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Welcome to South Today, I'm Allen Sinclair.


On the programme tonight: Campaigners fighting to free


a British mother jailed in Iran are at Downing Street -


hoping their voices will carry to politicians with the power


Makeshift sea defences that were supposed to last


the winter are washed away - leaving waterfront homes


And we start this week on a fairly wet note, cooler by the weekend with


the chance of Gables. A protest has been held close


to Downing Street this evening, over the continued detention


of a British woman in Iran. Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe's


ordeal began in April - arrested at the airport


as she was returning She'd been travelling


with her two-year-old daughter Gabriella -


whose passport was taken away. She's now being cared


for by relatives in Iran. In September, Nazanin was sentenced


to five years in prison - but the charges against her


remain a secret. Her husband - Richard Ratcliffe -


who's from Hampshire - has been campaigning


for his wife's release. Our Political Editor Peter Henley


was at this evening's protest and sent this report


from Westminster. It's now 260 days since Nazanin


Zaghari Ratcliffe was taken into She has now been convicted


and sentenced to five years and we understand she is in solitary


confinement, a long way from a prison in Iran to Downing Street


this evening when we understand members of her family


were singing carols, trying to keep their spirits up


and prevent positive aspects to A lot of it revolves


around trying to influence governments,


particularly the British government to put more pressure


on the Iranian government, and Nazanin's husband Richard


believes they are not doing enough. The government is


doing more and more but not enough and they


need to keep going. There are things they could be


doing, they have never criticised the way she has been treated,


so we'll keep going, but we are grateful for the small


things they are doing. People in Hampshire


have been busy as well. A report on the letter writing


campaign. Today


is a peaceful protest against a frustrating


process. It is a message of solidarity


and is in conjunction At the moment, she is not


very well at all. She has lost a lot of weight,


a lot of strength, a lot of hair. She is a British citizen


and that is what we can understand, it feels


like she has been left to hang out to dry for


the last nine months with very little


British consular support. I understand the reasons behind that


but it still feels like she is a British citizen and it is a British


child and we feel she should be home We were not expecting this much


support and it helps us to drive this campaign as without local


support the campaign wouldn't get Nazanin's 38th birthday


is on Boxing Day, one that is likely to be behind bars unless


the family's one Christmas wish 26,000 letters now have


been sent to that prison in Iran and many tweets,


some of which Nazanin got to see on That has cheered her up,


and one I think we'll cheer the whole campaign up,


I got a chance to speak to the Prime Minister tonight and asked,


will she be thinking about Nazanin She said she would be


thinking of her and all the other people who are in very


difficult situations in the world, and she said the government would be


keeping up pressure on the Iranian regime, in the best way they think


they can to get Nazanin freed. A serious case review


is underway after a Portsmouth woman was found guilty


of murdering her 19-day-old son. Nicola Brown was also


convicted of causing grievous bodily harm to baby Jake,


who died two years ago, after suffering a serious head


injury and multiple fractured ribs. Her husband, Jason Brown,


was found not guilty of allowing As Steve Humphrey reports,


the family were known Baby Jake suffered a series


of injuries during his short life. Today, his mother Nicola Brown


was convicted of murdering her baby son and causing fractured ribs


on previous occasions. The boy's father Jason Brown left


court after being found not guilty of causing or allowing the death


of a child. As the jury returned its verdict,


Nicola Brown shouted repeatedly from the dock,


she said, "I didn't do it, I did not do it, they have


made a huge mistake. I hope this haunts you


until the day you die." Senior detectives say


it was a difficult case. It has been a complex investigation


piecing together the short It is important for us


to establish who has been The family was living


at Agincourt Road in Portsmouth. During the trial, Nicola Brown,


on the right, described how the lights went out in her baby's


died when she was feeding him. Baby Jake died later


that day in hospital. The jury was told Mrs Brown had


anxiety issues, was taking antidepressants and had been


in denial about her pregnancy. The court was told social


services had been alerted He had been deemed at risk


but not at immediate harm. Midwives visited the family twice


