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Tanis Bhandari was killed in 2015, but his family say they still


haven't seen a full report on what happened.


The emotional feeling that they are keeping information from you that


should be out there for everybody to know.


Also on the programme tonight: Three years in jail for a Devon doctor.


This consultant paediatrician made and distributed indecent


images of children - a senior officer says


they were amongst some of the worst she'd ever seen.


A trail of illegal flytipping across the countryside -


now the man responsible has been sentenced to 20 months in prison


as young and old celebrate International Happiness Day.


There are calls tonight for urgent action from the government


by families of people murdered by offenders on probation.


A BBC investigation has found new evidence of relatives of such


crimes being kept in the dark over reports which they


The investigation by tonight's Inside Out programme follows


the murder of Tanis Bandhari from Plymouth.


He was stabbed to death on New Year's Day 2015.


One of his killers was, at the time, being supervised


His mother is fighting to obtain the full official


Now a similar case has emerged - also in Devon.


In 2015, Sarah's brother was beaten to death by an offender on parole.


The BBC has established an internal review was carried out


by the probation service, but that is news to Sarah.


It was only when I got a phone call from the BBC that it was the first


I had ever heard of the family having any access to the probation


report, or indeed that there was a probation report


It doesn't let us get on with our lives in the way that you need to.


It was a similar story for the family of Plymouth


He was murdered two years ago by knife obsessive Donald Pemberton.


A report was also carried out into the killing.


The family were only given a summary after more than a year


It's just totally, totally frustrating and upsetting.


The emotional feeling that they're keeping information from you that


should be out there for everybody to know, it's just totally unfair.


Mrs Sharpe has now asked the Justice Secretary to intervene


and help get the full report released into Pemberton's


The Minister has said she will review the matter.


You've just got this strong desire to know why it happened,


You know, that something so bad should happen.


In the south-west, most probation services are run


Working Links told us that they never withhold summary


reports and that it is the job of Devon and Cornwall Police


to liaise with families over that information.


However, in the case of Sarah's brother, the police told us they had


no record of being notified that a report existed.


Sarah says that lack of clarity has added to her suffering.


She remains determined to find out why her brother died.


And Inside Out is on tonight at 7.30 here on BBC One.


A consultant paediatrician from Devon is tonight beginning


a three-year jail term for viewing and sharing child sex images


which a senior police officer says are amongst the worst


47-year-old Jonathan Walsh, who'd worked at North


Devon District Hospital, admitted 17 charges of making


None of the charges relate to patients in his care.


The hospital says it was shaken when it learnt of the case


Not keen on being photographed as he went into court today,


but Dr Jonathan Walsh, in the red jacket, was very keen


to see indecent images of young children on his home computer.


When officers raided Walsh's family home in Barnstaple,


they found 27 computer files which showed the most serious types


Over a four-month period, 24 of them had been distributed


This was the equivalent of 18 hours of viewing.


Walsh had also tried to cover his tracks by using


These are our grade A images which are at the highest end


of the spectrum on indecent images and in fact the investigating


officer has said that they were some of the worst images she has ever


It is not a victimless crime, there are real children at the end


of this that are suffering every day to satisfy the desires of the people


The court was told Walsh's wife was standing by him and he now


In a statement, North Devon District Hospital said:


a senior national police protection officer said paedophiles who view


indecent images but go no further should not be jailed as forces can't


But a leading children's charity welcomed today's prosecution.


Clearly there needs to be something done to prevent people committing


these offences in the future and we would want to see far more


in terms of prevention to ensure children are not abused in this way


and these images are not available to be downloaded by anybody.


As he jailed Walsh for three years, the judge told him, "You went


to considerable lengths to disguise what you were doing.


To state that your sexual interest in children which underlies these


offences causes concern with regard to the position you held


Walsh has already had to move from North Devon due


Now a round up of some of the other news tonight.


Police have launched a murder investigation in Exeter.


A 47-year-old man, originally from Liverpool, died in hospital


on Friday after a disturbance last Thursday in Colleton Crescent.


Police are questioning a 19-year-old man.


