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The top stories this evening. Helping roughly this get off the


shelter. A 15% rise in council tax shelter. A 15% rise in council tax


being put to the vote. And drama only water as a fire breaks out on


board a very. -- ferry. Government figures on homelessness


show the numbers of people sleeping rough have more than doubled


in the last six years. In times of austerity services


which support some of those However in Hampshire,


one council has taken the initiative to try to reduce the number


of people sleeping rough. Basingstoke has just won government


funding for specialist psychologists to work with homeless people -


to try to turn their lives around. Pete has been sleeping rough


in Basingstoke for as long as he can He will use the emergency night


shelter that's been provided by It is getting the rough


sleepers in, offering them Crowdfunding helped


raise ?14,000 to open a For the volunteers, it


has become obvious many rough sleepers have


mental health problems. We can start to focus


in on the mental health, getting that sorted,


then that in ables them and


equips them to move on. The Government has awarded


Basingstoke ?250,000 to fund specialist psychologists to work


with homeless people over To get someone to the point


where they can live independently support is needed and we know


there are real issues around mental health support at the moment,


so they need If help was offered,


with you take it? I won't say I would,


I'd say probably. Figures show that the number


of rough sleepers rose to 26, but the council,


health services and volunteers despite financial


pressures they are facing. We can cross to Steve now who is out


in Southampton at a hostel for young, Ross leaders. Steve. -- rough


sleepers. Yes, the Society of St James


runs a couple of night shelters here in Southampton


and another in Portsmouth. And on a freezing night like this


they can be life savers. But they have been under


massive financial pressure. Trevor Pickup from


the society is with me. What numbers are we seeing? Yes,


quite a lot. Resources are not an offer us to resolve this issue. Was


unique? Funding. We would like more property as well. We need to address


health issues, mental health issues, health issues, mental health issues,


to address it in the first place. In Basingstoke they're going to get


psychologists to work with rough sleepers -


is that going to be Yes, I think that is a good idea.


We've tried ourselves a number of years ago. Lots people really rather


have got underlying issues that they have experienced, traumatic


childhood and so on. Psychological help is very useful.


What is your message to the government?


A lot of emphasis on Brexit and a union American president. This is


not a knot and will issue, I'm sure you want them to address it as well.


They just need more property. We need specialist intervention from


people who have underlying issues to help address the problems that they


are facing. Thank you very much indeed. From the apostle here in


Lambton, back to uni should give. -- from the possible here, back to you


in the studio. Across the south, council budgets


are being set for the coming year, and many local authorities


are facing difficult choices. In Surrey, residents


are being asked if they're prepared to have their council tax put up


by fifteen percent. The Conservative controlled county


council is going to hold It says it needs the extra


money because of the A short while ago I spoke


with our reporter Tim Yes, Surrey County Council


has to make savings of about ?21 million,


which could mean an average of ?190 multiple sclerosis and is in a care


home in Thames Ditton Surrey. This afternoon, she told me how


she'd used up all her savings and has now recently got


help from Surrey County Council. It costs ?6,000 per


month to care for her. I think the people of Surrey do need


to dig into their pockets, as much as it pains me


to come a begging bowl and I don't like to do so,


but I'm doing it on behalf of all the disabled and


vulnerable people in Surrey. No income tax rise looks


to be planned by the Government at the moment but,


of course, Surrey is now proposing this quite dramatic


measure on council tax. What do the people in Thames Ditton


didn't think about that? Social care is very important


and I think, possibly, we should So, Tim, this is quite a decision


for a council to take, isn't it? It's only happened once before that


a council, Bedfordshire, has held a referendum


about a council tax A lot of pressure on new


leader, David Hodge. Will they trust me,


and the Conservative council, to make this


hugely difficult decision? Will they trust us and put


their confidence in us? Because we cannot do


anything else about it. The Government haven't


got money, it will not The Government, of course,


says it is providing some instant relief, making ?900 million


available across the country. A lot of people far


beyond Surrey will be Meanwhile, County councillors


in West Sussex have been trying to decide how to close a 41 million


pound hole in next year's budget. The plan is to raise council tax


by nearly 4% and cut spending by almost ?17 million,


though the council says many of the cuts are being


offset by other measures. Nine million pounds will also be


taken from the council's reserves. An investigation's underway


into the cause of a fire 50 passengers were on board


when a fire broke out on the bridge of this morning's nine o'clock


Wightlink crossing, It was extinguished within minutes,


before continuing into dock. I didn't see it actually


start, but soon after. It was quite a small fire and then,


within a few seconds, there was 18 feet of flames and huge


black smoke next to it. A third day of talks between


Southern and Aflef will be underway tomorrow. The two sides are said to


have made good progress. They are nanograms union Mill stole held its


strike on Monday. -- Aslef. -- RMT Union.


Plans for a controversial beach-front tower block have been


passed by councillors in Worthing tonight.


This 21-storey building on the Aquarena site


was rejected last year but developers returned


with proposals for a 15-storey building with 141


Opponents reject claims it'll regenerate the area saying its too


high and will set a precedent for other seafront sites.


Gosport sailor Alex Thomson has had to settle for second


in the Vendee Globe round the world yacht race.


The Frenchman Armel Le Cleach crossed the finish line off


the coast of France just before four o'clock this afternoon.


Just over 100 nautical miles ahead of Thomson,


who had pushed him all the way in his bid to become the first


Very happy for him, because he did a very good race.


It was very, very difficult with him.


I'm very happy to win and it's the best...


That's all from the South Today news team this evening.


We're back tomorrow with bulletins in BBC Breakfast and there's more


It'll be another cold and frosty night to come with


perhaps some freezing fog patches in the usual prone spots.


During the early hours of the morning, the


Temperatures will drop away to minus figures


in the countryside and even in our towns and cities.


low in the countryside of minus seven Celsius,


Cold and frosty with perhaps some freezing fog patches


for areas north of Berkshire, which may linger through the morning.


Otherwise, it's another glorious day.


Barely a cloud in the sky and, as a result, temperatures will


There will be a good deal of sunshine on offer.


Tomorrow night, once again, another widespread frost,


particularly widespread, coastal counties.


Cloud thinking southward and a high from the west, during the


Saturday really is an east-west split.


The further east you are, the more sunshine.


The further south and west you are, more cloud.


But there are sunny spells in between.


more cloudy day with some bright and sunny


spells here and there, but do


enjoy the sunshine there tomorrow and Saturday.


Those days will start on a frosty note.


looks as though we can, a bit more cloud on Sunday. Now the national


picture. Good evening, it will gradually get


colder in the UK in the next few days, something we don't have to


worry about in Australia at this time of year. Of course it's the


Australian tennis open at the moment and there's a big storm moving


through Melbourne at the moment. Hopefully it will have cleared


through by the time of Andy Murray's match. We have high withers and


light winds and some interesting contrasts despite things being very


slow moving, with the sunshine to the south of the weather zone but


stuck underneath the weather zone, it's been another miserably grey


day. No doubt quite dreary with some patches of drizzle. This is how it


looked in Staffordshire, under the weather front. In the sunshine,


despite the Frosty start, a sparkling day and a fantastic sunset


here in the Isle of Wight. Some areas, in parts of Northern Ireland


that haven't seen much sunshine this week, actually saw


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