05/01/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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They should not make old people sleep outside,


Calls for a specialist hostel for those with drink,


Tonight, we are live in Truro - a community campaigning for action.


Also tonight, the discovery of two bodies at house in Devon.


A police investigation is underway after a husband and wife were found


This will be the straw that breaks the camel spikes have a lot of


businesses and the tone. We speak to some who


are welcoming a fall. And world's apart - the small


coastal community offering sanctuary for refugees


fleeing Syria. The chronic lack of support


for homeless people with drink and drug addictions in Cornwall


is fast becoming a huge problem Rob Nolan is now calling


for a specialist hostel in the city. Addaction, a drug and alcohol


charity, says it saw a 20% rise in referrals to their Cornish


service last year. Our reporter Clare Woodling has been


speaking to rough sleepers, who say they have been


turned away from shelters, due to their alcohol


or substance abuse. Good evening. During the day, the


cold streets here seem enchanting, but during the evening, they can be


very uninviting. The middle of winter fuel is even worse when you


have been turned away from a shelter due to dependency on drink or drugs.


It is thus getup that the people they have been speaking to want see


closed. Sonia is used to getting


by on the streets. It is not the only


habit she has, though. If we did not drink,


we would be housed within a week. Any of us who have lived


here a long time, we get put to the back of the queue,


cos they just think She is not alone in not finding


shelter due to addiction problems. They see it and they


choose to ignore it. Or they go, "It will be OK,


it will sort itself out. Of course it is not


going to sort itself out. The shortage is something the Mayor


of Truro wants to see We have a desperately urgent need


for some sort of provision. Some sort of shelter with four


people with drug and alcohol issues. There are some shelters, but people


with drug and alcohol issues, they cannot go into the shelters at night


in the end up sleeping on the streets. This has been going on for


three months. The only setting up tents. They are no setting up home.


That cannot happen. The midst be somewhere they can go up meet and be


looked after. As the late feeds, the cold weather comes in and that is


where the big risk comes. There is bigger chance of hypothermia. Also,


just frustration from people on the street. How do you feel about it?


Absolutely disgusted that human beings can treat homeless people


like this. Being an old lady myself, and another, it is terrible. We


understand that temperatures here could fall as low as five Celsius


and the people in that package, the rough sleepers, will be expected to


bed down on hard floors out on the city tonight. I am joined by the


director of operations for each charity in the city which helps


people find shelter. Is this a problem you recognise? We have to


remember that each individual rough sleepers a human being and a person


on the loan rate. They all have very different needs which very complex.


There are pressures over drug use, alcohol and mental health. It is not


just one issue. Trying to find solutions has become increasingly


difficult. What needs to change? Is there sufficient coordination


between the various services? We need to see what works for certain


things. What works for mental health does not necessarily work for a


rough sleepers. We need to sit down together and find new solutions.


Other complicating factors in that? Austerity plays a big part. There


has been a lot of cuts across many services. Everyone is trying to do


far more with far less. It is becoming very difficult. The society


has said it will work with other services offering help for rough


sleepers. Police are investigating


whether the bodies of a man and a woman found at a farmhouse


in Devon are the result of a murder, The married couple have been named


locally as Nicola and Michael Beck. Scenes of crime officers


and police search teams have been at the scene,


near Dunkeswell, all day, Remote, rural and tonight this is


the scene of a major police investigation. After being contacted


by someone with concerns, the body of a man and a woman were found at


this farmhouse. The news of the deaths have shocked those living


close by. It is a tremendous shock and surprise. It is something you do


not expect on your doorstep. We have make them socially. We found them a


very nice couple. Very pleasant and courteous. I am feeling rather


numbered by it. It was such a shock when we have the news. Officers say


they are looking into via whether this was a model followed by a


suicide. The couple involved where named locally as Nicola and Michael


Beck, who had lived at the property for around two decades. We have been


searching the properties for evidence. We are dealing with family


members of the two individuals. We have trained family liaison


officers. Neighbours say the couple had been intending to sell the house


and move on. Police say they are not looking for anyone else in


connection with the deaths and are asking anyone else with information


to come forward. Now a round-up of other news


from around the South West. Cornwall Wildlife Trust


is investigating claims that a member of its staff fired


a shotgun over the heads of these The hunt says four shots


were fired between Blisland and Bodmin Moor, spooking horses


and frightening a child. Police say no crime


has been committed. Councillors will tonight begin


examining what could be a complete transformation of Dorset's system


of local government. There are plans to replace nine


local authorities currently serving The first of the meetings,


which are open to the public, will take place in Poole


in the next hour. A meeting is being held tonight


to discuss calls for Cornish firefighters who died


in the Plymouth Blitz to be listed on a war memorial


in their home town of Saltash. Leslie Tibbs and Bernard Jasper


were among a crew of six killed in 1941, but their


names are missing. Penzance has been named


by the New York Times as one of The newspaper says the best thing


to see, aside from the scenery, It is one of Europe's last saltwater


lidos and re-opened last year, As the authorities in France begin


slaughtering up to a million ducks, to try and halt the


spread of bird flu. Poultry keepers here


in the South West are facing All poultry must now be kept indoors


until the end of February, Strict controls have already been


in place for a month and our Environment Correspondent


Adrian Campbell has been assessing the impact


of the ongoing restrictions. The different streams of easy in


influential of all had the chance of causing great problems. Some suspect


all of the open weeks could be linked to lower hygiene standards


out with this country. There is a worry about the transfer from boards


from outside the United Kingdom coming into the country.


