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On Spotlight tonight, the ddmolition of the Royal Clarence Hotel


What was left of the building after the fire was finally brought


We'll be live in Exeter for the day s developments hncluding


the re-opening of parts of city centre.


Also tonight: Hundreds of assaults on Devon and Cornwall


MPs debate arming more with Tasers as incidents rise.


It was a personal battle for me getting back to the front lhne.


Donations to the child migr`nts brought to Devon from Calais,


but protestors take to internet to say they're not welcome here


And, a riot of autumnal colour why conditions have been perfect


The historic fa ade of the Royal Clarence Hotel


which was left hanging prec`riously over the remains of the building


finally came crashing down this afternoon.


It was all that was left after the hotel was destroydd


Despite a huge effort by firefighters, the building


Today, crowds gathered to w`tch as a demolition team moved


in to bring down what was ldft, part of the work needed


Meanwhile, some of the cordons were lifted today giving people more


Our home affairs corresponddnt, Simon Hall, watched the demolition


Hundreds of people came herd to watch the demolition operathon, but


the atmosphere was strange. I've lived in Exeter for over ten years


and I've never known the grden here so quiet as the crowd waited for


that moment. As the insults follow the injury,


so the demolition follows the fire. A facade which stood for hundreds


of years gone with just a ntdge Crowds turned out to watch,


many with powerful memories The Clarence is somewhere


where I spent my wedding night, I did Christmas lunches every year


for a decade with my family. We had our wedding reception


there so, in one of the rools that I've been heartbroken


because my childhood was half spent there in the Clarence hotel from way


back in the 40s. I used to run in and


get my pocket money. Exeter City Council wanted


the facade brought down to reduce the cordon on Cathedral Gredn


to allow more businesses to open All of it is very sad,


but it will be built again. Our policy is to build it


to what it was, at least thd front The cathedral, spiritual sotl


of this city, has now reopened. It's great to see everything


working well again. People are doing an excellent job


getting things together as normal for the people who work arotnd


here and the services. Glad to be back in the cathddral,


but a sense of sadness, especially for everyone


who is potentially losing their jobs and the green itself


is going to take a long timd Today was the highest profile part


of the demolition operation. The rest of the work is expdcted


to take several weeks at le`st. The ground and first floor date from


the 13th century so the plan is now for the demolition crews to work


slowly and carefully around them in an attempt to try and preserve that


precious heritage. Should more police officers be


armed with Tasers to stop This year nearly 250 officers


in the Devon and Cornwall force have been assaulted,


in four cases it was so sevdre it The number of assaults on officers


is rising year on year. Today in parliament,


MPs have been debating how to tackle Policing is a hugely challenging


career. Police officers will see more than anyone would wish to do.


It is not a job for the faint-hearted. Strength, resilience


and a commitment to make our society are better and safer place. But that


does not mean getting assaulted is part of the deal, nor does ht mean


that being abused whilst dohng your job should be part of the job of


doing a police officer -- bding a police officer.


Our reporter Tamsin Melvilld has been to see one officer in Cornwall


Early last year things took a violent turn for this policd officer


when a group left a club at closing time in Penzance. One of thd males


became aggressive and punch my female colleague. It ended tp back


around this area here. The lail started throwing punches at me and


other people in the group started to get involved. An officer for 14


years, he dislocated his shoulder, needed an operation and enddd up off


work for nearly a year. The offender received a ?100 fine and colmunity


service. Front line policing is something I really loved dohng. It's


had a big effect and it's bden a hard time. Only recently gohng on


holiday I realised how much of an effect it had on me and my wife


noticed the change. It took that to realise how bad it had been. People


get assaulted worse than me but it was a personal battle for md getting


back to the front line. The assault in p Antz was far from an isolated


incident. Campaigners say c`ts are leaving office is isolated `nd


honourable. They want a nathonally recognised scheme brought in so


officers can report offences and be confident offenders will be brought


to justice. You go to work with the likelihood you could get injured,


but you shouldn't be assaulted or expect to be assaulted. I know some


colleagues won't report bec`use they think there won't be any deterrent,


especially the minor ones. H know of colleagues who have been assaulted


on my shift and the psychological effects it has had on them `s well.


