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Welcome to Spotlight. failings at one of


Tonight: The youngsters selling hard drugs on south west streets.


Police say they're being controlled by gangs in big


cities and are worried about an increase in numbers.


Also tonight: The moment a letting agent was confronted over tens


of thousands of pounds of rent and deposits.


What have you done with all those deposits, the rents you haven't


paid? A train operator is told


to improve after this accident And up to 80 fire fighters


from across the south west have been tackling a blaze which has destroyed


a thatched pub. And we'll hear from the Devon


bell ringer who was left Police say they're concerned


about the rise in the number of pop-up drug dens


across the south west. Officers say the dens are controlled


by gang bosses from big cities such They despatch teenagers to places


such as Plymouth and Penzance Each teenager can make


up to ?3,000 a day. Our reporter Denis Nightingale


has been investigating. Drug dealing may not


be a legal business, Spying new markets, gangs branch out


from big cities to create The young dealers travel by train,


coach and car to places like Bournemouth, Yeovil,


Plymouth and Penzance. Once they are there,


they establish themselves in hotels and hostels and often in the homes


of drug addicts. Former gang member Jamal


was shot and knifed before You are taking a chance with them


by off-loading drugs If they come back with the money,


obviously that is beneficial. If it's a loss or that person gets


arrested up there, it is what it is. And it can be a lot


of money - ?3,000 a day. The young dealers are usually


commanded by a single gang leader on a single mobile phone


in what are known as county lines. This detective sergeant,


who does not want his face shown, leads undercover operations


to break them up. Quite often they will be people that


are recruited from care homes The youngest person we have had


is 14 years old and he was already on bail after being found


in Bournemouth in a hotel room Figures from the police in the south


west showed that last year, sentences totalling hundreds


of years worth in prison were handed out to criminals following county


lines investigations. We intercepted numerous people,


young, vulnerable, missing people from the metropolitan cities


and returned them back Many of those young people will have


been recruited through social media, which Jamal claims too


often glamorises gangs. In regards to social media,


I think the flip side of things should be promoted and shown -


mothers sitting in their house crying when their house is thrown


upside down at 5am by the police, or when a family is at the graveside


due to the fact that someone has It is not only the police tackling


the scourge of county lines. The government says the Institute


of Community Safety is conducting reviews in Exeter, Plymouth,


Torbay and Truro on gang-related problems to see what


support those areas need. Sarah Allam is from the children's


charity the NSPCC. This is shocking. It is. We are


concerned about the increasing numbers of calls to our helpline


about drug-related issues in the south-west. Why is it escalating? We


don't really know. I suppose a drugs and the sale of drugs amongst young


people has always been a concern. It is escalating because there are


honourable children who will respond perhaps online to friendship offers


and this results in them getting involved in drug sales. What can you


do to hold them? We can try and help young people understand keeping


himself safe online. Very often they will be groomed by people who want


them to sell or run drugs and they can be exploited by that. What we


can do is educate those young people to ensure they know what they are


doing online may be unsafe. When the head they could earn up to 3000 a


day, it is very tempting. It is but the reality is most of those young


people don't and that money at all and they find they cannot afford to


pay back what they owe and that is when they are asked to sell drugs to


young people. The reality is not that they are going to make that


money. It is not a good choice at all. If someone is worried that a


youngster has got involved in something like this, what are the


signs? They need to look for a child whose behaviour has changed, their


friendship groups are different or they seem isolated, they are going


out at different times of day, they are not going to school. Those are


the sorts of things to notice and for anyone concerned, make a phone


call, find out, get a bit of help. If you or someone you know has been


affected by drugs or cans, you can find the helpline number on our


Facebook page. More than 80 firefighters


from across Cornwall, Devon and Somerset are tonight


tackling a fire in a historic pub The alarm was raised