We are trying to take sensible precautions to limit the risk


of spreading this virus, so we are not going into


the henhouse, but Jane has kindly agreed to film her hens,


My girls have been kept in their henhouse for the last month


and it has been a case of keeping them, sort of, entertained as best


I can, with various chicken treats and nice clean bedding


I have to said, they're coping extremely well, but they'd much


If that is what we have got to do then that is simply what we have to


do and the inconvenience is much less inconvenient than an outbreak


of avian flu. As well as caring for her hens,


Jane is also the founder of the British Hen Welfare Trust,


which has rehomed more than 500,000 She understands the importance


of these continued high It is not so much that the hens are,


you know, vulnerable to mixing with wild birds.


It's actually them moving around on ground where wild


birds have defecated, so that's where the spread of


disease is at risk, the risk exists. The H5N8 strain of the disease has


been confirmed in recent weeks at a poultry farm in Lincolnshire


and in Wales and it's also been Still to come tonight,


the local football club giving away Find out why this Argyle player has


been running around Plymouth today. Traders in one Cornish town


are warning that a major shake-up of their business rates could be


the final straw for many of them. From April, some shops in St Ives


will have to pay hundreds But while the changes will leave


some paying extra, others Tamsin Melville has been to meet


some of the winners and losers. Packed out for the New Year,


but there are some stark warnings from shop owners in St Ives,


facing bigger business-rate This will be the straw that breaks


the camel's back for an awful lot of businesses in the town that


are struggling already. The tax is based on the yearly rent


for which a property could be let and the so-called rateable value


is reviewed by the government every five years, to reflect changes


in the property market. In St Ives town centre,


it is leading to some big rises. Neil has owned this fish


and chip shop just back His business-rate bills will be


going up by around ?400 a month. They perhaps see that St Ives


is the jewel in the crown of Cornwall and so it's


buoyant and rich. It's very quiet in the


winter months still. A lot of businesses, you know,


will struggle to survive. And at this restaurant just down


the road, it means finding The people owning these


properties are not having It's the business owners


that are paying them, so it's a win-win situation


for the owners of the properties and a lose-lose situation


for the business owners. Businesses here in St Ives


are losing out, but it's definitely In fact, the government


says three-quarters of businesses are either


going to stay the same Like here in Torquay,


where a general fall in the amount businesses are paying


is being welcomed as a John's rates bill should be


going down by ?300 a month, meaning he can keep price


rises in check. But he has got every sympathy


for those facing increases. It's the one tax you


have no control over. It does not link in any way,


shape or form to your performance, so your business performance,


and so it is a cost. The government says there


will be transitional help In St Ives, there are plans


to oppose the changes. It may not be on the scale of some


parts of the UK, but the South West has a long history of welcoming


families from countries In the 1960s, Spotlight reported


on a small group of people from Poland who had made a new life


at a camp near Newton Abbot, having been deported from their


homes during World War II. In the late '70s, families


fleeing the Vietnam War We followed some of them,


as they got used to And now, as John Danks reports


from Bude, the South West is The war Syria in has been going for


more than five years and claimed more than 250,000 people. The images


of suffering have travelled all over the world. And no Greek community in


Cornwall is hoping to help some of them. Seeing these awful pictures


last year of all the migrants droning that really made me feel we


must do something. Merely runs a refugee support group. They are


helping to resettle to community families under the community


sponsorship scheme, launched by the government last year. The people


they do not all of them towns and cities. We think it is one of the


most beautiful places to live. It is a very healing place. The people are


nice here so they will get a warm welcome and be well supported. Like


always god knows how desperate the situation can get for those fleeing


war-torn countries. He recently volunteered on a boat helping to


save migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean. I have helped these


families out in the ocean and for them to be welcomed into my home


community, I am very cloak proud and pleased. Enough money has been


raised to settle one family Syria from. If all goes well, the family


could be here by Easter. It is easy to forget that, before


the days of television, the only way of knowing what Britain looked


like was either to visit the towns and villages yourself or look


at photos and artwork. But those still images can


be just as revealing. Here is a very quiet Lyme Regis,


nowhere near as busy as it is today. There are carts, not


cars, here in Polperro. And what about a donkey


ride in Clovelly - These are the works


of a South West painter. John Shapland was prolific and, yet,


forgotten - until now. Andrea Ormsby has been having


a flick through a new book, Exeter's Lost Artist,


which is the culmination of 40 years The life and work of John Shapland,


recorded forever in this book. Shapland, his wife and their 12


children lived in Exeter. What you're looking at is just


a small collection of some of the items that was actually found


in the John Shapland studio. Across the floor was paintings,


etchings, picture frames, For years, the artist


and his family travelled all over the country in an open-top


car, painting hundreds and hundreds of scenes.


