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Welcome to Spotlight. news teams where you are.


Tonight, relief for the wife and family of the former


Royal Marine who'd been convicted of murder.


We are delighted at the decision of manslaughter with reduced


responsibility. Did much better affects the circumstances that my


husband found himself in. We'll have reaction


from Sergeant Blackman's home town of Taunton as questions are raised


about the way his case was handled. Gathering to make their voices heard


- why the local community is out Feelings are running high about the


temporary closure of this hospital. The massive power surge that saw two


homes destroyed by fire. And troubled waters in Exeter -


why this unfolding drama is being A former Plymouth-based Royal


Marine, who shot dead an injured Taliban fighter in Afghanistan,


has won an appeal against It followed fresh psychiatric


evidence about Sergeant A military Appeal Court in London


had ruled that Sergeant Blackman, from Taunton, is guilty


of the lesser charge of manslaughter on the grounds


of diminished responsibility. We'll hear from former Royal Marine


Lord Burnett in a moment. First this report


from Clinton Rogers. In Taunton, a Royal Marine's town,


you don't have the power to find people flying the flag for Alexander


Blackman. Well, that is better than it was,


but I still feel that he should After all, he was fighting


for his country and things Yet there are those who believe


Alexander Blackman had to be held Well, it was right


that he was prosecuted. That sort of action has


to be investigated. Simon Hollington was


a Royal Marine first 24 years, Today he told me Alexander Blackman


had crossed the line of what was acceptable


on the battlefield. I can understand how he did


what he did, I don't We have to keep them,


otherwise we are reduced to savages. What do you say though


to the argument that what goes on on the battlefield should stay


on the battlefield? If somebody breaks the law


and it is the law, then they have Former Sergeant Blackman


is currently in Erlestoke prison in Wiltshire having served more


than three years of an eight-year Now, all dates back to September


2011 when he was serving in Helmand Province,


Afghanistan. When he shot dead


a seriously injured Taliban His actions captured


on helmet camera. But his prosecution


prompted protests. This one on the streets


of Westminster. And in Parliament today,


the local MP welcomed And would the Prime Minister agree


with me that within the correct legal framework, those


who defend our peace, protect our will from evil,


be treated with fairness Another MP, a former soldier,


said the right outcome had It was always my view whilst


Sergeant Blackman had behaved in the most despicable way,


what he was guilty in the most despicable way, what he


was guilty of was not murder. He was mentally ill


when he did what he did. He had not been looked


after by his chain of command. He had seen things that would have


snapped the will and senses of anybody and what he did


was awful, truly, truly awful, but it wasn't murder,


it was manslaughter. So, murder has now formally


become manslaughter, but the debate over the rights


and wrongs of the shooting, and the prosecution which followed


it, haven't gone away. With me now is Liberal Democrat peer


Lord Bernat who is a former Royal Marine and was also an MP in Devon.


