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Hello - I'm Allen Sinclair, with the late news from South Today.


On the programme tonight: Caught trying


to sell powerful guns, ammunition and explosives that he'd


stolen from his base in Dorset - the Royal Marines reservist jailed


could this man's conviction for drug smuggling be about to cost


his family their home - after they were landed with a huge


Nobody ever says that he has done the line committee will get a bill


seven days to pay it. He was caught in an undercover sting


- attempting to sell weapons including an assault rifle


and explosive grenades which he'd Tonight a Royal Marine reservist


who served in Iraq and Afghanistan is starting a 14-year prison


sentence. The judge said Martin Shannon


from Hythe in Hampshire was guilty This was the moment that officers


apprehended Martin Shannon. The 43-year-old Royal Marines reservist


was known to have stolen a haul of weapons and explosives and have been


a tempting to supply them on the black market. One detained. Among


the items Martin Shannon had stolen was an automatic assault rifle and a


semiautomatic handgun, both weapons used by the special forces. He had


also taken 1400 rounds of ammunition along with hand grenades, a plastic


explosive. Upon his arrest, Shannon admitted stealing from the base of


the four years. In August Michael Shannon met an undercover officer


from the National Crime Agency who was posing as a potential buyer.


During their meeting in a pub car park, Martin Shannon rented out to


the weapons as well as selling the officer explosives and ammunition in


exchange for ?10,000 cash. Martin Shannon later told officers that he


had been hoarding the stolen guns and ammunition in watertight


containers buried in the new Forest. After a search by specialist


officers, they recovered another gun, this time a sawn off shotgun,


along with ammunition from his three hiding places in the woods. Officers


also recovered more ammunition and explosives from his home in hive.


The case has raised questions over how often weapons the money to the


Armed Forces may end up in the hands of criminals. Lots of different


supply lines the criminals, by Ron dealers... We tackle all the


different areas of supply. This is rigidly infrequent but it is


recognised that there is a vulnerability is we're working with


the MoD to look at whether there is more kinky. Shunin, who pleaded


guilty to 15 offences, described himself as a broken man. He said he


was suffering from post, the Spurs disorder -- post-traumatic stress


disorder. A short time ago she told me


the fact weapons and ammunition had gone missing WAS noticed


and investigated. Back in 2012 the disappearance of


the victims was noticed and the MOD launched an investigation then but


failed to locate the weapons, despite Martin Shannon being


questioned at the time. The MoD told us it takes security were generally


very seriously and has procedures to prevent theft from its bases. The


MOD hasn't commented on exactly how Martin Shannon was able to amass


this horde of very dangerous weapons over and above years.


The family of an Isle of Wight jailed for drug smuggling fear


they could lose their home - after being handed


Jon Beere was sentenced to 24 years in prison five years ago.


He's still protesting his innocence, and the case is being reviewed.


But meanwhile a debt recovery firm is chasing his family for more


I was just completely shocked, surprised... She says her legal aid


bill for over ?71,000 came out of the blue. And the timing, just


before Christmas, has been very upsetting. We had never been told


that this could happen. Nobody ever said that he's done the line, you


will get a bill with seven days to pay. John Beer has been imprisoned


away from his three children for six Christmases. A scaffolder, John was


jailed for 24 years for his role in smuggling cocaine valued at ?53


million. The persecution said he organised a complex operation based


on the Isle of Wight to smuggle a quarter of a tonne of the truck into


the UK, involving sacks of cocaine being dropped off from a container


ship and being picked up by a fishing boat and then tied to a boy


to be collected later. For rock -- for other men received jail terms.


Are you utterly convinced of his innocence? Absolutely, absolutely,


all of them. John's case and those of the four the men I know being


considered by the criminal cases review commission but even before a


decision is made, the legal aid bill is being pursued. This story that is


playing out for the family, Dickens couldn't have written it. They


already have lost their father and husband, the prison, for a crime he


didn't commit and now the bailiffs are knocking on the door. Deloitte


has written to the debt collection agency challenging the legal aid


bill -- the lawyer. So says the only asset is their home stop the


children, I have fought like mad to keep this as best ability, our


stability. And John and I fought really hard for the house before


this wrongful conviction. Sue and her family I know hoping the demand


for the legal aid fees will be lifted and that the criminal cases


review commission makes a decision about jumpers macro case as quickly


A father who won a legal challenge against the Isle of Wight Council


after taking his daughter out of school for a family holiday,


will have to re-state his case before the Supreme court.


Jon Platt made national headlines in May,


the penalty fine imposed by the local education authority.


The case will be reconsidered at the end of January.


Mr Platt says it means "uncertainty and distress" for parents


who've subsequently taken holidays in term-time.


Their dream homes have been beset by structural problems.


Neighbours on a new housing development near Reading have


appealed to their MP, after running out of patience


The company's denied it's done little to put things right.


In this area here, the plasterboard has had to be removed because they


had detected... This was meant to be windy's dream home. 12 months old,


that dream is a nightmare. It's being propped up by the ceramic


tiles I have got fitted on the wall in the downstairs loo, that's what


holding up the RS J that supports the entire brickwork above, front


door. Wendy says there is problems with the installation, heating and


the windows. She's so fed up she has taken her for stretching out so all


can see. If you saw the show house you thought, if I buy this house, I


can have that. It's been anything but. Yes, I live unable to cite but


I didn't expect to have the builders living with me. -- I live in a


building site. One, I would say, didn't buy a house here. No one from


Taylor Wimpey awarded to appeal camera but in a statement today they


say they regretted any inconvenience caused the residents, and are


committed to caring at remedial works and inside job should be


considered by the end of January and all of them is fixed by the end of


April next year. The development here still being built for the local


MP says work should have stopped. But they haven't done that, they


have robbed of residence and me, to be honest, as well, time after time


and we have reached a point where this really can't go on much longer.


Wendy is now been told that she and the family will have to move out in


January whilst repairs are made. At a time which should be packing


Christmas presents, she's packing boxes instead.


That's it for tonight - thanks for your company.


We're back with bulletins in BBC Breakfast tomorrow -


right now Alexis Green's here with our regional weather.


We have some rain clearing is the woods and when to do is clear, we


race patchy frost and Mr frog. Temperatures in the countryside may


well fall to around minus one Celsius. A frosty and foggy started


tomorrow, the fog may be slow to lift but what does clear, it's


cloud may start to build into high lovely day, staying


clear during the afternoon and temperatures will fall. A decent day


in store tomorrow. Tomorrow night we are expecting clearing skies but


then the wins will start to increase, that should keep the frost


at bay, this is the storm affecting the north of the country through


Friday, the wins. The increase in the South, we will have a spell of


rain, a few bright spells Friday morning but they will be a good deal


of cloud and the winds could cost between 40 and 50 mph. A lovely day


in store tomorrow, strengthening winds through Friday with raiding


the afternoon, a decent day for Christmas


good for us. Mild by the time we reach Christmas Day.


Hello there, there is wet and very windy weather on the way in the


run-up to Christmas. The worst of the weather to the northern half of


the UK. We have a strengthening jet out of North America that is


propgating across the Atlantic. Rushing our way. Picking up low


pressure, deepening them, tracking them to the north-west of Scotland,


hence the wind and rain. Tonight, we have gale force winds in the


north-west of Scotland. Wintry showers here. There is still come


rain to clear from the south-east.


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