08/03/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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I'm in Tavistock to ask how pub landlords feel about business rates


and ask whether in this low-wage economy the Chancellor may be taking


And I'm in St Ives, where I have been speaking


to shop owners about the Chancellor's announcement


And we'll have local reaction to the extra money for social care


plus our Political Editor will assess how the South West has


fared in today's budget. Also tonight:


how familiar songs are being adapted


to provide important reminders for people with dementia.


And David Knopfler, one of the founding members


of Dire Straits, will be playing live for us ahead


There was just one mention by name of the south west


in the budget today - a reference to Exeter


But many of the Chancellor's measures will still be felt


Measures such as rises in National Insurance for self


employed people; and the reduction in the amount of dividends


that small business owners can take tax-free.


But there was also some welcome relief for those concerned


about planned increases in business rates.


Live now to Tavistock and our business


Yes, Tavistock is a well favoured market town as they go, but even


here it is a load wage economy, and the town has more than its fair


share of small businesses and self-employed people. So the rise in


national issuance contributions for the self-employed will apply a bit


of a squeeze and in fact the Federation of Small Businesses


locally describe it as a good way of putting people off running their own


firms. What about infrastructure? West Devon is one of those areas


which feels it's in danger of being bit out on a limb, a previous


Chancellor has had more to say in the budget about south-west


transport. ... She was also a rep as a state of the business community.


Well, the concern was the omission, as you say, lots about


north and the Midlands, lots about Wales, Scotland and Ireland,


nothing about the south-west at all, and


given that we've had assurances previously,


we were really hoping to get those firmed up


in terms of some commitment in terms


So what about business rates? They have been lots of rises, expected in


this budget, and the announcement today that small and medium-sized


pubs would get a ?1000 discount was welcomed as far as it went. How much


of a difference will that make in practice? The landlord here is John


Hooker. What do you make of that, John? The discount is very well


welcomed. ... It is a discount however of what was already a hike.