He called them brunotypes. These are what you would


really need to see. This was the end result


of the family's work. What you're looking at here,


with the brunotypes, nobody knows of their existence.


This is a revelation. We are seeing scenes


that will have changed beyond all recognition,


some of them, so they are very nostalgic.


They are also historic. The work will go on show


at an exhibition in March at the newly-opened


Exeter School of Art. John Shapland was the headmaster


of Exeter School of Art back in the turn of the century,


so rediscovering all the works and having all of the artefacts that


Peter has unearthed and presented in his book and at the exhibition


is going to be a really important and exciting connection


with the past, as we look For those interested in art,


the author says this book will be a revelation and can be considered


as quite a coup for the South West. Good to see he is getting some


recognition at last. Plymouth Argyle finally appear


to have the funding for their It may please the fans, who rely


on the increasingly out-of-date 1950s stand, and it could


also help to transform But it is not the first time such


an announcement has been made, as our business correspondent


Neil Gallacher explains. Three saves a modern stadium, fourth


side terracing which cannot be used understand from the 1950s. This area


finally all accept that redevelopment which could transform


Plymouth Argyle. Not just the bigger stand, but conference facilities, as


well. We should bring income even on non-match days. Today's announcement


is possible because of further investment from the most important


overseas supporter. I first came here in 1966. I stood at that end. I


left at the age of 18 to go to university. I have been following


the mother since. This is a labour of love. This has been a long time


coming. We have been planning this ever since we took over the club


five years ago, so it is a very important day. The club chairman has


not only been planning it, he is also announced that before. There is


an aspiration to finish off the stadium. We will start work in


autumn this year. We will be in a position to do that and that is what


we are certainly planning. I am not going to make the mistake of


committing to another date. Their skin never took least because it


relied on income from commercial outlets which never took place. This


is being funded by additional investment. In other words, you can


see where the money is coming from? Exactly. I am an investment


professional by trade. The new investment today is clearly not been


made on commercial terms. This is being made on soft terms. This is my


contribution to Plymouth Argyle and to the city. A few years ago, all


that matters was for it to survive, first as a business and then as a


weak side. Both of these objectives have no been achieved and this could


be the moment that opens a door into a greater future for the club into


the 21st century. A new stadium is something


for Pilgrims fans to look forward to in the longer term,


but more immediately excitement is building for their FA Cup match


against Liverpool this weekend. Tickets for the game are now


highly sought after, so when one of the players,


Paul Arnold Garita, decided to hide five of them around the city today,


it prompted a frantic search. Here are the magic tickets. Good


luck, everyone. And we will meet some of the winners


lucky enough to find the tickets Did you know that was one head in


here? I did not, as Charlie! Now, it might not be spring yet,


but spring has certainly sprung This ewe has given birth to quads


on a farm near Truro. Farmer Treve Gay knew there


were four on the way after a scan. And it is not the first


time, either. Last year, the same ewe had five


lambs all in one go, Now, we can catch up


on the latest weather outlook. Good evening. There are clear skies,


and that means temperatures will be following.


There is some cloak, which will bring in some outbreaks of rain.


Although Weill, we have weather fronts trying to approach from the


West. That somewhat takes the sting out of these areas of low pressure.


The high pressure is pushed out of the way for the middle of the day


tomorrow. At the time we get into the "Mother had a pleasurable


re-establish itself. There will also be a lot of cloud with it. Quiet


conditions going into the weekend. The wind will freshen going into the


head of this band of rain. It will bring higher temperatures but a lot


of cloud. You can see the structure of that cloud, thickest to Cornwall.


We had a lovely sunset. Of course, it gets down pretty early at this


time of the year. A lovely view of the crescent moon. The sun has set


and the cloud will continue to approach from the West. Later in the


night, the cloud just taking off from the odd bit of drizzle.


Generally drive for most of us. High temperatures to the West 7-9 C. To


the east, temperatures just dropping down below zero. A rather cloudy day


tomorrow. That will produce a few sports of rain and drizzle.


Temperatures finally inching up towards double figures. Here is the


forecast for Scilly. He ran the water claims. Not much for people


who like surfing. There are in the coastal waters forecast. The outlook


for the weekend is quite and also slightly warmer. That doesn't sound


too bad. We are back with headlines


at eight o'clock and the late news at 10.30pm.


Bye for now. We're looking for someone


who can sing, someone who can move. Someone who can keep an audience


on the edge of their seat.


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