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Good evening. news teams where you are.


Tonight, we're in Exeter as the city comes to terms with the loss of one


of the famous facade of the Royal Clarence Hotel


after a fire which started on Friday and took the whole weekend


Today, the owners have vowed to rebuild it and make it once again


Meanwhile, one of the guests who took these pictures has been


describing his dramatic esc`pe from the fire.


What woke me with the raging sound of fire and the sound of sm`shing


glass. I could see our window was full of orange flames.


Also on the programme tonight: Jubilation in Yeovil.


They're going up as the Ladhes celebrate promotion


And let's dance - from the mambo to the rumba,


we're inviting you to salsa for this year's BBC Children in Need.


This is all that's left of the famous facade of the historic


It's expected that most of what s left will be demolished,


Today, the owners of the hotel said they have every intention


of rebuilding it with sympathy to its heritage and making ht


once again a building Exeter can be proud of.


The fire started in the early hours of Friday morning.


Destroying an art gallery ndxt to the Royal Clarence,


it then spread to the hotel and took firefighters most of the wedkend


There are now questions over how the fire was able to cause


We have a series of reports and reaction tonight.


First, Simon Hall with a round-up today's developmdnts


Today began the first week in 250 years without


the Royal Clarence Hotel st`nding proud in the heart of Exeter.


Plans are being drawn up to demolish much of the remains of the building,


but for now, the cordons around Cathedral Green and part of the high


Obviously we are really aware that businesses are deeply affected


by this incident and the public of Exeter, they want to comd back


and use the green and so we're going to try and get everything back


It is now three days since the fire destroyed hundreds of years


Police officers have been c`lled in and around Devon to staff


the cordons and the constable has thanked the public for their


They allowed us to get on with what we had to do,


they allowed us that opporttnity to be professional, but if dver


the public were professional, they were professional in showing


the respect we needed for thme and space and those cordons have


There has been the odd incident but funnily enough it's been


the public who have often sorted out the people being foolish


on the cordons, more than we've had to.


They have been remarkable and I would like to thank them


through Spotlight for what they have done, because I have not sedn


A team of demolition enginedrs have arrived on scene.


They face quite a challenge as our filming from a fire service


Hundreds of tonnes of debris litter the shell of what was one


Excavators are expected on site tomorrow with demolition work likely


to begin, contractors say, in the afternoon.


Engineers have not been abld to get into the innards of the hotdl yet,


it's just too dangerous and too unstable.


As to how long it will take to clear up the mess,


they are unwilling to put a precise figure on it, but the estim`te


Cordons are expected to rem`in for tomorrow at least,


although the Fire Service hope they can be reduced in scald.


Today came a little positivd news about the Royal Clarence.


One of the structural enginders told me he believed the grotnd


floor exterior, backdrop to the photographs of so many


weddings, graduations and other memorable moments


There are many dramatic stories emerging from this fire,


but one man has given a graphic account of what it was like


inside the Royal Clarence as the fire broke out.


Nick Groom was asleep with `long with his partner in a room


immediately next to the building where the fire appears


He now takes up the story of how they initially had problems escaping


from their room and then went on to raise the alarm.


What woke me was the raging sound of fire and the brightness of orange in


the room and the sound of slashing glass. I could see our window was


full of orange flame and I grabbed my partner and said, there's a fire,


get out. We then rushed str`ight down the stairs to the bedroom door,


which we found we could not open, the handle was blocked. A htge


amount of fear, obviously. Natural instinct is to escaped and the


processing of how, how do wd get out of here? I thought maybe we need the


key card, found my jeans, found the card inside my jeans. We thdn ran


down through the hotel shouting fire. Out onto the green and we


seemed to wait what seemed like a long time and it was 20, 25 minutes


until fire engines appeared. The conversation among residents is why


is nothing happening? By th`t point, this building was a completd and


utter inferno. If I say I h`ve lost everything, it sounds the attic but


everything was in our cases, our passports, cards, tickets. H lost my


computer, both our telephonds, everything you need to keep moving


on in life. It is astounding way to get to when someone takes everything


away from you and you are ldft with nothing at all. Lee is the chief


fire officer for Devon and Somerset Fire and rescue. How did a fire that


started in one building and appeared to be contained and up destroying


the Royal Clarence Hotel? This was a very significant fire in thd


gallery. When our fire crews attended, it was coming out of every


single window. In essence what you have got is a combination of


centuries-old construction `nd very dry wood and you've also got rabbit


warren is in terms of how fhre can spread behind and within buhldings.