The night he was assaulted, a colleague used a Taser on an


offender before things got `ny work. Seen here in reconstruction, Devon


and Cornwall police have consulted on plans to double the of officers


carrying Tasers in the hope it will help reduce assaults and a decision


on that is expected later this month.


A quick look now at some of the other stories.


Two members of the Cornish singhng group


Oll-an-Gwella are in hospit`l after an accident that closdd


The acapella singers were involved in the crash on their way b`ck


A third member was released yesterday.


They say they will continue to honour all engagements.


Last week we reported that this man from Cornwall had his driving


licence revoked by the DVLA because of an eye condition


Kevin Trebell was worried hd'd be unable to drive for a year.


But today he's been told he is now going to get his licence back.


Torquay will have Christmas lights this year after all.


The town's Chamber of Commerce had been struggling to fund


But now a local radio station has stepped in to help.


Gritters will be out tonight on some of Devon's major roads


Road surface temperatures are forecast to drop close


to freezing in parts of the county overnight.


The main gritting activity will be focussed around Torridge, mhd,


west and north Devon, and inland areas of east Devon.


The process of reuniting child refugees in Devon


20 males, all said to be under the age of 18,


were brought from the migrant camp in Calais, known as the jungle,


to an accommodation centre in north Devon last week.


The Mayor of Great Torrington says the outpouring of generositx


has been overwhelming, but as our North Devon reporter


Andrea Ormsby reports, there are those who don't w`nt


Week two and the donations just keep coming. Hello, I've brought some


items for the refugees. This art centre in great Torrington hs the


hub. I really feel for them. They need all the help they can get.


Until last week, this is whdre they were based in Calais, now dhsmantled


and cleared of thousands of people who fled their own war-torn


countries. The refugees are said to be from Pakistan, Eritrea and


elsewhere arrived with just the clothes they were wearing. Today we


received thermal vests by post. Also, again we're not quite sure. It


may be Arabic Scrabble which will be useful. The co-unity outpouring has


been overwhelming and it has been quite emotional -- became unity I'm


just so proud of Torrington. Of course, it is not all posithve as


some groups have been set up specifically to protest abott the


refugees being here and one on Facebook is trying to organhse a


protest rally to show the strength of feeling against the refugees


This is another protest grotp but it's against the idea of a


demonstration saying it would be wrong to burden the police. The


Facebook page has gone back online after winning an appeal aftdr


complaints of racism. Seven Devon councils declared themselves refugee


friendly without consulting considers joint is, they sax. We


have had experience of the `nger myself and I can understand a bit of


that but we are willing to talk to them and hopefully they will change


their views. Other Facebook pages are springing up in responsd. This


one has more than 4000 likes after a week. It has been amazing. @nd


heartening to know so many others feel the same. Another vanload is


off to the refugees. The process of reuniting them with family lembers


already in the UK is said to be ongoing.


Radical reform of the way the government tackle flooding was


discussed today. MPs are calling for a new national flags ministdr and


want to see power was stripped from nearby embarrassment agency which


was criticised for the way ht handled the flooding in Somdrset two


years ago. Of course, many in the South West


will need no reminder of thd severity of flooding we've seen in


recent years in coastal comlunities and the Railway in Exeter and, of


course, the prolonged floodhng you mentioned on the Somerset ldvels. I


am joined by the Devon MP who chairs the environment select commhttee.


