29/03/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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It's just over nine months since the South West


In the biggest political decision in a generation,


nearly 53% of people here supported Brexit.


In a moment we'll hear from some of those who'd hoped


But first, our reporter Tamsin Melville has been speaking


to people in West Cornwall, where the majority of


And I wanted to start a support group to protest


against European Union in the form of the Maastricht Treaty.


This Penzance-based campaigner has got a file full of clippings


and letters detailing his opposition to the EU since the '70s.


A founding member of Ukip in the '90s, June 23rd was something


With history now in the making, for him,


It is a self-governing nation, electing our MPs,


who pass laws over us, governing ourselves through our own


courts and making our own decisions, with the MPs being responsible


He grew up with EU regulations and 25-year-old Newlyn fisherman


James Roberts was an enthusiastic Leave campaigner, unhappy


about quota management and access to fishing grounds.


What we are hoping to come of leaving the EU is for this to be


Fast forward nine months and he is anxious that Brexit does


now deliver on things like a 12-mile British waters limit and


If it doesn't, if they don't secure what we have now,


if they don't secure what we should be managing, you know, the 200-mile


It has taken this long to get to a point to have this chance


and I can't see it happening again, probably not my lifetime.


Cornwall's voters plumped 57-43% for Leave, despite the decades


The constituency of St Austell and Newquay had the highest


proportion of Out voters in the county.


It seems immigration control will be a key test of Brexit success here.


No regrets? No.


The sooner they do it, the better. Yeah.


We need to shut our borders off as well.


No, it's true, though. Yeah.


The hospitals is on its knees because of it all,


So do you think the UK Government is going to get what you wanted?


They'd better, otherwise there'll be hell up, won't there?


Some doubts but still hope as it is into uncharted waters


The South Hams was one of a handful of places to vote to remain.


And this affiliation with Europe goes back to 1973,


when Britain joined the Common Market.


Anna Varle has been back to Ivybridge, which featured


in a special film at the time, all about its relationship


The year we began to move closer to Europe.


From the cars we drove to the shops on the high street,


Here in Ivybridge, the bunting was out.


How else do you welcome in a new era?


And our cameras were there as Europe rolled into town.


As part of the film, we featured a family who hosted


More than 40 years on, we are back at the breakfast table


Coming out, I am very sad to come out.


But it isn't the same club that we joined.


You have got to believe that, haven't you?


The village as it was then were so keen on joining,


it was one of the only places in the country to hold


Fashions may change, but for many, attitudes have remained the same.


They believed in Europe and still do.


And I think it's very sad what has happened.


They were so excited about joining the Common Market,


But then, as now, there was uncertainty.


The man who organised those celebrations was Mr Condon.


I think that we haven't had it fully explained to us.


They are talking now, we are going to even lose the Queen.


Someone suggested she should become the Queen of Europe.


Well, perhaps this might be possible, I don't know.


And today, there is a sense of deja vu.


We don't know what it means for our personal lives.


We don't know what it means for our business lives,


and, you know, I think everybody would like some clarity,


so it is difficult to celebrate when you don't know what you might


I am sure we will look back and perhaps not in my time but in 20


or 30 years' time we will look back and say this is one of the greatest


# Now we're in the Common Market, # All these things will come our way


# But judging by the prices, # You will hear the folk all say...#


Our political editor Martyn Oates has been at Westminster today,


In her statement to the Commons today, the Prime Minister said


she hoped the UK would have a deep and special relationship


with the EU post-Brexit, and she hoped the UK would be able


to trade with the EU as freely as possible.


Just how freely will be a topic of intense interest for business


and, in a region like ours, for farmers and fishermen.


The Newton Abbott MP and keen Brexiteer Anne Marie Morris told me


today she backed the government's ambition to have as good a trading


arrangement with the EU as we do the moment inside the organisation.


Labour's Ben Bradshaw agreed that was needed but doubts


the government's ability to deliver it.


Meanwhile, the EU's chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, has made


it clear that the government cannot expect to have as good


a trading deal outside the EU as it does inside it.