but no concerns were raised. The Portsmouth Safeguarding Children


Board is now conducting The judge told her she would be


sentenced in the New Year after a psychiatric


report has been prepared. Steve Humphrey, BBC South Today,


at Winchester Crown Court. Sussex Police says it's


investigating six separate reports of historical sex abuse at football


clubs in the county. None of the claims relate


to league sides Brighton The force says the offences


were allegedly committed by six Across the UK there have been


reports of abuse relating Further strike action meant it's


been another difficult day for commuters unable to travel


by Southern Rail. Another ten days of action


are already scheduled. It's the most significant disruption


to trains for 20 years. But the Prime Minister today said


she won't consider proposed new anti-strike legislation,


and aims to focus instead Beachfront homes are again at risk


at Pagham in West Sussex after sea defences -


designed to protect them over Residents are worried that any


further high tides or bad weather They've been waiting for more


than a year for a planning decision over more effective defences,


as Sean Killick reports. But it was a different


picture here on Friday. Just days after the local


council put 10,000 cubic metres of shingle down,


a tidal surge coincided That has resulted in the loss


of the majority of shingle that had been put to increase the depth


to the beach crest. They will be concerned because this


was a defence for the winter. We have two very high tides


over the coming months. That will be the protection that


has been washed away. I'm not aware of any other emergency


work being undertaken. The district council says it


will undertake work as resources allow and it has carried out


significant works in recent years including building a rock


revetement, and it believes the work carried out last week reduced


the effect of the tidal surge. We had the tidal surge come


through two metres above normal. It came as far as the edge


of the vegetation which is Pagham parish council wants to cut


through a shingle bank which has appeared in recent years,


altering the currents, and the council believes


causing beach erosion. Whatever happens with the planning


application, work won't be getting underway in the next couple


of months which means the residents in the seafront properties


here will remain vulnerable to the worst of the storms


for the remainder of this winter. Sean Killick, BBC


South Today, Pagham. We're back tomorrow


with bulletins in BBC Breakfast - and there's more through the night


on the BBC news channel. Right now, Alexis Green is here


with our regional weather forecast Thank you. We are looking for the


weather for the week ahead up to and including the Christmas weekend. We


start an HLA note with some rain and drizzle at times, sunny spells as


well and a strong wind, especially towards the weekend. For some,


clearing skies and we may have a touch of frost with the temperature


falling to freezing or just above. Laws of 3- sex and the winds light,


so the possibility of light rain or patchy drizzle. One showers


especially along the south coast on the Isle of White, some may drift


inland but generally dry with the temperature reaching a high of five.


Quite chilly out in the open but the wind will be liked. Tomorrow night


we start on a dry note work through the early hours, the clouds will


thicken from the west and we see outbreaks of light and patchy are


moving in from the West with the temperature tomorrow falling to


three Celsius, so a chilly start and the wet start with this band of rain


which will clear Easter words and a dry interlude with some sunny spells


before the next batch of rain arrives. Fragmented rain and very


patchy in nature with the high of five. Warmer temperatures on


Thursday through the course of Thursday we see this Reg of high


pressure building in with the chance of rain and showers at times but


drying out through the course of the day. The next batch of rain on the


way with this low pressure moving in on Thursday and into the early hours


of Friday, Friday see some strong winds and the winds increased


through the course of the day and coming wet Friday night into the


early hours of Saturday morning, so a dry start and some brighter spells


but the rain will push on from the West and the wind increases in


strength. The chance of gales for the south coast. Looking to the


weekend, called with The rest of the weekend, some rain


around, windy, but with dry and bright spells.


Heavy weather is brewing, it will not reach us just yet. It will take


a good few days before the stormy weather reaches us. At the moment,


it's just potential, nothing is certain, but it will be different to


what we've had over the last few weeks, it's been so calm. We have a


jet stream raging out of North America making a beeline for the UK.




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