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Welcome to Spotlight. - so it's goodbye from me -


Tonight, disbelief over the sudden closure of one


The community around Holsworthy do not believe this hospital will be


temporarily closed for a start, but I think more than that they feel


that it has been by closed by the back door.


There's outrage in Holsworthy tonight with many fearing


We'll have the official explanation from a senior NHS manager


Also on the programme tonight, the unexpected gift


?1,000 was found tucked inside after being handed


And we'll meet Devon's new inhabitants, six wolves who have


Also, I will be live at the Eden Project where preparations are well


underway for the world pasty Championships. Get your own!


It's described as a temporary move, but tonight campaigners don't


believe Holsworthy Hospital will ever be reopened.


There's utter disbelief in the local community after the news emerged


on Spotlight last night that inpatient beds are closing


for the time being because there aren't enough staff.


The Trust which manages the hospital says it can't guarantee


when or if the beds will reopen but says it's working hard


There's been a swift response in the town with a protest


Kirk England reports on the reaction so far.


For Jenny and Andrew Smith, Holsworthy Hospital


The news of the closure has come as another major


I'm just devastated, not just for me personally


but for all the patients in there now, but also the patients


that could have been treated there and helped and given care


The news that inpatient services at the hospital being temporarily


closed has led to fears about the future of the hospital


This is Holsworthy, the community beds in Biddesford have shut,


Torrington's beds have shut, Okehampton's beds are shutting.


The only remaining community beds in this area of Devon are Holsworthy's.