You describe the present procedure as ineffective and inefficidnt. How


would you changes improve it? Make sure we have someone in charge at


the top to drive policy right from the top to the bottom and then make


sure much more maintenance work is done locally, dredging or gdtting


water to flow faster, let's do that locally. Let us make sure planners


make sure developments don't add more water and run-off and flood


people further downstream. Xou can be above the flood plain but still


affect those downstream. Of course, the government will develop a new


agricultural policy post Brdxit You talk about paying farmers to contain


floodwater on their land? Yds, the new buzzword is leaky dams. It


sounds worrying. You have trees across a stream and allow floodwater


to build-up behind. It autolatically flows under when you take off the


peak of the flat and that c`n work well if you have a number. Xou may


only have to hold water for a few hours or longer. We can look at an


agricultural policy now when we leave the EU. It could concdntrate


cash for farmers to make sure they're properly compensated. They


can save infrastructure. It could be money very well spent. Thank you


very much. We will have to wait in the usual way for the government to


dead test the contents of the report and then in a few weeks or lonths it


will produce its formal reply. We are that Plymouth Palace Theatre


in a moment where there is drama behind-the-scenes. Also, thd


Somerset guide to do it yourself which has taken on a modern world.


And, one of the rarest plants in the country. We will find out how it is


being saved from extinction in Cornwall.


The organisation behind the restoration of Plymouth's Palace


Theatre is being investigatdd by the charity commission


after concerns were raised over how the project was being managdd.


It follows the resignation of the charity's patron and more


than a hundred volunteer musicians from the community choir


and orchestra setup to raisd funds for the project.


Patrick Clahane has been following the story.


The new Palace Theatre, a Plymouth landmark where stars


like Laurel and Hardie trod the boards.


Since these heady days the building has fallen into disrepair and now


the charity set up to bring it back to life looks like it may


It has come under the spotlhght of the Charity Commission.


Rewind 18 months and there was great hope.


Go, Great Opportunities Togdather was set up to help offer yotng


people employment opportunities and restore the theatre


Judy Spires was its patron, it had its own choir and orchestra.


There's been a flurry of resignations from the project,


including its patron and its entire choir, more than 100


Over a period of time, all the original staff have


gradually become more and more disillusioned in the administration


It's not just here in Plymotth that people are taking notice of what's


It's also come to the attention of the Charity Commission which has


It said the commission has been aware of the concerns


regarding the charity and potential private benefht.


I actually reported, at the beginning of last wedk,


that I felt there was a sustained attack on the charity with people


I thought I should flag it with them.


We know people have resigned and in any big project that happens.


It used to be part of our Christmas present from my mum and dad.


They used to bring us on Boxing Day to see the pantomime


and that was the highlight of our Christmas.


It is old and valuable and a special treasure.


Serious questions are now being asked about whether this piece


of Plymouth past can still be a part of the city's future.


Are you struggling to understand a teenager, or to bring up ` baby?


Maybe you're approaching retirement and wondering what life will be


Well there may be help at h`nd in the form of a manual which has,


until now, been better known as a guide to rebuilding cars.


The Haynes Motor Manual has been used by generations


But now the publisher, which is based in Sparkford


near Yeovil, has branched ott with a tongue in cheek guidd to some


Simon Clemison has been taking a look.


Remember when you had to get your hands dirty?


When being a driver meant being a part-time mechanic, too


So, how to find your way around that engine?


Since the decades when most families had a motor,


This company in Somerset, famous for producing them.


Not everyone tinkered around, but lots did and still do.


To this day the books continue with photos and illustrations


as the writers gain an understanding of cars by stripping them down


Having already produced manx similar guides to other


aspects of modern-day life, the publisher is trying humour


with a lighter look at diffdrent stages of our time on earth told


through the same flow charts and diagrams you might find


Think regenerative braking for pensioners.


And the perpetual motion of arguing teenagers!


I've come to Dorchester Motor Company in the author's homdtown


in neighbouring Dorset to sde what real mechanics make of them.


Marriage is out of the question the teenagers have gone,


I'm divorced so this one is out of the question.


That could possibly help me with my mother.


We could all do with a manu`l for everything, I think.


It's very easy when you launch into something new,


on marriage or so on, this is unchartered territory.


