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Tonight on Spotlight: Security stepped up across the South-West.


Devon and Cornwall Police than shoulder to shoulder with both


counties and the Alex of Skye please send only by standing together or we


ultimately defeat the threat that is posed from the groups and


individuals responsible for this kind of behaviour.


Railway stations, airports, military bases and ports -


extra patrols are deployed in the wake of yesterday's


We'll also be speaking to MP Kevin Foster, back


on home turf tonight about being in lockdown


Also tonight: The children from Somerset who found themselves


They were on school trip to Parliament and were rushed


to a safe area where they sang songs to pass the time.


The support being offered to foster carers and the appeal


It doesn't quite go to plan when teams from BBC South West get


Railway stations, airports, military bases and ports -


extra patrols are deployed in the wake of yesterday's


They stress it's just a precaution, designed to reassure the community.


The police have also thanked members of the public for their messages


of support and say they will do all they can to keep people safe.


More from our Home Affairs Correspondent Simon Hall.


British Transport Police are working increased hours to provide security


and public reassurance at the South-West's


I think it's important for a number of reasons.


For ourselves, obviously, our job is to be out


there to reassure the public, make everybody feel safe.


I think, more importantly as a member of the public,


someone who lives in this country and has resided in it


all their life, I think it is important that we are able


to carry on, be as resilient as possible and show these


people that, you know, we can live our lives


And we will live our lives quite normally.


Managers told us that stations were as busy


Those travelling to London were defiant.


I'm going to visit my daughter and she is in Suffolk and I'm not


If everyone sort of gave in and didn't do anything it


We planned to go and we're not having any terrorist affecting us.


Our lives will not be affected by it.


I think you've got to carry on as you are.


You can't let things like this slow you down and stop what you're doing.


The key message here is that we stand together.


Devon and Cornwall Police stands shoulder to shoulder


with the communities of both our counties


Only by standing together will we ultimately defeat the threat


that is posed from the groups and individuals responsible


As investigations continued into yesterday's attack,


one South-West terrorism expert told us it was important that people


They should, of course, always be alert in public places,


But, basically, don't get worried, don't get panicky.


The threat for this part of the world is very low.


In an open letter, Avon and Somerset police said: We are very grateful


to everyone who has sent in messages of support.


We stand shoulder to shoulder with the Metropolitan Police


We will do everything we can to keep people safe.


As well as stations, there will be extra police patrols


at the South-West airports and military bases and large public


All this is not in response to any specific threat to the region,


senior officers say, but a precaution.


It's designed to reassure the public and to ensure that life can go


on as normal in defiance of attacks which are intended to spread fear.


Well, around 50 children from a Somerset school


were on a trip to Parliament yesterday and found themselves


trapped inside Westminster for two hours as the terror attack


They kept their spirits up by singing.


As Scott Ellis reports, the parents of the pupils are now


calling for the teachers to be recognised for their bravery.


For some of these ten and 11-year-olds, a very


But shortly after these photos were taken, thy were trapped


But shortly after these photos were taken, they were trapped


inside the Palace of Westminster as carnage unfolded.


Today, a parent of one of those children still visibly upset.


It's the first time I have ever let my son go anywhere


He was very cuddly when he saw me first last night.


Yesterday, the 53 children and seven staff were ushered


to the Central Lobby at Westminster - a safe place, but still within 50


metres of where the police officer was stabbed.


The deputy head kept spirits up by singing hymns.


Yeah, we had a lovely ripple of applause at the end and,


beautifully, lots of people, lots of MPs on the way out


congratulated our children on how well they sang and how


they lightened the mood, so that was lovely to hear.


Meanwhile, back at the School at Bridgwater, text messages


And then we said to parents that they could come


We had teas and coffees and the Salvation Army


were here and our local vicar helping parents to process


At the school today, we are told that everyone is well,


the hymns having helped to drown out the gunshots.


Parents want staff rewarded and, back in the Commons,


the Prime Minister was also impressed by everyone's bravery.


It must have particularly difficult for those children


who were here and being caught up in this.


We should commend the work of their teachers in offering them


He thinks it was a team effort - safety in numbers


There may have been some horrific things happening outside,


We were completely unaffected by it and it certainly won't stop


us from doing things that we want to do.


