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The top stories this evening: Rivers running low,


and one of the driest Aprils in history, could a drought be


School's out: a head and a deputy head resign


This week there will be some sunny spells, chilly nights and the edge


needed rainfall. Southern England could be facing


a drought after a dry winter followed by one of the driest


Aprils on record. There's concern about low water


levels affecting fish, and farmers are worried


about a lower harvest. This winter the UK had 77%


of its normal rainfall. Last month the South had just 18


per cent of its usual April rainfal That makes it the eighth


driest April on record. Opinion is divided


on whether there might be a hosepipe ban but for some -


alarm bells are already ringing. it's much drier and muddier


than it usually is. That's because it has been


an extraordinarily dry winter. And it's the rivers that have


been bearing the brunt. In the New Forest near Lyndhurst,


this trickle is Highland Water - which eventually becomes the River


Lymington. Those who know it say they've


seldom seen it so dry. Normally in the spring


the river would be You have these exposed


gravel shells which would normally be very


productive with lots We would normally expect


in April sea trout They find it much more


difficult in a low flow year. Here in Wiltshire, many


of the winterbournes, which normally flow at this time


of year, are dry. It's not unusual but does


climate change mean this It is very difficult to pin any


individual case to climate change. But extremes are more likely


under climate change. You would expect more extreme


drought but also more extreme Southern Water says it does not


believe hosepipe bans But conservationists say water


companies should be doing more It is too late telling people


to store water once you are in the I would love them to be


more upfront and say we have a serious problem


and get ready for it. This has already been


a very bad year for Yesterday, here at Burley,


this fire destroyed some 20 Farmers to are worried that


particularly on the south Some are saying that if this drought


continues much longer, they The driver of a sports-car


which crashed last summer, killing the 13-year-old passenger,


has been charged Alexander Worth from


Kingsworthy near Winchester died when the Ferrari


he was travelling in struck The driver - 38-year-old


Matthew Cobden from Weybridge He's due to appear at Basingstoke


Magistrates' Court next month. A gang has been sentenced for making


and selling fake train tickets. James Jenning from Bournemouth -


who led the scheme over a three year period -


has been sentenced to three years in jail while three other men have


been ordered to pay costs. Sean, it was described


as a sophisticated fraud? That's how it was described


by the investigating officer He said it was a "blatant" fraud,


organised by someone who had worked He said James Jennings,


who's 51, used his "insider knowledge" to produce open-ended


railway tickets to order, using blank tickets


and a computer and printer. The tickets were for travel all over


the country and many of Jennings' After his arrest last


October his home was searched. A red holdall containing a printer


and computer items was found. The printer was forensically


examined and was found to have been And this had gone


on for several years? British Transport Police said


Jennings became more and more blatant and his confidence


was buoyed as he avoided detection. They said he used the money


to fund a lavish lifestyle. But after pleading guilty to making,


adapting, supplying or offering to supply articles for use in fraud,


he was sentenced today at Blackfriars Crown Court


in London.And tonight he's starting Fresh talks to resolve the year-long


dispute over the role of conductors on Southern Railway will take


place next week. The company will meet


the RMT on Monday. The union has held 31


days of strikes so far. All previous attempts to find common


ground have ended in failure. Separate negotiations


with the drivers' union, Aslef, No further action by either


union has been announced. A husband and wife are resigning


as head and deputy head of a Hampshire primary school,


because, they say, education policy Alex and Peter Foggo's


made their decision before the election was called but it's


raised questions about how the main parties stand on issues


they're unhappy about, like testing of very young


children, and the creation The head and deputy head of this


primary school are simply not prepared to play along


with the education system any more.. Which staff do you make redundant,


which subjects do you cut? Which child with an identified


special educational need do you Their school budget's been


frozen, which has meant They now sweep the playground


and empty the bins. But pressure to get young children


to prepare for and pass compulsory tests, and the idea of bringing back


grammar schools, mean they no longer They've set out their reasons


in detail in a letter to parents. Recent developments in education


have brought our position to a point of personal,


professional and ethical crisis. The couple insist their decision


hasn't been timed to We made this decision over the


Easter break before the announcement of the journal collection. We have


made as many compromises that we were able to and this was a step too


far for us, that we can simply couldn't continue with things the


way they were. The main political parties all say


they're saddened that experienced teachers are leaving the profession


under these circumstances. Back in Longparish,


a chapter is ending. Personally I'm feeling incredibly


sad - I really never thought I'd leave teaching before I retired


but this system I cannot continue Yes it feels very much like we've


stepped off the edge of a cliff and out into the unknown -


we've no idea where we go West Dean College near Chichester


is one of the UK's leading The students latest project


is working on three aircraft propellors from the Second World


War. The blades are thought to be


from a Lancaster bomber. They'd been buried for 40 years


at the former RAF airbase aty Tangmere before being dug up


in the 1980s. The students will restore them


before they go on display That's all from the South Today


news team this evening. We're back tomorrow with bulletins


in BBC Breakfast and there's more Now for the weather. We have talked


about drought. Is there a rain on the way? Yes, towards the end of the


week this weeks starts on a dry note. There will be lots of


sunshine, especially on Wednesday. The cloud is significant during the


first part of the week that possible rain later on from Thursday onwards.


Overnight tonight, clear spells and a touch of frost in the countryside.


For most, cloudy and temperatures in our urban areas of seven Celsius.


E-mail start from any tomorrow. Chilly in the countryside with that


frost. -- a chilly start. Elsewhere, it will be quite cloudy, like today.


Temperatures will struggle to 12 Celsius. When we have the sunshine,


a high of 14 or 15 Celsius. Tomorrow night, the cloud will disappear and


the skies were clear. Temperatures will fall away sharply. Widespread


frost in the countryside. Originally started the day on the dotted


through the course of the day, maybe some cloud will bubble up during the


course of the day timing the sunshine hazy in places. The


temperatures will reach a high of 16 Celsius. Wednesday is breathtaking


terms of sunshine and will stay dry. Thursday, a slow process of turning


unsettled. Low pressure moves up. Patchy rain into the evening and it


will be very patchy, so not everyone will have the rainfall. That much


needed rainfall. Unsettled during the course of Friday with the


southerly breeze developing. Mild air from the continent and it will


turn monkey on Friday. A chance of some heavy, foundry downforce will


stop -- heavy, foundry town pause. This weekend...


will become drier and feel warm. Now the National forecast.


Good evening. A quiet day on the weather front but we still managed


to have some huge contrasts in the weather. This was a beautiful


picture from Cumbria, blue skies and crystal clear blue skies in Argyll


and Bute but closer to the north coast, it sends shivers down your


spine! Chilly and cloudy all along that cost this bank of cloud that


sliced the country in half, cool and cloudy to the east and to the West


had sunshine. But it still been dry and it


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