Even with that is discounts you will face a rise? Yes, and going forward


it needs to be looked at and radicalised, the way business rates


are issued, especially digitally, because more businesses like


ourselves, and only has to read are going to suffer penalties in the


future. I am optimistic? I am optimistic. That is the even west


Devon. Neal, thank you very much and apologies for the sound problems we


had in that report. The Treasury said that 1,600


businesses nationally would benefit from ?150 million of targeted


support for smaller companies, while others


may receive sums from But in a region that


depends on small employers Tamsin Melville is in


St Ives to find out. Yes, well there were winners and


losers across the south-west, with the latest revaluation of business


rate, and many have said for a long time that the system is flawed. Here


many businesses see increases and today's announcement that there will


be short-term help for some, and a porous of possible long-term reform


is getting a cautious welcome here. I've got white chocolate


and lemon tart, or I've Not a budget of big


giveaways but for struggling From April, Neal was one of those


facing a big hike in business rates, more than ?300 extra,


and he'd be taken over Now those increases


for people like him will be It means we won't have


to pass on so much of the price increases


to our customers or absorb


the price rises ourselves. It's a great day, but there


is still the need for long-term reform for


the future to ensure that long-term reform for the future


to ensure that doesn't happen And that long-term reform


promised today that people Her rates are going down


but she is struggling with online competition


and low takings. It's not covering the overheads,


the rent, the rate or If I know what I know now,


I wouldn't be here. The current business


rates just tax a business whether a customer walks


through the door or not and I think anybody would say it's fair to tax


on profits, and that makes it more


competitive and investment strategy for businesses rather than just


having big rises just for actually existing and opening


your door on day one. The reform time scale given


by the Chancellor was for the next revaluation due


in five years' time. In the meantime, a sweetener


in the form of a ?300 million fund for councils to help


the hardest hit. Well, Cornwall Council has said


tonight that it will be urgently seeking clarity from the government


on exactly how this ?300 million fund is going to be shared out


between councils. The Federation of Small Businesses has accused the


Treasury of just tinkering around the Eddery 's with this business


rate issue and say that what is really needed is it to be tackled


properly. Well, as we know, social care


in the South West is under immense pressure as it is in the rest


of the country, so councils here were eagerly awaiting news


of any possible help Today he announced an extra


?2 billion nationally over How much of a difference


will that make? I'm joined now by our


Health Correspondent Jenny Walrond. As we have mentioned before on


Spotlight this is all over a really big issue for the south-west? We


have an older than average population and so a greater need for


social care. Recently south-west councils collectively warned


Westminster that they are not going to have enough money to pay for it,


many of them in the next financial year and we see the impact of that


in a daily basis in hospitals where at any given time there are dozens


of people ready to be discharged but stuck there waiting for care


packages. Some mentioned an extra in 2 billion over the next three years


nationally. What about locally? It has been broadly welcomed, and weeks


ago south-west councils were failing to -- devilment was failing to


address what south-west councils described as a crisis in social care


with funding. Today Cornwall Council says it's pleased that the


government has listened to it concerned but while and that a


longer term solution is required and we are likely to find out what


that's long-term solution is later this year when the government


publishes its proposals in a green paper, a kind of consultation


document. We have also heard today from Sir Wollaston MP a former GP,


saying she is pursued with his new funding, not from other budgets but


is it a question mark one think tank, the local government


information unit says definitely not.


Senior Conservatives in the Southwest have criticised


the budget proposals to spend yet more money on brand new schools.


The leader of Devon County Council told us the Chancellor had


"got his priorities wrong" and should instead be increasing


Simon Hall reports from Devon County Hall in Exeter.


The government have made a point of talking up the new money


Chancellor has found for schools but in some councils,


including Conservative controlled ones like Devon, here,


there is concern about the way that money is being spent.


Same thing, graph equals zero, that's the route.


The maths for Exmouth community College is worrying.


A new formula designed to provide fairer funding


for schools will cost it ?80,000 per year and here they believe


the money allocated in the budget for building


new schools would be better spent lifting standards at existing ones.


Money is of paramount importance because on that depends the number


of stuff I can employ, the number of support staff I can


employ in terms of teaching assistants, in terms of


assistants to help children with special needs, to reduce class


The leader of Devon County Council told me he believed the


Chancellor had got his priorities wrong in allocating money


Extra schools, free schools created in areas like this simply


will mean that schools will be all fighting for pupils.


We have the right number at the present moment


What we do need is more money to actually


fund schools so that we have teachers


Jess? Minus 12.


The budget did include plans to spend ?200 million


The Chancellor said the new money for schools was


designed to increase opportunities for young people but whether that


will be the result is already being challenged and by political friends


Well, our Political Editor Martyn Oates has been following the day's


Apart from that brief mention of Exeter mathematics school, not much


specifically aimed at the south-west, Martin? Yes we have used


to in recent budgets have little list of goodies from the south-west,


reeled off, if not then the speech itself but in supporting literature


published afterwards. The only other thing announced today, a slightly


strange thing done in the context of the budget, was the name that


Plymouth MP will be the government official representative for the


Mayflower at 400 separations in Plymouth. That anniversary


celebration has been heavily involved in by the MP, anywhere.


Nothing from any of the other leaders of the groups for lobbying


for better rail links, for example. We used to joke a lot about the


former Prime Minister David Cameron was frowned of his own worth and


Cornwall. -- south-west and Cornwall. I have heard others


recently saying that may be with the change of the Prime Minister the


south-west isn't as prominent in the government affections. The Cornwall


chairman, of the Federation of Small Businesses, said based on the budget


today it looks as if the north and the Midlands are currently the


teacher's pets. Two of the big announcements today, business rate


relief and social care we have featured tonight. Any indication how


the south-west by benefit from those? Previous social care


allegations could mean an extra ?10 million for the county. The Somerset


MP who campaigned for better funding for rural areas like the south-west


picked up this issue of bed locking that Jenny raised and said that


Devon and Cornwall are among the best, the worst affected. -- the


worst affected counties in the country.


A look now at some of the other stories across the south west...


Police searching for a 26-year-old missing woman in North Devon have


confirmed she's a junior doctor from Bristol.


Lauren Phillips' car was last seen in Woolacombe almost two weeks ago.


Dozens of women from the southwest born in the 1950's, have been


protesting in London today angry about changes to their pensions.


They say they've had up to six years added to their retirement age


Devon Councillors are threatening to refer plans to close


71 Community Hospital beds to the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.


They want health commissioners to assure them it's good


for the local health service and the consultation


Investigators believe plastic packaging accidentally left


on a sauna heater caused a major fire in Exeter.