at the 13th century Bell Inn Five people inside the pub


escaped uninjured. But as Emma Thomasson reports,


large parts of the building have been destroyed and an investigation


is underway into how it started. It stood here for 800 years but


today, it was ravaged Wi-Fi. -- fire. All the family who ran the pub


could do was stand by and watch. Sam was due to be working behind the


bar, instead she was confronted with this. Absolutely devastating. It is


the heart of the village. Locals told me they could not believe their


eyes. I have lived to all my life and to see the pub like this, it's a


bit sad. I know the family as well, must be gutting for them. The school


playground usually falls silent during half term. Not today, it was


transformed as a temporary holding area for the burnt out such. It was


a deep-seated fire in the thatch. It was incredibly hard work pulling the


thatch away from the property and removing all the combustible


material to try and deal with the incident. Firefighters expect to be


here through the night. Only once the site is safe will investigators


be able to get a insight into what caused this pub to be destroyed by


fire. A Devon MP has called for tougher


action against rogue letting agents after a BBC investigation revealed


how one Cornwall agent has failed to return tens of thousands


of pounds in rents and deposits. Clients say they've been ripped off


by Premier Property Management of Truro, despite Government-backed


tenancy deposit schemes which are These schemes insure the deposit


in case there is a dispute. Deposit money can be held


in a so-called custodial Or surprisingly it can be held


in a bank account controlled An account they can


access at any time. One campaigner's described the abuse


of this option as the industry's As many of her disgruntled clients


have found, the boss of Truro's Premier Property Management


isn't that easy to track down and when you do, Ann Treneer doesn't


like answering questions. We've come to find out what you've


done with everyone's money. What have you done with


everyone's money, Ann? All those deposits, the rents


that you haven't paid, what have you done with it,


Ann? There's a lot of people and a lot


of money that we're looking for. Premier boasts that much


of its business comes The only recommendation as far


as Hannah is concerned is to avoid For five months, she has been trying


to get back her ?775 deposit. Tonight's Inside Out programme has


spoken to nine tenants and seven landlords,


together owed nearly ?35,000. An organisation which insures


deposits has so far paid out ?36,000 to 36 different tenants


and Ann Treneer has failed to cough up ?35,000 awarded


to her clients by the courts. It is not clear what Ann Treneer's


done with the money, but she later told us


she would eventually pay it back, although that is something


our clients have heard And there are questions over


the schemes supposed 14 UK letting agents were prosecuted


last year for helping themselves Between them they had


stolen nearly ?1 million. One expert says the system


is open to abuse. An average small independent agent


will probably be managing about 200 properties which would equate


to ?300,000 in tenancy deposits. For any small business,


to have ?300,000 sat in an account is probably too tempting


and we think this is the sector's dirty little secret,


where they can dip into this money I think this is appalling


and there certainly needs to be some action taken about all of this


and there should be some fines placed upon certain people


if they misappropriate those funds and indeed, potentially,


end up going to court and to prison Ann Treneer is being investigated


by Trading Standards, but cases like this will make


the growing number of renters wonder just how safe


is the cash they hand over? And that's one of the investigations


in tonight's Inside Out, The rail operator GWR has been told


to improve the training and assessment of new drivers


following an investigation into a collision at


Plymouth railway station. 48 people were hurt and two trains


damaged in the incident last April. In a report published


today, the Rail Accident Investigation Branch makes


a number of recommendations. Our reporter Jane Chandler


is at Plymouth Station for us Exeter University says


it is carrying out an urgent investigation after a swastika


was found carved The university says the graffiti


and an offensive slogan were removed Disciplinary action


against the students believed to be The university said any form


of racist or discriminatory A bell-ringer from Devon had to be


winched down almost a hundred feet after he was injured preparing


for a performance at He was preparing for a performance


when a freak accident saw him wasted in the air.


Firefighters decided it would be safer to lower Ian Bowman


through a trapdoor than walk him down a spiral staircase.