Well, I think temporary closure will very quickly become a permanent


closure and that will see the end of Holsworthy hospital


They have a tremendous number of vulnerable,


frail and elderly people that depend upon that hospital as a place to go


Only built in the early 1990s, campaigners say that the hospital


is being run down on purpose with shocking claims about equipment


Staff have shown me where they have actually gone out and bought


doorbells, domestic doorbells, and cellotaped them to the tables


in front of beds because the proper help pushes have failed


This is a hospital that has been starved of maintenance


so that they can show that it's not going to be fit for


The trust managing the hospital says it is being maintained properly


but that the temporary closure of beds is unavoidable due


Ultimately we have to put the safety of our patients but also the welfare


At the limit it is temporary. We are working closely with the


commissioners of health care in Devon to look at alternatives and


see if it is possible to reopen the beds and have sustainable staffing


there. This protest has been organised with just a few hours


notice. It shows how strongly people feel about their Community Hospital


and the message is pretty clear. Police are trying to trace


the owner of a pair of socks handed to a refugee


agency in Taunton because No-one knows if it was a genuine


donation or a mistake. And just going to check these socks


in case there's anything in these. Small wonder they're


checking their donations You never know, someone


might do it again. Just imagine the surprise


of volunteers at this aid warehouse when they came across a sock


which was, well, slightly heavier We're used to being given donations


in and we're used to taking like change and everything but ?1000


is a lot of money to finding a sock. The thing is, the charity isn't sure


whether this was a genuine, Well, we do have plenty


of socks still here. Not, I'm afraid,


of the ?1000 variety. They were taken to the police,


who have now bagged the cash But we do have a picture, take


a look at this and tell me are these Because if they are,


the police and the charity would be In this warehouse in Taunton,


the agency collects donations Plainly the hope is that


this donation is real. We can do so much with that money,


we can support a lot of refugees in Syria and in Greece and we can


provide food, nappies, toiletries, Not a glass slipper, maybe,


but nonetheless a story with a real Clinton Rogers, BBC


Spotlight, Taunton. Next tonight, if you're interested


in cheaper energy bills, keep watching, as one of the world's


first Local Energy Markets Under the ?19 million trial,


households and businesses will be offered free gadgets


to produce and store energy. They could also sell


it on to neighbours The three-year initiative


is being paid for by Europe Our Business Correspondent


Carys Edwards reports. On and on, each time we flicked


a switch our bills go on rising. But in Cornwall, their's


and energy revolution. But in Cornwall, there's


an energy revolution. It's being led by Matt Hastings,


a man with a mission. This project was developed to help


Cornwall and really put Cornwall on the world stage,


which we have done. I say the world is watching what's


happening down here. His job within the energy company


Centrica is to trial a pioneering local energy market where households


and businesses can create energy, sell energy or buy energy,


all within Cornwall. It's being dubbed a virtual


eBay market for energy. Matt's got green credentials


and owns this turbine in his own backyard and over


the hill from his house you'll glimpse a solar


farm and a wind farm, all creating renewable energy


with the potential to sell locally and sustainably


at far cheaper rates. So, let's think about the Cornwall


local energy market like a farmer's market where you go to buy locally


sourced products at a great price and really the local energy market


is exactly the same, it's just instead of going to buy


bacon or eggs you'll be able to go It starts with us installing


new technology into Grants worth ?7 million are on offer


for the installation of green energy gadgets such as micro generators


or storage batteries. Consumers will be incentivised


to use it or store it for later. If there's too much demand


and not enough generation, consumers can save money


by using less or even make money by selling any energy they don't


need back to the market. Exeter University researchers


will monitor the trial over three years to see if it makes


a difference to bills or changes At the moment, people are quite


thoughtless about electricity, they flicked a switch,


the light comes on, and that's the extent of our participation


in the electricity system. If you go down the sort of local


energy market route, people can be much more actively


involved, both financially and as a While renewable energy is changing


the face of the Cornish landscape, this project has the potential


to transform the entire energy industry with a shift away


from the old worlds of a power plant to small systems dominated


by renewable power. Carys Edwards, BBC


Spotlight, Cornwall. Today is World Hearing Day,


and did you know nearly half a million people in the South West


are affected by hearing loss? But apparently many of them ignore


the fact they have a problem. We can take our senses for granted


but a leading expert in the field of audiology says personal lives can


suffer as a result of 61-year-old Richard Hawking


from Falmouth agrees to take a test. You press that and just


follow the instructions, One in five of the people strolling


down any high street in the south-west has some form


of hearing loss from mild to severe. This test indicates you may have


some degree of hearing loss. Considering I'm 61,


I shoot, I'm not bothered. Research in the USA indicates


a strong link between increased hearing loss and a much increased


chance of dementia and depression. As you get more hearing loss,


sometimes you grow older, then the link between hearing loss


and dementia gets stronger, so the risk gets greater the more


hearing loss you've got. The good thing is that


what what we think from our work with Health Survey England is that


if you take action, get your hearing assessed and then follow


the interventions like using hearing aids and implants if you've got


profound deafness, then that 72-year-old Janie Llewellyn spent 15


years struggling with severe hearing loss where everything


sounded like this. I became very withdrawn,


I didn't want to mix with people because I couldn't hear


what they were replying so I didn't I just became very withdrawn


and depressed and my family The world of sounds opened up again


for Janie with an implant. I got my confidence back as well,


I'm not frightened to travel on my own, I don't have that feeling


of vulnerability that I had. Before that the sport from Natalie,


including a look ahead to tonight's And with low pressure in charge this


weekend nothing will be straightforward but it is all a


question of timing so rain but possibly sunshine as well.


Six European wolf cubs have come to Wildwood Escott near Honiton,


as part of a project which could help lead


to their re-introduction to the wild in Britain.


Researchers from Sweden have reared them for the last ten months


and as Hamish Marshall reports, they'll study them whilst


in captivity in Devon to better understand their behaviour.


These ten-month-old European wolf cubs will be monitored


in their new surroundings by experts from Sweden.


The wolf is a really under-studied species because it's a very elusive


and very fearful species, so it's very hard to conduct


So having them like this is a great opportunity to get to know


Christine and her colleagues have helped the wolves settle


in as they want to work out how they compare to domestic dogs.


We are very interested how behaviour has changed


from when we domesticated the dog from the grey wolf at least 15,000


years ago and we are interested in seeing if the similarities


or the differences actually are there from the beginning,


if they are born different or if there is something


This was the animals at seven weeks old.


They had been reared alongside puppies and it's not hard


Just to prove the bond between the scientists


and the wolves, the animals have actually been given names,


We've got Elvis, Sting, Moby, PJ, KD and Lemmy -


The scientific study is one part of the reason


They haven't been wild in Britain for hundreds of years.


Wolves in the wild could send a shudder down some peoples spines,


It can indeed and that's part of the reason why we are doing


There is a great deal of mythology surrounding wolves,


they have had a real impact on our culture and now environment


and they have acquired a reputation and much of that reputation


These wolves will remain in quarantine for four months then


visitors will get a chance to see them.


And as for getting them into the wild in time,


northern Scotland is the most likely location.


Hamish Marshall, BBC Spotlight, near Honiton.