The Riverside Leisure Centre was severely damaged in the blaze


A University for Somerset has taken a major step forward today.


Bridgwater and Taunton College is launching what it's calling


From fine art and design to nursing,


it'll offer degree level courses in a range of subjects.


Our Somerset reporter Clinton Rogers has been to meet some


of the students already working towards their degree.


The educational landscape in Somerset is being redrawn.


Their own promotional video is nothing if not dramatic.


But what exactly is going to change here?


Sculpting, fine art, textile design, all these students are already


studying for a degree, though right now this isn't a university.


The courses are accredited elsewhere,


In future, their degree certificates could be branded Somerset University


I think it does because I think then we can go on


and we have that status a bit more.


The University Centre Somerset, the college insist this is


For one thing, they plan thing to launch new


degree courses from nucluear science to nursing.


We won't be offering traditional history degrees, and


geography degree than things like that, this is very much about a shop


focus on industry and the type of people that


industry needs today, so


it won't be an the additional University format.


There are many hoops to jump through yet, but it is


now a declared aim, part of a campaign to persuade more higher


The use of music to help people with dementia is not a new concept,


but changing the lyrics of well know tunes to help them is.


Including subtle verbal hints within music tracks,


memorable to the listener, helps remind people living


The idea was devised by a Torbay organisation and is now


Johnny Rutherford has been to see the system being installed


in a house in Threemilestone near Truro.


A lot of people like Frank Sinatra or celibacy and what we have done we


found the person who is living with dementia, we asked the family lots


of things to like and we chose for three or four of them and during the


break and the vocals we have actually added our own message. So


you could be relaxed just listening to some music and get a gentle


reminder. Have you had something to eat? Heard that? Think I'll have


something to eat. This is a new idea trials in Cornwall. The audio is set


up each day and runs for 24 hours only coming on for an hour or two at


meal ordering times. It has shown some positive results, from a man


living with dementia. Since this has been trials, we have noticed that he


is eating the food that we leave for him. Beside his meals, we don't need


to be there saying you've got to read this and drink that he is doing


out automatically. And this is really early dales, at the moment,


so we're quite pleased at the success already. So far the


experiment has shown that the music machine needs to be hidden. If


they've got some ornaments on the mantelpiece, that would frustrate


them if you are to move the ornament so if they see this piece of


equipment that hasn't been there before, for them, they would wonder


what it is, why it is there and I don't think they probably would


accept it in their house as well. As well as a voice speaking advice


between lyrics, Michael he has rewritten some famous songs,


unchanged lyrics to form reminders. For example coming to come fly with


me and getting tired and weary eyes can off the fire, that's all that's


required, and its most part of something where I'm helping people


that are sick filled out of themselves, not just singing at


people of parties. The developers hope to rule out the system


throughout south-west. And staying with music, later this


month, Dartington hall in Devon is to host a concert to fund raise for


Sands School in Devon, run by the students and staff to make the


students -- decisions together. The student council sought out


day-to-day issues, and there is no headmasters. The alternative


education supporter, David Salone macro is supporting. He is one of


the founding members of dire Straits. You have now been so low


for three decades. I left in fairly early days, around the three albums


and I was done. I am going on tour. I 40th anniversary tour, quite


frighteningly. We have just finished one June and will dovetail into


another one. The cusp of the last concert of the previous two, then


the first concert will be the next one. Why are you keen to do this? My


daughter was at the Sands School and my wife teaches there, so... It


wasn't too hard for them to persuade me. Do you many concerts like this?


I don't do lots of benefits, I think the other one was years ago in the


Roundhouse in London. A rare opportunity for people in the


south-west. That's kind of you to say so. I am a big fan of


progressive education, and I read at a very early age as a result of


impressionable teenage age you were reading philanthropists and such,


there was a bit in this book when they were talking about a mother


coming in, the care other side of a S Neill, and the mother comes in and


the child dances around all over the furniture and she says look out free


my daughter is to a S Neill, and he says to add your child isn't free,


your is ruined. It isn't really as free-form as it looks from the


outside. Your songs are described as songs of substance and do did write


a song of the great nowhere, and arrives in saying that construct but


mother memory loss. I did indeed. When I phoned up and said mum I'm


currently see you, oh, David, why didn't you phone, she says. Why do


you think of the idea we have just seen there, using to adapt lyrics


and help people? I will be needing it pretty soon myself. I work lyric


sheets for my work on stage and even for this little two-minute song that


we're going to do I am nervously thinking I have no way to remember


this because that is so used to having the lyric sheets to help me,


even though we did hundreds of concerts a year. It shows the power


of music, doesn't it? It is wonderful stuff. I never tire of it,


it excites me all the time. And you will perform for us in a moment.


