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Good evening, I'm Edward Sault. at 11pm - now on BBC1 its time


A Royal Navy warship based in Portsmouth has rescued 14 sailors


after they became stranded in the Atlantic ocean.


The Clyde Challenger was returning to the UK and got caught up


in strong winds and heavy seas which snapped the mast.


HMS Dragon was diverted 500 miles and reached the yacht


She provided what's been described as "life-saving


assistance" to the 14 sailors - 13 of whom were British.


We got hit with a wave which knocked us over.


Basically the top of the mast hit the water and snapped.


The crew just did what we are trained to do.


It was quite a big swell so every time the boat went away,


we'd lose sight of it before we could see what was going


on with our own boat, so it was really quite rough.


A woman in her twenties is in a critical condition


after falling from the third floor of a block of flats in Southampton.


It happened shortly after 10.45 yesterday morning


The woman was discovered on the ground by police


She was taken to Southampton General Hospital and officers are appealing


for anyone who witnessed what happened.


A woman from Sussex has been given a 15-month sentence


after threatening to kill horses at a yard in Shoreham.


Kirsty Geoghegan, who's 25 and from Hove, tried to blackmail


stable owners at Buddies Yard into paying her ?5,000.


The horses had previously had their tails and manes cut off


The stable owners say they're relieved the judge handed out


Absolutely gobsmacked that she got a prison sentence but very ecstatic


that justice has been served. We went through a horrendous,


absolutely horrendous... The messages we receive it and


everything we went through. Ambitious plans to completely change


the structure of local government in Dorset have been condemned by one


of the county's most Six of the county's nine local


authorities have backed plans to replace the current set-up


with two unitary authorities, but the other three councils


want to keep things as they are. This is a very crude map of Dorset's


current nine council areas with the economic powerhouse of Bournemouth


and pot clean to merge with Christchurch and the other five


councils locked together to form a separate military authority in the


West. Recently three of the smaller councils have all voted no to being


merged with their neighbours. Cheers greeted the merger plans being


rejected by Christchurch councillors. It's not democratic.


People want to keep control of their own destiny. Bournemouth and Paul


can join together if they want to and meanwhile we have a combined


authority which is a strong business voice for Dorset. In Purbeck the


council vote on the mergers were split 11 - 11, the plans rejected by


the casting vote. It is a bad idea. The bigger councils will get all the


money and we will not get anything. Do mergers work? Democratically


there will be less councillors so less representatives of people,


perhaps a conservative stranglehold. This is not rocket science. It works


well in Cornwall, Wiltshire. Nine councils cannot be the best optimum


arrangement of delivering public service in accountancy the size of


Dorset. The final decision rests with the secretary of state for


communities and government. There is cause for referendum.


Football and Southampton got their first points away


from home in 2017 as they beat Sunderland 4-0 yesterday.


Manolo Gabbiadini scored twice in his second


Southampton appearance - his first goal came


The Italian scored again just before the break with a brilliant turn


It was perfect preparation for their next game -


the League Cup final against Manchester United


Let's get the weather forecast. Quite a cloudy night too, with a few


showers as well. The showers will start to ease off as we had through


the night. The cloud will break up, so clear skies to be had later on,


temperatures of three or 4 degrees. Quite a strong easterly wind and


that will make things feel quite cold as we had through Monday


despite the fact we will see plenty of dry and find weather. The


sunshine finally making an appearance. Temperatures around nine


or 10 Celsius. But add on the strength of the easterly wind and it


will feel cold. Through the rest of the week, there are some showers to


take us into Tuesday. They will ease off and then we will see Cryer,


brighter weather with highs of 10 degrees. I am back at 11:20pm. Have


a lovely evening. Goodbye. Good evening, dull, grey, cold,


miserable. And that's just me! The weather hasn't been great leader for


most of us, it will be chilly out there with this nagging easterly


breeze, wetter weather for Northern Ireland, by the end of the night


most of the dampness across parts of Eastern Scotland and North East


England, most of the high ground Luus will have faded away as well.


But not