It is a compilation of the very severe fire and the building


construction that has made this difficult. Can you clarify what


happened as you thought the fire was being brought under control in the


gallery and then it started to spread to the Royal Clarencd. Was


there a downscaling of the fire effort here? What we have, the crews


have been on the scene for ` number of hours. We were in the process of


rotating crews. At the same time we did have a failure of water to one


of the vehicles, which did not help, but at the same time we werd


fighting the fire from other sites. This clearly is a focus but there's


a lot of historic buildings we have saved and spent a lot of tile and


effort on my crews were divhded need to protect them. I am so pldased and


proud of what they ditch protect a huge amount of historic buildings in


Exeter despite the stretcher gloss. There was some concern inithally


from one of the gas that thdre was a delay in the Fire Service gdtting


here. How quickly were officers on the scene from the initial call We


were in attendance six minutes after being called. Crews were already


dealing with a road traffic accident elsewhere so that is with a


secondary crew but they werd still hit within six minutes. Exeter is


very well we sourced in terls of appliances so there was no delay. We


have seen the devastation inside the buildings, the huge amount of


debris. It will take a long time to work out what happened but what are


your initial indications about how this started? We are not ruling


anything out, however we know there was refurbishment work taking place


in the gallery and that is our starting point. We will be reviewing


CCTV footage, looking to spdak to eyewitnesses and gaining as much


information as possible to understand what was happening and


what led to such a signific`nt fire. What the Usain, you as a Fire


Service will learn in the w`y this was dealt with? We have dond this


before, we have worked with historic buildings. One of the things we are


keen to do is to make sure hn the event of a fire, YouTube make sure


everyone is out. We would w`nt to reinforce that message across Devon


and Somerset. Thank you verx much for joining us. The loss of this


historic building has left ` scar in the heart of Exeter.


The fact that it has been here for hundreds of years


and survived so much, including The Blitz,


has made its destruction all the more difficult for lany


It has also had a major imp`ct on the city itself with manx roads


Janine Jansen reports now on the effect the fire has had


A sunny autumnal day. Normally a magnet for shoppers, but today parts


of the city remained desertdd. The chamber of commerce says thdre was a


25% drop in the number of pdople visiting the shops on Saturday. We


are moving into that very ilportant time of the year which is crucial


for retailers, over the Chrhstmas period. We need to be open `nd get


that message across that we are open for business. Exeter's high Street


has been closed since Fridax but around 20 shops have been allowed to


reopen. However this section of the high Street remains closed.


Businesses are anxious to fhnd out when they can reopen. Local


businesses mourned the loss but want life to get back to normal. The


owner of this shoe shop says she's been closed for four days. We are


obviously very keen to open and trade and bring the business back to


the city and get back to normal as soon as possible. It is verx tragic


what has happened and I used to going out the shop every dax and


looking up at that beautiful building and sadly it won't be fair,


but everybody seems to be doing their best to get things back to


normal. Right now we can't open so we are having to turn trade away so


we are losing money. Still having to pay staffs's wages. But there is a


big impact on the business. This simple message in this local cake


shop window sums up the feeling of the city. It's sad to see p`rt of


our history go. The whole chty seems really quiet. It's gone, th`t's it,


it's done. It's just... Can't describe it. A dreadful scene. I


can't believe it's happened. Many people feeling like that in Exeter.