The bells of Worcester Cathedral on Saturday they took their toll on


Devon bell-ringer Ian Bowman. The rope was going up and down through


the ceiling. Somehow it got behind my right ankle and took me upside


down and the next thing I knew I was eyelevel with another ringer who was


still on the floor. It crashed me back into the floor as the rope came


down and picked me up again. The emergency services a spiral


staircase would be problematic so they place the mechanic on a special


structure and lowered him through this trap door, 80 feet high,


bringing him down to come out well. We train a lot for this type of


scenario so these types of resources are not always seen out and about


because these incidents do not occur a lot, however we do train for this


type of scenario. Ian Bowman is recovering at home and hopes to be


back ringing bells very soon. It is just an accident but I was just


unlucky that it happened to me. It was just one of those things, I will


get better and I will get back to bell-ringing. Extraordinarily lucky


to be OK because I heard some of the injuries he sustained, he is lucky


to survive and told the story. Get well soon.


Brass bands across the south west often compete against each other


in major competitions, but musicians have put


their friendly rivalry to one side to help a fellow musician.


Stephen Sykes, who has an aggressive form of cancer,


needs a stem cell transplant. Despite a worldwide search,


no match has been found, so now members of brass bands


across the region are getting tested to see if they could be a donor.


This is Stephen Sykes playing solo at a concert last summer.


As a talented trombonist he has played with orchestras and bands


all over the country, but he has been unable to perform


Chemotherapy doesn't appear to be working.


His cancer is aggressive, stage four.


Doctors say he needs a stem cell transplant.


The cancer has grown into my bone marrow which means that


without a stem cell transplant, it is not looking too good really.


Normally this would be OK because we've got


the donor system now, but they cannot find a donor for me


anywhere in the world, which is typical really.


They need to get as close a match as possible to avoid additional


So I came out of there feeling like I ought to stand outside


the supermarket and rugby tackle people and swab them.


With connections to the music world, his family have appealed


In Cornwall, members of St Austell town band


Take the swabs out, swab the inside of your cheek and put


them back in here and we will send them back off and see if there's


Are you quite impressed with the way the brass community has come


I'm not surprised, but I am impressed.


We have the hold band and the whole banding world in Cornwall.


Yesterday, Facebook and Twitter went wild with people


from all over the county saying, "My pack has arrived,


It was amazing, so many people yesterday just doing it


Stephen Sykes knows a transplant is his only chance, but he also


hopes that as more potential donors come forward, there are samples that


Plymouth Argyle sent out a strong message to the rest


of League 2 this weekend, after comprehensively beating


They won 3-0 and are now 11 points clear of the playoff places


It was if you are an Argyle fan. You look at Exeter, they are in form. 12


games unbeaten, seven wins in a row. But the manager said to me, he


thought his players were more dangerous. It was another player


making his debut, Ryan Taylor, his goal on the stroke of half-time. He


impressed a lot of players and won man of the match. You mentioned


Exeter was going into this game in great form. Where they ever in this


particular game? They did have chances. David Wheeler hit the bar


with a header. But there was another former Argyle player, Reuben Reid


who missed a sitter here. Jake Jervis smashing in a penalty in


stoppage time. Where does this result leaves both clubs? Plymouth


are second and with three teams going up automatically, they can


make the gap between them and fourth place 14 points. Their manager was a


happy man on Saturday. Today, people look at the result and they will be


impressed because Exeter have been on a good one and to win any Game


3-0 against a team who have won seven games in a row, it shows how


good we are. As for Exeter, it hurts when you lose to your local rivals


but if they can bounce back against Notts County tomorrow, they are


still in with a shot at promotion. Rugby, this next match between the


Exeter Chiefs and Wasps was as close as it gets.


Ten tries between them and never more than one score


The Chiefs stay third after this 35-all thriller at Sandy Park


A special moment for Teignmouth's Sam Simmonds.


The 22-year-old celebrated his new contract with a try on debut.


His team-mates seemed pretty pleased for him also.


Youth has certainly been given a chance to shine.


