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After thousands raised to get him home, Christopher Tester was flown


Speaking to Spotlight, his sister says it's


We don't really know the full extent of, long-term,


Also tonight - the brothels popping up across the South West.


We'll report from one town where 14 have appeared since July.


Campaigners rally for support at South West stations branding


And recording memories to ensure we never forget the Exeter Blitz.


Because the next night it was blown to smithereens.


The family of a Devon man who was shot in the head


during an armed robbery in the Caribbean are tonight


Chris Tester was visiting his parents at their cafe


After they'd closed for the night, an armed robber threatened


Chris intervened and was shot in the incident.


He was initially flown from Antigua to Guadeloupe


His friends and family immediately launched an appeal to raise money


for him to return to the UK for specialist treatment and last


night he arrived back by air ambulance and is now being treated


His sister Vicky has been talking to our reporter John Ayres.


He doesn't really obviously, you know, it took nearly a day


We don't really know the full extent, long-term,


I mean, have they given you any idea as to what might happen or how long


Because of the extent of his injuries, it is his brain


potentially, his eyes, also reconstruction to his face,


I think the main point is that he is stable


and there is nothing that they urgently need


to operate on when he arrived, which was a good sign.


How have your parents cope with all of this?


My mum is the strongest woman I think I have ever seen.


And my dad, he has been with him the whole way and sat with him


in that air ambulance the whole time.


As any parent would, they are doing everything they can.


There has been an incredible rallying around, hasn't there,


What would you want to say to the people that have helped?


All of us, we are so, so, so grateful.


And the people from, you know, Chris's life


that have known him, back at school, people that


know him now from his work, socialising when he goes out,


Well, Brenton Henry is a journalist with the Antigua Observer newspaper.


I asked him what reaction there'd been to the shooting.


Well, there has been a tremendous expression of goodwill


and sympathy towards the family, but also a level of shock


and disappointment, especially that this happened to a visitor


What sort of investigation is going on at the moment into the shooting?


Lawmen have appealed to members of the public who may know something


However no one has been charged in connection


with that crime as yet, and no one is in custody


at present assisting lawmen with the investigation,


And it appears that they have very few leads to follow so far, at least


I don't know if you know the cafe itself, but what about


Give us an idea of what that neighbourhood is like.


Antigua is a relatively small community, but even


by Antigua's standards, Old Road, the community of Old Road


would be considered far and rural part of Antigua and popular.


I mean, in terms of the level of this crime, the shooting,


how often does this sort of incident happen in Antigua?


I mean, Antigua has had a past where visitors have run into trouble


with local criminals, yes, but that sort of thing does not


happen often at all, and so that is why this particular


incident came as a shock to many residents and visitors.


It is largely unheard of here in Antigua that something


OK, Brenton Henry in Antigua, thank you very much indeed.


A brief round-up of some of the other stories


Police are becoming extremely concerned for a 76-year-old man


Clive Colling was last seen on New Year s Day and is thought


to be wearing dark clothes and a dark woollen hat.


Police dogs, the force helicopter and coastguards are all involved


Several sites in Plymouth have been chosen as part of a government


scheme aimed at building thousands of new starter homes.


A government subsidy will allow the properties


to be sold at a discount, but only people aged between 23


Whitleigh and Bath Street are two of the sites.


Major disruption is expected on one of Plymouth's busiest roads


Improvement work is being carried out on the A386 Tavistock Road


It's part of a ?13 million scheme aimed at increasing development


to the north of the city including 3000 new homes.


The Somerset-based explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes is setting off


His trek to the top of Mount Aconcagua in Argentina


is part of a challenge to become the first person to cross both polar


ice caps and climb the highest mountain on each continent.


Campaigners calling for improved rail services and cheaper fares say


the South West is being treated as "the end of the line."


Members of the trade union-led campaign group Action for Rail


were at stations today calling on passengers to join their fight.


Fare rises which came into force yesterday mean the cost


of an anytime return from Birmingham to Plymouth increased


And if you want a day return tomorrow from Plymouth


to London Paddington, prices start at ?96.50


rising to ?267 if you want to travel at peak times.


Hamish Marshall has been gauging reaction from passengers.


