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Good evening, I'm Allen Sinclair with the news now here in the South.


Police investigating the terrorist attack in Manchester last week have


Officers raided a flat above shops in Shoreham town centre in the early


Neighbours say the 23-year-old came from Libya and was training to be


This was the day the hunt for those who might be linked


to the Manchester bomber came to the South Coast.


Yeah, we were staying here last night.


Well, I just kind of heard crashing and banging.


I'd just woken up so it was all a bit like 'whoa!' to me.


The raid by anti-terror officers was right in the heart of Shoreham.


Detained at the flat above shops in Brunswick Road


was a 23-year-old man, arrested under the Terrorism Act.


He'd been a regular customer at several nearby businesses.


He said he went to college, he studied up there.


He was from Libya, that is all I know.


The owner of this salon below the flat where he had his hair cut


said those studies involved training as a pilot at nearby


Sometimes I'm busy doing hair, so they'd would bring people there,


I would wave at them, they would wave at me.


And what did you think when you arrived here


I've just woken up, I'm still panicking!


The Shoreham raid coincided with other police operations


in the Whalley Range area of Manchester, and in


All in connection with the bombing a week ago today which claimed


the lives of 22 people at the Manchester Arena.


Police say they've made considerable progress in their investigation,


but today's raid shows the pace of operations certainly isn't


The man arrested here has not been formally identified and police are


not saying where he's being held. He is the 16th person to be arrested in


connection with the Manchester bombing. 14 of them remain in


custody. Sussex Police say people should remain alert not alarmed.


This investigation has now spread to the south coast.


It was a devastating end to the play-off finals


at Wembley for Reading - robbed of a return to


An incredibly tense and even-matched game saw Royals and Huddersfield


goalless after 90 minutes, and it was still 0-0


In the end, it was the final kick of the game that


They'll be back in the Championship next season.


Our sports editor, Tony Husband, went through the agony with them.


The play-off final at football's most lucrative game and it can also


be the most devastating if you're a fan of the losing side.


And for the sixth time in Football League play-off history,


Reading have come up just short again.


They've been beaten here at Wembley Stadium by Huddersfield


in truly heartbreaking style, 4-3 in a penalty shoot out.


It all followed a very tense game of few chances.


Huddersfield probably just edged the 120 minutes,


but hopes were high that Jaap Stam's and then could come through the game


and secure their place in the Premier League.


Nevertheless, it was devastation for Royals players,


Reading didn't take the chances, they didn't really shoot.


So, unfortunately, I don't know whether the better team won,


but we weren't good enough on the penalties, I'm afraid.


This season, I'd have taken mid-table.


The fact that we made the play-offs, the fact that we made third,


the fact that we gave a good show of ourselves today,


It was always going to be an equal contest and it went literally


Huddersfield probably deserve it on that game.


When you get the penalties, it is a lottery.


Huddersfield had two good chances early on in the game but,


as you said, after that, it was nip and tuck and,


unfortunately, Huddersfield have got themselves over the line


into the Premier League, and the management,


the players of Reading, they will be absolutely distraught,


It doesn't matter how many people tell them it's been a great season,


they'll be absolutely distraught for days to come.


It's just a case of words won't do much at the moment.


We just need to try and get over it, and time will do that and,


when we come back, we'll be better for the experience, but obviously


it's easy saying that at this moment in time.


Nobody would have, for one moment, suggested we would be here at the


play-offs at the beginning of the season. An awful lot to be pleased


about and build on. But at the end of the day, we come away


empty-handed. In many ways, Reading defied expectations this season.


Nobody predicted that they would finish third in his first campaign


in English football. The hope must be that now jabs stamped stays to


oversee another tilt at the Premier League.


Meanwhile, breaking news tonight - Portsmouth manager Paul Cook looks


to be on the verge of leaving to join League 1


Pompey offered Cook a lucrative new contract to remain


at Fratton Park after securing promotion this season,


but it's understood he's keen to rejoin the club where he had two


The deal's expected to be completed tomorrow.


It's now two months since the penalty for using a mobile phone


behind the wheel was doubled and a campaign launched


to try to make it as socially unacceptable as drink driving,


but it seems many motorists are ignoring the warnings.


Nearly 500 have been caught in a single month


A mother and three children were killed in this crash


Tomasz Kroker had been distracted by his phone at the time.


And in January, Lewis Stratford here was jailed for causing


Again, Lewis had been using his mobile phone while driving.


Now stricter penalties for drivers mean if you're caught


holding your phone behind the wheel, you face getting six points


Those new rules came in at the beginning of March this


year and yet, in that month alone, Thames Valley Police recorded


nearly 500 incidents of drivers doing exactly that.


The force recorded the largest total of drivers using a phone


behind the wheel in the UK outside of London.


I think there is this fear of missing out,


especially with younger drivers, who want to keep in touch with their


And what we need to get the message across is, put the phone away,


that Snapchat can wait, that Facebook message can wait,


get to your destination safely and then do what you need to do


Other safety campaign groups have welcomed today's figures,


but say a change in driver attitude is the only solution.


Sir Ben Ainslie and his crew have lost a fourth successive race


in the opening phase of America's Cup


The Landrover BAR team based in Portsmouth were beaten


by the unfancied French boat in their only race of day three.


The British team still sit in a healthy position


in the rankings due to World Series points carried into the Cup,


but Ainslie says his team must come back fighting tomorrow.


The weather for the week ahead is fairly mixed. We will have rain at


times. Dry warm sunny days. It will turn fresher by the weekend.


Overnight, the risk of the odd isolated shower. Temperatures in


double figures. A good deal of cloud, maybe coastal mist here and


there. Through the course of the day tomorrow, the cloud will then braked


and up a brighter spells. Not wall-to-wall sunshine but a fair


amount of cloud and the odd isolated shower as well. Temperatures in any


sunny spells could reach a high of 20 Celsius. Tomorrow evening, the


cloud will disappear for some but the odd shower is possible, and that


cloud will fade away during the early hours of Wednesday morning.


There may be mist developing in places, particularly coastal mist.


Temperatures tomorrow night 11-13dC. Through the course of Wednesday, a


good deal of cloud, coastal mist town towards the south-west, but


pleasantly warm in any sunny spells with a high of 19-20dC. Through


Thursday, dry and settled thanks to dry pressure dominating our weather.


On Friday, this weather front moves south and East Woods said the


possibility of heavy rain, but a lot of uncertainty about the timing of


this rain band and when it is expected to arrive. For the weekend,


fresher conditions, brighter spells here and there, and the odd


scattered shower, but a lot of dry weather.


Tomorrow evening, our political editor will host a special election


debate with candidates from the five main parties and an audience of


local voters. Hello. There I think we've seen the


back of the thunder storms now. Over the next few days, our weather will


start to come in from the Atlantic. We'll draw down fresher air from the


North West. Recently, we've been drawing up humid air from the south,


from the near continent. Of course, it all went bang in the early hours


of this morning. Some tremendous thunder storms, a rattling and


liting up the skies in the south-east. Since then, it's not


been as stormy. A few storms over the near continent. It's been bursts


of rain across the UK. And a lot of cloud too. Quite low cloud in places


as well. Quite a poor day, for example, here in Buxton in


Derbyshire. A lot of cloud still around. It is turning drier. All


these down pours are tending to work their way northwards and eastwards,


out into the North Sea. It's turning drier. It's still quite warm and


humid, particularly across England and Wales. That's where we'll head


in the morning, for the


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