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Hello. so it's goodbye from me -


On Spotlight tonight: the political party which has pulled


Mebyon Kernow, which campaigns for Cornish independence,


has announced it won't be fielding any candidates.


When we are told when the election will be and it is suddenly moved


forward three years with hardly any notice and we are fighting local


contests it just makes it a nonsense of democracy from local cashback for


smaller parties. Also tonight, a man admits drink


driving when he smashed into a teenager at about 60


miles an hour. Ruby Tuesday Hobbs was seriously


injured when she was hit The multi million pound flood


defences which have been criticised And going under the hammer -


the scores of tractors that lay A clearer picture is emerging


tonight of which parties will be fielding candidates


in the South West for Nominations closed just over an hour


ago, but one party won't be Yes, the Cornish political party


Mebyon Kernow is out of the race already after deciding not to stand


in any of the seats in Cornwall The party campaigns


for a Cornish Assembly, but says the short notice


of the campaign and exhaustion after the local elections means it


won't putting up any Our political reporter


Tamsin Melville has been talking Approaching 70 years in business,


back in its early days as a pressure group signing up to Mebyon Kernow


was apparently seen as the thing to do, attracting means like Daphne du


Maurier. But for -- but any electoral success has only been a


local council level. Since 1970s the party for Cornwall has been fielding


parties for Westminster seats. Not this time, a decision based on the


snap election, exhaustion and lack of cash. It is extremely


frustrating, we want to put our message out there for the people of


Cornwall but do it in our fairway and when we are told when the


election will be and it is suddenly moved forward three years with no


notice, it makes a nonsense of democracy for smaller parties. This


is the heart of Cornwall 's Clay country where Mebyon Kernow won the


popular vote at the local elections and returned to that of its


forecourt rush -- Cornwall councillors, but at the general


election it has been a far more gloomy picture. It fielded a full


slate of six candidates had lost all of its deposits. In 2015 it only


garnered 6000 votes. What is the point in standing in the general


election anyway? Just because people don't vote for as general elections


does not mean they do not like what we stand for, but this time it just


wasn't practical for us to put forward a really strong campaign in


such a short period. It is not just Mebyon Kernow stepping away, here in


Cornwall UK buyer only fielding one candidate and that is intro in


Falmouth where there was a remain Conservative MP and the Greens are


only fielding in some places, and not in St Ives when it is the most


marginal seat in the battle between the Conservatives and Lib Dems. What


do voters think about having less choice at the ballot box? It is good


to have a strong opposition and the only way to get the strong


opposition as if it is one of the major parties and I don't think that


the major parties should lose votes to the very small parties. There are


a lot of important issues at stake, so it is better just to have the


main parties standing. Especially going through Brexit. It is a pity


that some people had fought for the people they would like to vote for.


Mebyon Kernow's leader said it is not the end of the party contesting


seats in general elections and the aim is to keep the other parties on


their toes in the meantime. Our political editor is with me now.


And much of a surprise visit to see Mebyon Kernow bowing out? It is a


surprise and it will be unusual not having them play some role in the


election. Tamsin pointed out that in the last two elections pasted a full


slate of candidates, and that was a bit of a high water mark for them.


They had stayed in general elections previously but not in every seat. We


also saw some memorabilia from the early days of a party. It is the


case that MK members was -- where elected to Parliament but standing


for other parties. To begin with it was a very broad movement and you


could be a prominent conservative or liberal and a member of MK and


people wear. I'd like interesting to see other parties making strategic


withdrawals in some places. This is one of the big stories of the


election campaign so far, to come back to MK defray the have made it


clear that in withdrawing the not implicitly or explicitly endorsing


either party, the opposite is the case when it comes to you kept in


the greens. Both mentioned by Kansan. In Ukip's case they are


clearly hoping to help Conservative candidates and they are choosing


candidates who supported the leave campaign in EU referendum. They


don't want to hinder their successes. But they are standing


candidates against former Conservative MPs who campaign for


remain. The opposite for the Greens, they look at seats like St Ives


where the Conservatives won by a narrow margin, they want to minimise


the opposition to the Conservatives now. This is what the parties want


to happen. Whether the voters will do that of course cannot be given


for granted. One Conservative candidate said he wanted the Ukip


candidates to stand because he was worried if he didn't then a lot of


those votes will go back to the Lib Dems would he did not want to see.


