29/05/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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More than 15,000 lined the streets of Exeter to pay tribute


to the Chiefs rugby team who are now the best club in England.


The players showed off the Premiership trophy


which they won against the Wasps at Twickenham.


John Henderson joined them on the parade.


The best team in the country with possibly the best fans.


I think it's fantastic, absolutely fantastic,


the fact that we have all come together to wish them


I think it's fantastic, absolutely fantastic,


the fact that we have all come together to wish them


It was only in 2010 that Gareth Stevenson kicked the Chiefs


On Saturday, with two minutes to spare, his kick


The amount of people here, it's unbelievable.


Today was not just a celebration of a thrilling defeat


of Wasps but a culmination of passion and perseverance.


Rebranded and reborn, the Exeter Chiefs have enjoyed


a rugby renaissance in the past 20 or so years.


The old guard of Bath, Leicester and Harlequins,


to name but three, surely have a new superpower to contend with.


We have done something no other sporting club in Exeter


You can see it means a lot to people.


Everybody wants to be the best in sport.


The victory tour ended with an official reception at the Guildhall.


The support we have had for years has grown and grown.


The hangovers will pass but the pride will last a lifetime.


Police have said the death of a 15-year-old boy in North Devon


and the hospitalisation of two other young people in Plymouth


are not down to a bad batch of the drug MDMA.


The teenager died in the early hours of Saturday after taking the drug


In Plymouth, another young man is said to be


A young woman was released from Derriford Hospital last night.


Police say both are believed to have taken an overdose of the drug.


Police say they're becoming increasingly concerned


for the welfare of a man who's missing in Exeter.


Dex Johnston was last seen near Exe Bridges in the early hours


of yesterday wearing a white t-shirt and khaki coloured shorts.


Teams from the Devon and Cornwall police specialist search unit have


been looking for traces of the 24-year-old today


Some tourism leaders and economists are predicting a labour shortage


in the tourist trade in the south west after Brexit.


The industry relies on many European staff and as our home affairs


correspondent Simon Hall reports, there are fears there won't be


This inn relies on European workers and the manager feels


if the numbers coming into Britain fall after Brexit.


People going to stay in a hotel or, dare I say, going into hospital


might find there are less staff there because those sort


of place there have European staff working there.


Only a short drive away at this hotel, they believe


It is quite difficult because there are not many English people that are


willing to work in this eerie soap, basically we are covering their


spots. We're not taking any jobs, we are just taking the jobs which are


available. Only a short drive away


at this hotel, they believe they will still have plenty


of good-quality staff after Brexit because


they pride themselves The local kids, they are either


going to be customers or staff, We want them to come in and get


jobs and earn money, and get developed and trained,


and get a career in hospitality. We do full training here. We are


constantly looking for new staff and there are lots of great new


positions. And it means a lot to you to have a job like this? Yes, it


does. But one south-west economist


believes that overall there will be issues in finding staff


for the tourist trade after Brexit. I think it's quite possible that


there will be significant labour shortages after we come


out of Europe. Some of the Eastern European


labour won't be available, some will go back to Europe,


others won't come. The Conservatives say they will


deliver Brexit and reduce net emigration...


The Liberal Democrats have promised...


Immigration has been a contentious issue in politics in recent years


but what happens with a number of people coming into the country


after Brexit, the population of the south-west is still expected


It is predicted to rise by up to 20% in the next ten years,


according to the Office for National Statistics.


The large majority of that is due to migration from the


rest of the UK, not overseas and most


People have lined the route of the south west rail line today


to catch a glimpse of the only steam locomotive to have been built


This was the Tornado as she went through Exeter today.


She entered main line service in 2008 but today is the first time


she crossed the Tamar into Cornwall to spend the week at the Bodmin


and Wenford Railway carrying passengers for the first few


Time now for a look at the weather with Alexis.


We've had a good deal of dry weather today. Some brighter spells as well.


There is still the risk of rain tonight and coastal mist.


Temperatures stay in double figures. With a fairly light south-westerly


winds. Through the morning tomorrow, there will be cloud but we hope that


will thin and raped to allow for sunshine in some places. Low cloud


will linger in the South West. They may be coastal mist as well. Under


the cloud cover, and towards the South West, just a high 14 Celsius.


A good deal of cloud tomorrow night will thin and break to allow for


clearer skies, high-pressure on Wednesday and Thursday and a lot of


settled weather. Sunny spells will break through the cloud cover, there


maybe mist and low cloud in places and then this weather front will


push through till Friday. Still uncertainty about the timing of the


weather front slowed Tuesday tuned to the ball cast throughout the


week. Looking ahead to the weekend, the chance of the scattered shower


but there will be brighter spells as well. Cloud expected over the next


few days. Brighter Sunny spells with cloud breaking and inning in places.


Temperatures on Thursday and Friday up to 13 -- 18 or 19 Celsius.




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