It is thought Charlie told we may have travelled to Yorkshire. Police


are appealing for sightings. The only care home on the Isles


of Scilly is closing. The islands' council says recruiting


difficulties means it is unable to ensure a minimum safe level


of staffing at Park Relatives have two months


to move their loved ones. Cornwall Council is calling


for a minister or senior civil servant to be appointed


to champion the Cornish. It's made the call to the


Communities Secretary Sajid Javid. The Council of Europe has criticised


the way the government is meeting its obligations


to the Cornish as a newly The Queens Theatre in Barnstaple


and the Landmark Theatre in Ilfracombe have been returned


to the control of North Devon The council says it will now look


for a short-term caretaker operator before putting running


the theatres out to tender. Some schools say they are facing


cuts to the A-level curriculum, a reduction in the number


of teaching staff and bigger class sizes as they struggle


to balance the books. The leader of Devon County Council


says the situation has got so bad, he's launching a petition to get


the issue of school funding raised A government consultation


to change the way schools are funded ends on Wednesday,


but local authorities in Devon and Cornwall claim the new fairer


funding formula does not The government wants to change the


way schools are funded to make it fairer and to hold the most


disadvantaged children. For Devon, 62% of children in secondary and


primary schools will be worse off under the new fairer funding. We are


having to cover subjects, increase class sizes and we are not replacing


staff and the increasing workload on staff means we are losing staff. We


have an opportunity to sign and make a very large petition which we can


present to Parliament. The government gives schools in the


south-west less money than other parts in the country. Devon is


particularly badly hit. This might education really worth 50% less?


This is why a petition is being launched to get the issue debated


again in the Commons. Let us for once stand up and say to government,


enough is enough. We would like fair funding. Members of Parliament are


talking about it. Let's give them the support to talk further in


London. A move welcomed by teachers. I am pleased he doing it. I would


question why it was not done earlier because we have had to make cuts


already within the budget. The government says its new funding


formula will make the system fairer, but some schools are already running


on reserves whilst cutting staff, subjects and increasing class sizes.


I had to staff saying they are leaving the profession, they cannot


cope with the workload and we are talking about talented staff.


Despite widespread concern over funding pressures, there no extra


money earmarked for schools in the budget but that has not stopped


those like John Hart hoping that his petition will make a difference.


A double-decker bus is to be used as a new shelter


It follows a similar move on the Isle of Wight.


The Dorset bus will be based in Weymouth and volunteers have now


collected the vehicle which has been donated to the project.


It will sleep 20 and should be converted and ready for use


The idea is to give a group of people somewhere temporary


to stay while they find more permanent accommodation.


It is a really cheap solution to a bigger, growing problem and it


provides safety and shelter and food and support and will just tell


people back into society and into their own homes.


Natalie will be here in a moment with a full sports round up


and although Exeter Chiefs had a near miss...


There was major disappointment for the Plymouth Raiders


And creating crates of art - how graffiti is being being used


A man who cruised residential areas of Devon looking for items


to illegally flytip has been jailed for 20 months.


Martin McDonagh would approach homeowners uninvited and offer


to take away their waste for a cash sum.


Instead he left a trail of debris, including hazardous asbestos waste


in some of the most sensitive rural sites in the county.


McDonagh failed to turn up to Plymouth Crown Court


and a European Arrest Warrant has been issued to bring back


the offender from the Republic of Ireland, so that justice


It is now a familiar sight in our countryside.


The beauty spots were fly-tippers can illegally dump rubbish


But look at how much devastation one man can cause.


18 separate sites across three local authorities were used


by Martin McDonagh over more than a year.


One victim who was ripped off by the serial fly-tipper also faced


a fixed penalty notice served by the local authority


I was heavily pregnant, I was moving out of my dad's flat


and trying to start a new, fresh life, new home, new family


I wanted everything gone, sorted and I couldn't do that.


He knows how to work people to get what he wants. He can come across as


the most friendliest person in the world. He knows what he is doing.


