smoking-related hospital And there are significantly


more deaths in the city attributable to smoking compared


to the national average. James Ingham has been hearing


about the devastating consequences It is a note my mum left me. I am so


sorry for leaving you while you are so young. Five is no age to be left


without a mum. Paula Hutton was just 45


when she died from cancer in 2013. Her daughters Issy and Grace


were seven and five. They were having a barbecue and they


were all sitting at the table, laughing and eating, and we were at


the little table. That is the memory I have of her. I think more happily


about it, because she is probably more happy now than when she was


alive. Because she was ill? Yeah. Issy and Grace talk about their loss


in a hard-hitting film. Issy hopes by sharing


what happened to her mum, I would say they should probably at


least try to stop, if they do start, and if you haven't started I don't


think it is worth it. I hope they think twice about their families and


the consequences of smoking and cancer.


Portsmouth City Council's made the film to try to reduce


More people smoke here - and more die as a result -


It would be amazing if she was still here but I have a grandad who is


like a mum to me so that makes it better.


But Granddad has a lung condition also brought on by smoking that


limits his ability to join in family fun.


He's given up now, but warns others who haven't what they could lose.


You will not be able to enjoy the things you did and ultimately you


won't be able to enjoy your life, if you are taken prematurely, so don't


do it. Please don't be too angry like I know that you will be


sometimes. Read this and know that I see the joy you ring and the total


love I feel for you. -- Chory you bring. -- Chory.


Rachel Oritt is from Cancer Research UK.


I spoke to her a little earlier and asked her whether hard-hitting


campaigns like the one we've just seen actually work.


It is really important that national strategies are backed up


by local strategies, so for example the work


We can't just rely on government-level interventions,


it needs to be brought through at a local level too.


How significant are the socio-economic factors


We do know that more deprived groups are more likely to smoke,


so it's important that any interventions work for those


groups of people and not just people as a whole,


that we're actually targeting groups of people


It is ten years since the smoking ban came in.


Have you seen any evidence that it is having an impact?


When the smoking ban first came in we saw


rates and we're hoping, because the lag time


for lung cancers related to smoking is quite long,


we are hoping to see reductions in lung cancer going forward,


caused by interventions like these, so it is not just about the smoking


ban but other interventions, increases on taxes for tobacco


And now I understand that we're getting proof of a link


between cancer and alcohol, so are we now looking


at alcohol being, if you like, the new smoking?


It actually causes seven different types of cancer and we know


it is significant in the UK, but if you compare that to smoking,


smoking causes at least 14 different types, it is still the most


It is the biggest cause of cancer not just in the UK but worldwide,


so it is still our primary concern, closely followed by obesity,


but we're also very interested in alcohol.


The RMT Union and Southern Rail have adjourned talks after two days,


as they to try to resolve their bitter dispute over


Tomorrow union members will be demonstrating outside


Parliament to mark a year since the Southern strike began.


Members of the RMT union have taken the equivalent of a month's


worth of strike action, causing ongoing misery


Our reporter Sean Killick has been following the story


Good evening. This is one of the busiest stations on the network,


thousands of commuters coming home tomorrow, it will be a very unhappy


anniversary. The 38 billion pounds -- 30 ?8 million bill has been


fitted by the taxpayers. Tomorrow an anniversary that nobody will be


celebrating. Horrendous, really awful. I am having to get other


people to get my children out of school at the last moment, leaving


at six o'clock in the morning, it has been awful. I am self-employed


so I have probably lost thousands. Horrendous. It has been life


changing for a lot of people. Not since the miners strike has an


industrial dispute rumbled on for so long, so why has it proved so


intractable? Behind the scenes, rather like in the miners strike of


30 years ago, the government is trying to force management to take a


pretty tough line, and in this case, with the franchise arrangements of


Southern rail, the government has quite a strong hand to play with


management in being tough with the unions, so it is an intractable


situation. At the heart of the dispute, the introduction of driver


only operated trains and changes to the roles and responsibilities of


drivers and conductors. In 26th of April the action started. 364 days


on, still no resolution in sight to either dispute. What do politicians


say? I would call on both sides to carry on their talks, compromise is


always needed on both sides. As an unwelcome anniversary dawns, still


no end in sight. "Stop sending heavy goods vehicles


through our village". That's the plea from residents


of Melbury Abbas in Dorset. The road is just four metres wide


at one point called Dinah's Hollow, and people there have questioned why


the county council has put up signs This is happening a lot


in Dinah's Hollow. Lorries getting stuck,


attempting U-turns, causing jams. A truck got jammed in the road, it


had to reverse and it ran right back into the sign and lopped off one of


the arms. And there's more to see -


a shattered wing mirror, a boulder knocked over,


lorry tracks up the grass bank. Outside one house, a tally


of today's incidents. William Kenealy's kept a record


of all the problems. The average time of delays has been


27 minutes. One of the residence is disabled and dependent on texts go


delivered groceries and they did a risk assessment and said it was too


dangerous for the drivers to pull over and delivered to their house.


There's no motorway north to south through Dorset.


So the County Council wants lorries travelling south to take


And those coming north to take the A350.


