17/02/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Now on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


A major town centre development in Dorchester has been waived through,


despite the fact that the 180 new properties will not include


Last night the council gave planning permission to a scheme to convert


The entire site will now go for high-end housing,


after the developers argued affordable units would


Cells designed to confine but soon an address to impress.


There will be 60 apartments in the old prison plus 125


No affordable homes will be on offer.


It's all very well having wealthy, retirees coming here,


or wealthy families moving in, that's great.


Where is the provision for local people?


Developers plan to renovate the old Victorian prison,


They've successfully argued that including affordable housing


West Dorset Council usually insists on 35% affordable homes.


Developers can negotiate that down but no allocation is very unusual.


So what does the council have to say to local people


We would have loved to have seen affordable homes on the site.


We are trying our hardest to put forward more homes and affordable


As part of our policy, we are doing everything


I think there should be affordable housing for the young people.


I mean, they are never going to get on the ladder,


You get a lot of people now from other places


and they are buying just to rent out and they don't give


Quite disappointing, I think, because you've got to have


affordable housing for local people because otherwise they are not going


to be able to live in the locality, especially young people.


Regeneration begins now but not without controversy.


A man from Cornwall has given up his right to anonymity to tell


Spotlight how he was drugged and abused as a child.


In his moving account, which you may find upsetting,


Justin Stubbings describes how he was injected with a drug


which left him unable to move whilst he was a patient


So far almost 100 people have contacted the police to say


they were also abused as children at Aston Hall in Derbyshire.


Justin Stubbings lives a quiet life in Cornwall


Back in the '60s he was a patient at a psychiatric hospital,


Aston Hall in Derbyshire, after he had attempted


The superintendent psychiatrist at Aston Hall was Dr Kenneth Milner.


One night Justin Stubbings says he was taken to a small padded room


He injected me in this arm with what I now know is sodium


amytal, then he injected me in the other arm with something else


And then placed a pad over my face and dropped ether underneath my nose


and then I fell backwards into sort of semiconsciousness.


He said I'm going to take you back to your childhood.


He would take me back to a memory where my brother


And I was screaming and rolling about and trying to stop this


from hitting me and I can remember that vividly.


Did it feel like you were being hit at the time?


And I can remember putting my hands behind me to try and stop


When he woke up he says he found his hands had been tied


Medical records show that Justin Stubbings had been


injected with sodium amytal, described as a truth drug,


but even then there were concerns about this treatment and it had


The police in Derbyshire have now interviewed almost 100 people


who say they were illicitly drugged and abused as children


They say they are now reviewing hospital records and seeking


Dr Kenneth Milner, who had no training as a children's


psychiatrist, worked at Aston Hall for almost 30 years before he died.


Justin Stubbings says he hopes that by talking openly


about his experience he will encourage


Leyton Orient captain Liam Kelly has been given a six-game ban


after he was charged with violent conduct by the FA during a match


It relates to an incident at Home Park on Tuesday night where


a ball boy was pushed to the ground in front of the away end.


The 27-year-old midfielder had denied the charge.


The parents of a terminally ill boy from Devon have thanked a benefactor


who funded a specially adapted car to allow him to travel


He has Tay-Sachs disease which means he can't move and suffers seizures.


His parents didn't qualify for help under the Disability Living


Allowance because Stanley is under three years old.


Well, after we featured their story, an anonymous benefactor and a local


Let us take a look at the weather forecast with Holly Green.


Hello, good evening, we are continuing to keep a mild


feel as we head through this weekend but the air is also quite moist


as well, so there will be a fair bit of cloud,


maybe some mist and fog patches at times.


Hopefully some bright spells to be had and mostly it's dry as well.


We have got high pressure in charge but we've also got some weak weather


That could bring a little bit of rain but it is more likely


And, indeed, we could see a few showery outbreaks of rain tonight


I think the bulk of the night is dry but the risk of some low cloud,


mist and fog patches, though underneath that cloud it


should be fairly mild with lows down to seven or eight degrees.


Into tomorrow morning, a murky start perhaps.


In general, quite cloudy for tomorrow but I think some bright


spells is certainly a possibility, perhaps to the north of high ground


the best chance of seeing those bright spells.


A couple of showers here and there, perhaps moreso along the north


coast later on in the day and it is milder, temperatures


easily getting into double figures, possibly 12 or 13 degrees.


Similar into Sunday maybe little rain around first thing.


Generally a dry day, some bright spells perhaps


Again we hang onto this mild feel so where we do get some sunshine it


That is it from the Friday Lake team. Next bulletin is at tomorrow


evening at 5:10pm. Do have a lovely weekend. Goodbye.


part of next week, we could see 16 Celsius in a few spots. Here is knit


with the National output.


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