In sentencing, the charge said Martin McDonagh would pester home


owners who were then charged money and then he was in a habit of coming


back and pestering for more money. He said his manner was persistent


and threatening. Tanis Bandhari Martin McDonagh showed their regard


for the customers. He showed no regard for the environment and he


showed no regard for the land owners, local authorities who have


had to clear up the massed. Martin McDonagh's van has been crushed and


recycled. If only he had taken this approach with his work.


It was a massive weekend of sport, but it's fair to say there weren't


Natalie's here with good news and bad news.


Shall we get the bad news out of the way?


The Exeter Chiefs just failed in their bid to win the first trophy


They lost 16-12 to Leicester Tigers in the final of the Anglo-Welsh Cup.


Charlie Price watched the game in London.


It was another big day for fans of the Exeter Chiefs.


More than a thousand of them travelled from Devon to London


We will win quite handsomely, probably by about 25 points.


I think we will play really well and if we have a good squad


performance, then we'll bring home the cup - brilliant.


At the Twickenham stoop, a young Chiefs side was aiming


to win the Anglo-Welsh Trophy for a second time and they enjoyed


the first try of the match, with James Short on the end


of a good passing move and his pace gave the Leicester defence no


But the Tigers responded and took control of the game.


Tom Brady intercepted another Exeter passing move and he scored.


It was converted and another two penalties from Freddie Burns saw


the Chiefs trail by 11 points at the break.


No points were scored in the second half until the 77th minute,


when after 39 phases of play, Sam Simmonds finally breached


the Tigers' defence, but there wasn't enough time


So it was defeat in the final of this competition


There was also disappointment for the Plymouth Raiders


as they lost in the BBL Trophy final to a slick Leicester Riders team.


A 1,000-mile round trip to and from Glasgow saw


The Raiders were always the underdogs and Leicester showed


why they were favourites with a strong start.


Of their 19 attempts in the first quarter,


Plymouth only managed to score three times, meaning the writing


Despite a valiant fightback by the Raiders in the second


quarter, when they tried to stay in touch with their opposition,


it soon became obvious that the Riders were too good


and they started to run away with it.


Plymouth did well to make it to the final,


their first in ten years, but yesterday just wasn't their day.


The Riders reigned supreme and it finished 91-58.


At the end of the day, it's a make or miss sport.


You miss the shots, you lose and we had, overall,


four more shots than them, and we lost by 30,


We're going to have to go back to the drawing board,


see where we're taking our shots from and why we're missing so many


shots, because that has hurt us over the last six or seven weeks.


The long trip back from Glasgow was a disappointing


Eight games left of the season and Plymouth Argyle maintained


their automatic promotion push with a win over Morecambe


It finished 1-0, which might not sound that exciting,


but by all accounts it was a humdinger of a game.


Graham Carey was the scorer with a superb effort.


Argyle were unlucky not have have had more.


Exeter City are still in the play-off zone in seventh place


The Grecians took the lead just before the hour mark


Luton, who are currently fifth, equalised a few minutes later.


Exeter are just one point ahead of eighth-placed Blackpool.


On Saturday they're against Yeovil, who also drew


They were hosting Accrington Stanley who had ten men


Francois Zoko scored Yeovil's equaliser.


The Glovers are 17th with their opponents one place


And if you're wondering where Torquay are, well,


They're in action tomorrow at home to Eastleigh.


Are you aware it is International Day of Happiness with that bulletin?


Sorry! But didn't they do well to get there? The top two teams. There


is always next year. A wooden crate may not be the first thing you think


of as a work of art but left it in the hands of a graffiti artist in


Exeter they have been transformed. The artists have used their skills


to turn the crates into colourful and eye-catching pieces which will


now be auctioned off for charity. The crates were truly,


truly extraordinary. People can be as wild


and as wacky as they want to be. The spare time of 22 graffiti


artists combined with a donation of 22 blank crates and this


is what you get. It really is extraordinary,


absolutely extraordinary. I know the work of all


of the artists involved because I was the one to approach


them, but it was so surprising that the depth and range


of results that we got. The struggle is now where to display


these pieces of art. Because the idea is we are going


to have an auction to make as much money as we can to give to a charity


cause and that charity cause is the homeless that I see


all the time in Exeter. I don't understand why somebody


is not ringing me up straightaway and saying,


"Martin, do you know what? "I will have your crates,


I will display them It is a cause really close


to my heart right now. I cannot ever be more amazed


of people's individual attention to things,


so a central location The search continues


for a place on the high street Working with you, just


think Peshmerga Justin! made you smile today,


because it's International Day of Happiness and one woman has been


on a mission to help spread Sally Crabtree enlisted the help


of school children to launch a postal service delivering


parcels of happiness. Johnny Rutherford joined


them as they stopped off to at a residential


home in Plymouth. Here is your parcel of happiness.


