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Good evening, I'm Edward Sault. stories on the BBC News Channel,


Police are investigating after a human hand and forearm


were washed up on an Isle of Wight beach.


A dog walker made the discovery at Freshwater Bay this morning.


Hampshire police say initial analysis suggests the remains had


They've been sent away for further tests.


Hospitals across the South have been criticised by patient groups


for the amount of money they've raised through parking charges.


This year the University Hospital Southampton took over ?3 million,


making it the third highest earner in the country.


Oxford University Hospitals didn't publish its total, but last year


With parking charges of up to ?4 an hour in the south,


a hospital visit can come at a price.


For people in work with a fairly good salary, ?4, two


You don't know how long you will be here and it is a lot of hassle.


If you compare it with France, France is completely free.


The Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford made ?1.4 million


in car park charges last year, Oxford University hospital didn't


publish its figures but made 3.6 million the year before.


For University Hospital Southampton a similar amount, of which ?1


It says revenue goes into patient services and in Guildford


it is to keep the car park up and running.


Car parks have operational costs and development costs and we finance


it through the collection of car parking fees.


We would rather spend the money we get for clinical care on patients


The Patients' Association say hospitals take money from vulnerable


people and they want charges capped or scrapped as in


They say the charges should be fair and there should be concessions


A man's been charged with manslaughter following a death


57-year-old Nick Medlin was confirmed dead at


32-year-old Michael John Hudson will appear before Portsmouth


Two other men have been released on bail.


The A40 in Oxfordshire has reopened tonight after a woman died


in a crash involving more than 20 vehicles.


It happened on the stretch of road near Witney just after eight


Up to 15 people are still being treated for injuries.


The Leader of West Sussex County Council has called for action


to sort out what she calls the 'huge detrimental effect' the current


Southern Rail strikes are having on the county.


Louise Goldsmith has written to the Secretary


of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, to highlight


the economic and social impact the industrial action


The number of people sleeping rough on the streets of Bournemouth has


become such a concern to churches in the town, they're now providing


Members from several congregations are running what they're calling


Dishing up a hot meal and having a comfortable bed to sleep in.


For those sleeping rough it is a luxury, but no churches


in Bournemouth have come together to offer that and more.


Our goal is to get people off and to stay off the streets.


We ask what they need help with, had to get ID sorted out and benefits,


maybe getting accommodation somewhere to work.


All of those things we have seen people sorting out over the last few


weeks because they have had a decent night's sleep.


The project is running for six months and involves seven


Each church takes one night a week offering beds to rough sleepers.


This man has been on and off the streets for 15 years and says


he has been offered a lifeline to escape the dangers


You have to watch your back and you always get robbed and have


They have helped me make a plan of action to move on and be


independent and it is working pretty well and I have two


The charity says that rough sleepers are a growing concern in Bournemouth


and the churches felt it was their turn to step in.


In sport, and Tottenham Hotspur thrashed Southampton at St Mary's


to cut the gap on Arsenal to a single point in


Despite this goal by Virgil Van Dijk in the opening two minutes,


it wasn't enough for Claude Puel's men to beat off the London visitors,


with Dele Alli equalising for spurs in the 19th minute.


Into the second half and Saints were down to 10 men


when Nathan Redmond was sent off for this foul.


Spurs powered on into the 52nd minute with this from Harry Kane.


Son then made it 3-1 and then just before the final whistle,


Dele Alli came back to make it 4-1 for the visitors.


Onto the weather forecast and the details with David. If you're


travelling through the night and particularly Italy tomorrow you may


because the fog is forming and will because the fog is forming and will


be set later in the night. Some be set later in the night. Some


freezing fog patches. The mist and fog has reformed in some places and


will be thickest towards Berks, Oxfordshire and the eastern side of


Dorset. Less mist they further south but a cold night for all of us what


the temperature below one in places. Some of the fog may not clear


tomorrow. Where it remains mystery and foggy, just 3-4 the maximum.


Friday is similar with the big change through the weekend and a


cold front sweeping south and introducing arctic air and by the


time we get to Monday next week, the temperature very close to just 3-4


above freezing. Have a good night. Our next updates


are in BBC Breakfast.


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