People do like to see things broken down and


Haynes, based in Somerset since 1960, has sold more


than 200 million books worldwide and despite the move


into a new blending of wisdom, the motoring manual


Even as the company heads to a digital age, the hard


Molly in our television galleries said, who's got time to read a


manual? Men don't tend to, they just get on


with it. Now, it was close to extinction and


experts estimated there werd only 13 plants left in the world at one


stage. But now the Juniper has a brighter future.


A new plantation has been established and we went to see how


it is being saved. In a secret location,


these conservationists They are planting


200 Lizard junipers. It only grows here on protected


heathland of the Lizard, but it has struggled for ye`rs


and in 2014 there were just They are now protected


by an electric fence. Was there a real fear


it could disappear? Absolutely, one accidental wildfire


could easily have taken the last population and that would h`ve been


a whole species going So conservationists and gardeners


took seeds and cuttings frol the 13 plants to cultivate new stock


and they have done pretty wdll. Today, they've got 200


new plants here to plant. The 200 saplings were cultivated


and nurtured by experts at the Eden Project and tod`y


the team were here to It's thought the Lizard junhpers


were almost wiped out by wildfire How will you keep them safe


and make sure these do well? We will look after them for the next


two years, brush cut around them It looks like gardening tod`y,


but we don't want to be gardening It's hoped this project won't just


help the juniper, but that lessons learned he will also help


protect other rare species. A lovely project and lovely blue


sky, but the nights are drawing in and there's a chill in the `ir. But


there's not any real sign of winter. One of the driest Octobers for 5


years coupled with calm and warm weather has led to a spectacular


display on the trees. Beautiful. We sent our cameramen to


browse small to capture that this year 's colourful foliage.


Stunning. I hope you enjoyed that as much as we did.


Much colder today. It keeps going down, unfortunately. Good evening.


Yes, a drop in temperatures over the next few days so we will all notice


the change. Daytime temperatures will go back to single figures. Let


us briefly look back at October because it was unusually drx.


Many of us all less than 50$ of what we normally expect to see.


There isn't a huge amount of rain in the forecast but it is turnhng very


much colder. Over the next few days, it will become windy with more


overnight frosts. If you want to enjoy the autumnal colour of the


leaves best do it over the couple of days to come because there will be a


stiff northerly wind developing at the weekend as well as cold as. The


cold air is coming from Scandinavia and it flaps most of Britain right


down as far as northern Spahn and Portugal through Saturday and


Sunday. We could go to bleed down to seven or 8 degrees by Sundax. The


cloud this evening is high-level clouds so don't worry too mtch it.


There is some rain around this weather front that will movd towards


us over the next 24 hours or so Ahead of that, showery outbreaks of


rain, especially tomorrow afternoon. Moving through as we get to Friday


and then on Friday and Saturday the wind will come from the Arctic so


expect a drop in from temperatures with that -- my overnight frost


Frost is already on the cards for tonight. With clear sky tonhght we


will need the scraper first thing tomorrow. If you haven't usdd it so


far, you will need it. Quitd low temperatures by the end of the night


meaning ice will form on thd car windscreen and the glass.


This may be the coldest night we have seen so far this autumn.


Sunshine tomorrow when the frost has lifted but then the cloud whll turn


that quickly and is capable of producing some light rain off and


on. Not very warm tomorrow will stop briefly some sunshine in thd


morning. We may struggle with the temperatures. For the Isles of


Scilly, bright and tried but rather cloudy with showers later in the


day. Not much for those who will be


surfing. The big story is the drop in the


temperature. All the way through the next few days the temperatures come


down. Throwing a strong northerly wind and with the wind chill it will


feel rather cold. Have a good evening.


Good evening. We have been warned! -- good heavens! Get the he`ting on!


If you trust me not and I trust you not,


then what is the point in this marriage at all?


Life holds very few things which are genuinely worth having.


If you don't possess them, everything else is worthless.


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