We have posted that story on our Facebook page and it is getting a


lot of reaction save you want to see what other viewers are making that


go to our Facebook page. It's time for the sport now


and there are some huge games Starting this evening


with the Exeter Chiefs who travel to the Leicester Tigers tonight


for a game which could be crucial in deciding who makes the end


of season play offs, so they're planning


to turn up the intensity Although undefeated in the top


flight since the end of October, the Chiefs have spent the week


gearing up for arguably one of the toughest tests


on the Premiership calendar, and hope to build on last week's


impressive victory over Newcastle. With a Six Nations break


this weekend, the Chiefs side will include some


of their internationals. They've only won once at the Tigers


home since they made it into the Premiership and the Chiefs


are well aware of the pressure they'll face under


the floodlights this evening. Yeah, that's the thing,


they have a big crowd and they are very passionate


supporters, so they have a lot of support there, so it's about how


you deal with it during the day. I think some of the younger kids


might not be able to deal with it, where us older ones can sit back


and relax and slowly build. Is it the be all and end all game,


you know, is it all over for us in the top four if we don't win,


well, of course it's not, you know, there's plenty


of other fixtures and, you know, we are currently


still second in the table but we would certainly like to go


there and talk about paying in a way that gives us the opportunity to win


the game and for me that's really what my focus has been on this


week with the players. It hasn't been talking about what's


going to happen in minute 78, minute 79, it's just talking


about how we want to Kick off is at 7.45pm


and there will be full commentary There's a full programme of rugby


for the rest of the weekend. Plymouth Albion are at home


to Hull and on Sunday Plymouth Argyle face a promotion six


pointer at home to third Both sides have been


in the automatic promotion places since September but both have


suffered indifferent form in recent weeks with Argyle dropping ten


points from the last twelve and the Cumbrians winning just


two of their last ten. Derek Adams is hoping his side play


a lot better than they did Yeah, I mean, we didn't play well


enough on Tuesday night, we didn't cause Notts County enough


trouble on their goal, we didn't pass with the fluidity


that we have seen over the season and, you know, it was


a disappointing result for us but we've moved on,


we've got another big game this weekend, we had one last weekend


against Luton away from home and now this weekend it's


second against third. Sixth placed Exeter City


were our only League Two side to win on Tuesday night when they beat


Crawley Town 2-1. Tomorrow they take the best away


record outside of the Championship on the 700 mile round trip


to struggling Hartlepool If they win and other results


go their way tomorrow they could go Here are all the fixtures -


Yeovil are at home to Luton and Torquay have a relegation six


pointer at home to fellow A 13-year-old boy from Bodmin has


started his attempt to break a world Siam Juntakeret is going to try


and cycle from east to west in 32 days, which would be a record


for a child. He's completed day one, 95 miles,


and given that they're 11 hours ahead should be getting ready


to start day two very soon. Siam has three support riders


with him, his Mum Tania and his coach, endurance athlete Bob


Brown. An 11-year-old has completed


the distance before, So, good luck to him. We will be


following his progress. Amazing, ready. Quite hot down there at the


moment. Apparently it is very hot and it has taken a couple of days to


adjust to the temperatures. And no cheering of your favourite teams


this weekend because of your voice! Just clapping! Take care.


It's a big weekend in Cornwall - St Piran's Day is being celebrated


on Sunday and pasty making skills are being put to the test.


Nearly 200 of them will be made for a panel of judges to assess


Amateurs and professionals will be competing for the coveted award.


There are competitors from Camborne to Canada and Chile to Chacewater


and they'll all be in the kitchens at the Eden Project.


BBC Radio Cornwall's David White is there for us now.