What did you make of the ruling? I was pleased to see it and I pay


tribute to Sergeant Blackman who has behaved with great dignity and they


paid tribute to his wife who has been unbelievably loyal and stood by


him and she has been a wonderful lady. We just heard some of the


footage of the incident itself. As a former Royal Marine what did you


make of what Sergeant Blackman did at the time? I had the advantage of


having spoken to him about it. I visited him in prison nearly two


years ago and he believed he shot a dead man against the Geneva


Convention, but not murder. The panel in the court-martial find


other ways. -- found otherwise. If the Taliban insurgent was alive, he


did the wrong thing. Nevertheless, the court has today held that such


were the stresses and pressures on him and the other members at the


time, the public don't really understand quite what those


pressures are. Continuous mortal danger. Continuous wondering whether


your next step, you are going to blow up with an IED. This has led to


diminished responsibility. We have had a comment on our Facebook page


tonight from a viewer who says if it was diminished responsibility, he


was very clear in knowing he was doing wrong. He said in the footage,


I am breaking the Geneva Convention. What do you say to the viewer


tonight who says he clearly knew what he was doing? Because first of


all, as I said I'd start, a new that if he was shooting a dead man, what


he thought, what he told me in prison when I visited him, he was


shooting a dead man, that is against the Geneva Convention. Nevertheless


the court held otherwise. So how should he had been dealt with


without breach? If your think the murder conviction which clearly was


overturned was wrong, how should he have been dealt with? What should


have happened was that when the panel came to its opinion, 5-2,


which is not sufficient to convict, not take sufficient racial the


conflict in a civil criminal case, -- ratio. He should have been


treated on the basis that an appeal after that hearing the whole


business of his diminished responsibility came into play,


whether he killed a dead man or a barely alive man but Mike you want


the whole way in which military justice is dealt with to be


reviewed? I think so yes. It should be a trial, the panel should have


been his peers. That is the ethos of court-martial is. Only two of the


seven members of the panel had actually served in Afghanistan and


knew the hell that was inflicted on our people. We must leave it there.


Lord Burnett, thank you very much. And there is a special


edition of Panorama tonight after the Spotlight


late news and weather. Marine A: The Inside Story


is tonight at 10:50pm on BBC One. The temporary closure in bed at


Bosworth Nady Hospital in Devon could be permanent and a public


meeting beginning an telling the tapenade. Campaigners are due to be


shown a video made by patient Penny Smith who has terminal cancer. Penny


has pleaded to be allowed to see out her days in her local hospital.


Our Health Correspondent Jenny Wilder and is in Holsworthy tonight


for us. The news two weeks ago that this hospital was likely to close


temporarily has shocked and angered many local people tonight. But they


get the opportunity to express those feelings to the trust that runs it.


Earlier the Chief Executive Alison Dimond told me they are looking at


all options. We are open to any suggestions


that our staff are making and we have looked to work


with other local organisations to see whether any of these


things can be resolved, but it actually is quite


a difficult thing for us to do. We will continue to work


with people though. John Hutchings is the merit of


Holsworthy. Feelings really running high with this issue. Definitely.


People are very passionate about our committee hospital and one of the


big problems is our geography, we are miles away from anywhere, one of


the furthest distance is in Devon for any regard. Do you think they


will reopen the hospital say that they had never opened after the


break closure. We hope we can persuade them not to. We hope to go


against the three major point was in hospital. The meeting starts in just


a few minutes. Feelings running high. Police are already there so it


is likely to be a lively one. Investigations are continuing


into a fire at two properties in Cornwall which some neighbours


believe was caused by Smoke was seen coming from houses


at St Day near Redruth at the same time as numerous electrical faults


were reported in nearby properties. The Nightcrawler by rescue service


has told the BBC the most likely cause is electrical. David 's


daughter Bristol setup -- they were all out when the fire broke out, so


no one was injured but you wouldn't call them lucky when this is the


state of their home. Upstairs it is worse. Far worse. Fire burned


through in next door and through the roof. The children's destroyed.


Katie finds some wet and charred pictures of her daughter. I found


those pictures of Charlie from quite a while ago and it is just gutting.


Everything was in there, our lads. -- our lives. I came out and in


there was number three there was smoke coming out of the roof. A


neighbour called the Fire Service and that was minutes after she had


reported a power cut. Other neighbours say they saw smoke and


sparks coming from a nearby electrical transformer. Yet more


neighbours claim home electronics had burnt out at around the same


time. The electric goes off, sparking, the satellite box is going


up. Sparking off on cushions. Ten minutes later the ruthless smoking.