Now of course, the real haggling and horse trading is yet to begin,


but when it does, people involved in sectors like farming


and particularly very small industries like fishing will be very


anxious that they don't end up being sidelined or even sacrificed


in favour of securing a really good outcome for the big players


like the financial sector in the City of London.


In other news tonight, rising costs have forced changes to a major


The Devon Festival of Remembrance has been held for 25 years.


But it'll be replaced by a concert at a smaller venue


It is one of the most high-profile ways that Devon marks


the sacrifices of those who gave their lives in combat.


But there will be no Royal British Legion Devon Festival


The band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines is a big


attraction at the festival, but it comes at a cost, ?1800,


as the Ministry of Defence charges organisations including the Legion


It says that is according to Government policy,


but it contributed to the festival making a loss.


?1800 is a lot of money, especially for remembrance.


If it was for a flower show or for a county show


or something like that, I could understand.


It is really not in line with the idea of remembrance.


Another big cost is the near-?3000 to hire Exeter Cathedral.


The cathedral, which has its own well-publicised financial issues,


told us it works very hard to keep costs for concerts and other events


But staffing and other costs involved in keeping the building


open beyond its normal opening hours do have to be covered.


So in November, this smaller venue will host a lower budget concert,


focusing on youngsters, who the Legion sees as key


The young people of this country are the people


who are going to continue, and we looking forward


to a terrific concert with lots of participation of children.


And the hope is to reinstate the larger-scale festival in 2018,


to mark the centenary of the end of the Great War.


Hamish Marshall, BBC Spotlight, Exeter.


The traditional practice of swaling on Dartmoor has


been delayed this year because of the persistent


At Haytor, the legally-controlled burning has only just begun,


Commoners on Dartmoor, Exmoor and Bodmin Moor have


from October until the end of March to burn overgrown gorse,


but have had to rely on these last few sunny days to get the job done.


Time now for the all-important weather - are we getting


There is still some in the forecast for the UK but dry and bright


weather to be had as well, thankfully. A mixture of the two


tomorrow after quite a disappointing day today. Tomorrow is slightly


warmer, still quite breezy. Spells of rain in the West but mainly in


the West. Elsewhere, dry and hopefully a bit brighter. Low


pressure dominating in the Atlantic, high pressure across France. It is


tending to keep the front at bay. This is today and this is tomorrow.


Not a great deal of change in the pressure pattern but the slightly


more southerly wind which had helped to draw in some slightly drier and


warmer air tomorrow. Into Friday, the fog will have pushed through so


fresh conditions to end the week. Tonight, spells of rain around, some


quite lively. Quite blustery wind as well and cloud syncing dam, giving


hill fog tonight but it is mild, with temperatures easily staying in


double figures. Tomorrow morning starts a bit wet but with the


southerly wind, it helps to draw the front a bit further westwards. In


the far West, a bit of a disappointing day with spells of


rain, quite lively and brisk wind as well but a bit further east, it


should be drier brighter. Certain amounts of medium and high level


cloud around but hopefully fairly warm despite the breeze. A few


showers into Friday, quite a number on Saturday, some sunshine away from


them, though, and dryer on Sunday. That's how the news


and weather's looking tonight. The breakfast team will


be back from 6:25am, far. The outlook for the next few


days, temperatures coming down a bit but staying decent for this time of


year. Here is Darren Bett with the national weather.


The warm air coming up on a southerly breeze all the way from


Iberia and across France into England and Wales. To achieve the


high temperatures we need to get into some of this dryer air and


sunshine. Even with the cloud today, 17 degrees. Not just about the


temperatures, let's not forget there is some rain around as well. Quite


wet in Pembrokeshire for much of the day. More rain overnight tonight,


some rain and drizzle in northern and western areas. Wetter weather


moving northwards across Scotland. Some rain in the south-west,


shuffling towards the Midlands. Overnight, a lot of cloud around. It


is going to be very mild indeed for the time of year, 11-12 in many


parts of the country. This is an sunshine beginning to creep into the


south-east early in the


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