09/01/2017 Spotlight


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Good evening. for the news where you are.


An outbreak of bird flu has been confirmed at the famous


Nine swans tested positive for the H5N8 strain of the disease.


And tonight, another case of the illness in a wild bird has


emerged on an RSPB reserve near Powderham Castle in Devon.


Last month, the government ordered poultry farmers to take precautions


to try to stop the spread of the virus.


Confirmation of the presence of the bird flu virus


here at Abbotsbury Swannery came after ten dead swans


were sent for tests - nine tested positive for the H5N8


It is not a threat to humans generally, that has been confirmed,


so that is the good thing, but it is a very serious


It does strike the young ones particularly very hard.


So far this winter, around 80 swans have been found dead,


double the usual number for the winter period.


Tonight, government scientists are stressing that the current


strain of bird flu does not pose a risk to people.


This is a very serious disease of birds, but the good thing is that


it's not causing any concerns to human health, so we need people


to keep this disease out of their kept birds,


whether it's in their back yard or in a full-scale,


At the start of December, the government ordered poultry farms


like this one near Weymouth to bring their free range


hens indoors and to take precautions in a bid to stop


They say they are disappointed that DEFRA did not tell them


about the presence of the virus a few miles away.


We heard that from our vet that we liaise with and over social media.


Already, keeping their hens indoors has led to a substantial


20% of what we normally get, so for us financially,


The measures imposed to try to restrict the spread


of bird flu will be enforced until February 28th.


The swannery is closed at the moment for its normal winter break,


but are hoping the bird flu virus will have run its course by the time


So how do our poultry farmers protect their birds from avian


flu, particularly those with free range status?


Tonight, Johnny Rutherford has been at one farm near Saltash.


At this chicken farm, 18,500 free range chickens have been


I'm going to have a quick look at them.


First I have to dip my feet in some disinfectant mixture


The owner of the chicken farm is Ian.


Free range chickens, we can see them there,


but they are not allowed out so they are not really


At the moment, we have to keep them in by law.


They are used to going outside, so by keeping them in,


unfortunately it means the birds get stressed and we have to do


things to try and prevent them getting stressed.


What concerns me slightly is the fact that some people


don't seem to realise, particularly people with backyard


flocks, that they need to keep them shut in.


If they catch the disease, if a neighbour of mine gets


the disease in their backyard chickens, it would mean


all of my chickens would have to be culled as ta contagious flock


You have to keep them in until the end of February, is that right?


At the moment, that is the date that has been set.


If there are not any more cases, hopefully that will be the date.


If there are, I guess that date will be reviewed as well.


Lots of concerns across the industry and hopefully this


In 2015, Josh Clayton went missing whilst working


He was last seen at a party and ten days later, his body


Today, at an inquest, his death was described as a mystery


with no signs of drowning or of an attack.


From Plymouth coroners court, here's John Danks.


Josh Clayton was last seen at around 1.45 on the morning


He had been at a party on Tresco where he worked.


Ten days after his disappearance, his body was discovered on a small


island north of Tresco, but how he died still


A forensic pathologist said there were no obvious signs


Neither were there signs of drowning.


He recorded the cause of death as an ascertained.


Toxicology reports found no trace of drugs in Josh's system.


He had consumed alcohol that evening, equivalent of 2.5


The family's barrister asked the pathologist if a bloodstained


No, said the pathologist, this wasn't a criminal investigation.


Asked if it was possible that an assault may have taken place, no,


came the reply, but there was no sign of one.


Josh's family travelled down from Taunton for the inquest,


A young mother from Devon, who had a rare and aggressive form


We featured Kim Jenkins on Spotlight just a couple


of days before Christmas, after her local community raised


thousands of pounds to help pay for pioneering treatment abroad.


Her husband Tom has posted a tribute on social media saying she passed


away on Saturday night peacefully and with great honour.


The government has announced a new contract -


worth more than a quarter of a billion pounds -


The deal will see the company, previously known as Agusta Westland,


providing service and support for the UK military's


The government says it will safeguard up to 500 jobs,


but the union says it does little to safeguard the long-term


It's all about these helicopters, the Wildcat, 62 of which were made


in Yeovil for service in the British Navy and Army.


Now the contract is valued at ?271 million and it's


essentially for the maintenance of the helicopters for


Actually, what was announced today was just the latest stage


of a 30-year contract that was signed back in 2012,


so critics argue it is really recycling old news and that in any


case, what this place really needs is new orders for new aircraft.


And yet, last year, the Ministry of Defence decided not to let


Leonardo build the new Apache attack helicopter, preferring


Of course that went to America and this almost feels


All the aircraft in this production shed are here


Right now there are no new orders, but the company says it is talking


No firm orders yet, but like any business such as ours we know


where the customer is and we know what the requirements are and we're


working very hard to land those orders this year.


There remains a question mark over the equipment used to make


the airframes for the Wildcat, amid suggestions that could be moved


to a factory in Poland, even though the equipment is owned


The minister says no decision has been made yet.


Plymouth Argyle will have a home draw in the Fourth Round of the FA


Cup IF they can get past Liverpool next week.


The Pilgrims' reward for knocking out the Premier League giants


would be a visit from Championship side Wolverhampton Wanderers, who


Plymouth's third round replay against Liverpool is at


I think that is a bit of a task that we have on our hands,


but anything can happen in the FA Cup, as you can see,


and I think we are really happy to have a home draw.


Wolves are a massive club and they are bound


Hopefully they will, hopefully we get that far


and it will be a great, great occasion again.


Getting cold. Quite a big drop in the temperatures this week. Not too


bad at the moment but each day this week, it will gradually get colder


by the time we get to Friday, temperatures just above freezing. It


will turn much colder and some of the showers by the end of the week


will be wintry, not just over high ground. We have low pressure in


charge, this was the rain we saw earlier which has now moved into


northern France. Behind it, another one will follow. The big change


happens as we move into Wednesday and Thursday. We start to see the


air, Iceland, Queensland group towards us into Wednesday and


Thursday and once this system travels through Scotland and head


south, that is the really cold air. Once that gets to the south, it


opens the door to cold air and to the risk of those wintry showers.


For the moment the temperatures are above freezing. They will stay that


way. Overnight we have some clear sky but another dry nights and with


the winds from the North West week could see temperatures of three or 4


degrees. Tomorrow we have a lot of cloud and it will bring outbreaks of


rain through the day which will move away from the afternoon. Cloudy


skies but temperatures of ten or 11 degrees. Wednesday is a bit colder.


If you showers are possible through the day but in general it is mainly


dry in the second half of the afternoon. Thursday, the cold air


begins to arrive, some sleep. Friday, more wintry showers. Weather


and travel updates on your BBC local radio station from 6am. From Bass,


good night. precipitation we get will be of a


wintry nation and Thursday is one we have to watch out for. The weekend


outlook, it stays chilly with a northerly


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