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Hello and welcome to South Today, I'm Edward Sault.


The top stories this evening: The motorists using their phones


at the wheel just days after a lorry driver is jailed for a fatal crash


Nowhere to turn - why this Dorset man set up his own support network


after him and his wife struggled to have a baby.


And Saints Chinese Takeaway - Reports Southampton FC


Just days after a lorry driver was jailed for killing a mother


and three children on the A34 because he was distracted


The BBC has filmed a number of drivers still using their


Tomasz Kroker was sent to j`il for ten years on Monday.


Tonight there's warnings that the police's ability to enforce


This is the horrifying video that it was hoped would persuade


people to stop using mobile phones for driving.


Tomasz Kroker's decision to use his mobile phone


cost phone the lives of Tracy Hatton,


After he was jailed for ten years on Monday, her birth mother made


We urge you to make a personal commitment to stop using mobile


phones while driving and make our roads


Filming by the BBC shows thd plea is being ignored.


These pictures taken this morning show a number of drivers continuing


We showed the BBC's video of drivers breaking the law to an officer


People are just not realising that when you use a phone behind


the Department for Transport has released figures showing thd use of


a mobile phone was a factor in 40 accidents in 2014.


Earlier, my colleague Steve Humphrey joined me from Chieveley to remind


us what the law says about driving with a mobile phone.


At the moment, motorists catght using their mobile phone at the


wheel gets three penalty pohnts and a minimum fine of ?100. The


government is consulting on making some quite stiff increases to those


there does need to be a big change there does need to be a big change


in this area. Ultimately, wd want to be in a position where the tse of a


hand-held mobile phone is as socially unacceptable as


drink-driving. We also need a high-profile public awareness


campaign which educates drivers just on how dangerous it is to use a


hand-held mobile phone at the wheel. With that in mind there are some


worrying figures out today `bout lorry driver still using mobiles at


the wheel. An insurance company has released the results of a strvey


carried out which shows half of all lorry drivers admit to having used a


mobile phone behind the whedl at some stage. The Road haulagd


Association says the advice is absolutely crystal clear. It says if


you are driving leave the phone alone.


Gareth Down from Weymouth was in his early 20s


when he was told he had a zero sperm count.


He and his wife went through years of fertility treatment But,


Gareth found one of the hardest struggles for him - as a man -


As part of national fertility week, he told us his story.


The GP had told me over the phone - it can't be, you're 20 years


You get this inferiority to who you are, you're a man,


you should be the one that can produce a child.


I could lose my way for this and I didn't know we could producd one by


other means. I had read up about IVF


but you don't really think about the complications


that go with it. We'd had two unsuccessful rounds


of IVF and the eggs had been As far as I was concerned,


the procedure had failed. We had the miscarriage and ht then


became my problem. As far as I was concerned,


I had lost our baby. Three miscarriages, seven


and a half, eight years and eight rounds of treatment,


she was at the end and very much of the belief that,


if the best of the best hadn't I did find as well that a lot


of groups that allowed men on had women on and men just didn't


want to speak to women. I set the group up to initi`lly


support myself and there was just me The more people joined


from around the world... It's brilliant - you can actually


unite over something, a difficult I feel it's really important for men


to be able to talk because, I wish I had done it sooner but it's


now up there for people to find and secret enough that people don't


need to know you are on it It took us eight years,


four heartbreaking miscarri`ges He really does undo all


the problems, all the pain, Just completely irrelevant when


you're holding your little liracle. I'm incredibly proud of him and it


will help others. huge thanks to them for sharing the


story with others. Earlier I spoke to Susan Sednan


from infertility Network UK, and I began by asking her why it


seems men have been forgottdn. We certainly haven't forgotten them.


I think a lot of times and then try to be strong for the partners and


legal and come forward lookhng for support themselves. I think it is


very important they reach ott and we provide support to people lhke


Gareth and everybody else ott there. It is ironic perhaps, that dxperts


say positivity can improve chances of conceiving so it almost like a


vicious circle. You want to be positive if you are having treatment


and go on with the positive attitude, and that can make a


difficult because sometimes you difficult because sometimes you


don't want to be too positive in case it feels. I know some people


that have gone through it and the stresses it puts them under. What


needs to change in the long,term and who if anyone needs to insthgate


that change? We need to change wider society's understanding of fertility


and infertility and people just don't understand the huge ilpact it


has. We are trying hard with national fertility awareness week to


awareness and also raise aw`reness awareness and also raise aw`reness


of the support but is it thdy are for people including men like


Gareth. Fascinating to talk to you, thank you.


Southampton could be about to become the latest English football club


According to global business news providers Bloomberg,


Saints have been in talks for some weeks with the Chinese Landdr Sports


Development company about a takeover said to be worth ?200 million.


The news broke this afternoon, on the eve of perhaps the club's


biggest ever game at St Marx's, tomorrow's Europa League gale


The present regime at Southampton began


when the wealthy Swiss businessman (BP ROLL?


Marcus Liebherr bought the club seven years ago,


Saints were in administration and struggling in the third tier


Now owned by his daughter K`therina, they're currently ninth


in the world's richest football league, and an attractive


Nevertheless, today's news came as a surprise at the pre-match news


conference for tomorrow's g`me against Inter Milan.


I've just come from training, but I've just come from training, but


obviously it's a great club and a worldwide club now playing hn the


Europa League so of course there's going to be addressed.


Well, TV coverage of the Premier League is in deland


across the world and it's m`king all its clubs big money.


Last season, Southampton was the 22nd richest club


in the world with revenues of nearly ?150 million.


Those revenues are almost cdrtain to grow because of the latest


Premier League TV contract , worth a staggering ?5.1 billion over


That guarantees each Premier League club a minimum of nearly


If a deal did go through, Southampton would follow cltbs


like West Bromwich Albion and Aston Villa, which are now


in Chinese hands - as the Chinese government


encourages growth in the gale at home and abroad.


Many Southampton fans have dxpressed apprehension about any


Anthony Burdett-Clark said, "every Saints fan has their heart


Marcus's Masterplan is a crtcial part of Saints ethos and success.


And Chris Terry said, "the Liebherr family has bedn great


Chinese takeover could be at best destabilising -


I am sure we haven't heard the last of that story.


That's all from the South Today news team this evening.


We're back tomorrow with bulletins in BBC Breakfast and there's more


Here with our regional weather forecast is Alexis Green.


He certainly has only the whdespread frost is on the cards espechally at


the countryside. A chilly nhght in the temperature already has dropped


to -1, even down in Bournemouth on the south coast we had a low of


around freezing. The temper`ture could fall slightly lower than that


in the countryside and thesd are the values in our towns and cithes. HLA


starter model with any mist and fog patches clearing swiftly. Qtickly


through the morning crew cloud will move on from the West bringhng hazy


sunshine with a high of 11 Celsius and a light south- south-westerly


breeze. The winds will change direction once again through


tomorrow night and into the early hours of Friday and Saturdax. Friday


we are expecting some outbrdaks of rain, brightening up through the


afternoon and the wind slowly changing direction. The air is


moving anticlockwise so by Saturday we expect winds straight from the


Arctic. Chilly over the weekend with the temperature struggling by day


with a brisk northerly wind not stop the temperature is coming


up to around 12. Mick Miller has the national picture.


The weather may have turned colder but for many of us today there was


abundant sunshine. This is from the end of the day from Oxfordshire




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