They say that's to reduce the conflict between HGVs


through the narrow points of both rural roads.


But the signs are only advisory - so sometimes this happens.


The one-way system at the moment will never work because it is just


too narrow to get trucks through. The A350 is a much more suitable


road. There'll


be another public consultation But for now residents


will have to put up The issue of so-called "sex


for rent", which a BBC investigation uncovered,


has been raised in the Commons. The Sussex MP Peter Kyle asked


the Justice Secretary for support in tackling adverts that offer free


accommodation in exchange for sex. Charities say the practice


exploits vulnerable Websites such as Craigslist are


being used by corrupt individuals to advertise free accommodation


in return for sex. Will the Secretary of State agree


that this is happening at the moment within the law and that a review


needs to take place so that people who are doing this and exploiting


extremely vulnerable young women Well, I agree with the honourable


gentleman that this is concerning and I will be very happy


to look at that issue. Later in sport, Lewis


Coombes is in training. We are on the bikes in Portsmouth to


see how football is helping the local community.


The Conservative MP for Chichester, Andrew Tyrie, has


announced he's standing down from Parliament at


Mr Tyrie, who is 60, has been the MP there for 20 years,


and says he will remain deeply committed to public service,


and hopes he is young enough to contribute in other ways


How would you like a litter bin that told you when it needed emptying?


Or a smoke alarm that knew the difference


Well, councils in the South are joining forces to build


a new network for the emerging "Internet of Things".


The aim is to make the network available to companies


as an alternative to wi-fi or bluetooth as our political editor


We live in the wireless era. Our phones connect us to the Internet,


but what if everything we use could feed us data about what is -- what


it is up to. An oven could tell you how long it has been on. It is


perfect for smoke alarms. Attach it to your bike in case somebody ran


off with it. Students at Eastleigh College found it easy to think up


uses for the database of the Internet of Things. The South East


will have a network of devices. The Hampshire Fire Service and local


councils are developing an information superhighway. With a


mobile network, fantastic, gets everywhere. With a mobile network,


to power a device for more than a couple of weeks, we need to carry up


battery with us. Southampton council has experimented with bins that tell


staff when they are full and they see huge potential for the Internet


of Things. You have elderly people who might be a bit in the firm, and


you can have detectors in the housing to see if they are moving


around or whether somebody needs to see if they are OK. Using technology


to solve all problems is what we are about. You can see how far


smartphones have spread and become part of daily life. The Internet of


Things is likely to find its own uses just as quickly. The network is


already being installed and it is down to the imagination of its users


to see what could be connected in the future.


Once on the verge of extinction, the red kite is a bird


that's now thriving - particularly in urban Reading.


Many people are choosing to feed them, encouraging them


New research from the University of Reading shows how the huge birds


of prey are adapting to live alongside us, just as we're getting


more used to seeing them wheeling in the skies above.


Red kites circling high, and swooping low, have become


a common sight in built-up parts of Berkshire.


Scientists initially thought they'd moved into urban areas


roadkill for the carrion birds to feed on.


But we surveyed, there's very little roadkill,


our local councils are very good at keeping the streets clean,


and instead we did questionnaires, we asked local people what they do.


We found that, certainly well over 1 in 20 local households


here in Reading have fed red kites at one point or another,


and so it's that feeding that's attracting them in.


It's a very regular occurrence to drive through some of the suburbs


of reading and see a dozen, two dozen red kites circling over


a house where people clearly have been feeding them.


As many as 400 red kites now regularly seek food,


like scraps of chicken on the bone, in urban Reading.


Their sheer size, and the fact that they often fly in groups,


means they're unmissable - and research has also found both


adults and children can identify red kites more easily


The breed was virtually wiped out in the British


Isles in the '60s and '70s, mainly because they'd eaten poisons


and pesticides that these days are no longer used.


Conservationists began re-introducing breeding


pairs to the wild more than 20 years ago.


What the red kite shows is that we have an icon


of conservation success, where people made the effort,


reintroduced the species, and now it's in our skies over much


of southern England, it's very widespread here.


Experts say there's no real downside to having so many red kites


And their population is thriving - with or without us feeding them.


Beautiful birds and great pictures there. Hampshire firefighters will


soon be offering exercise classes for the over-65ss. The course is


being funded by the local NHS. One for us for the future!


Shall we start with the football, because it is about the good that


clubs can do and celebrating that. The clubs get a bit of bad press,


the prices they charge, moving matches around to suit the TV


schedules, but it is time to give a positive spin on this.


All 72 English Football League clubs came together today to showcase


the positive impact the sport has within communities up


The EFL Trust's Day of Action saw players engage with support groups


and activities at a number of our clubs here in South.


I joined Pompey defender Christian Burgess at a cycling


Wheels For All is just one scheme run by Pompey in the Community.


Each week a team of volunteers help over 100 people in the area


Little bit hard to spear but -- to steer bet it is good.


Libby thought her days of cycling were behind her.