A valuable lesson learnt then, but in the very


Traditionally, Thursday is the day MP's return


to their constituencies and, despite yesterday's events,


But it's been decades since MPs have returned home following a terrorist


Well, the MP for Torbay is Kevin Foster and he joins us this


Welcome home. We spoke yesterday on BBC Radio Kent and as events were


unfolding and you described the mood. What was it like in


Westminster this morning? It was very much a mood of unity. On a day


like today there isn't a Conservative, Labour or SNP


politician, only those who believe in democracy standing of defiance


against those who don't. Inevitably, questions are being raised about the


security surrounding Westminster, but it is a vast area. How can you


ever really secure that area when a lot of it is public? Parliament


cannot be a fortress. It can't be a place were only a handful of people


can go into. It must remain appears people can come in, their MPs,


listen to debate and see the history. There is tight security.


Yesterday we saw that only a few metres in beyond the gates that the


attacker was shot dead. There is extensive security and there will be


reviewed but we need to keep in mind this is a democratic parliament that


must be open for the people it represents.


You were amongst 400 MPs are not dying. You had two of your


constituents would you yesterday. How were they? One of my team was


with them throughout. They were in the Central lobby with my researcher


when the lockdown started. We made sure they were OK. My first concern


was to check the May staff and visitors were safe. They were. At


the end of the day, we are grateful to the security services and the


police who were doing so much to make sure we were safe when we were.


Will anything be done differently do you think from now on? Obviously,


there will need to be a review by the police and Parliamentary


authorities, but the key thing that I hope stays the same as that we


stay in open Parliament. In the past we have had a ragtag of terrorists,


fastest and Nazis trying to use violence to destroy Westminster and


the democratic process it represents. Modern-day terrorist


must not be able to succeed for Adolf Hitler and his cronies field.


Onto some other news now and offers of help have poured in to keep


the Isles of Scilly's only care home open.


The council, which runs Park House, says it's had a number


of inquiries about carers jobs, as well as offers of


Earlier this week it was announced the home would have to close in June


The council says it will continue to review the situation.


They just need someone to care" - the words of a foster parent who has


been providing a home for children for more than a decade.


She was speaking as renewed efforts are being made to encourage more


Plymouth City Council is increasing the financial and professional


support it offers in a bid to attract more carers.


Johnny Rutherford has been speaking to one foster mum and her daughter.


Do you remember when you very first came? You were only meant to be


coming for a few days and you just liked it so much, you said, can they


stay here? Sky has been with foster mum, Madge, for four years. You


never know what will come through your front door. When the sky first


arrived she had black hair, thick black make-up and didn't have a lot


to say. Slowly, over the weeks and months that have now turned into


years, she has grown up, mature. It is a delight to have her. It is a


delight to look after a lot of these children. They just need to be


loved, they need support, they need someone just the care. That is the


sort of care of that Plymouth City Council are looking for, a foster


parent who is looking to help change a vulnerable child or young person's


life. We want carers from Plymouth to come forward so we don't have to


place children died of the city. We know that children are best placed


around their family and their connections so we really want carers


to come forward. There are people out there who would potentially give


up their job to foster. We have increased our financial offer to


encourage people who would want to do that. Also within the new support


packages specialised training, 20 47 professional help and mentors. It is


about the commitment, taking someone into your home who is broken, maybe


feeling very unloved, and it is about giving them a family


environment there are not used to have the chance to feel better about


themselves and excel in life and go somewhere. There may be trouble at


first, they could be cheeky or very quiet but there will come out of


their shell in the wrong time. Yeah, go for it. Night 18, sky is the


longer fostered by Madge, but she is still family.


A Torquay explorer whose adventures are at the heart of a new Hollywood


blockbuster film is being celebrated at a South-West museum


Lieutenant Colonel Percy Fawcett disappeared in the Amazon in 1925


They were searching for an ancient lost city, which is the story behind


Ahead of the film being released this weekend, our South Devon


reporter John Ayres has been taking a look.


What you seek is far greater than you ever imagined.


The film may be typically Hollywood, but the main character


It's the story of Lieutenant Colonel Percy Fawcett,


who was born in Torquay and schooled in Newton Abbot.


He was a former soldier, cartographer, spy and explorer -


some might argue the inspiration for that well-known film


The photos we have of Fawcett, they almost evoke that


Indiana Jones-type image, but also, he has been linked


to other famous characters and he was a definite inspiration


for a character in Arthur Conan Doyle's Lost World novel,


because Fawcett and Conan Doyle became close friends


and Conan Doyle effectively wrote the Professor Challenger character


This film is based on a true story where Percy Fawcett,


played by Charley Hunnman, went off in search of the lost


city of Z with his son and son's best friend,


Torquay Museum has various artefacts relating to Fawcett,


including his school cap, false teeth and his diary


from the film, based on the diaries they have.


The production company came to the museum and,


during that research process, they decided that they needed


to reconstruct their own diary that Charley Hunnam could use.


They made it a little bit bigger, as well, because on the screen


they wanted to make it nice and visible.


