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Hello and welcome to South Today, I'm Edward Sault.


after the Manchester attack organisers of major events


in the south warn of increased security checks this weekend.


Bad weather means Sir Ben Ainslie's Portsmouth based team


will have to wait another day before taking to the water.


the extraordinary lengths some people are going to


It is our wedding anniversary on the day of the cup final. I've pretty


much got away with this one. I don't much got away with this one. I don't


know how but I did. Organisers of major events


across the bank holiday weekend are warning that increased security


checks will mean longer queues. It comes in the wake


of Monday night's terror attack Spectators at the sold-out


Ageas bowl for England's One Day International against South Africa


and Reading's playoff against Huddersfield on Monday are warning


fans to allow extra time It's a busy weekend of festivals


and sporting events - and with the security threat level


at critical there will be a noticeable


security presence. Hampshire police today


said people should expect to see That will include


at the Ageas bowl tomorrow. It's sold out as England


take on South Africa Organisers say spectators


should allow plenty of time A similar message to the 20,000


people a day who are expected at Southampton's


Common People music festival. Organisers there say


they have "total confidence" that they have


the right procedures in place. And Reading football fans travelling


to Wembley for the play-off final on Monday are being told to arrive


at least an hour before kick off to make sure


they'll get to their seat in time. The Met today confirmed


they will have extra armed officers And on top of all this,


it's bank holiday weekend, so there is already some


public transport disruption? Yes, un-releated to this extra


security there are engineering works on the trains which means all lines


in the Portsmouth area will be closed all day


throughout the Holiday weekend. That will impact some of


the 30,000 people expected in Cosham for the Mutiny Festival


this weekend, who'll have to use a limited


bus replacement service. Electrification works


on the Great Western line mean busses will replace trains


between Reading and Swindon. The message for this weekend


is leave extra time for big events There have been long queues


and disruption for thousands of passengers at Gatwick airport


in West Sussex this morning with some flights departing


without luggage due to problems Long queues formed on one


of the busiest days for people trying to get away for the bank


holiday and schools half term. The airport said the problem


had now been resolved. Building work - to develop the UK's


first enterprise to help veterans return to civilian life -


is beginning today at a former The ten-million-pound project


will develop a campus in Wilton that will offer housing


and jobs to help ease the transition


for veterans leaving the forces. 45 homes will be built


to support former servicemen and women into independent living


and to integrate in their community. I think it's the milestone


of what's going to go on Hopefully, more and more of these


centres are opened up around the country so people


don't have to travel so far The British team hoping to win


the America's Cup will have to wait another day before taking


to the water. Ben Ainslie's Land Rover BAR,


based in Portsmouth, was supposed to join four other


boats challenging for the right to face the America's Cup defenders


Oracle team USA in the 35th America's Cup match,


but high winds in Bermuda mean that racing on day one of the qualifiers


has been postponed until tomorrow. The great thing about sport


is you are defined by your results. The key to success in


the America's Cup is continually making small


improvements and getting better and better as you go


through the competition. Well, if Britain wins the south


coast could be home to the next race in two years time and it's been


estimated that hosting could give the region


a boost of more than ?100m. Here's our Business


Correspondent, Alastair Fee. Tens of thousands


flocked to watch Sir Ben Ainslie as Portsmouth


held the build-up races. It was just a taster


that proved what has been It will put the Solent


on the world stage. This isn't just necessarily


a water-based event, it is actually


making sure that Portsmouth


capitalises on this kind of event It's the ancilliary events


to run alongside it Super yachts account for one


of the biggest spends. 90 boats more than 25 metres


in length visited the regattas We build on what we've got


and we need to put in those facilities that will make


those super yachts come to the UK and that we get


that economic benefit. Spectators' spend


would run into hundreds contributing to


a quarter of the overall impact. For many,


the financial rewards for the region


would match the sporting triumph. It's going to be


a tense weekend for Reading fans. They're one game away from promotion


to the Premier league. The big game takes place on Monday


at Wembley when Japp Stam's men Some loyal fans have travelled


quite a journey for a chance Ben Moore has been to meet two men


who've travelled continents A 19 hour flight for a 90 minute


game. Mark Mouland and his son Dan have come all the way from perfect


for the play-off final. Since Christmas we've been planning it,


basically. If they win, how'd you think you are going to feel? I don't


know if words can describe that. It's going to be absolutely


unbelievable. There will be a lot of singing on the plane going back.


Despite being down under, they have remained keen fans since emigrating


a decade ago and their pilgrimage is a family affair. Brother Steve is


coming as well, from Barcelona. It has got to be done. The play-off


final, a great day out with the family. You are using this as a big


family reunion? Football is bringing us together. It'll be good because


my mum and dad are going as well. A big family outing. As foreign fans


go through passport control to Wembley Way, some are making bigger


sacrifices than others. It is our wedding anniversary as well on


Monday. On the day of the cup final. I've pretty much got away with this


one. I don't know how I did but I did. So wherever they are from, they


are all part of the Royals family. Now time for a look


at the weather with David Braine. Good afternoon. A lovely start of


the day and the rest of the day is even hotter than yesterday. Many of


our weather watchers have taken some great shots of what has been a


fantastic summer 's day. We will continue to see that for the rest of


the afternoon. Strong sunshine, UV levels at their highest. Up at


eight. That is very much as high as they get. So enjoy but be careful in


the sun. Overnight, a bit more cloud creeping in in the small hours. That


is capable of producing a view showers, one of which could become


heavy and thundery. The risk, first thing tomorrow of a heavy shower


with thunder. If showers are torrential they could cause problems


on the road. Stay tuned to local radio. The showers will creep away


from others as the day goes on. They will probably disappear by


lunchtime. We are left with sunny spells, another one day. A fair


amount of mist and fog and 25 will be the top temperature. It gets


cooler in the second half of the weekend and an increasing risk of


some thundery showers. Typical for a bank holiday.


Our next regional news is at 6.30 - there's more


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