10/04/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Jakonson on his novel about Donald Trump. Here on BBC One, it's time


for the news The partner of a hit and run victim


who is fighting for his life has made an emotional appeal


for the driver responsible 25-year-old fisherman Jason Bunce


became a father just ten weeks ago. He was hit by an unknown


vehicle during a night out Noah's father Jason is fighting


for his life in Derriford Hospital. We don't want him to think


that he didn't have a father who wasn't around


to watch him grow up. In the early hours of Saturday


morning, Jason Bunce was enjoying when he was the victim


of a hit and run. Jason, a fisherman


whose only dream is to a have a family,


loves the Exeter Chiefs. Remember, you promised him


you were going to take him to a rugby match, his very first


rugby match, to watch Exeter Chiefs. And you were going to play


in a field with him just throwing a ball, throwing a rugby ball around


in a field. The 25-year-old


suffered head injuries. His family are desperate


for the driver of what police say is a small silver car,


possibly darker in colour, It isn't as hard for you to do


to give yourself in as it is for me to


look at my son laying Totally out of this


world, basically. Cowards are callous


and we do not need callousness Please, please, I urge


you to give yourself in. 19-year-old Ashleigh


is urging Jason to battle on. The kindness of companies


across the country is helping to make life better for a little


girl from Plymouth Dozens of building firms are joining


forces to renovate a house Daisy has been diagnosed


with an inherited chronic illness To actually see the turnout


and the actual teamwork that's going on, you know,


is overwhelming. It's going to make such a difference


to Daisy's life and it's going to change


her quality of life for the time A guard of honour was staged


at Devon and Cornwall police headquarters this afternoon


to honour PC Keith Palmer, who died Several hundred officers and police


staff observed The force's flag was lowered to half


mast as a mark of respect. The good that comes from today


is that we remember Keith. We remember the members


of the public who lost their lives but remember the people


who ran towards danger, not just officers but our colleagues


in the Ambulance Service, It's so important that


the public have shown universally that they are on the


side of policing and law and order and that means a lot


to us on days like these. A protected coral which thrives


in the waters off Devon and Cornwall is being damaged by rubbish


and litter entering the sea. The evidence presented by scientists


from Plymouth University shows hundreds of rare pink sea fans


being ripped from the sea bed after becoming tangled in discarded


waste including clothes Here's our environment


correspondent Adrian Campbell. Dappled light on a Cornish beach


and something catches the eye, but more widely found on the sea


bed of the south-west. They are common on rocks


like these rocky reefs. If you imagine those underwater,


they can be covered in these sea Jason Hall-Spencer is a professor


of Marine biology A massive pile of debris has come up


out of the bay after storms over the last couple of years


and inside almost every single lump like this you get these


things called sea fans. Once it gets wrapped up


in debris like this, the sinking debris then tears


it off in bad weather. I mean, this is everybody's


problem, isn't it? Everybody, different


stratas of society, It is not just fishermen,


not just anglers. It's anybody who drops


litter into the sea. So what effect could rubbish be


having on our marine environment? Today's bright sunshine showcases


the beauty of the south-west's coast, but beneath the sparkling


sea, the pink sea fan corals are vulnerable to debris and rubbish


drifting in the water and getting I've come to the National Marine


Aquarium to find out more. The special Great Barrier Reef


tank here mimics life in the sea off the


north-east of Australia. Corals are so very slow growing that


fish here are swimming around artificial


fibreglass examples. James Wright is the curator


at the aquarium and joins us now. First of all, in south-west England,


how important is it that work is done to protect our own


native coral, the pink sea fan? Well, we're very fortunate


to have the pink sea fan here around It's the highest abundance


in the UK of the species. People would be very surprised


actually to hear that we have a coral here in the UK,


so having it shows a healthy If it's a species that we were to


lose, that's sort of giving an indicator that


the health of the seas This seas and all the


ecosystems are interlinked so if we start losing species


from the diversity that's there, it can have a knock on effect,


you know, going right up to affect the fishing


