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Financially incompetent and educationally illiterate.


The words of councillors about an education trust running


one game away from the Premier League, as Reading seal


How one couple want their baby's legacy to help


They say they are appalled at their behaviour.


They want them removed from managing schools


These are the extraordinary words used by councillors


They have expressed outrage at plans, by the company


the troubled Sandown Academy - and merge it with another school.


And tonight councillors unanimously supported a motion condemning AET's


Home time in the rain for Janet and her sons.


13-year-old Brennan is already at Sandown Bay Academy.


Ten-year-old Eden starts there in September.


They don't want to go to school six miles away in Ryde.


There's not enough capacity at Ryde school to incorporate all those that


There's just not going to be enough space and when the birth rate goes


up again in a couple of years, as we know it will, there's just not


going to be enough space on the whole island.


This protest was organised by concerned parents


The school is run by the Academies Enterprise Trust or AET -


the biggest academy chain in England.


It says its budget's been squeezed because they're paid


based on pupil numbers, which have been falling.


It wants to merge with another school it runs in Ryde.


But locals, and tonight the council, say it's got its sums wrong.


We want to send a very clear message to AET, to the Minister


and to the Schools Commissioner that we want AET out


of Sandown high school, out of the academy and preferably


AET have demonstrated themselves to be financially incompetent


and educationally illiterate in the way they have handled events


Standards have dropped because AET have cut the budget


They have also done a pupil projection which is flawed.


They based their pupil projection on the drop


What they should have done their projection


on is the number of actual children in the local primary schools,


who make the school more than sustainable if it


The figures that we have used are those that the


Now, when we met the council last week, they did say


that they would send us their figures.


I haven't yet seen those, but based on that discussion,


the small increase that they are projecting among current primary


school pupils still wouldn't go anywhere near fulfilling the massive


overcapacity there currently is at secondary school level.


Tonight the council voted to try and stop AET running any


schools on the Island, and find a way to keep Sandown open.


AET says it is starting a consultation next week to allow


people to have their say on the plans.


Reading Football Club are on their way to Wembley


after a dramatic match last night against Fulham.


There were dramatic deals being done behind the scenes too.


As two Chinese property tycoons - brother and sister Dai


Yongge and Dai Xiu Li - became the majority


They made their fortune from converting old air raid


The new owners are looking to build - with a new training ground


and increased stadium capacity already mentioned.


Trying to complete a deal in the second half is a first


I have to say I'm very excited about the new owners coming in.


I think, you know, we need to get the impetus again and, you know,


A soldier from Tidworth in Wiltshire has pleaded guilty


to attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming.


Private Samuel Dallow thought he was meeting up with a 14 year


old girl but it turned out to be self styled Paedophile


Private Samuel Dallow thought he was meeting up with


a 14 year old girl but it turned out to be


self styled paedophile-hunter Shane Brannigan.


It was streamed and Dallow was handed over to police.


Train drivers on Southern Railway will start an overtime ban


from the end of May, unless their long-running dispute


over driver-controlled operation is resolved.


Drivers have twice rejected a deal negotiated by their union ASLEF,


and the two sides have been holding discussions for more than a month.


Southern says it runs 80,000 trains a month


It warns that an overtime ban would lead to substantial disruption


Jo Meeke and Matt Gurney spent just a few hours with their newborn child


- who they had nicknamed Puck - before he died.


The couple, from West Sussex say they have taken comfort in some


of the beautiful countryside in the South.


They've now set up "Puck's Promise - raising funds to buy a woodland


so that other bereaved families will have a place to


Anjana Gadgil met them on the South Downs.


Joe and Matt's baby lived for just 13 hours.


Severe complication during labour led to an emergency Caesarean


and the little boy they had affectionately named Puck wasn't


Obviously, you know, we'd been through labour,


he'd been born and resuscitated and, you know, to find ourselves


being transferred to Southampton neonatal unit and looking


at our little boy who was, you know, he was a stocky


eight-pound eight baby boy, lying in a crib in one


of the neonatal nurseries and you just think, how's our son


When it was clear Puck wouldn't survive, they had 30


I said to the nurses, if there is an opportunity for me


to just have some skin on skin, I would love to do it and so I feel


privileged in that respect, that I did have half


The couple held a farewell service with family and friends in the woods


They found comfort in nature and that's why they set up


Puck's Promise, raising funds to buy a woodland for other


We know that we've got a long journey ahead of us dealing


We think it's really important to have that space that people can


go to for years to come and, you know, deal with the grieving


process in an environment that is totally unique, hopefully.


I'd like primarily families who have lost children in some way


to be able to use it, either as going just for a couple


of hours, for a quick walk, or maybe occasionally


for an overnight camp to be with other people who've been


Jo and Matt return to the woods to lay flowers for their son,


hoping something positive can grow from their personal tragedy.


Very few people got to meet him and it was my fear that he would


And I think that's why I feel Puck's Promise


and our fundraising is so important, because we know that through this,


we are going to keep the memory of Puck alive.


Stillbirth is classified as a baby dying from 24 weeks


In this country, 15 babies a day are either stillborn or die


The rate is falling but remains higher than in other high income


I spoke to Jane Brewin from the charity Tommy's which funds


I asked her why the UK was still lagging behind.


The UK ranks 24th out of 49 high income countries,


so as you say, we are nowhere near the best out there.


I think other countries that are doing better than us have just


instigated more campaigns and programmes and focused much more


So what more can be done to reduce those rates still further?


The first is investing in research to find out who is most at risk


and how to care for women who are at risk of stillbirth.


And that's why Tommy's are funding a research centre in Manchester


And the other big area of work is around how the NHS care for women


during pregnancy and so the NHS have launched a four


point plan which is being tested at the moment around the UK,


to identify for many areas the NHS needs to work on to reduce


the incidence of stillbirth in the UK.


Finally, the couple I spoke to are raising money to buy woodland


What support is there out there for bereaved parents?


Well, at the time of the stillbirth and in the immediate aftermath,


there is very good support normally provided by hospitals.


And then after that there are organisations out there that


specialise in bereavement and also organisations like Tommy's who can


offer bereavement support, but also a lot of information


and support through subsequent pregnancies.


Football, and Southampton played Manchester United


in their penultimate home game of the Premier League season.


Saints should have gone ahead within five minutes


after they were awarded a penalty for handball - but Manolo


Gabbiadini's spot kick was saved by United goalkeeper Sergio Romero.


Saints created several chances in the second half -


James Ward Prowse forcing another good save before Antony Martial


It ended goalless and Saints remain in 8th.


That's all from the South Today news team this evening.


We're back tomorrow with bulletins in BBC Breakfast and there's more


Here is our regional weather forecast.


We had over an inch of rain fall in many places today.


The rain will clear away overnight a night and will


In our towns and cities, a low of 9-10 degrees.


A little more cloud for eastern part, be generally clear skies.


A very slim chance of the odd isolated shower


Even the chance of the rumble of thunder and some hail.


Temperatures tomorrow will reach a high of 17 degrees.


Pleasantly warm in any sunny spells tomorrow.


Friday and Saturday, there is a chance of the odd


showers. But it will be a bit warmer.


Before today, many gardeners were crying out for rain. Some of the


those garden may now be water logged. And Lincolnshire was one of


wettest places with 40 millimetres. That is nearly a month's worth of


rain in 24 hours. Some difficult travelling conditions. Some parts of


north-west England stayed dry. This was the main rain-maker. It is


pulling away. Tomorrow a day sunshine and showers and that


freshing feeling air will filter into those parts that were muggy


today. It was 25 Celsius in Kent. A different feel, but still


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