Within 20 minutes two rubes are on fire with flames coming out of both


of them. Western Power distribution say no one is available for


interview but a spokesman has confirmed that there was a problem


with the transformer that was here which is why they have replaced it


with that new one. Work to repair these homes is due to last at least


six months. The homeless families are still trying to find temporary


cut accommodation to rent. The children's schools have started a


collection to help replace their room and toys. But family photos are


irreplaceable. There were some good results


for our football sides last night - She's riding high -


the top jockey hoping to make a bit of history at the Cheltenham Gold


Cup. And the young scientists in search


of proof after deadly intent Technology used for gaming


is being harnessed to try to cut the number of people


who accidentally drown There were more deaths


from water-related incidents in Devon than in any other county


in England in 2015. 321 people died in the UK,


with 231 of them in England. By county, Devon had 19,


Cornwall had ten, Dorset Across the UK, most


of the deaths were men. Now a virtual reality film


is being made to show the risks and Clare Woodling has been


to find out more. People are taking chances,


and that's why more drown in Devon Today we're shooting


a virtual-reality on the issues of drink-drowning,


peer pressure and cold-water shock. This water rescue is


an exercise done with actors. It will make a virtual-reality film


warning people about the risks. The Fire Service want it to save


lives, particularly young ones. Why is it the service is not


handing out leaflets So, for me, the issue with having


leaflets is that actually you can hand them out but people may not


necessarily read them, they may just get thrown


on the side, put in a pocket, whereas with this technology we're


engaging with people, we're sparking a conversation,


we're being able to show them just how dangerous this water is visually


through the virtual-reality goggles and being able to go


into schools and colleges and starting that debate,


really, to stop people The virtual-reality headset allows


the wearer to live in the scene Up, down, left, right,


the vision is 360 degrees. While no film can share


the chill of the cold water, If you were falling


in and it was sort of not planned, you didn't have anyone with you,


the initial shock of being I noticed when I had just got in,


your breath is like... and you're quite gasping for air,


to try and keep the blood It's this helmet covered in cameras


that will provide the footage from different angles and make


the viewer's experience Most people don't find themselves


in a boat like this unless It's hoped that these will bring


the dangers of rivers, canals, lakes and the sea closer to home


for more people before they find It was a good evening


for our football sides last night. Plymouth Argyle and Exeter City


kept their promotion hopes alive and Torquay United did their plans


of avoiding relegation Exeter City put the recent losses


to Hartlepool and Accrington behind them with a comprehensive win


at home to Cheltenham. They went in front


on the stroke of half-time. David Whelan was brought down


in the penalty area by Cheltenham And then it was down


to Reuben Reid to do the rest. The striker then doubled his tally


for the evening, combining with Jake Taylor on the right-hand


side before showing a quick turn of pace and rifling the ball


into the back of the net. Double figures now for


Reuben Reid this season. Taylor then turned from creator to


finish with this fine solo effort. It sealed the points


for the Grecians and extends their gap to eighth in the table


to three points. Plymouth Argyle picked up a very


useful point on the road The hosts took the lead


through Myles Weston's But super sub Nathan Blissett,


on from the bench, rose highest to head in his first Pilgrims goal,


and in doing so sent Torquay United held promotion


hopefuls Tranmere Rovers to a 0-0 draw at Plainmoor,


and in doing so they remain a point clear from safety


in the National League. And Yeovil Town are in action this


evening, when they take She's from Devon and will become


only the second woman ever to ride in the Cheltenham Gold Cup


on Friday. Jockey Lizzie Kelly will be


on board Tea for Two, trained by her stepfather Nick


Williams. Damian Derrick has been


to the family yard to I wanted to dress like a male jockey


with all the right gear, proper riding boots,


proper brooch and everything. I had to do more to fit


in and look right and look Lizzie hasn't just fitted


in, she's stood out, making her own piece of history


along the way. COMMENTATOR: A first ever grade


one win in Britain over That win at the highest level


in jump racing 15 months ago The confidence side


of that was massive, you know, it really set in stone sort


of where I was going and what I was capable of,


being able to say I have won a grade one to myself, when


things are a bit bleak. Despite her success, opportunities


are limited for Lizzie. Many owners and trainers


are still reluctant to expose women The vast majority of her rides come


from the family yard. Not that she is getting


any hand-outs. She rides for us and we run


a business and if we don't get the success, then we won't be


here in years to come, I feel very proud that somebody


can be that dedicated And it is that sheer hard work that


Lizzie says is behind her success. Although long used to being


outnumbered in the weighing room, she does understand the significance


of being the first female jockey I think more than any other


girl reference, I really Riding in the Gold Cup is massive,


because it's such an elite race, reserved for the best horses,


the best trainers And in such illustrious


company, Lizzie has already Now, as crime mysteries go