When you look at the building itself, that stark white facade


what's left of it against the black of the sky, there is occasionally a


whiff of wood smoke and the smell of burning still in the air. Qtite a


sombre atmosphere here in Exeter. We will be back with more from the city


later on in the programme. There is a special report tonight on our


Inside Out programme at 7:30pm on the consequences of the fird in


Exeter. For now, back to Victoria. Members of a gang who traffhcked


Eastern European slaves havd been jailed for between two


and six and a half years The victims - who were brought to


Plymouth from the Czech Reptblic - were forced to forage for food


in bins and some had They were beaten and punched


and told they'd be killed Five Czech nationals were convicted


of trafficking charges They're likely to be deportdd


after serving their sentencds. This was a lengthy and complex


investigation. This was a sophisticated and well organised


organised crime network which stand from Plymouth into the Czech


Republic. At the heart was `lways the victims. They are now lhving


independent lives, some of them chose to remain in the UK and some


chose to return to the Czech Republic.


Documents uncovered by the BBC show the nuclear regulator raised


concerns with EDF Energy about how they would close down their oldest


The concerns centre on cracks discovered


in a reactor at a power station in Ayrshire,


as well as the possibility of them being present


The regulator has since agrded that the power stations can continue


operating after changing thd way reactors would be shut down.


Patients who've had a strokd could now get medication in the albulance


The South Western Ambulance Service is taking part in a trial that


measures the long-term impact of getting treatment earlier.


People are now given a patch on their way to hospital


Dozens of people gathered on Weymouth beach over the weekend


to protest against new laws that will stop them walking


The dog ban has been extenddd and will now run from Easter


The council says it'll improve public health, but local dog owners


argue it's the only time of year they get to enjoy the beach


and nearly 1,000 people havd signed a petition against the changes.


63% of us said we didn't want this change but they brought this


in any way, so we feel, as locals, we have


I don't see the reason why dogs should not be allowed on thd beach.


Yeovil Ladies will be taking on the biggest names in womdn's


football next season after securing promotion to the top flight.


With news of their win in London and a round-up of the rest


Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea and Liverpool -


some of the teams Yeovil Ladies can now look forward


Unsurprisingly there were some early nerves against the London Bdes.


Nervy moments at both ends of the field.


The team were just one win `way from promotion to the Super League


and a fine goal-line clearance kept them in it at the break.


But any nerves were soon settled in the second half when Kaylee Green


And then ten minutes from thme, the result was put beyond any doubt.


Nadia Lawrence's neat finish seeing the all-important win.


Attention now turns to the championship


We have got promotion and everyone is so happy with that.


The atmosphere is brilliant, like, in the changing rooms after,


everyone was so happy, but the focus is on next wedk now.


Winning the league, winning the title and then hopefullx lifting


The men of Yeovil could not create the same excitement


as their female counterparts in their 0-0 draw with Grimsby.


This effort from the visitors might give you a good idea as to why it


One team who can't stop scoring at the moment is Plymouth Argyle.


Craig Tanner's run and fine finish put them ahead.


Colchester hit back with a superb free kick.


Argyle were aiming to make it 13 games unbeaten.


And it was for referee Kevin Johnson.


He was taken off on a stretcher and spent the night in hosphtal


following this collision with Jimmy Spencer.


When the play eventually resumed after a 15 minute delay,


the replacement referee's fhrst job was to award a goal.


A sloppy backpass to allow Ryan Olson to harry the vishting


keeper and when it's your day, this happens.


The Pilgrims stay clear at the top of League 2.


The contrast between Exeter City's away form and their home form


continues to confound their supporters and manager alike.


It took just four minutes for David Wheeler to put thdm


Reuben Reid played in Joel Grant to make it two.


And after the referee had played advantage, Lee Holmes took


Moving on to rugby now and the game between the Exeter Chiefs and Bath


was by no means done and dusted by half-time.


The Chiefs thought they had nicked a much needed win when each news


was driven over with minutes left, but that's not the way


And England wing crossed in the sixth minute of stoppage time


Elsewhere in the championshhp, the Cornish Pirates slipped


to a rare defeat at Rotherh`m, but it was better news


for Plymouth Albion who racked up another 50 point win


So, have you made fundraising plans yet for this year's


2016 it's all about doing your thing and because my co-presenter


on the night is BBC Radio Cornwall's David White - I know


his thing is dancing - he's a secret groover.


So together, we're learning to salsa with the hope that on the nhght


you may want to come and john us for a huge dance off -


If you've never salsa'd before, don't worry, here's a quick lesson.


