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The tragedy of little Harry House. night. Daniel, thank you very much.


As the two-year-old's killer is sent to prison for 18 years,


a judge says we may never know the extent of his mistreatment.


"No-one will ever know the extent of your mistreatment of Harry."


The words of a judge today as she sentenced Josephe Eke


to a minimum term of 18 years for the murder of


The court heard how the little boy was brutally kicked and punched


Harry House was left with Josephe Eke. He had a fractured skull and


bruising all over his body. Josephe Eke always denied killing Harry


House. Did you assault him? I haven't been like that towards him.


The trial heard he was a heroin addict and had footage -- had


footage of him assaulting Miss O'Neill. This was her reaction.


Justice the Harry. Harry should be a three and a half


-year-old boy, looking forward to school and unfortunately that life


has been taken from him. The investigation team is sad and it has


been an emotional investigation and we have had a picture of Harry up in


our crew room for the whole time. I am pleased justice have been served


but it was a sad day Joseph showed no apology for his death. Harry's


family will now try to move on from their heartbreak.


Part of one of the south's major roads has been closed


for much of the afternoon after a major accident.


There have been a number of injuries in the crash,


involving three lorries and a car, on the M3, near Winchester.


Matt Treacy is live for us, near the M3, tonight.


Despite the bad weather, work is continuing to remove the vehicles


involved in that crash eight hours ago.


Emergency services were called just before 10.30 this morning


to an incident involving at least three lorries and one car.


For a time this morning, the motorway was shut


the air ambulance to land, part of a huge response from


It caused significant traffic jams in the area.


One person was taken to Southampton General


Another was taken to Winchester hospital with minor injuries


and a third person was treated here at the scene.


This has caused traffic delays in the area and this is a significant


part of the roadwork coming from the south coast coming up to the north.


Less than a mile in that direction as the A34, a major intersection


with the motor macro three. Ten miles in both directions. -- M3. In


Winchester, a lot of traffickers trying to divert. One carriageway is


open and traffic is crawling past. They are still working on recovery


and investigation at this site and it could carry on for a number of


hours still to come. It's claimed tonight that health


services, across the South, are struggling to keep staffing


levels safe because of an ongoing Latest figures from NHS


Digital, show hospitals, community health trusts,


and Ambulance Services here have a combined total of more


than 4,500 vacancies - and hundreds more GPs


and nurses are needed According to the British


Medical Association, increasing workloads,


under-investment, and pay issues, are just some of the reasons staff


are leaving the profession. So how do those hoping to be elected


into the next government Our Health Correspondent,


Nikki Mitchell, joins me. With 30 years experience in neonatal


and paediatric nursing, Filling shifts which hospitals can't


fill because they have I work as an agency


and a bank nurse. I am there because there


is a shortage of nurses. There are a lot of stories, people


going home completely demoralised, Those sorts of shifts


and your workload is intense. You are not getting the breaks


and people need a period of refreshment where they can


eat and drink. Going home very late,


that is becoming more frequent. At University Hospital


SouthhHampton, a recent report shows At University Hospital Southhampton,


a recent report shows where older people are treated,


there are a third fewer Vacancy rates for surgical,


neonatal and emergency Trusts treating patients with mental


health problems are also At this psychiatric and intensive


care unit in Southampton, there were nine so-called red flags


staffing incidences in April. On those occasions, a lack


of trained staff meant checks were late or missed and some


patients didn't get to staff night shifts largely


with temporary nurses which is not At Gosport's War Memorial Hospital,


some wards have been forced to staff night shifts largely


with temporary nurses which is not Solent NHS Trust meanwhile


spent around ?4.5 million Most of it here on temporary staff


of the mental health wards at Saint James'


Hospital in Portsmouth. More investment is


definitely required. The trusts are doing all they can


to maintain the best staff to maintain patients


but unfortunately the situation is becoming unsustainable


and we need to look to a future government to put in place


a national workforce strategy that So what do the political


parties have to say? We want to cite up a national


workforce strategy. Second thing, we want to make sure


the EU nationals are working in the NHS and care sector


and can remain here. Thirdly, we want to make sure


bursaries are given to nurses that want to train and we want to remove


the pay cut because in the south-east and south,


it is very expensive to live. We do need to focus on how


quickly we can train people in the workforce without any way


compromising our standards and we need to make sure people


feel their work is rewarding, they are not overburdened


by bureaucracy and that they do get The first thing we would do


is remove the 1% pay cap so staff Secondly, we guarantee EU citizens


the right to stay in the UK after Brexit. We do that as part of the


negotiation. Thirdly, provide more support the student nurses. We need


to extend training places and the bursary for students. We need to


value staff and make them feel welcome and supported when they are


at work and help stop people leaving. Ukip says it will increase


the number of training placements the doctors, nurses, midwives and


other health professionals and pay their tuition fees if they commit to


working for the NHS. Bridget is keen to stress that being


a nurses hugely rewarding. She just wishes there were enough of them to


meet the soaring demand. In the past, I have not wanted to talk


about the crisis because it worries the general public but I personally


think it is time for people to become worried. Given the years it


takes to train nurses, doctors and other professionals, the unions


representing them believe it will take successive governments to solve


the critical staff shortage once and for all.