Ready to keep an eye on. And don't forget, there's a BBC


Spotlight Election debate coming up and we're looking for people to be


in the audience The programme will be


on Tuesday 30th of May take part, please email spotlight


at bbc.co.uk and we'll send A man accused of killing his ex


partner's two-year-old son has told A Bulgarian man accused


of murdering his former partner in Exeter says he accidentally


searched online to find out how long 43-year-old Kostadin Kostov,


denies murdering hotel worker Gergana Prodanova last August


and packing her body in a suitcase before dumping it


on a railway embankment. Hamish Marshall reports


from Exeter Crown Court. Gergana, just before she died. Today


her former partner claimed she was part of Ukraine that the setting up


to commit a murder. -- for committing a murder. Mr Kostov was


asked about the following set of his iPhone, how long does it take for


human body to decompose. He said he was trying to find out how long this


takes drugs to decompose in the human body but he had missed out.


There was a large search for the housekeeper, who had started a


relationship with another Bulgarian man. The prosecution began the cross


examination with a series of forthright questions. You killed


Kostov, the defendant answered no. You cut her clothing from her body,


again the answer was no. You played on that clothing. Maybe, said Mr


Kostov. You put the clothing had with other rubbish. No. You took our


money. No. You kept her phone. Though I didn't. It was the railway


embankment here on land of Blackall Road where every Mac's body was


found packed in a suitcase. He caught were shown CCTV pictures of a


man wearing a baseball cap cracking a case from the area where Kostov


lived towards this direction. His barrister asked him, the prosecution


see you at the man in the baseball cap, he said not true. She then said


to you know who the man in the baseball cap is? He replied zero.


Kostov denied using Gergana's phone for media posts to make it look as


though she was still alive. A man accused of killing his ex


partner's two-year-old son has told a court he loved him and was never


violent towards him. Joseph Eke, from Weymouth, denies


murdering Harry House last May. 22-year-old Joseph each is accused


of punching or clicking treaty -year-old Harry house at the home


they shared in Dorset. He is also accused of wounding Harry's face at


Easter and causing fractured ribs in the week before his death. Today he


told the court he was ahead in -- a heroin and crack addict but he did


love the toddler. The QC who is defending Joseph asked them if you


take care of him, if he fed him or take the boy out. Replied by saying


yes, I enjoyed doing it. I did love him, he said. Under


cross-examination the version of events was different to what he had


given in police interviews. He told the prosecutor, I got muddled up.


When asked why he told the father 's mother not to call the ambulance he


said I thought he was just going to be sick or something. When it was


put to him it is because he did not want anyone to know what he had


done, he said no. The jury were shown CCTV of justice and Harry's


mother in July two months after Harry's death. His excavation for


assaulting Harry's mother was I was a heroin addict, crackhead. That is


what my life revolved around, he said. She would not give me money to


score heroin. Harry's face and body were covered in bruises. He suffered


serious internal injuries and bleeding. Eke said Harry called him


daddy JoJo and he would not harm him.


A teenager who was severely injured by a drunk driver has become a


prisoner in her own home according to her aunt. Ruby Tuesday hold was


stopped at high speed and spent Christmas in hospital. Today Ashley


God will walk free from court after pleading guilty to dangerous


driving. He was given bail and will be sentenced later this month.


Outside Plymouth Magistrates' Court where he admitted causing serious


injury by dangerous driving. At about 630 on Christmas Eve the blue


BMW he was driving crashed through the central reservation by


Plymouth's main shopping centre. A speeding car -- a speeding car hit


Ruby Tuesday Hobbs who had to be cut free from railings. Both of her legs


were broken. To see photos of she was crushed, the railings on her


leg, she was lucky to be alive. She has been in her bedroom for five


months. She has lost so much weight and is in horrific pain. The court


heard that 27-year-old God but was twice over the legal drink-drive


limit had a previous conviction for drink-driving. Ruby has been a


prisoner in her own bedroom and he has been allowed to go out and work


and drink and have a social life, why -- whereas she doesn't have a


social life any more. Is lawyer said he was extremely remorseful and


deeply regret his actions, he was remanded on unconditional bail for


sentencing at Crown Court later this month.


Now a brief roundup of other stories making the news in the South West.


A Somerset Council has set up its own housing company and plans


But they won't be building council homes, instead they plan to sell


on the open market and use the profits to pay for other


Plymouth scientists have been awarded almost three million pounds


to look at how new technology could improve healthcare


Ideas include using robots to provide comfort and drones


to deliver medical supplies to rural areas.


