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I'm Allen Sinclair with the news now here in the South.


For years he's been battling the post traumatic after effects


Today, the local community gave a huge boost to


Roger Lyness' recovery by re-uniting him


A fundraising campaign has covered the cost of flying them


halfway round the world, to be with their father


Back together after 15 years, Roger left his daughters in Australia


after marital break-up and mental health problems brought on


by his experiences serving in Kosovo.


My illness got worse and I was building up a dependency


on alcohol and had got to the stage where


things were really bad, I came back to the UK,


a real hard decision, because I was balancing the


well-being of my children with having me around,


against my needs to get medical help.


Roger's health means he is unable to fly, so his


partner Amanda decided to get the girls to him instead, and grant


crowdfunded their fair on the Gold Coast to the Isle of Wight.


They met their youngest siblings for the first


It's like a dream, it's really weird to see our dad, too, to walk


We haven't used that word in 15 years.


The girls say they don't care what happened in the


I think we had a really long time being really, really angry.


I don't know about you but it's got to


the point where it was kind of like welcoming you going to have one dad,


you have one biological dad and you're going to have him in your


life or you're not going to have him in your life and I wanted him in my


Roger says he turned a corner three years ago,


when he got involved in the charity Combat Stress.


They gave me the tools and understanding of


what's going wrong, physically, and mentally come inside my body.


That causes flashbacks, the hallucinations,


The family have a lot of people to thank,


and a lot to catch up on over the next three weeks.


Police in Portsmouth have begun a murder investigation,


after officers were called to reports


of an injured woman in a house on Toronto Road last night.


Officers found her at the scene, where she died shortly afterwards.


Two women, both from the city, have been arrested.


Human remains have been found in a park in Southampton close


to the White Swan Pub on Mansbridge Road.


A cordon's been put in place while Hampshire Police investigate


the discovery atRiverside Park, just yards from the River Itchen.


The family of a twenty-two year old man who went missing last July


have been informed - although the remains have not


An enterprising young film-maker from Berkshire is proving that


you don't need a Hollywood blockbuster budget to make an action


Drew Casson from Hungerford uses digital tricks


to bring big stories to the screen with a tiny fraction


of the money usually spent by studios and directors.


He's also innovating in other ways: His latest film


is distributed solely online, and he's drafted-in a cast of stars


better-known to a generation of youngsters who follow them


Their internet celebrity is helping the film reach new audiences.


The British military have issued a nationwide evacuation.


Britain descends into an alien apocalypse.


This is a familiar horror theme, but The Darkest Dawn is the work of


a new generation, making films differently.


Pinewood also recognises that there was a whole generation of


talent and not just a new generation of talent


but a new generation of platform


through which you can access the audiences.


Nobody's ever taught me how to hold a camera, frame a shot,


how to make a plane look like it crashes on the computer, so I


The society we live in today, with the technology that is


available, and a lot of its free, the only thing you're limited


No big budget spectacular on the weather forecast either,


but Emily Wood can at least tell us what's headed our way tomorrow.


It is looking rather unsettled for the week ahead.


For tonight, we've still got a lot of cloud around,


some patchy light rain and drizzle also quite a bit of mist


and fog forming throughout the night, but certainly not cold.


So, a very grey, murky start to Monday morning,


some patchy drizzle at first,


Some drier weather for a time tomorrow, but then further outbreaks


of rain to push in from the west, through Monday afternoon.


But still very mild for the time of year,


On Tuesday, further cloud and outbreaks of rain,


some dry weather for a time on Wednesday,


That's it for tonight - thanks for your company.


We've more through the night over on the BBC News channel.


And our next updates are in Breakfast tomorrow.


Good evening. Very soggy down south today. A wash-out of the day for


some of us. Scotland, northern parts of England, had sunshine. It's going


to be cold. Already is. This is what is heading our way for the week


ahead. We need our brollies out and it'll turn Wendy later in the week.


The rain is clearing. I wouldn't say necessarily particularly drying out


after this rain band boost towards the east, it'll stay damp but cloudy


and murky in the north. Maybe freezing fog in places. It will be


cold in the glands of Scotland. It could be down to -10 degrees, it's


already about -5 or 6 degrees right now. Monday we've got another band


of rain heading


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