21/02/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Good evening. for the news where you are.


Cornwall Council became the latest in the south west


to raise its Council Tax today with the leader John Pollard saying


The average household in Cornwall will have to pay an extra ?50


per year from April - alongside overall


It follows Devon and Dorset's approved increases of almost 5% -


Tamsin Melville has been following events in Truro.


It is becoming a bit like an annual production.


The same themes, largely the same characters and the plot seems to end


the same way for the people of Cornwall - bigger bills,


fewer services and this plea from the leader.


My message to the Government is they are not helping us.


My message to the Government is that austerity can only go on so long,


My message to the Government is please invest in adult social care.


This is a national issue and it is money that needs to come


directly from Government into that cause.


Since 2010 Cornwall Council has made savings of nearly ?200 million.


In the coming year there will be another ?33 million cut.


Not many areas of spending escape but off-loading libraries


and leisure centres is key to making savings this year.


Council Tax bills are going up again by ?1 a week


Half of this is exclusively for adult social care.


Personally I'm happy with that. I really am.


If it helps old people, that's really good.


They need to be looked after and not thought of as a nuisance.


A surge in the pit of my heart just thinking, more money, more money.


We can rob Peter to pay Paul as long as we like but not everyone


Councillors could have put another 1% on Council Tax for social care


but this was rejected, with some Conservatives themselves


We have to stand firm and canvas central Government


and say on social care, it is a nationwide problem


and they need to fund it from the centre.


And what will the ?5 million raised actually fund?


An awful lot of that will get sucked up through the increases


to the living wage, so the national living wage obviously implements


those hikes to the lowest paid, which I absolutely agree


So the 2% really will only just cover that off.


Today's vote also paves the way for around 300


Meanwhile the Government is insisting its financial


Well while setting their budgets for next year, councils in the south


west have been anxiously waiting to find out how much money they'll


That's due to be outlined to MPs in the Commons tomorrow but already


Devon County Council leader John Hart has said the settlement


totally fails to address the crisis in social care,


Here's our Political Editor Martyn Oates.


Many people frankly won't have been surprised that the government hasn't


decided to put money into rural councils like those across the south


west, but there has been a lot of lobbying behind closed doors


by the Communities Secretary and I'm told by the Prime Minister herself


from something called the Rural Fair Share


It seems, though, of course, that that lobbying has ultimately


failed and that has been greeted with condemnation by Council leaders


It is nowhere near enough for what we need, nowhere


We have to... And this year we are supporting


And on the basis of that, the government took ?23 million out


We have had to spend ?22 million over and above


I mentioned the lobbying that had gone on from


the Rural Fair Share group of MPs. At the moment, that is almost


completely led by MPs from Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.


Earlier today, I spoke to one of its vice chairs,


the St Austell and Newquay MP, Steve Double.


Clearly, we've got to continue to make the case for funding


for rural areas, for local government and we are


The government is committed now, I just even met with the Minister


today and he confirmed again that the government is determined


to have this review of the cost of delivery services in rural areas.


So although we are disappointed with this year, we are fighting


the case and I am positive that we can get this extra


There have been calls for MPs in places like the south-west


to vote against the settlement when it comes before


Mr Double says he will wait and see how the debate unfolds but having


witnessed many of these before, I would be very surprised


if tomorrow sees many, if any, Conservative MPs


A fire at a leisure centre in Exeter is still going tonight, more


At its height, 120 firefighters were deployed to the Riverside Centre,


and dozens of swimmers were forced to flee the building.


Two people received minor injuries in the ballets which is believed to


have started in the sauna. I was told to leave everything and got


out. I grabbed my coat but everything else was left in there.


Obviously you are thinking of safety so you just get out. We will have


the latest on the fire in our breakfast bulletins tomorrow from


6:30am. Cornwall Council has confirmed it's


investigating a number of allegations made about the care


provided at a home for adults with Bowden Derra Park near Launceston


is currently caring for 70 people on site


with complex healthcare needs. The council says it's


suspended its placements for now. A spokesperson for the care


home said the health, safety and well-being


of its residents was its top priority and it was working


with Cornwall Council. Somerset is trying to recruit more


people to foster unaccompanied Eight have arrived in the county


since last summer, and another 60 are expected over


the next three years. Now for something which could ease


the pressure on housing Communal living is becoming


increasingly popular among some older people -


known as co-housing. Steve Harris has been to one scheme


in Dorset to see how it works. They live side-by-side


but they are not students. They get on well but some


have only just met. They eat together but this


is not a house-share. There are 14 separate homes here at


the Threshold Centre in Gillingham, each with their own front door,


but when it comes to gardening and cooking,


residents share the burden. They have one central


kitchen and dining room For them it is a greener


way of living, a more And they are there for each other


if they need support. Actually, what this was very


important for me was that my son stopped worrying about me,


because he knew there were lots of people around


who would look out for me. It's a message, really,


to other people that these things can be done and sustainability


is not just about the green aspects and the environment,


it's about people living together Co-housing is a microcosm


of humanity. You have exactly the same issues


that any group of people have, it's just that it's an intentional


community, so we intend to make the effort to get on with each other


and do things together According to the most recent


figures, there are 7 million And we all know about


the shortage in housing. Well, here in Bridport, 40 miles


away from the Threshold Centre, one local group are hoping another


co-housing scheme can The co-housing movement started


in Denmark in the 1960s. It is now growing in popularity


with other schemes near Totnes, In Bridport, they are now confident


work will begin here in the spring. We are looking at the sort of lives


we want to live in the future and the constraints we may face


on our lives in the future, and I think that co-housing


will answer many of them because it is flexible and people


can have as little or as much company as they need.


I suppose a real hermit would need somewhere else, you know,


they wouldn't like it. But for most people


there are benefits. Particularly single parents,


there is a distinctive benefit. The town is very supportive of us,


the sort of people that live here, a lot of people are interested


in what we are doing and interested The first residents will be


moving in to the Bridport For now, at the Threshold Centre,


there are chores to be done. Do you remember Archie the fire dog


who works for Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service? He was a guest on


the Spotlight studio last year and he is about to become a cartoon


star. Hello, my name is Archie and I am a trained fire dog. He is


appearing in the new animation with his sidekick would eat which tells


the story of a house fire. It is hoped dogs will be able to get the


message over about what parents and children should do in the event of a


fire. Time for the weather now -


how's it looking, Bee? It is looking dull and damp but


there will be a solid layer of cloud tomorrow. Rain fairly light and


westerly winds starting to pick up which would lift the cloud up in


places. At the moment, this weather front toward the north so you can


see westerly winds on that front sinking southwards. We can expect


some rain but most of it will be fairly light and patchy. Thursday,


this is actually stormed Doris, just been named, strong gale force winds,


40-50 gusts at the moment. A lot of clouds and drizzle out there, fairly


murky conditions. The rain mainly light and patchy but the


temperatures very mild. Many places falling to just nine or 10 degrees.


On Wednesday, further outbreaks of rain, a lot of mist, low cloud and


hill fog and a fairly mild day as well.


the Outlook toward the end of the week and then milder again from the


wheel them. More on storm Doris now with Matt Taylor.


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