Our Health Correspondent Nikki Mitchell is with me now.


We heard there about staff shortages in hospitals,


mental health units and community teams, how serious is the situation


GPs are struggling with increasing workloads.


They're exhausted and are worried their patients


Just last week we heard of yet another of the South's GP surgeries


There was a poll of 22 of their current trainees and of those, only


eight in ten to go directly into general practice in the UK. The


others are taking leave, going to work abroad and they are retraining


in other specialties. One of them is considering leaving medicine before


they have started. It is not good. As we're just days away


from the general election, we're entering that final push


in the campaign for our votes. Our reporter Ben Moore has spent


a whole day travelling across the south to talk to people


who often feel Early in the morning, Portsmouth,


the city is waking up and people are coming off the ferry. There are 4


million people who live in the south of England and over the next 24


hours, we will try and talk to as many as possible in a day. At the


fish market, there are strong opinions but not everyone wants to


talk. The main topic for those working on our coast seems still to


be Brexit. We are governed by the EU and the fishing laws. We are leaving


the EU so we should be able to make our own rules but we are not.


Everyday is a struggle. They promise waiters are going to go up but they


never go up. When you focus for something as big as Brexit and you


don't see a change... Why bother. Eastleigh is a marginal. There are


those here that feel marginalised. When the Conservatives got in, they


introduced bedroom tax and it has affected my mum, my brothers. I


don't see why I should vote Conservative. They have damaged my


life so far. I met Lynn who was leaving after signing on. Her bad


knee has cost her job and ?10,000 for a private -- private operation.


I always voted Tory but I am not impressed at the moment. They are


hitting me and my group the same all the time. Bang, bang, bang. You've


got my son who is talking about emigrating. I'm going to lose my


grandchildren as well. Down the road, Allison and Katie are hard at


work. They will vote for the first time this week. I am a single parent


and I work. It is finding someone to have my child. We struggle and that


is the main thing for me. Childcare and finding hours that fit around


that. It is hard to find mat. The town centre Bracknell in Berkshire


is undergoing a rebuild as you can see. This is Tory heartland but the


voters here do now have a chance to restructure the political landscape.


Edging towards the Conservatives. At the end of the day, we are still


doing all right and there still loads of jobs and lives of


developments happening. Tough times ahead with Brexit but although they


have not done a great job, they've done a job. I've not heard that


before. Exactly. As the light starts to fade, those voting for the first


time on Thursday are out on Bournemouth beach.


We are asking whether you guys are voting or not or whether you care


about it. Despite you not voting, they are switched on. I don't trust


anyone. You agree with some of the policies but not all that them. All


the friends I knew before didn't vote and now they are. It has been a


long day and is not just the places we have been that so different but


what people want this election. There is fundamental concerns


Brexit, the NHS, education. There are a lot of other concerns also.


Wage rises, student debt, house prices and there is still voter


apathy. That feeling that no matter what the politicians say about how


different they are now, that they are really not working in the


interests of the ordinary man and woman. That perhaps is still the big


issue as the sun begins to set on another general election.


Operations and other medical treatments were cancelled, today,


after a fire broke out at Chichester's St


The hospital had to be evacuated and fire crews attended the blaze,


If you want to know what the weather is like this week, stay with us.


It will be wet and windy at times this week. I will have the weather


for the week ahead shortly. It is a big day for Ben Ainslie in


Bermuda. We were talking about the weather on Friday and how important


the weather is. Do we know what the weather is like in Bermuda?


In the last half hour, Ben Ainslie's Portsmouth based


Land Rover BAR team have been in action in their first race


in the America's Cup challenger semi-finals in Bermuda.


Racing yesterday was cancelled because of light winds


but that certainly wasn't a problem today and played very much


Our Sports Editor Tony Husband is in Bermuda where the competition


is still under way right now, Tony.


We have some real drama here on this first day of the semifinal racing.


The first race was underway between the Portsmouth base Land Rover BAR


and a Kiwi team. Whilst Sir Ben Ainslie team -- Ben Ainslie's team


sustained some damage, the boat is being brought in. They will have to


do a wind change. They will have to take this one off and they will have


to get the other one on and then try and get back out on the water in


time to phase the Kiwi's in today's second scheduled race in about 30


minutes time. Real drama. We can show you pictures of what happened


during the race. They made a reasonably good start. The wind


conditions were favourable but then big problems struck for them and


therefore they had to retire from the wet -- retire from the race.


