24/04/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Good evening. pro-Brexit MPs in the election.


A common in East Devon, which has been badly damaged by fire,


100 acres of Woodbury Common were destroyed yesterday afternoon.


From the air you can see the full extent of the damage


More than 100 acres charred and burnt.


An area of outstanding natural beauty scarred


And whilst some animals like birds got away, others did not.


Those that are less mobile would have been a bit


slower, so they are groups like the reptiles, the adders would


Some of those would have survived, they would have gone underground


or to their sort of overwintering sites, but many would have died.


Behind the fire engines was completely covered in flames.


Amanda Taylor-Bashford was on the Common yesterday and took


these pictures as she watched the fire advance at speed.


You could hear the trees really crackling and banging as well.


I saw one tree go up and be engulfed in flames and then stop


It was the sound of the crackling and as the fire was coming


towards us, you could really hear this roar of the flames


as well as a real crackling of the dry branches setting alight.


24 hours ago the common pretty much looked like this.


On this side today though we can see the charred remains of what has been


The answer lies in this track down the middle.


As the fire burned, the state staff were here cutting vegetation down


Fire crews were still here today ensuring


The man in charge of fighting the fire says his five injured men


are OK, but fires like this need to be fought at close quarters.


We think we had at some stage firewalls of the four metres high.


You can feel the wind on me at the moment,


it is moving very rapidly, so that is why we have


We do have fire plans in place for this area and we do quite a lot


of training for our staff and our officers about how to deal


The area will recover, but it will take up to ten years.


The cause and exactly where the fire started are likely


Plymouth's Labour group says renewing Trident is key for the city


It follows comments from the Conservative defence


Minister Michael Fallon that Labour would pose a security risk


if elected because of Jeremy Corbyn's opposition


Our political editor Martyn Oates is here with us now.


As you say, personally he is a well-known opponent


of Britain's nuclear deterrent, has been for decades.


However, he is now of course the leader of the Labour Party


and at the Labour conference in 2015, the issue was put to a vote


and the conference decided to stick with the party's long-standing


commitment to Britain's nuclear deterrent and to its replacement.


That has now become set in Labour policy, it has been for some time,


but talking to the BBC yesterday, instead of saying, we have a settled


policy for some time and it is to replace the deterrent,


Mr Corbyn suggested there could be a discussion about that


policy before the party produces its general


The party was very quick to put out a statement


shortly afterwards saying, no, that is not the case.


This policy is not up for review, it will not change, but that didn't


stop Mr Corbyn's political opponents like the Defence Secretary Michael


A strong and stable leadership that Britain needs


to negotiate a successful exit from the European Union


and to build a stronger, fairer society contrast did


against a Labour under Jeremy Corbyn clearly a security risk,


somebody who doesn't back the nuclear deterrent and is not


prepared to take firm action against terrorism,


How important is Trident for the south-west?


It provides a lot of money for Devonport dockyard in Plymouth


and that is the point for a lot of people in Plymouth rather


than the broader debate about the rights and wrongs


I asked the leader of the Labour group on Plymouth City Council why


instead of just stating the party's established position


Why when questioned didn't Jeremy Corbyn simply say,


as you think you would say, our policy is clear,


it is completely settled, that is the policy will be fighting


When you get to see Jeremy, you can ask him that,


but the shadow defence spokesperson made that absolutely clear


this morning I think, about what Labour's position


is and you know what it is having covered so many conferences.


As I say, it is a matter you take up with him.


If you want to know what Labour's position is, Labour's position


is settled and Labour is very unhappy at the devastation that has


been visited on the differences of our country at the moment,


the conventional forces which are already under strain


of the further weakened by this Tory government.


They have mentioned there is a general election


This issue is particularly sensitive in Plymouth at this time not only


because of the dockyard, but because the Plymouth Sutton


and Devon constituency is the most marginal seat in the south-west held


by the Tories with Labour as the main challengers.


A man in St Ives who smashed the window of a parked car


because he believed a dog was at risk of heatstroke, says


The RSPCA says it can't condone people taking similar steps


and they could face prosecution for criminal damage.


This was in my car, this bar and the car


was there and I was bashing the window about five,


Clive thinks the spaniel was inside the vehicle


You could feel the heat coming out of the car


Clive thinks the spaniel was inside the vehicle


He was lying on his back with his legs in the air.


The RSPCA says it cannot condone people effectively committing


People have been known to take it into their own hands,


sometimes it has worked well and sometimes it hasn't,


but please think of the implications that could arise from your actions.


The charity says if people feel they need to act


in similar circumstances, they should ensure they have


If I get a bill for it, I will pay for the window.


Just what had to be done had to be done.


Specialist conservation teams say they want to gain access to a 16th


century manor house in Dorset, which was gutted by fire, to check


Dramatic footage taken by the BBC from the air has shown


the scale of the damage to Parnham House near Beaminster.


Police say a 68-year-old local man arrested following the blaze has


After the fire has spread through a building, often the interior


structure will have been completely consumed and this leaves the


external walls and features like chimneys and gables and pinnacles


Fans of '80s girl group Bananarama will get the chance to see them


The band, which last performed together in 1988,


is getting back together for a series of gigs,


including one at Plymouth pavilions in November.


It'll be a short journey home for singer Keren Woodward,


It's a cool summer. David is here with their weather. It is getting


colder. Yes, a chill in the air and we will see a couple of days of


winter, low temperatures, the risk of Frost, some showers wintry, but


later on this week, it starts to warm up. A brief cold snap, quite


windy for a time and then milder by the weekend as we lose that cold


certainly turning colder. There will certainly turning colder. There will


be some frost around and some sharp showers. Where the air is coming


from, it is arctic air. We will see the least amount of change compared


to other parts of the country in terms of temperature, but it will


still feel cold. This line of cloud will produce a few showers and


behind it is where the cold air is an purple sink a cross asked later


on tonight. Overnight temperatures close to freezing with the lowest


temperatures of zero or minus one. A pretty chilly start tomorrow but


hopefully some sunshine as well. Some isolated showers, their showers


a bit more frequent through the afternoon. And we will struggle up


to 10 degrees but with the wind it will feel a lot colder. Slightly


less windy, slightly less cold on Wednesday. A few showers around


again and temperatures of 11 waterfall degrees. Later this week


we lose those northerly winds and see slightly less cold air arrived.


It becomes a bit milder by the time we get to Thursday. A change to


cooler air for a couple of days and then back to normal by the end of


the week. Have a good night. That is it from us for tonight. Join us for


our breakfast bulletins tomorrow morning. But for now, good night.


course, there'll be the threat of some rain. More with the national


forecast now. Good evening. It's been turning


colder from the north so far today. It's been cold enough for


significant snow in northern Scotland. This was mid afternoon.


More recently it's been blowing around over the tops of the


mountains. Snow in April not necessarily unusual but it's usually


unwelcome. The colder air coming in behind the front which clears


towards the near continent, opening the floodgates to this Coldstream of


air all the way from the Arctic. That cold air increasingly cold air


will spread its way across all parts tonight and will be with us tomorrow


and Wednesday as well. A cold night ahead of us. A widespread frost


developing and further wintry showers. Most in Scotland and the


north-east of England too. Cold winds as well. Maybe a few wintry


showers in Northern Ireland and Wales, maybe the odd few into the


Midlands. Clear skies, windy and cold. Major towns and cities not far




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