10/02/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Teacher's unions claim that a government plan to change the way


schools are funded could mean the region's schools will face


Hundreds of headteachers have joined a major campaign


In Devon, the county council says almost two thirds of children


will lose out if the fairer funding formula gets the go ahead.


With the details here's our political reporter, Anna Varle.


It's never too young to get engaged in current affairs.


But this school is amongst hundreds across the region which is taking


politics out of the classroom and direct to Westminster.


In Devon, pupils like me are currently worth ?290 less


To make it fairer, the government is looking at changing


What we're trying to do is make sure that every single child,


wherever they're growing up in England gets the same amount


of funding, with then top up in relation to additional needs,


whether it's in relation to deprivation, which has been based


on out of date data up until now, or indeed additional funding


But Devon County Council is one local authority which has


And it says, far from being better off, 61.9%


Why should a Devon child be worth that much less than somebody


The government's got to do something about it.


Unions claim the formula, coupled with increasing


costs such as inflation, could lead to the region's schools


being ?105 million worse off in the next three years.


Which will result in fewer teachers and larger class sizes.


That's why headteachers across Devon and Cornwall are sending out letters


to parents asking them to get involved and write to their MP.


You can't sit there and say that it's the school's job to do


Your children go over, so you've got a bit of a responsibility


to make sure you support the school your children go to.


The more pressure we put on, hopefully the more


Even Devon's Tory MPs are threatening to oppose


If these proposals are adopted, we're going to have 15


primary schools gaining, 20 losing out, and all the secondary


This is clearly neither fair nor acceptable.


The government says that under this new formula,


schools in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset will benefit.


The consultation runs until the 22nd of March,


and it's keen to hear from parents, schools, governors -


And Sunday Politics is on at 11.00am on Sunday morning here on BBC One,


with guests Peregrine Mears, Sheryl Murray and Gareth Derrick.


How have we arrived at the situation where some schools say they will


have left? Who does vary from one local


authority to another and also from one school to another. Some think


that overall they will gain from the changes but of course there will be


winners and losers between individual schools. A similar


situation in Somerset. Devon has historically been one of the worst


funded authorities in the country and it clearly feels that overall it


will emerge even worse off if these proposals go through and one Devon


MP said in Parliament recently after all of the years of campaigning, to


get this situation changed, to get a fairer result as they see it in


Devon, nobody really anticipated that when the James finally


happened, coming out the other side with Devon being worse off. Devon is


far from alone. There are lots of very angry MPs in Westminster from


other rural parts of the country that say when you add up the figures


schools in their areas are going to be worse off as well.


Thank you very much for joining us. And Sunday Politics is on at 11.00am


on Sunday morning here on BBC One, with guests Peregrine Mears,


Sheryl Murray and Gareth Derrick. A swan has been killed in Exeter


in what police say appears The body of the swan was found


earlier this week and the news has shocked and angered people


who regularly visit and feed them. The birds are a protected species


and it's illegal to harm them. If it is, you know,


a person that has done this, It does unfortunately happen


to swans, swans do get attacked and of course


it is against the law. All wild birds in the UK


are protected under the wildlife countryside act so if people do see


any crime against birds, please, Tomorrow's football could provide


what's been described by some as the biggest Devon Derby ever


between Plymouth Argyle While Argyle may be nine points


ahead of their rivals, the Grecians are in top form,


having won their last seven games. We have to get the balance right


between being overconfident and not. Somewhere in the middle


is what is best. I think we have earned


the opportunity to be optimistic, but we have got


to be really careful. Always a derby match is a special


occasion for the whole area. And for a manager and players,


it is no different. There will be a full house


here tomorrow and both sets of supporters and


players are ready for it. And there'll be full commentary


of that match on BBC Radio Devon. The colour of our weather


at the moment is definitely blue. A widespread frost overnight tonight


and a bitterly cold day tomorrow We are importing some


pretty low temperatures The weather front trapped


in the flow introducing thick enough cloud for a few


wintry showers. Some overnight tonight,


but not many, and enough clear skies to get those temperatures fairly


low, down as low as minus two So a frost first thing tomorrow


morning and the best of the sunshine across the more western parts


of our region, certainly Cornwall Further east there is quite thick


cloud and capable of producing some sleet or snow showers


during the day. Some of us getting away with some


sunny spells but look at the temperatures,


no more than three or four degrees With that cold wind as well


it is going to feel bitterly cold. And that cold wind again is with us


on Sunday but there is a pool of slightly less cold air


across southern parts of France and gradually that


will move northwards, not on Sunday though,


Sunday is another cold day and another very blustery day


with a high wind chill. By the time we get into Tuesday


and more especially Wednesday of next week then we start to see


temperatures come back. Monday could well be a bright


and dry and windy day but at least the temperatures


are starting to recover. Double figures by the time we get


to Tuesday and Wednesday. There'll be more from the Spotlight


team, at the earlier time And don't forget, full coverage


of the big Devon Derby exception to that rule probably over


the hills where again there could be a bit of snow, but not accumulating.


Another cold However I paint this weekend's


picture, I'll need a palette of grey. Thereby a a lot of cloud


around but I managed to find some sunshine. I don't know how but there


was a couple of hours towards the south-west in Cornwall, a beautiful


day. The south-west saw glimpses of sunshine. Further east, cloudy, cold


and grey with winds off the North seep and a scattering of wintry


showers. Yes, rain sleet and snow, a dusting at lower levels through the


day. It


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