A train coming down the line from London today,


but for the passengers on it, the prices have gone up.


The average rise of more than 2% came into force yesterday.


Some fares here though are going up by 4%.


I think they've always been too expensive in England.


I come back every now and then, and it always strikes me how


expensive the train fares are in England.


I've come up from Cornwall, so it's costing me 20 quid,


so it would probably cost me more in car fares and petrol.


I think they are a bit much really for day-to-day travel,


For anyone coming to college it is a drain on their money.


These two sisters were flexible and booked online, and were happy


with their fare today, but even would like the fare


increase income spent on bringing the line from Okehampton


That would save a 50 mile round trip to Exeter to start her journey.


We desperately need that link of the rail to come up here.


Passengers arriving in Exeter St David's this morning


were met by these campaigners who are pushing for a better deal.


We need a second route to the south-west via Okehampton.


We need more work done on the Dawlish Sea Walk.


We need more investment into Cornwall.


We need better infrastructure in the south-west.


Well, this train is on its way to Glasgow.


I checked a few moments ago to see how much it would cost if I wanted


And if you say, well, what about booking in advance?


I checked the same train for a month's time.


For a comparison you can find flights to Glasgow


The Government says the fare rises are funding investment.


Around the rail network there is a lot happening.


I guess of course nobody wants to see a fare increase,


And right now fares are rising less faster than wages,


so at least that is a step in the right direction.


Campaigners are challenging the minister now to show that


Coming up - the latest on preparations for


Some of the hottest tickets in town, and Argyle fans have been snapping


up the last few ahead of the big game in Liverpool on Sunday.


You've heard of pop-up shops, pop-up restaurants, but on the rise


in parts of the South West, a very different transient


And women from Central and Eastern Europe are being forced


into sexual slavery in a rising number of them according to police.


In fact 14 establishments have appeared in one Cornish town


From Newquay, Denis Nightingale reports.


One evening a man came knocking at a guesthouse door.


He basically asked me how much I charged, assuming


that I was part of it, and I just told them to go away.


And what did you think of that when it happened?


It was the first indication Ellen had that there was a brothel


where three women were working just two doors down from her.


It was one of 14 brothels in the town discovered since last July.


Well, I didn't realise it was that number,


As a town we wouldn't want people to associate Newquay


A search of sites on the internet shows many of the pop-ups appear


to be staffed by women from Central and Eastern Europe.


The police say they treat the women as victims,


but they say they can't allow pop-ups across Cornwall


We couldn't condone the running of a brothel, and a lot


of the pop-up brothels are in summer lets and rental apartments,


and we are duty bound to inform the owner of that


and what is going on in their premises.


Inspector Meredith says it won't be easy tracking down international


gangs behind the sex trafficking, but he says the police


As well as safeguarding the women that are in these pop-up brothels,


one of our drives is to gather intelligence, and from gathering


intelligence that will give us a picture of what is going


on and try to scope the nature of the problem, and also to help us


formulate proactive operations against persons that are behind


For Ellen, local communities must be protected.


This road has got quite a few children in it.


Also, being a guesthouse, I have guests who I feel


And it is not what you want in the area.


So, pop-up brothels are on the increase in the South West.


The English Collective of Prostitutes campaigns for legal


brothels and believes women working together in one place is safer,


but Laura Watson told me why these short-term brothels are a problem.


The major problem with the pop-up brothels is the transient nature of


them. We have been seeing all over the country that people are raiding


premises where sex workers are working together collectively and


safely. The police are raiding them and closing them down. So in your


raise you see the police as a bit of a problem in this situation?