However it was an experienced campaigner, Phil Dollman,


who spotted a gap and sent teenager Jack Maunder on his way


to the line for his first five pointer in the league.


Level at the break, Exeter bucked the scoring pattern by taking


However, minutes later, they were down to 14.


Jonny Hill sent off for making contact with an opponent's head.


With half an hour still to go it looked ominous for the Chiefs,


especially after the visitors drew level.


But they refused to lie down and Olly Woodburn scrambled over


Wasps aren't top for nothing and they hit back


Honours even and a fitting end to this incredible game.


Staying with rugby, it's great to see Plymouth Albion up to second


in National One after their hard fought win over Coventry.


Jack Nowell certainly did enough to keep his shirt.


It was so tense. I am not a good watcher of support, to be honest. I


am a bit nervous. They are the only ones unbeaten, England? They are.


They have the next who everyone are giving a hiding to, then they have


Scotland. Ireland will be the toughest fixture. Jack will be all


right for next game? A lot of people were surprised he was left out. But


he came out of the game with Wales with flying colours.


A boy diagnosed with a rare cancer has been given the top job


of judging a children's bake off competition.


Seven-year-old Henry Hallam from Plymouth has been battling


His parents set up a charity, Hugs from Henry, to raise


Spotlight's Janine Jansen went along to help with the judging.


Mary Berry, where are you when we need you?


This children's bake off in Plymouth is raising money


I'm going to be tasting all of the cakes.


Have you got a favourite type of cake you like?


Henry has a rare nerve cancer that attacks children under five


He is now seven and is doing brilliantly.


He's a real character, a real fighter and he has


I couldn't be prouder of him to be honest.


ITV's Richard Lawrence and myself were given the honour


In first place was the Valentines cake.


How are you feeling now that you've eaten about ten cakes?


The winner was bake off fan seven-year-old Isabelle.


And all the time he's like a monster.


Well, this cheeky monster has clearly eaten way too much cake.


Never seen anyone less like a monster! Isn't he gorgeous! It's


time for the weather now and Holly is here. I hope Janine has brought


us back some cake. She hasn't! Outrageous. Ever so windy today.


Fortunately that is improving and it has been milder as well. For many of


us it was a very nice start to the day but those bright skies belying


the strength of wind and it has been a very blowy day-to-day. Dawlish


getting its customary pounding. Another location that is very


exposed to that wind is Looe. It was a windy picture. Gale force gusts


getting up to 50 mph. They are easy over the coming days and crucially


the wind direction is changing as well, so losing at this south


easterly we have had and we will find our winds coming round from the


south-west. It is turning milder, even today it has been miles above


the wind has offset that milder air. Less windy over the coming days,


spells of rain but hopefully turning Dreier. The squeeze in the isobars


showing the strength of wind for today. Tomorrow, the weather front


clears eastwards. Another weather front moves its way across Wednesday


and you can see those south-westerly winds starting to push in, bringing


milder air in. A good bit more settled. This evening and tonight,


rain starts to work in. It retreats but then starts to push its way


towards us. If you heavy bursts likely. Still quite windy at times


but gradually easing down and temperatures of seven or eight but


called out to the east. For many a wet start tomorrow. The rain stop


and go, fairly light and patchy and it does work its way eastwards.


Still a bit of a breeze around tomorrow but certainly less strong


than today and highs in two double figures. For the Isles of Scilly,


that early rain clears, turning brighter. The risk of heavy showers


moving into was the tail end of the day and these are our times of high


water. For our times of high water, sorry coastal waters for cursed,


South easterly winds, occasional rain, visibility moderate or good.


This is how it is shaping up over the coming days. That milder look to


things, temperatures in double figures. Less Winston Reid than it


has been today, there is some rain in the forecast over the next couple


of days but generally turning Dreier as we had through the second part of


this week. That is all from us for now. There will be an update at


10:30pm. In the meantime, have a good evening. Goodbye.


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