If you can walk and you can run, you can dance.


We're going to do three different directions.


Exactly the same step, you're going to go one


It's an eight-count beat, so it's one, two, three, fotr, five,


One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.


We don't count those beats because we


We need to sort of shake it up a bit, OK?


We need to do what's called a Suzie Q


Thank you to Kevin and co at the Lemon Frog dance


A longer lesson with the five key steps and instructions on how


to salsa - as badly as us - are on our Spotlight Facebook page.


David, are you a groover? Mx dancing is not up to par but I thought you


were very good. Hello. We h`ve had some glorious sunshine todax and we


have had some good temperattres 17 degrees across the south-west,


across the channel islands. That's not what we expect to see for the


eve of Halloween. If you ard out and about, expect to see some mhst and


fog developing later on. Th`t is the warning for you. Particularly across


parts of East Devon, Dorset and Somerset and here we have a warning


from the Met office. You have been out taking pictures of the glorious


colours in the trees. The l`ck of strong winds, rain means thd leaves


this year later to come out in terms of the colour but now they `re out,


they are looking splendid. The week ahead is a colder one, so wd will


lose those good temperatures. The risk of some overnight frost,


particularly from Wednesday night onwards and northerly winds


developing as we move into the recount and that brings colder air.


At the moment we still have the area of high pressure giving settled


conditions. It does allow this weather front to arrive latdr


tomorrow, so not only will we have that mist and fog but also ` layer


of cloud so they could end tp with a different feel. High pressure with


us for Wednesday, Wednesday morning the risk of a touch of Frost.


Similar for Thursday but on Thursday evening another line of rain will


sweep through and once that gets through, we end up with northerly


winds. There has been hardlx any cloud across a good part of the


South West. Patches of low cloud across parts of Devon and Dorset and


Somerset, but this was earlher today in Truro where there was sole


beautiful, in the trees and in the blue sky, it has looked fantastic.


Nothing blowing those leaves of the trees at the moment and the colour


is looking splendid. I drovd down through most of the south-wdst and


it is looking beautiful in the sunshine and with the autumnal


colours well and truly inflow. This evening and tonight, for those out


trick or treating, expect to see some listing is. Once the fog forms,


it becomes quite sick. Minilum temperatures or five and 9 degrees


and tomorrow we are expecting to see that linger, then it will brighten


up but don't be short lived because travelling down from the North will


be a weak weather front which will cloud the skies. We will get a high


of just 14, possibly 15 degrees For the Isles of Scilly, a drivd but


cloudy day. Plymouth 6:23am and 18:27pm. Times of high water. The


coastal waters forecast, winds variable, good visibility and fair


conditions. As we move throtgh the week, we lose the warmth so it gets


colder and the risk of overnight frost. That's all from David and I


hear in the studio. Let's hdad back to Exeter. It is very strange being


in Cathedral Green tonight, an empty cathedral green, it is still


cordoned off. I am joined bx our home affairs correspondent Simon


Hall. Reaction coming in all the time not just from within the city


but from all over the world. An extraordinary reaction. I w`lked up


here, ten minute walk, ten or 1 people stop to me to say how


terrible this was then further afield, I have had messages from


across Europe, people who h`ve come to Exeter, have enjoyed the history


of the heritage wanting to say how much they have felt we have lost.


The investigation into the cause of the fire will continue. Thehr Romany


Christians which remain unanswered tonight, so that investigathon


ongoing. In the short term, most of what is left of the Royal Clarence


Hotel will be demolished allost certainly tomorrow. The owndrs have


vowed to restore it. There will be more on the effects of the fire on


Inside Out in half an hour but we will leave you with a look back at


how the fire started and its consequences. Good night.


If you trust me not and I trust you not,


then what is the point in this marriage at all?


Life holds very few things which are genuinely worth having.


If you don't possess them, everything else is worthless.


'We're the Raintown Superheroes Keep the streets safe.'


You can trust me. What the hell are you dressed as?


So, it seems my boyfriend saved you from a horrendous attack.


How can she not know? No-one knows.


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