Definitely be major problem. They are the ones who are raiding


premises and closing them down where it is just two or more sex workers


working together for safety and even if there is no force or caution


involved in that setup... You see these women as victims because the


police are treating them as victims? We do not see these women as


victims. The women do not describe themselves as victims. They describe


themselves as head of households, earning money to put food on the


table to feed their children. Most sex workers are mothers in the UK


and that is the reason they are working. The police are a little bit


between a rock and a hard place because they have a job to do. There


are children in the streets, you can see that police have a duty to try


and move them on. Sex workers are mothers themselves and therefore it


take into the consideration that there are families in the area, all


those other considerations, so any kind of anti-social behaviour that


happens or noise or anything like that can be dealt with. You don't


need a prosecution to deal with those kind of problems. You are


making it sound like any other business in a normal street. So what


is the answer here? What we want is an end to the law, legislation,


which prevents sex workers from working together. Not only does


prevent from working together, it means you can't come forward to


report any violence that does happen to the police because the police are


more interested in our experience in the prostitution of fans that you're


committing rather than dealing with the violent crime. And how likely is


it that changing the we think it's definitely possible. Recently


Amnesty International announced that they supported decriminalisation. We


have the example of New Zealand who decriminalised in 2003. With great


success. Women feel they have the support from the law and more


entitled to protection and more able to come forward and report any


violence that does happen. We appreciate your time, thank you very


much. Thank you very much. Now, you wouldn't necessarily think


that reopening a tin mine near an area of outstanding beauty


was a particularly good idea. But community leaders


in East Cornwall think it is, and as our Business Correspondent


Neil Gallagher reports, the local mayor says if the plan


doesn't go ahead there'll be some That much remains of the old red for


mine on the edge of Collington. But there is a lot of ten here. And if


tin prices keep rising it may become economic to dig it out. Mining


specialists have been consulting on plans to start test. First reaction


is locally have been quite positive. It is crying out for regeneration.


It would be wonderful if new jobs were brought in. All bought knowing


that the mining was happening in the area, so it has not come as a huge


surprise. Cornwall historically is a mining county, mining heritage, so


from that point of view we are very positive and obviously people are


concerned, as we are. Used to have to take into account residents


concerns and the environmental impact. -- we have been assured by


Cornwall resources but that this will be managed correctly and we


will be keeping an eye on that as part of or job as the council. Those


involved with the scheme say a mine would have less impact on the


village of Kelly Bray than was seen near Plymouth where a tungsten line


restarted. This would be a very different mining operation. It would


be underground. Although the deposit is close to the southern part of


Kelly Bray, we would be looking to cite any processing plant or waste


tips some distance away to minimise the impact on local residents and


community. Any actual mining is years away. That would need planning


consent and also need tens of millions of pounds to be raised from


investors. It was a busy festive period


for our football sides - with our teams involved in plenty


of games and action. Natalie's here to round


up the latest of it. Exeter City boss Paul Tisdale has


been nominated for the League Two manager of the month award having


led the Grecians to three wins and a draw from their four


games in December. And they had more success yesterday


when they welcomed the New Year The run has lifted the Grecians away


from the bottom of the table Tis has been nominated


for the Football League manager of the month award eight times


during his 11 seasons at City, but has never managed


to pick up the accolade. Ollie Watkins has been nominated


for the player of the month award. One of the other contenders


is Plymouth's Oscar Threlkeld. Speaking of which, the League Two


lead changed several Having been in top spot twice,


Argyle start the New Year in second place after being beaten 1-0


by Barnet yesterday. The hosts took the lead early


on and a superb defensive display saw them hold


on to the final whistle. Argyle are now a point


behind leaders Doncaster. But for now it's all eyes on Anfield


- there were long queues at Home Park today as non-members


were allowed to pick Of the 8500 that were made


available, it's thought there are now a few hundred left


for the FA Cup tie on Sunday. Some will have to be up at 4am to


slog their way by coach up the M6 but Argyle playing here is rare, so


8500 fans have got tickets to go. It is my bucket list, to go to Anfield,


I have been to a few of the other big ones but I would always love to


go to Anfield so this is a dream come true. Nervous. Freezing cold.


Over the moon. I can't wait to go to the cup with all the flags and I


can't wait to see the atmosphere it will be really good. Big game and


big payday. Getting into the third round of the FA Cup is worth ?67,000


in prize money alone. Plymouth will also get ?144,000 from the TV


rights, a share of the gate receipts from Anfield, capacity 54,000, and


it is easy to see why the game could be worth over half a million to


Argyll. This is a massive gang. The fact that a thousand 500 fans will


be travelling all the way to Liverpool on a Sunday is testament


to that. Dream start would be a draw? Or an away win! You have got


to admire the optimism. Others might say, come down! -- calm down.