Motorcycle accident 25 years ago, but I actually lost my leg 12 years


ago. Riding a normal bike is quite hard so using a hand one is so much


easier. I actually didn't know this place existed but now I do I will be


here, definitely. An affiliation with


Portsmouth Football Club has helped to attract both


sponsorship and awareness. Pompey in the Community can


advertise us, they have the wherewithal to make people aware


that we exist and we are trying to get enough money together to why


extra bicycles. There are 72 community trusts at each of the


English football league clubs. Events were held at all Football


League clubs in the South today, in Reading defender


Paul McShane visited Schemes like this and the one


in Portsmouth further proof You have just done a few laps on the


bike, what was that like? I am a bit out of breath. It was good fun,


people riding around and it means they come out and have a bit of


exercise and it is great to be part of it.


Southampton take centre stage in the race for the Premier League


title tonight as they travel to current leaders Chelsea.


Manager Claude Puel, who is yet to pick up a league win


against a top-six side, says his side will relish it.


To play against a great team like Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester


United, Arsenal, it's a good motivation, and it's important to


Full match commentary on BBC Radio Solent.


Surrey batsman Jason Roy has been named in the England cricket squad


for the upcoming Champions Trophy and South Africa series.


There was no place in the squad for Hampshire's Liam Dawson.


Eight teams will compete in the One Day competition, to be


held in England and Wales at the beginning of June.


Hampshire cyclist Dani King is contemplating competing for Wales


The Olympic gold medallist from Hamble represented England


at Glasgow 2014, but now meets the qualification criteria


The South may not be the heartland of rugby league,


but a Hampshire-raised player has won his first call-up


Mike McMeeken, who's from Basingstoke, now plays


He moved north after learning his trade with London Broncos.


McMeeken is part of the England squad to face Samoa


That is great because of the new think of rugby being a northern game


but good luck to Mike. They made history as the first


all-female crew to sail in the Whitbread Round the World


Race. The achievement made the yacht


Maiden and her skipper But Maiden fell on hard


times and was discovered But she's to have


a new lease of life. Today the boat arrived


back in Southampton, where she'll undergo a full


restoration, as Steve 27 years after sailing


into the history books on board Maiden, Tracy Edwards and some


of her crew were reunited with the famous yacht that helped


them change so many perceptions. They were the first all-female crew


to complete the Whitbread round the world race. They had been written


off but nine months later they were receiving a heroine' welcome. People


did come round, a few people said, they will never do it, and they came


to me and said, proved wrong, I admit it. Only in England could this


happen, great maritime nation. For everyone on board,


it was a life-changing experience. Everybody said no, and we were built


with that funny little button that made us carry on.


After passing through many hands over the years,


the yacht was found abandoned in the Seychelles.


The plan is to carry out a bow-to-stern renovation,


and then she'll be used by the Maiden Factor


project to promote girls' education around the world.


I was expelled from school when I was 15, through away and education


that was handed to me on a plate. Now I know that 69 million girls


worldwide are denied an education so I do quite a bit of work with girls'


educational charities, and I thought we could use Maiden to promote


girls' education, and when we do our world tour, after the Restoration,


that is what we will be doing. It was backing from


the Jordanian royal family that got Maiden and her crew on the start


line for the Round the World just over a quarter of a century ago -


and now they're also supporting We were a bit of a fairy tale to


some extent and this is the next chapter of the fairy tale, and it is


a great one. Great to see the girls back and


lovely that Maiden is going to go on to a new adventure. We will be


following it on South Today. You just said we have had


practically everything today in terms of weather.


Whether bingo, frost, sunny spells, blue skies, sleep... -- sleet.


We have seen some hefty downpours, more to come in the forecast.


We have seen a little of everything just about today but boy has it felt


cold. We have a bit more of this arctic air mass for the next 24


hours or so. You can see the yellow colours working in towards Thursday


and Friday of this week. -- the next 48 hours. We will start to see the


showers clearing tonight but this evening there are one or two of them


and they are on the heavy side as well. We could see that wintry theme


to them so some sleet and hail still to be had. Temperature wise we are


looking at low as close to freezing in many spots across our region. We


could see a touch of frost particularly through western parts


first thing tomorrow morning. Chilly and bright start to the day, cloud


bubbling up, and showers working their way back in a little sooner


than they did today. They could he heavy, thunder, hail, sleet all a


possibility, and the winds will be whipping up as well. Temperature


wise we are looking at 11 or 12 degrees the high. Those showers will


tend to fade away in the evening and we have clear skies across the


region through tomorrow night. It looks like Wednesday will be the


coldest night of the week, we expect a widespread frost and one or two


pockets of mist and fog. Thursday, bit of a chilly start but we will


start to see the cloud thickening as this weather front sinks southwards.


That will bring patchy at wrecks of rain but it is the start of the


slightly milder conditions, so becoming less cold through the


course of the day on Thursday. The summary for the next few days,


chilly conditions with one or two showers possible, chilly at but


turning milder towards the tail end turning milder towards the tail end


of next week. Cyclone, tornado. While you were


doing before cast I was desperately trying to think of other words. We


are back tomorrow at 6:30pm. Good buy. -- goodbye.


Our crack team of experts use pioneering research


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