01/03/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Good evening. for the news where you are.


Tourism leaders in Cornwall say the sheer number of migrant


workers needed to keep the industry going means some businesses


are not waiting for deals to be struck with the EU.


They say making sure there are enough people to fill jobs


While the final departure date may not be for some time,


there are fears of a shortage of staff to fill gaps


in hotels and guest houses, agriculture and healthworkers.


So traders are taking action themselves, as Simon Clemison


It is March, the daffodils are out and that means one thing, no, not


Not quite yet but this much Theresa May is expected to


start trying to find the ingredients to make up our exit for the EU.


Welcome to a training kitchen in Cornwall.


Tourism leaders here say the industry is not waiting to see


Businesses are keen to make sure local people


have the skills needed to plug gaps that there are fewer workers from


Yes, yes, with the news coverage it was very prominent.


Trying to decide what this could do to the industry


Yes, I kind of jumped at it when I could.


This college is expected to take on more students to


train in hospitality, not as a result of Brexit


but to meet already huge needs from the local economy,


meaning Britain's biggest decision in a generation may only add to the


Businesses are looking at their skills demand for the future


and thinking what the implications will be.


They are not hanging around and they are looking at their skill


requirements and how they need to respond and have further skills


We need to be competitive in Cornwall and increase


our productivity of skills will be a key part of that.


so many questions about the impact of leaving the


There is nothing more important than having


people to do the job is to


The biggest question is labour supply, if you


look at the people who work in the sector and the number


of unemployed there isn't the sheer number of people


Eastern European scum to pick the daffodils


of Cornwall but no one knows what Brexit will look like, but in a


world of knowns and unknowns businesses are going for what


Meanwhile the price of a proper Cornish pasty is going up -


producers are blaming Brexit for a rise in the price of ingredients.


The slump in the value of the pound has pushed up the price of imported


But exports have got cheaper, which is good news


The government says it wants to encourage more of this,


as it prepares for Brexit negotiations.


So what's the reaction from Westminster?


Here's Our Political Editor Martyn Oates.


A central plank of the Brexiteer's argument and now the governments is


now leaving the EU will free up Britain to strike independent trade


deals with countries across the world.


The man tasked with trying to make that reality is Somerset MP.


International trade secretary, Dr Liam Fox.


We've got a lot of countries wanting to talk to us about new trade


agreements and we're taking advantage of that and there will be


Most of global growth and traders outside of the European Union,


we need to take advantage of that and we need to get our companies


At the moment, we export far less as a proportion of our economy


in places like Germany and we've got to get into that Premier League


Critics like the Devon-based Lib Dem MP Lord Burnett say the UK is


doing very nicely developing being all of this growing non-EU trade


But he says the government will be landed with a formidable challenge


if it finds it needs to compensate for the loss of our tariff free


export trade with the rest of the EU.


Remember at the moment, that constitutes nearly half of the UK's


Mr Fox is going to have to do a lot of hard work indeed


and there is a double-edged sword in all of this.


As far as the South West is concerned and agriculture,


farmers are waking to the fact that Mr Fox is going to be seen


in Australia, the United States and southern America.


That means they will demand, in any trade agreement,


So we will be flooded, I think is the word,


with cheaper beef, cheaper sheep meat, cereals and often not grown


or reared in accordance with the high standards


Lord Burnett's reference to farming is a reminder of when he is needed,


that many sectors will face a complicated and


controversial disentangling as Britain leaves the EU.


The focus of the Brexit debate is very much in the Lords today


because it is the peer's chance to scrutinise the legislation


designed to trigger Britain's departure from the EU.


As anticipated, it is met with much fierce criticism and steered


the opposition than when the bill was introduced in the Commons.


The front of a centuries old building collapsed


on to a busy main road in East Devon this afternoon.


Debris from the wall of the cob house in Kenton caused part


of the A379 between Starcross and Exeter to be blocked for a time.


The cobb wall of what is thought to be a 400-year-old home lies


Nobody was in the property at the time of the collapse


and the next-door neighbour was advised to leave his home


He had been asked to leave his house because, well,


it might have collapsed because the next-door house


And about ten minutes later, we heard this great thump outside


as the whole wall collapsed into the road.


Eyewitnesses say debris completely covered the busy A road in front


of the property and they say it took around half an hour to clear up


It's not yet clear what caused the wall to collapse but the house


I think they were taking off the plaster on the inside


Most of the timbers at the bottom of the wall had rotted


through and there was nothing supporting the wall base.


The woman who owns the property was said to have turned up shortly


after the incident and was both upset and stunned


Structural engineers have put in measures to secure the building.


Now a brief look at some of the other stories making


Police and the coastguard are searching the Devil's Point area


of Plymouth for a vulnerable elderly lady who went missing from her home


82-year-old Peggy Henning is described as 5'3" tall,


slim build and likely to be wearing a blue anorak, grey


trousers and carrying a big dark leather handbag.


Bovey Tracey Primary School in Devon has been closed


following an outbreak of a sickness bug.


67 pupils and six members of staff, including the head,


The school is now being deep cleaned.


Devon and Cornwall police have been left with a ?20 million hole


in their budget after losing a lengthy legal battle with


The BBC has learnt the retailer had signed a contract to build on land


at police headquarters in Exeter, but a court case began


when the company failed to start building work.


Morrisons said the matter was subject to a legal process


Police say a teenager has been injured with


He was one of a group of men who were assaulted on Saturday


The 19-year-old suffered a cut to his arm.


The National League has confirmed that control


of Torquay United Football Club has been transferred to


The takeover ends months of speculation about


the future of the Gulls, who were facing


Time to look at the weather now and David's here with the forecast.


Good evening. It is a bit blustery out there at the moment. We could


see gusts of up to 60 mph. The wind does drop by the first thing


tomorrow morning. You can listen to your BBC local radio which will keep


you updated. The wind will ease tonight and we have largely dry


conditions to content with. We have a reasonable day tomorrow but it is


just for one day. Tomorrow, less windy, mostly dry and there will be


a little bit of sunshine. Not -- not lasting because we have another area


of low pressure heading our way. We start to see this area of low


pressure developed. This one will stick around. It is around for a


good part of the weekend. Tribune in some colder air. There are showers


around but they are pretty isolated. Dry with clear skies. The breeze


where help keep the temperature is up. Minimum temperature of three


Celsius. Tomorrow, we will get some sunshine, maybe some light showers


but it is a dry day with lighter winds and it will feel warmer.


Temperatures up to 11 Celsius. Overnight tomorrow night, we have


wet weather that moves northwards through the day on Friday. It is


replaced with scattered showery outbreaks on temperatures up to 11


Celsius. As we head into the weekend, expects showers on Saturday


and Sunday. Lower temperatures Derek just during the night time. We


haven't seen the last of the overnight frost. That search for the


lady has been called off after she was found safe and well. That is it,


goodbye. outlook. A whole load of 11 is. What


does that mean? Maybe John Hammond will tell you.


We're in for a bumpy ride. The weather chopping and changing


keeping us on our toes. Rain never too far away from our crystal ball.


There has been rain around today across southern areas. This band of


wet weather pushing through Wales and the Midlands. A little bit of


the white stuff mixed in over the high ground Snowdonia, some snow for


an trans-Pennine routes as


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