Meanwhile Torquay striker Nathan Blissett has been linked


It's understood the 26-year-old target man is due to have a medical


He scored four goals for Torquay this term and eight goals in 17


games last season as he helped the Gulls avoid relegation.


Yeovil Town were comfortably beaten by Crawley Town.


The last time the two sides met, the Glovers thrashed Crawley 5-0.


And that's it for now - but before we go, well done


to Torquay who were involved in a humdinger of a


It finished 5-5 against Forest Green Rovers -


the first scoreline of its kind in the Gulls' history.


Did you like John's attempt there? He has to go up with the skills fans


and find out what a Liverpool accent is really like.


In the early of hours of the 4th May 1942,


20 Luftwaffe bombers flew up the Exe Estuary and orders


were given for them to drop their bombs on Exeter.


A German radio report at the time said, "Exeter


"We have destroyed that jewel, and the Luftwaffe will return


Well, now a documentary's being made to mark the 75th anniversary


of the bombings and to capture memories of the night that


Anna Byles has been following the film makers.


The aftermath of German bombings which claimed around 250 lives.


Now film-makers are unearthing stories that


In those days the entrance was in a shop in the Victorian


arcades, and you would have been down here sheltering down here two


or three hours in the dark, in the wet, with stuffy air


and screaming children and the sound of bombs landing overhead,


not knowing what you might find whenever you came back out,


or even if you were going to be able to come back out.


But not everyone made it to the safety of


I will never forget the young lad who was killed


He would have been 16 years old, but he was only


Whilst many sheltered from the raids within the city,


others escaped to surrounding villages and watched


I stood at the window and I looked up the South Street and I looked


Because the next night it was all blown to smithereens.


More memories from the Blitz will be shown as part of the documentary due


to be released on the 75th anniversary of the bombings in May.


This is our first proper programme of the year. Most are happy with


this and to be back with you. The weather has brought us some cold


weather. Minus six last night. It was pretty


cold. . Perhaps not so much scraping of the ice of the screens tomorrow


morning. A different sort of date. More cloud coming our way. The ruble


of producing a few spots of drizzle as well. I think that's crossing for


tomorrow. Having said that Britain is already fast falling and may well


get to zero in a few places tonight but there is a... Already starting


to cloud over. The weather front the ringside cloud lies across us by the


middle of the day tomorrow. High pressure squeezing out of the way a


bit. It might return by Thursday, so Thursday morning could also be


frosty. Some sunshine on Thursday. That all changes because several


other funds out here will join hands and moving as one band of cloud and


rain arriving at some point through the day on Friday. Already the cloud


is coming in but that's look at what it was like earlier today in


Paignton where our cameraman caught a glimpse of the hazy sunshine.


Today has been beautiful because we have had the very frosty start but


from a diverse -- most of us we have had unbroken sunshine from much of


the day. It has helped the temperatures. Ayes hasn't helped the


temperatures. There will be a lot more cloud, not just for this part


of Devon but right across the West of England. It is patchy cloud at


the moment and it escaped bull of producing some drizzle as it cuts


down across us by the end of the night. Even the temperatures falling


now, by the end of the night I think they start to come back up again.


Perhaps one or two Celsius in a few places, then three or four by dawn


tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is cloudy to start with. Light rain or drizzle


will gradually petered out. It might continue across ports of Cornwall


but we get a clearance across parts of Somerset and the east of Devon


and Dorset by the end of the afternoon at the top temperature of


most of us of eight or nine Celsius. For the Isles of Scilly overcast


with a few spots of drizzle. We might get some brief early


brightness but generally cloudy here. In times of high water... The


forecast for our surfers is for the north coast to be a little on the


chubby side with the wind is coming in from the North West. The wave is


not very big. Mostly fair. The odd spot of drizzle. The forecast is


going to Thursday is bright, dry and cold. Another frost first thing on


Monday morning. Temperature starting to come back. So does the cloud. But


great towards the weekend. A few spots of rain on Friday. Have a good


evening. Thank you. That is all from us for now. Andy is here with an


update at 10:30pm along with David and we are all back with you


tomorrow at 6:30pm. Have a good evening.


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Something like this could change my life.


We're looking for someone who can sing, someone who can move.


Someone who can keep an audience on the edge of their seat.


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