community as well and the sort of habitat that's there could get


degraded and we start to lose our Now, we've heard today


in international news that unprecedented coral bleaching


has been taking place Yes, it can, if the conditions


return to normal. The big problem this time has


been a mere 12-month gap between these two bleaching


events, so the areas that have been affected twice in 12 months may be,


you know, critical now, but other Well, different challenges


face the pink sea fan and the corals of the


Great Barrier Reef. Time and action may help them both


recover but to what extent they do A family from Devon is offering


a ?500 reward for a rescue pony who's been missing


for more than two weeks. He's called Jeremy and he's brought


joy and comfort to the Rayer family as the father's


been battling cancer. the 14-year-old Exmoor cross


has been seen. To not have any information or any


sightings for two weeks is a really long period of time and we're


worried that he has been taken and he may have been moved


quite a considerable way and he may have been sold on as


well, so we're asking for people all over the south-west


to keep an eye out and let us know if they think


they've seen Jeremy. He's been with the people4ponies


charity since he was a foal. They lend him out to


families and he's been He's such a big part


of the family and to have no idea where he is, what's happened to him,


we don't know if he's hurt We just don't know where


he is and we're all just gutted. Over a year ago, my husband


was diagnosed with cancer myeloma, which is a bone marrow cancer


and a tumour snapped a bone in his spine so he now


uses crutches. And having Jeremy has just given me


real comfort that I can go out and spend time with him


and have a little bit of normality in what's been a really,


really stressful time. The Rayers describe Jeremy


as a real character, cheeky and lovable, but the charity says


he'll be very anxious. Jeremy disappeared from


the Morwenstow welcome area on the Cornwall-Devon border


near Bude. He's 12 hands, brown


with a black mane and tail. A ?500 reward has been offered


to help bring Jeremy home. We had some very warm weather


for the time of year through the weekend, or at least some


of us did at any rate. For today, we've seen


quite a tumble in the temperatures and that's the theme that


continues through this week, so feeling cooler, still some sunny


spells and nice enough, I think, in the sunshine, but also a small


amount of rain Tomorrow, though, brings some


of the best of the sunshine. High pressure sitting just


out to be west of us. Through the second part of this week


though, we have got some weak weather fronts heading our way,


so for example into Wednesday afternoon, we could see a bit


of rain falling and it will be We've got clear skies overhead


and we could well see some mist and fog forming


and also it will be quite We could locally see a touch


of grass frost in some prone cold spots as we head


into tomorrow morning. Any mist and fog though should lift


fairly readily and it Lots of sunshine


around for tomorrow. A lighter breeze than


today, staying dry A bit cloudy at times


over the coming days, but still some


sunny spells on occasion. we could see a bit of


patchy rain for a time. A few showers maybe


into Thursday and for Good Friday as well,


we could see a bit of rain falling into


the afternoon, but I think in general,


a decent amount of dry, usable weather through


much of this week. And then into the rest


of the Easter weekend, Some sunshine on occasion,


a few showers, but hopefully not too


many and all in all, I think a reasonable weekend


for getting out and about. That's it from us for now. Join us


for our breakfast bulletins with Heidi tomorrow morning, they start


at 6:25am here on BBC One. But from all of the late team, have a


peaceful night. Goodbye. Good evening. Let's cut to the chase


the first big holiday weekend of the year is on the horizon and if you


consider last weekend as a taster for the summer, this weekend is not


looking too bad. It will be a bit cooler, temperatures this week and


closer to where they should be at this time of the year thanks to the


north-west breed and the reason for that, if we look at the jet stream,


coming across the Atlantic pushing from north to south -- north-west


breeze. It separates the high pressure and low price and it allows


the northerly airflow to develop. It means there will be some showers


going into Easter weekend but they will only be a small portion of the


weekend wherever you are and there will be some dry weather and when


the sun is out, it is getting stronger so it will negate some of


the chill. Without the sunshine it will be chilly at night and that is


the case tonight, especially in southern parts with temperatures in


the countryside


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