Packages containing happy poems and gets too warm the heart. It is all


about young people delivering a little cheer to the elderly. One of


the kids, I said to him, what is happiness? He said, happiness is a


rocket ship that won't stop flying. I am aiming to inspire them to have


the confidence to find their voice and understand that literacy can be


fun and once you get that going, you can create things that have a


genuine joy within them and then it is that thing of giving that to


somebody else. If you give to people, it makes you happy. Parkwood


residential home accepted the deliveries with open arms. Some gets


contained poems. The universe is one big door of love, here is your key


to open it. It makes I Pella our day to have them here singing. It was


lovely. That is what we need here. A bit of happiness. One of the ladies


got given a gold watch and instead of the time it said, now. That thing


about happiness is about living in the moment. With children they live


in the moment. What do you think of today? Smashing! Remember today is


International Day of Happiness so that means smiles.


We had loads of happy callers on the radio today as well saying that


things that made them happy work" that cheese sconce, the open road


and one person said talking to me made them happy. Let's see if the


weather will make us happy. The weather is not great but I will do


it with a smile. We have had a bit of a mixed bag today. Drive but


cloudy weather to begin with, and then we had a weather front moving


in so we had a spell of rain. That has cleared. Behind it is much


colder air. This week it will be cold particularly over the next few


days. Rather breezy all week and towards the end it should settle


down with more dry weather. You can see the extent of the cloud. Behind


this front we have a lot of clear skies. Initially tonight we will see


the clear skies and then shower was behind. It has been a breezy day and


we can expect a fairly breezy few days. Tomorrow we will see a mixture


of sunshine and heavy downpours. Some with the risk of hail and heavy


thunder. Much lighter winds on Wednesday. Thursday a mixture of


sunshine and showers. After Thursday it should settle down as we head


towards the weekend. We have a bit of cloud still left but tonight, a


lot of the cloud will lift and break. Initially clear skies, a few


showers. It is going to be breezy and that will stop us getting a


frost because it is very cold air that is starting to push across us.


Temperatures close to freezing even with that breeze. Down to one or 2


degrees. The potential of a frost roaringly tomorrow. Shower was


speeding in as he go through the day. Heavy with the risk of hail and


thunder, merging into longer spells of rain. With the strength of those


winds it will feel colder than today, highs of around ten or 11


degrees. For the Isles of Scilly we will see Sunny spells but then


showers will work their way in and they will be heavy with the risk of


hail and thunder. Winds will pick up as we go through the day. Here are


your times of high water. In terms of our surfing, fairly big waves


along the north coast. Slightly lesser waves along the south coast.


Our winds will start off south-westerly, gradually become


more westerly through the day. Many fair with some showers. Some fog


developing and the visibility moderate or good. A bit of a mixed


bag this week. Much colder air starting to push in. Tonight will be


a chilly night, that breeze keeping us mostly frost free. Tomorrow more


sunshine than today. In the afternoon clouds will clump


together, heavy with the risk of hail and Sunday. Wednesday will be


fairly cloudy, a spell of rain, drier in the afternoon. Jabba Riaz


we had towards the tail end of the week we will seek temperatures


climbing. A ridge of high pressure climbing. Friday into the weekend we


should see a lot more dry weather with spells of sunshine. Sarah on


Facebook says, see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.


Lovely! From all of us here, good night.


The 24-year-old man has been charged with murder.


You made sure an innocent man is charged!


What gives you the right to say that he's innocent?


If police wrongdoing is part of this, I want to know.


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