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Hello and welcome to South Today, I'm Jo Kent.


The top stories tonight: After decades of indecision,


plans for a tunnel past Stonehenge are revealed.


But the scheme is still controversial.


The ?60 million strike, that's what the Southern Rail


dispute has cost the taxpayer, but are you willing to cover


There is an ice warning overnight tonight. Slippery surfaces are


possible and I will have the details for you shortly.


It's the South's most controversial road scheme.


After almost 30 years, new plans have been published


It would be just under two miles long and would bury


the busy A303 as it passes the World Heritage site.


But it's going to cost more than ?2 billion.


The tunnel idea first appeared in 1989.


After years of planning, the government dropped the scheme.


A public inquiry lasting almost a year approved it.


Ten years ago the cost reached $0.5 billion,


Four years ago the idea came back for a third time.


This time a longer tunnel, costing more than twice as much.


Then, at Stonehenge, Prime Minister David


We have managed the nation's finances carefully, the money


is there in the budget and you will see that


in the Autumn Statement on Wednesday, so this will go ahead.


Well, that was a couple of years ago.


So is it now finally likely to happen?


Here's our Transport Correspondent, Paul Clifton.


Successive governments have loved this idea,


In decades, no other road in southern England has


At ?1.4 billion, it is more than three times the price


of the Hindhead tunnel, 15 times of the Weymouth relief road.


The solution, make the whole route a dual carriageway.


The National Trust hopes it will eventually look like this.


It actually makes a big difference to the World Heritage Site.


We will have 1.8 miles of clear space in the World Heritage Site.


But some people believe the proposed tunnel is much too short.


If they're going to put a tunnel in, it needs to be long enough not to do


It is a shocking indictment on our government,


that it would consider damaging a World Heritage Site in this way.


Winterbourne Stoke will get a much-needed bypass,


perhaps through here to the north of the village,


We campaigned for a dual, that could be a dual tunnel,


a dual carriageway, a dual anything, but we need what's


This is the most difficult part, but the bigger picture


is an expressway to the south-west, with average speeds


Public consultation starts now, and the preferred route


The target is to start digging in three years' time and it


will take four years to complete, so 2024.


Ultimately, whether this gets built not depends on how much


as a nation we are willing to pay to remove the traffic from our global


At ?1.4 billion, it doesn't come cheap .


It's been revealed that the government is to put clauses


in new rail franchise agreements that will allow employers to claim


back any revenue they may lose because of industrial action over


The role of guards is the cause of months of strike


Today the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn spoke


about the dispute to our political editor Peter Henley.


Southern Rail has to fess up and deal with the issue.


They've run a bad service, they've run short trains,


they've cancelled trains, they've still been paid


by the government to do it and it is a very odd sort


of contractual relationship where the government pays them


whether they run the service or not, and the government retains


The RMT tell us today that the government is inserting


clauses in new contracts for Northern Rail,


for South West Trains, saying they will reimburse them


Would you allow that to happen, do you agree with that?


No, I don't agree with that, it seems a very odd way of doing


things because it seems as though the government is then abdicating


Is it the safety issue that you are backing the union on?


Because in Liverpool, they are introducing driver


only trains, and this is a Labour authority.


They've come to an agreement, I assume, on that in Liverpool.


Let's go back to the issue of Southern.


The safety issue, you've got packed trains, you've got one driver


with four seconds to decide whether or not the train


It only wants one mistake, somebody's hand trapped in a door,


bag trapped in a door, not spotted, we've got


The RMT say they are in dispute about driver operated


I want them to come to an agreement on it, everywhere.


Clearly it is up to the government to encourage Southern and the union


to get together and make an agreement on the safety issue,


just as much as I'm sure Joe Anderson in Liverpool has come


A BBC investigation has found that ambulances were called


to Winchester prison, more than 150 times last year.


Research shows that call outs to jails nationally have gone up


The prison reform trust says it's down to growing violence


One union says it can take a long time for a crew to simply


It can take up to 40 minutes just to get through the security and then


when you we make the decision to take a patient to hospital


you have got to have two guards accompany you in the ambulance


to have to find the guards and you have to get out


of the prison so it can take 40 minutes to an hour


Football next, and Reading were beaten at home in the league


for only the second time this season tonight


when they lost 1-0 to Queen's Park Rangers.


To make matters worse, it was a former Reading striker


Japp Stamms Reading have missed an opportunity to narrow the gap


between themselves and Newcastle in an automatic promotion spot.


A first-half goal from former Reading man Jamie Mackie


was a crucial moment, a well taken close range finish.


Reading huffed and puffed, but bar a couple of Yann Kermorgant


A first home defeat in three months but now nine days off until the next


championship game for Reading at Derby County.


Back in 1970 Bron Burrell was the youngest driver


in the World Cup Rally from London to Mexico, now half a century later


At the age of 72, and living in Milford on Sea in Hampshire,


she's planning to re-stage the first leg of the rally this April.


John Maguire went to see her training.


Wembley 1970, had a car rally marks the handover


of the World Cup hosting duties from England to Mexico.


Sir Alf Ramsey waves them off, and in car 20, three women


We were away for six weeks, it seemed like a lifetime.


It wasn't a lifetime, it was a flash.


Gosh, there is us in our lovely green C dresses and red jackets.


On the ramp, we are starting our huge adventure.


The team was well-prepared, mechanically and personally.


We decided the best bet was to have paper knickers,


so we could discard them, not worry about washing.


Such ingenuity might return as almost 50 years on,


she has recently bought the original car, nicknamed Puff the Magic wagon,


What a shame, Tish is no longer with us.


She hasn't driven competitively since the early 70s,


In April they will drive to Portugal once again,


It's a bit more control because of health and safety.


You can't do what we used to do, please do have one night


The sport may have changed, but the car and especially


the driver look as fast and furious as ever.


Many of you may have seen snow today.


And as temperatures drop, people are being warned to stay safe


In some parts of the South, it's been a light flurry.


West Sussex and Surrey, along with Berkshire and North


and East Hampshire all saw rather more than that.


But in the main, the region appears to have escaped the heavy falls


That's all from the news team for this evening and we will take a look


at the weather now. Any more snow to come?


A chance we could have snow showers overnight tonight and through the


rush hour tomorrow morning. The big thing tonight is the ice. Where we


have had rain and sleet and snow the ground is wet and temperatures


falling away rapidly. The Met office have issued an ice warning and there


could be disruption to travel. Tonight with the clearing skies


there is a chance of a few snow showers from northern and eastern


areas but otherwise it will stay dry. A widespread frost and


widespread ice on untreated surfaces. Temperatures in town and


cities dropping below zero. A cold and frosty start to the day tomorrow


with plenty of sunshine on offer. There will be a bitterly cold North


westerly wind which will take off the edge of these temperatures. It


will feel closer to 2 degrees given the significant wind-chill. Tomorrow


night there at the risk of the odd snow shower here and there and we


hold on to the north-westerly wind on Saturday and it feels very cold.


It should be mainly dry with note. If that's not your sort of


thing, Sunday will be cloudier and


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