An investigation into the collapse of a crane in Falmouth


is continuing today, overseen by the docks' management


The crane crashed to the ground yesterday morning and one


A full health and safety investigation will now take place.


One of the driest winters in recent memory is causing nesting problems


The RSPB is urging people to make damp mud


available for summer migrating birds that need it to build


If you've been into Exeter recently you might have noticed some


big walls being put up along sections of the River Exe.


They're new flood defences and they should protect


the city for years to come, but some people are worried


about the way they look, even though the Environment Agency


Exeter's new flood defences are taking shape.


Work on the multi-million pound scheme is forging ahead,


and however you look at it either from the air or right


down on on the ground, this is a big undertaking which some


see as a potential eyesore in the making.


32 and half million pounds is buying an awful lot of civil engineering,


along a seven and a half kilometre stretch of the River Exe.


Here at Exe bridges you might be forgiven for thinking that things


look a little bit like Berlin before the fall of the wall,


however we are assured that in time all of this area will be landscaped


and things will look much more attractive.


I don't really like them, I think the of the river


and we are obviously used to coming down here and seeing everything


It blocks the view, you can see it from that side.


I think it looks half finished at the moment.


Exeter has flooded before, in 1960, after which the flood


There has been minor flooding more recently.


The existing defences worked well before, but climate change has


required new investment by the Environment Agency.


Some people along the Exe think the word is necessary,


It is really important that even though we will not be able


to see the river it is clearly as we were with the previous flood


defences, being able to prevent that water coming over the top


and flooding somewhere like this shop is really important to us.


Our climate is changing, we need to work to ameliorate that


and prevent businesses being affected badly.


At sites along the Exe, the Environment Agency has looked


for ways to combat flooding for years to come.


That has sometimes meant major engineering works.


On the edge of the city the existing flood plain is being transformed.


When it is finished here, probably by the end of the year


will be finished, it will be landscaped, finished off,


all the pretty bits to put in if you like and then giving


nature a year, because that is all it takes with nature,


There is no doubt about it, these works are quite striking


to look at at the moment but the Environment Agency has


assured us that over time everything will be landscaped and things should


look quite good by the time the finished.


We have already had lots of comments about that, John from Dorset size


for those who claim the flood water is ugly perhaps Banksy or some


street artist should paint a flood scene with water flooding down the


backside, vendors who are unhappy will have second thoughts. David


from Exeter told us, I remember the floods that hit Saint Thomas in


1963. I helped of the dead cattle and sheep. People's homes and lives


around. If people don't like the new defences they should explain why the


stupidity and expose others to such flooding and pay for the damage. You


can join the debate on Facebook. E-mail us or Twitter. Now that


interesting auction lot coming up in just a moment.


More than 90 tractors found on a farm in Devon are ready to be


And we have not seen much colour on our radar rainfall charts recently,


but there is some now. Some of the brighter colours there, the heavier


rain moving north over the next few hours.


Now many of us don't like injections or blood tests,


but for children it can be particularly daunting,


so a number of hospitals have adopted an idea to help make it


Children with serious illnesses are being given the chance


to be scientists for a few hours to see how their blood is analysed.


Our Health Correspondent Jenny Walrond joined Idara who has


leukeamia as she donned her lab coat at Musgrove Park


Blood tests and other invasive treatments are a fact of life for


eight-year-old Idara mirror. She has acute lymphoblastic leukaemia but


today she is finding out what happened to her body doubles. This


is the laboratory! This is my friend Idara. Hello, nice to meet you.


Let's get you in a white coat. She is becoming a mad scientist for a


few hours. Every minute of every day, even Christmas Day or your


birthday there is someone in here working on your blood. What? Why do


you think we have less be positive in all positive? Do you know?


Because Be positive is a red blood grip. It is a benefit for our staff


because it provides an opportunity for them to engage with a patient


when normally the laboratory does not, even though they are directly


involved with patient care. This visit has been organised to a


charity called Harvey 's gang, named after Harvey Buster Baldwin who had


leukaemia and wanted to know where his body weight. Sadly, Harvey died


in 2014 -- and wanted to know where his blood went. We can ensure that


they carry on with the treatment. In here there are lots of cells and


then I sales and white cells. This is so amazing. What is that wriggly


thing? My best bit was interesting about the cells, that is because it


was really good, and my next interesting bit was the blood around


here. And when she next has her blood taken, Idara knows exactly


where it is going. Isn't she adorable? She is asked da.


