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Healthcare on the Isle of Wight was formally put into special


measures today after a scathing report by the Care Quality


I would like to take the opportunity to apologise to patients, and staff


and give our commitment to things round.


Healthcare on the Isle of Wight was formally put into special


measures today after a scathing report by the Care Quality


It tells of patients put at risk from faulty electrical equipment


and broken beds Ambulance staff were bullied, and an ambulance


station left open, with vehicles unlocked and the keys inside.


The Accident and Emergency Department didn't have enough nurses


And the leadership from board level down failed staff and patients.


The Trust has apologised and promised to make things right.


Our Health Correspondent David Fenton has spent the day


on the Island finding out how things went so wrong.


Stuart Clements has a serious heart and lung problem and finds


Even light gardening can cause a problem.


I continually have this breathlessness and it limits


Last year his wife rushed him to A where he spent 13 hours


He said the staff were great but he had to throw newspapers over


In one sense I was appalled because I felt here were people


who were being incredibly kind to me, who seemed to be very


efficient and effective and professional in the way


they were working, but it was quite clear that the hospital as a whole


did not have the capacity to deal with me.


Failings in the island's health care were laid bare in today's report.


Mental health patients were put at risk, leaders failed to act


It is far too prevalent in the NHS, the bullying of staff.


What we don't hear about is how difficult the staff find it to work


This was particularly true in the Isle of Wight.


These problems will not be easily solved but solved,


they must be for the sake of patients and everyone


The trust's Chief Executive stood down last month,


An improvement director - brought in by the regulator -


Dr Mark Pugh has been an important part of the leadership team


For the last week and a half he's been the Acting Chief Executive.


We asked him about the report's findings and how patients


Absolutely I can see why patients would be concerned by that


I can point to a slew of safety outcomes for this organisation


which shows that we're not putting patients across the board


I live and work on the Isle of Wight, my family use this trust,


they have used it in the past and they will continue


But what we have clearly got wrong as the safety assurance mechanisms


and safety reporting across the organisation


and our background planning to ensure safety even when things


That is what we will be putting right.


Is there a bullying in the Ambulance Service?


Yes, that has been an issue for that service, it has felt itself under


pressure to meet national targets and to work against a background


It's part of a larger investigation which the trust has undertaken


and we believe that is no move to a better place.


The only way is up from here, there is no doubt about that.


Being in special measures, although it has issues around


reputation and make make it more difficult for us to recruit staff,


it does also come with additional support in the ready


have an improvement director on site who has made a helpful


impact already in the time she has been here.


And of course there will be the relentless scrutiny


of the organisation to make absolutely sure that


to apologise to patients, population and staff


Absolutely, and I'd like again to take this opportunity


to apologise to patients, population and staff


for our organisation and again absolutely give my commitment


We have already started, we know what we need to do


and we will get this organisation back into a respectable condition.


A law student's been sentenced to six years for killing a father


of ten on the Isle of Wight with a single punch.


Gary Stacey died when he fell and injured his head after being hit


by 21-year-old Ryan Cooper on a night out in Newport.


Winchester Crown Court heard how Cooper had drunk vodka excessively


He told police that Gary Stacey had threatened him when he approached


But the jury didn't believe him and found him guilty of manslaughter


Cooper will serve half of his six year sentence in jail and then be


He was a lovely man and wanted to go out and have a good


night and it was his last and it wasn't fair.


I don't think any of us will get over it.


We will learn to live with it and get on with our lives


but there is still a hole in the heart of the family and


I think that a poor decision within a couple of seconds can have


life-changing consequences, both for Ryan Cooper


and obviously more tragically for Gary Stacey's family.


What we would ask is that people know their limits and realise that


that very short period of terrible decision-making can actually lead


A body, thought to be that of a man from Lymington who's been


missing since November, has been found.


Phillip McCormack's disappearance was described as 'very out


A member of the public discovered the body yesterday afternoon


in marshland behind Lymington Hospital.


His death is not being treated as suspicious.


The joint Thames Valley and Hampshire roads policing unit


has seen an increase of more than ten per cent in the number


of incidents it's had to deal with in the last two years according


That's despite having around 20 per cent fewer officers


than when the joint unit was formed in 2012.


Both forces say they're focused on making sure


they have the resources in the right locations to meet demand.


Nine new free schools for the South have been given the go-ahead


One is a school in Portsmouth for children with autism or social


But most are in West Sussex where politicians say new housing


means there's more demand than ever for school places.


But they're controversial, with critics claiming it's not


the best way to spend money, especially when existing schools say


This derelict convent outside Chichester could be the answer to


It's being converted into a state-of-the-art new premises by


Chichester free school which has been in a temporary building since


It will now more than double the number of places on


offer for students from reception age two


sixth form and be part of the


Government's future education agenda.


Free schools are funded directly by central Government, not


They are run by community or educational groups,


charities, businesses or parents, and they


don't have to teach the


They are more popular with parents, they're more


likely to be rated outstanding by Ofsted and in various key stages


This free school in Swanage typifies the


focus on high-tech teaching and new ones in Reading helps meet a 34%


increase in demand for school places in recent years.


West Sussex County Council has welcomed today's free


school management is helping meet the needs of new housing


But not everyone thinks free schools are the


Instead of putting more money into the education system


generally to meet that and education system in West Sussex, West Sussex


is one of the worst funded education authorities in the country.


They are diverting attention, building new


Chichester free school hopes to be opening here


in September next year and all new skills and England and now opening


With critics claiming they are an expensive


and inefficient way of


creating school places and the Government insisting


they provide value for money and parental choice,


it seems it will be more than just the children drawing lessons from


this latest wave of schools across the south.


That's all from the South Today news team this evening.


We're back tomorrow with bulletins in BBC Breakfast and there's more


Here with our regional weather forecast is Alexis Green.


One or two clear spells tonight but with the cloud is the guest 's right


lane and drizzle. Most places will stay dry and in the countryside


temperatures could fall as low as five Celsius. That is in towns and


cities. Cloudy tomorrow with more cloud than today but a brighter


intervals at times. The breeze would be as strong as today but the cloud


will be stubborn to break and it will stay mainly dry with


temperatures reaching a high of 12 or 13. Tomorrow night a weather


front row move southwards across the region producing some spots of rain


here and there and maybe the odd 's moderate to heavy burst through the


course of Good Friday. Good Friday is one of the unsettled days of the


weekend, probably the worst with clouded outbreaks of rain and great


a damp day with drier periods here and there. As we look ahead to the


Easter weekend, Good Friday starts on a damp night but on Saturday the


maybe the odd isolated shower but most users will stay dry and Easter


Sunday and Monday at the moment are looking mainly dry with some rain


later on on Monday. Brighter on Saturday but cloud again


on Sunday. Here is Tomasz. Good evening.


The weather in the run-up to Christmas... Easter! I got ahead of


myself there! It isn't looking especially great, nor is it looking


all that sunny. It will be changeable, it's been changeable


today. You can see cloud streaming out of the north-west of the


country. You can see some showers getting into north western parts of


the UK, but eastern areas will remain pretty clear tonight, so here


we have some frost on the way first thing, ground frost, nothing more,


and it will be gone by the time the sun is up. First thing in the


morning, some sunshine around across one or two parts of the east here.


Western areas


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