What will we hear customer a song for true north, if I can remember.


We will look forward to it. In a moment. Thank you very much for


coming in and well done on the concert on the


19th. Now, time for the weather. David,


what is it looking like? It looks like we will


continue to have some problems with mist and low cloud. That continues


overnight tonight, drizzle which will eventually clear southwards


giving a hint of some slightly brighter conditions. Less breezy


tomorrow, but still feeling quite wild. The biggest point tonight is


going to be the mist and fog, quite extensive and a problem along the


coast or over high ground if travelling. Poor visibility


overnight, easy local radio of course has updates if it causes


problems. It's weather Brand is going to lie draped across Cornwall


for much of the Daisy Murray, with little movement on it, and meaning


Cornwall will suffer again with the weather we have seen today, drizzle,


low-power, fog. Friday, that weather front will have moved a long way


north but we are still in the type of air. Mile, humid, and the


continued risk of low cloud and mist. I'd no definite change to the


pattern until the weekend, a cold front sweeping through from Saturday


introducing fresh air, but availability, and by the time we to


Sunday we have quite a rush of showers developing around the


Midlands, and some sunshine. The week and not too bad, but somewhat


fresher, somewhat cooler. We have the mild air overnight in a


south-west winds continued to drop through the nights to come, meaning


with the air much stiller, the ability of the club to be a bit


lower as it sinks means poor visibility for all of us and as you


can see there is a great cover of cloud over the most of the south


west at the moment, producing a ski spots of light rain and drizzle.


Through the evening and night there is not a great deal of change in


that, winds falling light, and variable by the morning meaning


there is a lot of low cloud around, greeting us early in the day, but


mild overnight, temperatures below are done for most of us 10 degrees.


15 in Fahrenheit. -- 50. By what had been good in the day a few weeks


ago, so it is mild, some mist, but a clearance from the north, so during


the course of the date gradually this guys will brighten, across the


north of Devon, northern parts of Somerset and especially part of


Dorset where here we should start to see some breaks in the cloud and


sunshine coming through. Contrary do that, though, the layer of cloud


across the good part of Cornwall continues with the mist and fog, and


spits of drizzle, for all of us being a mild day, 11 or 12 typically


for most of us and if the sunshine is out, temperatures up to 13 or 14


degrees. For the Isles of Scilly Dumais here, cloud or mystique for


most of the day, lighter winds and we have seen today, and generally


feeling pretty mild. Onto the times of high water and there we are for


the ports and harbours. Far south-west, say Mary's 204 and 1438.


Plymouth, 257, and 1536. For surfers, still quite messy. Big


waves to start with but quite quickly those ways quietened down


because there are lighter winds tomorrow, a variable three or four,


eventually becoming south of south-westerly three Dutch War,


occasionally drizzle, moderate that poor visibility through the English


Channel, but better visibility along the north coast across the weather


front stalling across Cornwall. Friday a similar day, temperatures


13-14 degrees, briefly some brightness, maybe some sunshine, and


temperatures as night still quite high, but by Saturday into Sunday,


slightly fresher air, cold at night and the risk of a view showers


around, some showers on Sunday turning out to be quite heavy. Have


a good evening. The Justin, back to you.


As promised we leave you tonight with Dire Straits founding member


You are my true north, my dreams, my truest, true north, the one that I


love best. I will remember this, our perfect knife of perfect place. Yes


and your soft caress, I will remember this. I will remember all


of this, how we burned, how we kissed, after all this loneliness, I


will remember this. I'm the one that blessed. I'm the one that blessed.


You are my true north my true east and my true west. Honey, you're my


true north, the one that I love best. I will remember this, my love


beyond the leaf of death, the passion and the truth at last. I'm


the one that blessed. I'm the one that's blessed. You are my true


novel, my true east, my true west. Oh, honey, you're my true north, the


one that I love best. The one that I love best. The one that I love best.


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