-- she is a star. Would you be any good


at doing up an old tractor? Well if you are then


you may want to head to Ashwater in Devon this weekend for what's


been dubbed as the tractor It may look like a graveyard for


tractors, but to the trained hideout is called in these fields. There are


more than 90 all the vehicles here, some of them dating back 60 years.


The collection was put together by a farmer John facially, it was his


passion. He and his wife would buy them and do them up and send -- and


then sell them off to Africa. We used to bring them home and put them


in the shed and he would get me cleaning them, pressure washing them


and there was code on all over some. -- there was countdown all over


some. I would free them and get them sprayed and ready to resell. John


died 14 years ago and it has taken his wife that long to be able to get


-- to let them go of a she admits she has let the grass grow under the


wheels. Many of these old tractors literally had to be pulled from the


hedgerow and ironically all of the Ivy and moss and lichen has actually


protected the vital machinery from rusting. So does this mean that some


of them could work again? Because they look pretty rusty. They do but


many, many clever people live in Devon and Cornwall and we have had


all sorts of interest in the UK and outside. Many of these will be


restored to their former glory. I am delighted to hear that. How many


people do you expect to do -- to turn up to this option? Hundreds and


hundreds, we have several staying in hotels this evening and there will


be people bidding online. I would expect five or 600 people, maybe


1000. Though most will be sold, Tricia admits she will keep a few


back herself. She enjoys restoration. I am not a mechanic,


that I can well, I went on a welding course. That helped. I have gotten


to the stage I do not need quite so much of it around me. Do any of


these characters actually work? We found one that does, after quite a


of encouragement. Fabulous sound! Some oil and that


will be fine. Some in his eyes lit up watching


that report, he is with us in the studio.


That was a David Brent tractor, by the way.


Tractors will be doing a lot of stuff in the field at this time of


year, and it looks like they will see some rain at times and that is


welcoming for all those but at the moment there is a line of showers


travelling northward, revealing a little bit of blue sky here and


there. This is Lyme Regis, a bit of a chaotic sky, blue sky with


sunshine nonetheless. We go probably as bad as we can get from Lyme


Regis, up to Ilfracombe where this afternoon you can see there is a lot


more cloud around. There is a line of showers heading towards North


Devon at the moment and that line of showers quite heavy and places.


Washer was to come tomorrow, sunny spells especially in the afternoon.


Also quite a humid muddy field, low cloud developing and hill fog


overnight tonight as well. We have an area of low pressure, at the


moment it is coming to the western side of France and it will continue


its journey northwards through the night to come in through the day


tomorrow. Eventually sitting across the southern half of Britain.


South-west winds across the -- associated with that will pick up a


little bit and also a scattering of showers, hopefully some sunshine in


between those showers. As we head into the weekend we was the first


area of low pressure, there is another one, but between that and


the new area of low pressure there is a fair amount of dry weather for


Saturday, and then we see some more persistent rain turn up later in the


day what the end of the afternoon and into the evening. Sunday is not


too bad, we are between weather systems and hopefully on Sunday with


the fresher feel to the air there should also be a lot of rights try


whether around. This evening we have a scattering of showers, the first


line of showers is travelling up towards the North and it has


revealed some late sunshine. Later on tonight those showers will return


in some of them turning up to be -- turning out to be quite heavy so not


dry by any stretch of the imagination but it is showery, this


patch of rain. At that mistake in places and a mild night, two, 11


degrees the minimum temperatures for most of us. Tomorrow we wake up to a


lot of cloud, scattering the showers and hopefully by the end of the


morning and into the afternoon a bit brighter, briefly some sunshine here


and there and again quite a warm feel. Some dry weather, the end of


the afternoon and temperatures of 16 or 17 degrees. 63,000 eight. For the


Isles of Scilly quite a bit of cloud around with the chance of high tide.


Tides of -- these are the times of high water. And for our surfers the


waves are not big but the slightly bigger than they have been, up to


two ABC feet and a bit choppy, because the winter developing into a


south westerly force for or possibly pick it up to force five at some


point through the day. The outlook is for some fine weather on Saturday


for half the day and later in the day we say -- we see some rain. It


will be mild and mistaken on Monday. And thank you all for it in as the


Andy is here with an update and we will all be back at 630 tomorrow.


Good night. Ukip created history


and won us all Brexit.


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