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Hello and welcome to South Today, I'm Edward Sault.


18 years in prison for murdering his partner's young son.


Joseph Eke is sentenced for killing Harry House who was two years old.


Also, struggling to keep staffing levels safe -


the health services here with an ongoing recruitment crisis


And we've got some very wet and windy weather to come today. Will


that last all week? The full forecast later in the programme.


A man from Dorset has been sentenced to a minimum


of 18 years in prison for murdering his


Joseph Eke kicked and punched two-year-old Harry House at his home


in Broadmayne last May while Harry's mother was out shopping.


Anjana Gadgil is live from Winchester Crown Court


A horrific case for everybody involved.


Little toddler Harry died from a blow to the abdomen


A post-mortem examination showed he also had a fractured skull


Last month 22-year-old Joseph Eke, the partner of Harry's mother


Lauren O'Neill was convicted of Harry's murder.


The trial heard that Ms O'Neill had gone to buy washing powder but had


returned to find her son turning white and his lips turning blue.


Eke denied his guilt all along and today Dorset police have issued


this footage of Eke being questioned after his arrest.


I've not assaulted him, I've not ever laid a finger on him.


Ms O'Neill was emotional throughout the trial and again


today during sentencing - and declined to talk to us


but Dorset police said they were pleased with the outcome.


Harry should be a three and a half-year-old boy.


He should be looking forward to school over the next year.


Unfortunately, that life has been taken from him.


So, the whole investigation team is very sad.


We've had a picture up of Harry in our crew room for the whole time.


I'm pleased that justice has been served but it's a sad day.


In sentencing, the judge at Winchester Crown Court,


Ms Justice May, said, "No-one will ever know the extent


of your mistreatment of Harry over the last few days and weeks


You wilfully, fatally failed Harry when you assaulted


Three lanes of the M3 Northbound in Hampshire are to remain closed


for the rest of the afternoon after a serious crash this morning.


Three lorries and a car are reported to have been involved.


It happened between junctions nine and ten near the Winnal roundabout,


an Air Ambulance was called to the scene.


Investigations are continuing into a murder of a man


in Blackbird Leys - as Thames Valley Police have told


the public they "won't tolerate violence of this kind"


Yesterday police confirmed five people aged between 16


and 27 had been arrested in relation to the incident.


They have appealed for anyone who was near the Premier shop


on the junction of Pegasus Road and Crowberry Rd from 10pm


There's been increased police presence across parts of the South -


following the terror attacks in London.


Extra officers have been out on the streets and attending busy


There is currently believed to be no specific risk to the region,


but the police are urging us to keep alert.


Meanwhile four thousand worshippers observed a minute's silence


led by the Archbishop of Canterbury inside Winchester Cathedral


as a mark of respect to those killed and wounded


We acknowledge, as Christians, or we should, the reality of evil.


Of deep and profound wickedness and of the


anger and grief and sadness and compassion for those affected that


every single person here will be feeling.


Health services across the South are struggling to keep


staffing levels safe because of an ongoing


Latest figures from NHS Digital show our hospitals,


community health trusts and ambulance services


have a combined total of well over 4,500 vacancies.


Our Health Correspondent, Nikki Mitchell, reports.


With 30 years experience, Bridget Catterall is much in demand, filling


shifts which different hospitals can't fill because they have too


many vacancies. I work as an agency nurse. I'm there because there is a


shortage of nurses. People going home company lead to moral eyes to,


depleted. I have felt the same myself. Those sort of shifts when


your workload is intense and you're not getting breaks, going home very


late. That is very frequent. Unfortunately the situation is


becoming unsustainable and we need to look to a future government to


put in a strategy that meet the needs of patients. We want to start


a national workforce strategy. We want to make sure EU nationals


currently working in the NHS and care sector can remain here with an


NHS passport to remain here. We want to make sure bursaries are given to


nurses who want to train and we want to remove the pay gap because in the


south-east and the south it is very expensive to live. We want to focus


on training people without compromising standards and we need


to make sure that people feel their work is rewarding, not overburdened


by bureaucracy and that they do get a reasonable reward. First thing we


would do is remove the 1% pay cap so the staff can earn a decent wage.


Secondly, guaranteed you workers can stay after Brexit. Thirdly, to


provide more support for student nurses. We need to expand training


places and restore the bursary for NHS students. We need to value staff


and make them feel welcome and supported at work. We need to stop


people leaving. In its manifesto you -- Ukip says...


Bridget is keen to stress that being a nurse is hugely rewarding. She


just wishes that there were enough of them to meet soaring demand. In


the past I've not wanted to talk to watch about the staffing crisis


because it worries the general public. I personally think it's time


for people to become worried. Given the years it takes to train nurses,


doctors and health professionals, unions believe it will take


successive governments to solve the NHS's critical staff shortage once


and for all. We'll have more on that tonight at 6:30pm.


Time for the weather with Bee Tucker.


We have got some wet and windy weather spreading in


We've seen very little in the way of sunshine.


We've had a lot of cloud already today and we're starting


This week generally is going to be unsettled.


Spells offering push in, heavy at times, often quite windy too.


There will be dry and bright spells but over the next few days


You can see the bulk of the rain out towards the West.


A few holes, generally fairly cloudy.


That rain will only get heavier as the afternoon goes on.


Southerly winds pick up along the south coast.


I think, in rush hour, that rain could be quite heavy,


coupled with strong winds could lead to some fairly challenging


The rain continues for most of the night.


Eventually, as the low pulls away, will see the rain easing.


Most parts dry by dawn, still quite windy, so no


Tomorrow, I think we'll see early rain clearing and then a mixture


We pick up northwesterly airflow tomorrow.


So, it is still going to be a very windy day.


That will feed in some showers, heavy at times.


Perhaps even the odd rumble of thunder.


More sunshine, more dry weather than many of us have seen today.


Unsettled as we head through the week.


Another fairly windy day on Wednesday


Towards the tail end of the week, the winds ease and things


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