Yes, thank you Justin. I am down here at eight desert it Eden Project


at the moment but tomorrow it is going to be packed with people for


the World Pasty Championships. In the summer where I am now is


normally the backstage area for the evening sessions but tomorrow it


will be full of people eating pasties, drinking beer and watching


what is going on on that stage down there. You can see the guys are


discontinuing to break for tomorrow and on that stage you have got the


whole range of music. I am going to be talking is a bit later on to two


people who have come from across the Atlantic to try and take our awards


back over to America and Canada but first here is somebody local who is


also up for the challenge. Well, this is what we've


all been waiting for, Look at that, beautiful and this


is the pasty of Jeremy Brown This one actually isn't going in,


Jeremy, is it, this is one you've brought down for me,


so thank you very much for that. I made one in the batch


for you, yes. I put a little D on it


for you to make sure And do you know what the first thing


I noticed about this pasty is where's the crimping


around the edge? I think in North Cornwall we don't


do a lot of crimping, we like a nice, my father always


liked a nice light crimp because he didn't like too much


pastry, so we keep it as light as possible, so I'm hoping


to start a new trend. OK, now this pasty here is tomorrow,


this will be where the check Now, your pasty last


year got to this point Yeah, it has taken me this long


to get over it to be honest I made two last year,


I made a batch last year and I was really pleased with them,


brought them down and they were too warm, they wouldn't go


through the checking in process, so we took them around the car park


for a bit of a walk, tried to cool them off a bit,


still wouldn't go through, How are you this year, are you happy


with this year's batch? No, they're not as good as last


year's but I'm hoping that, you know, sometimes they might just


sneak through, you know. All right, well good luck tomorrow


with the pasties and also you're singing as well


tomorrow, aren't you? Yeah, singing tomorrow at 4pm, yes,


just before the final All right well fill


yourself with some pasty, All right David,


will do, all the best. well, this is what it is all about


and you can probably see the issue here is that there are two pasties


and three of us, so there will be an argument in a minute but that's talk


to Mike who is from the junior. Now, you are coming over here trying to


take our awards back! We will certainly give it a shot. We have


brought over our best product. We will see what happens. Tell us about


what you do in America because you obviously make traditional pasties,


you are from over here, so how did it happen? I was working for a bank


in Canary Wharf. I left with my American wife and my terms were that


I was going to go and do what I wanted to do. I have always been in


love with Cornwall and Cornish pasties and that is what I decided


to do. At the other had anyone from Cornwall coming into your shop over


there and eating your pasties? Certainly, the family from Michigan


settled by Cornish people came in three generations, little old lady,


85 years old, said she was going to test my pasties and give her


opinion. I was scared! People know their pasties, trust me! They do!


She gave me the big thumbs up so I was well happy. Let's talk to Matt


who have got this award here, which is the pasty ambassador award from


last. You want this last year. Why did you get it? I do a lot of


promotion for pasties in Canada. It's pasties, people don't know what


they are over there so it is a bit of an education process and I have


15 different varieties of pasty, including the traditional one, too.


Congratulations on that, good luck for the pasty Championships and they


start tomorrow here at the Eden Project. It is a massive weekend for


anybody from Cornwall. On Sunday it is St Piran's Day. Make sure you get


your pasty ready for 9pm on Monday night for the Trelawney shout. You


can have a singsong, drink a bit of beer in the pubs as well with


everybody. St Piran's Day on Sunday. I think David put his hand up first


ball that story, didn't he?! I don't blame him! -- his hand up fast for


that story. Weather-wise, what will it be like?


You will be a hot pasty this weekend. Not particularly good


weather. There is some brightness, it would be raining all of the time


but the rain will be heavy at times, so an unfettered weekend. Low


pressure in charge. -- so an unpleasant weekend. There is also


some sunshine in the forecast, I should add. When you look at the big


satellite picture you can make out, well, what can you make out? Not a


lot. Most of Western Europe covered in cloud but there is a hole in the


cloud outfit to the West of us. That will -- brain will turn up and it


will merge with this area of low pressure to get wet weather.


It could be that the rain moves through quite fast. We get sunshine


and showers following in. Monday next week another area of low


pressure. That will be a bit of trouble because the exact position


is uncertain. Let's look at the satellite picture in a bit more


detail because there have been the showers around today. There are now


holds in the cloud. Forecast overnight the night is to see holes


developing in that cloud. This was earlier today down at the beach


where the breeze was strong enough for the kite surfers to get out. EC


is not at the moment, about or nine Celsius. The sea is not warm at the


moment. About eight or nine Celsius. You need to know what you are doing


if you are kite surfing in these conditions. Similarly if you are


heading for the surf this weekend it will be messy indeed. There are some


clear flop in the cloud and first thing tomorrow morning although it


is a reasonably good start there will be some showers developing. --


there are some clear spots in the cloud. Through the day tomorrow some


sunny spells before shouts turn up and they may form lines and once


they go through the sunshine will be back out and that is the way of it


for much of it. -- some sunny spells before the showers turn up. Some


wind coming in from the west. Possibly ten or 11 Celsius but it


would feel as warm as that because of those brisk westerly winds. Here


is the forecast for the Isles of Scilly. Quite windy here, patchy


light rain. Sunny spells at times, too. Those are the times of high


water. For our servers, I mentioned the surf, it is going to be messy


for most beaches. -- for our surfers. The waves on the north


coast and messy conditions, it is quite dangerous along the beach.


There is the coastal waters forecast.


Possibly even gale force around the Isles of Scilly later in the day. On


Sunday, a windy day. One line of rain moves through, showers follow


behind and the winds remain brisk and from the West in the second half


of the weekend. Of the two days, probably Saturday that is the dryer


of the two days. But whether on Monday. Have a nice weekend. Lucy


will be here with a round-up of local politics on Sunday at 11am.


We'll be back with the on Monday. In the meantime, thanks for joining us


and have a good weekend. Good night.


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