17/05/2017 Spotlight

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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An investigation's underway in Cornwall tonight into the death


of a woman whose car crashed off a road and plunged into a reservoir.


It's thought the vehicle was in the water near Stithians


From the scene, Eleanor Parkinson reports.


The car came off this country road which takes you around


You can see where the vehicle hit the fence, broke through,


It's understood the driver was trapped in the car in the water


They were only spotted after the driver of another car saw


They were able to call the emergency services.


By then, it's thought the driver, a young woman, had been


She was taken to the Royal Cornwall Hospital but didn't survive.


There are a number of houses close by.


Residents here say had they heard or seen the accident happen,


It's absolutely tragic that we couldn't have helped


or anybody couldn't have helped in those circumstances.


But we actually only saw the flashing lights.


So, we thought something must have happened.


But, my husband actually managed to see the emergency vehicles there.


It looked like the situation was in hand.


The woman has not been named but we spoke to a relative


who was at the scene this morning who said he wanted to thank


the emergency services for the effort they had made


Up to 350 jobs are expected when Ikea finally opens its first


Today work started work on the building in Exeter


which will be around the same size as Bristol's.


Our business correspondent Neil Gallacher reports.


Is on the joke territory from the M5 is a vast building site. Today its


purpose was advertised. In both houses the region's first IKEA, the


nearest is in restore. -- is in Bristol.


We've been looking for brands like John Lewis and IKEA


for a number of years to underline our credential


IKEA is a much bigger draw than all other shops.


Plymouth would certainly have liked IKEA.


Property experts did try to lure the brand further west.


Is this as far west as IKEA is likely


to be coming or will you go further down the peninsula at some point,


maybe into Cornwall or in the West Devon?


We've made a big step coming to the South West into Exeter.


I think nothing is set in stone as to what will


We went to Truro to see if people were following developments


It's something that lots and lots of people want, they use it a


lot, you can get it online but it's not the same.


I think if it was a bit nearer to us again, it would be


Some out-of-town stores should but not this one.


If this was a flat pack, it would be more than a coffee


The first firm development was back in 2014


that was when Exeter planners voted in favour of planning


nearly a year to bolt on the section 106.


the formal deal that seals the out going concern.


It took until the end of last year for the detailed application to be


IKEA say they are open to open in the early


Four and a half years after getting the planning


They are hoping the finished store will have such good


environmental credentials that it officially qualifies as excellent


We must certainly hope that when they


finish the build, they don't have the odds escalator


A young man who came runner up in a BBC Spotlight enterprise


competition nearly 35 years ago is now running a multi million


Luke Furse from Holsworthy says his earthmoving company has


worked on almost every road building project in the region.


Now the spotlight Young enterprise competition. This was spotlight 34


years ago, with Kristen at the helm. Tonight getting competitor is a


young man from West Devon whose holding his enterprise and are


starting up is less to catch the judges I've. I started a farm and


didn't like it, I wanted to be on the machinery. That's where it


started. And this is Luke Furse today. I remember the filming crew


coming out on filmed me driving my first digger. I think I've got one


work man at the time. It was quite an exciting time in those days.


Remember the love stories Gospel Bridge and the new age 30 bypass,


Luke Furse claims his company have been included in every building road


scheme in the south-west, including the Temple bypass. Fasten your seat


belts because the day met him, he was running a tractor pulling fun


day for his company to raise my for charity. Tractor pulling started in


America. Two farmers arguing as to whose horse could pull the most way,


the autobahn door, but on the horse and the went with it to solve the


argument. That's where it started, with horsepower. Now some of the


pillars in the country at 10,000 horsepower. He said it is the


world's highest powered motor sport on the sledge creates a 60 tonne


drag. This pool isn't cheap to run, it does just one mile to the gallon.


It's his favourite toy, a tank he bought 30 years ago. The tank is 15


times, it's an armoured personnel carrier, carries 14 trips, powered


by Rolls-Royce engine. I asked the successful businessman why has he


not retired yet? I enjoy it. My work is still my hobby but I enjoy every


day. It's 40 years to the day


that the BBC's Antiques Roadshow Today the show was in Somerset


kicking off its new series. And as Clinton Rogers reports,


the appalling weather Rain, what rain? The queue told its


own story. 3000 people went to be deterred from showing off their


family treasures. Nice little teddy. come from? I know what was my


grandfathers. Well done to the Beatles for hard days night. My son


had made quite an effective easier. -- some made an effort. This man


from New Zealand who wanted an antiques road show opinion on his


bars. We enjoy it, when we were coming I thought that there is a


shot on I'd like to come. Just to remind you if you have brought any


guns, knives, swords. As for the expense, every show throws up a


surprise or two. This morning we had a deactivated bomb from 1930 and now


used as a doorstop. It will not go bang! And then there is John, who


doesn't bring treasures to be valued, he just likes being in the


audience. In fact he's watched 200 live shows. Do you not get bored?


No. Everyone is different. Different place, different people. I don't,


it's all different. It's 20 years since antique road show last year.


It was a working railway station then and so it was today. The


timetable stops for now one. -- that timetable stops for nobody. Did


Picasso, a hidden gem turn up today? You going to have to wait until the


show is broadcast and that will be sometime in the autumn.


Good to see the crowds were not put off by the red today, let's see what


the weather has in store for us. Pretty wet day for some of us but


we've now lost that persistent rain and it's a brighter day for tomorrow


but with the risk of showers. The but with the risk of showers. The


showers popped up and they can be lively and the odd rumble of thunder


perhaps. Away from the showers we should have nice bells of sunshine.


This is the weather front that was affecting us, clearing eastwards and


in the coming days we have low pressure in the north of the UK and


churning up the atmosphere and allowing these showers to develop.


Allander showers it should be quite bright. -- other than the showers.


Through tonight lingering cloud will clear and starry skies and you might


see an isolated shower in the West but most of us will have a dry night


and a chilly night than we've seen of late locally down to five or 6


degrees. In the started tomorrow morning but a bright morning, lots


of sunshine but gradually the showers develop. The shoppers are


tricky to pin down exactly but it may be that inland areas will see


the lion's share and parts of the north Coast, some fewer showers. A


fresher feel than recent days. Basically, it's a case of sunshine


and showers as we had through the next few days. Some of the showers


may be lively and it should be bright. Pressure over the coming


days and about one by Sunday. Have a good night. That's all for tonight,


thanks for joining us and from all of us here, have a good night.