He even, during the film, used a diary to block an arrow


Percy Fawcett has featured in Torquay Museum's ongoing


Explorers' collection, but they are hoping


to have an exhibit dedicated to him later in the year.


The film The Lost City Of Z comes out on Friday.


Now it won't have escaped your notice that tomorrow


is Red Nose Day, when people will be taking part in all sorts


of events to raise a smile and money for Comic Relief.


Here at BBC South-West there is much talk of the Great British Bake-Off


style Cake-Off challenge when presenters from radio


and television went head to head in the kitchens of City College


Their challenge was to bake a Victoria sponge,


decorate it and sell it, with the winner being the one


Simple, you'd have thought, but there were a few surprises.


Radio Devon's David Fitzgerald was there to compere the event.


Big mistake having a husband-and-wife team here.


There's no way you need that much butter.


My wife wife packed me off with a little box of stuff,


a recipe to follow and even the teddy, for extra comfort.


I quite like cooking, but I've never baked a cake.


I've got no sort of technical hinterland or anything to draw on,


so I'm literally just going to follow these instructions


I'm doing mini Victoria sandwiches today.


My thinking was that what would you prefer to have?


I'm actually mixing it up and I'm going for a chocolate


You've been on one, two, three, four rows now.


I can move around as I wish, I've been told.


If you put them all in at once, they go all squiffy.


Well, I'm not sure that's right, now.


Is the shell supposed to be in there like that?


I tell you, I'm making double the amount here.


I'm not sure what, but it's got something.


Victoria sponge or Victoria cocktail?


Well, I concede that my offering is looser than any of my rivals.


I've had a quick peek around the room.


A pint and a half of cake isn't going to work!


Larry, I'm sorry, where it says tablespoons of milk, can you show me


She has split milk in their to weigh up to two tablespoons.


I think you and I should start again at this point in time.


Tomorrow, on Red Nose Day itself, we will find out whether any of them


actually managed to bake a cake and sell it, and if


Did you really have eggshells in viewers, David? And how you cheat,


as well. It looks like good fun. A big important weather day-to-day.


Today, we celebrate World Met Day and this year s theme is clouds .


We asked you for your photos and here they are.


Thank you to everyone who has been sending in your photographs.


Tomorrow it will still be a great day. It is been pretty miserable


today with the brain, wind and cold. Tomorrow will be cloudy, patchy rain


beginning to clear but also quite breezy. The promised the moral of


brighter skies and even some sunshine yet in the day. We have an


area of low pressure at the moment but it is on the move and it is


moving away from us. That is high pressure and it is coming at the end


of the weekend. For the weekend, that is the good news. The bad news


is that we are on the edge of it so there will be a keen wind to look


forward to on Saturday and Sunday, particularly on the south coast. At


the time you get the Sunday that wind will begin to drop. Cold at


night for the weekend, with some pretty good daytime temperatures.


That was the rain we saw earlier today. It is moving away but still


the risk of showers left behind. That will continue for this evening


and overnight tonight. It is rather misty grey, spots of light rain and


drizzle on the south coast. Any breaks in the cloud will be in the


North Devon and the northern part of Somerset. Some of that rain will


come back before dawn tomorrow morning. There will be a keen wind


tonight, temperatures will not be as low as last night. A mild night, 5


degrees the minimum. Tomorrow will be warmer but still quite damp


through the morning. Gradually, a lot of that patchy rain will fizzle


out by the time you get to the afternoon there will be breaks


developing in the cloud, sunshine and North Devon, fine weather


drifting into parts of Somerset and Dorset. Hopefully we will see more


in the way of sunshine. It will feel warmer despite the fact that is


quite windy. Many others inland, not a bad second half to the day. At top


temperature of 11 degrees. The forecast as we head into the weekend


has a strong wind developing. For the Isles of Scilly, it is a


blustery day tomorrow, a few showers around but also sunny spells. For


all of us the wind will be a feature on Saturday. Times of high water.


Small waves on the coastline tomorrow for our surfers. Usable,


but only two or three feet. The coastal water forecast has the winds


from the ether north-east, occasionally seven. Patchy rain,


becoming merely fair with good visibility. Those winds will be


strong on Saturday, possibly reaching gale force through the


English Channel. Saturday is a blustery day, but a fine day. Not a


cloud in the sky on Saturday, a maximum of 14 degrees. Sunday, more


in the way of cloud, windy conditions. Similar conditions on


Monday. So, at last, some fine weather, and awarded the weekend as


well. My mum got several that taught us


out today. He is 70. He likes the warm weather. Thanks for joining us.


Join us again tomorrow, good night.


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