Let's bring in Martin, the CEO of the team. The boat has arrived back


and it is extremely tight. We will try and change the win. It is a 24


metre wing. We don't normally change the wing on the water because of the


difficulty but it is our only option here. We have ten minutes before we


can get out there. This isn't something we have rehearsed or would


do normally. These wings have been incredibly reliable and we have been


out in bigger winds than this. This is a new one but it happens in


sport. A big challenge here and we are not sure whether we will get out


but we will do everything we can. Is it fair to say our America's Cup


challenges in the balance? It will be pretty windy and we will see what


it will happen. It is a blow today and we will have to give away that


first race and it will be very tight to get out the second but we will do


everything we can. It is part of being in a team race and you face


these things. This is not a routine procedure and it would be very


tricky to see if we can pull this off. We appreciate you joining us.


We have unfolding drama on the water behind us. They are busy trying to


get the boat out there. If they don't, there will be more racing but


Maude drama. Artemis and Japan will be out there also. Back to you.


Cricket and our bowlers have been in fine form


in the County Championship today wrapping up impressive wins for both


by an innings and 94 runs for their third win of the season


They restricted the visitors to just 100 and 67 in the follow on.


And there was an impressive win too for Sussex, beating


Worcestershire by an innings and seven runs.


The visitors were bowled out for 260, Sussex overseas signing


South African Vernon Philander taking three for 30.


We understand Liverpool are now the firm favourites to sign


Southampton defender Virgil Van Dijk.


However, no deal's been reached with Southampton yet and Liverpool


Meanwhile, four Saints players are among five from our region to be


selected for the England Under 20 ones squad for the forthcoming


Southampton's James Ward-Prowse, Nathan Redmond, Jack Stephens


and Matt Targett all feature along with Reading's John Swift.


England face Sweden in their opening group game


Surrey Storm's hopes of reaching the netball Superleague finals


are over following defeat at the weekend to table toppers


The Guildford based defending champions had to settle


for a disappointing fifth place league finish after a close


Weymouth's Beach classic volleyball tournament will go ahead after local


businesses stepped in to sponsor the event. Many international and


national players battle it out. A fundraising came has played off and


it will play at the end of July. It is a good note to finish on. We will


have the weather now and we will be joining Alexis in a moment. First,


your pictures. We have this stunning picture of the blue skies over the


weekend. Colin photographed this sunshine at the River Avon. Alexis


is here. There is a lot of wind around.


We may have some gale force winds coming up. We have some blustery


conditions overnight night. The chance of gales for the coast. The


driest of the days will be Wednesday and Friday. Overnight tonight, a


period of rain. Once the rain dissipates, it will dissipate into


showers. Quite a mild night to come. Tomorrow, the showers will continue


and they make the heavy for a time. Temperatures tomorrow afternoon will


reach a high of 17 Celsius. There is the risk of hail and thunder.


Tomorrow night, the showers will fade away and that will start to see


one of our drier days through the early hours of Wednesday morning.


The risk of a shower on Wednesday. Temperatures tomorrow night lower


than two nights, down to 11 Celsius. Through the day on Wednesday, we


will have glorious sunny spells. Patchy cloud through the afternoon


but in the sunshine, temperatures will do very well indeed reaching 17


to 18 Celsius. That is around average for this time of year. The


wind will be brisk. We have more blustery conditions along coastal


stretches. This is the next period of rain moving in from the Atlantic.


The Windies brisk, stronger for the south coast. Through Thursday, we


will have some heavy rain at times. Some dry interludes as well. Friday,


some dry periods with a high of 18 Celsius. Through the weekend, rain


is possible but it is uncertain as that timing of the rain band moving


in. Jumping over to be nude, if Ben Ainslie can race, the winds will be


ten to 15 knots. -- Bermuda. It's a semi-derelict


mansion in the heart of the Hampshire countryside


and for nearly 20 years it hosted It looked like that tradition


would come to an end when the resident company


at the Grange, near Alresford, But as someone once said,


it's not over till And, thanks to the astonishing


generosity of the public, a new company called


the Grange Festival is about to David Allard has had


a sneak preview. Opera, passionate emotions. Not


always confined to the stage. The story behind the scenes is just as


dramatic. The biggest challenges starting with scratch -- from


scratch and with nothing. When we got the theatre, it was


stripped of seats and everything and we had to fill the void. They raised


?3 million to refit the theatre. Generous donors and a lot of


goodwill have brought them to the brink of opening night. The new


seats were an incredible gift from Cameron Mackintosh. We have


reupholstered them and modernised them but they are essentially old


seats which worked well in this theatre. Top price visiting in them


is ?185. With other tickets available for ?10, they're hoping to


get a diverse audience. Certainly cheaper than going to a football


match. This is the first performance. You feel there is a lot


of history and stories of its own. Other shows include Carmen and James


-- Jane Austin, Mansfield Park. There was a message for those


bringing music back to the Grange. A very loud and repeated thank you.


Opening night is this Wednesday. It is sold out but there are tickets


for the later performances. That is all for now. Fingers crossed that


Sir Ben can get back on track in Bermuda. Thanks for watching.


Goodbye. This government has decided


to impose austerity on health care, the NHS has been underfunded


by over 3% per year.


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