it was perhaps one of the more obscure whodunnits facing boffins


at the University of Exeter - But for the 200 young


sleuths trying to unravel the Great Bideford Bake Off mystery


it was an illuminating insight into the world


forensic investigations. John Henderson joined


the budding detectives. It is how they find out DNA strands


and CSI stuff and how they catch James and fellow super sleuths


are on a mega serious case - who and what is making


bread taste mega sweet? So, here on this screen we can


see the yeast that you prepared on a microscope slide,


so these are the cells that you have stained with the dye,


so your job is to see amongst all these yeast cells if you can


spot ones that are different, because those


are the ones that we think that are the mutant yeast,


that carry the DNA James is one of 200 pupils


from around the region playing forensic detective


at the medical school laboratories at the University


of Exeter. They are using state-of-the-art


microbiology and They are looking at


mutated cells under the microscope. And strictly in the interests


of the medical research, So, it is showing them how


we take the research that we do in the lab on DNA,


on people's genetic samples and we carry


that right through into understanding how


organs work, understanding how that affects the individual and


ultimately how that affects society when it is a serious health issue


like the link between diabetes and Though only 20% of


science professors are women, event is designed


to prove that science isn't PhD student Hannah Jones


is a willing white coat and has this advice to women


who want to give science a spin. Just remain excited, inquisitive and


don't worry about looking geeky. I think sometimes the look of things


might put people off where people think you wear a lab coat and that


is not a bad thing. A little genetic genius helped the pupils work out


which culprit had spiked the bread. A taste of science at may well lead


to more successful experiments in future.


And we're hoping there will be no spiking of baked goods next week,


when BBC Radio Devon and Cornwall, Spotlight, Inside Out


and the Sunday Politics will be competing in their very


They'll be pitting their best Victoria sponges against one another


And you'll be able to see how they get on and how much they raise


In the meantime, it has been so mild, hasn't it? It has been nice.


Other places have had the crowds. It is going to change, because it turns


unsettled as we head into the week ahead. More cloud and more breeze


developing. In the still air we have had the leader two or three days it


is about to change but we have had some lovely sunshine in place of.


This this was the sunset in Somerset. The beautiful end to the


day here. Some sunshine coming in across other parts of Somerset. This


is hovered in the sunshine with just patchy cloud. The change will happen


through the day tomorrow. Generally for all of us rather a cloudy day


tomorrow. The risk of drizzle as well as hill fog. This weather front


is a bit closer. It also marks the boundary between the very mild air


and slightly colder conditions. Once that moves across southern Britain


temperatures will come down and then it opens the door to several weather


fronts queueing up to affect us and that will arrive at the weekend so


the weekend looks like it could be quite windy and at times also quite


wet for Saturday and Sunday. Risk winds. Perhaps Sunday afternoon in a


bit brighter with some sunshine but also some sharp showers. You can see


how we have had a fair cover of cloud today in places but others


have had the glorious sunshine. It is mainly be the more eastern parts


of Devon in the Dorset and Somerset where we have seen likely clear


skies to date allowing the sunshine to come through allowing


temperatures to get up quite high. He can see where Cornwall and west


and south Devon have been rather cloudy. Parts of North Devon,


Somerset and the North Dorset have had glorious sunshine. Overnight


tonight the holes were filling with mist and low cloud and it will be


very similar to what it was last night. A few spits of drizzle but


possible in the far west and temperatures no lower than between


six and nine. Tonight the cloud figure capable of producing drizzle


and few holes in that cloud so we returned to other great day tomorrow


stores. Temperatures not as high as they have been. Ten or 11 the top


temperatures. Here is the forecast for the Isles of Scilly. For much of


the date we have mild there. Bits of drizzle in the wind. Still feeling


quite mild but the will feel cooler into credit. Good surf today, bigger


than predicted. Not quite so high waves tomorrow but still some usable


served. As the breeze comes on the waves will become slightly choppy


especially towards the end of the afternoon. Westerly 3-4, fearing


north-westerly four. Occasional drizzle with moderate occasionally


poor visibility. Friday isn't too bad to start with. We might end up


with a bright start to Friday. Brief sunshine even through the morning


but then clouding over with patchy rain turning up. But rain keeps on


coming through the weekend. Generally quite cloudy weekend but


also quite windy at times. Thank you. And our News at 10:30pm an


update on that meeting which is about to get underway about


Holsworthy hospital but from all of us, good night.


'The UK has voted to leave the European Union


'Ukip leader Nigel Farage celebrated the result,


'declaring that dawn was breaking on an independent nation.


'Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to resign


'The pound fell sharply as the referendum result became apparent,


'and traders are bracing themselves for panic when the markets open.


'and England are confident of advancing to the next stage


'ahead of their upcoming European Championship game against Iceland.'


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