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And Theresa May has said she will publish her Brexit plan for


A survey ranks the county along with Plymouth as 14th on its least


It's calculated that property prices are seven times


Lucy Stokes is an estate agent in South Brent.


All day long she sells houses but she is also trying


She has just moved here from Worcester and she


There is a huge difference in the prices.


Up there you would be looking at around 150 as a first-time buyer


for a three bed and down here you'd be looking to start from about 250.


The US property consultancy says the least affordable place to live


in the world out of nine countries surveyed was Hong Kong,


with houses at 18 times the average household income.


Second was Sydney with prices at 12 times.


Listed tenth most unaffordable place was Bournemouth and Dorset at more


than nine times the income, with Plymouth and Devon coming 14th.


This survey focuses on the middle of the market -


housing affordability for average households.


In Devon and Plymouth the average house price is ?215,000,


the average household income is just over ?30,000.


This means house prices are seven times the average household income.


The authors of the report say the answer is to build more houses,


something the British Government says it is doing.


The woman who once ran NHS services in South Devon employed her husband


to produce newsletters but failed to make a declaration


Paula Vasco Knight denies two counts of fraud totalling around 20


thousand pounds while chief executive of the South


The trial at Exeter Crown Court continues.


A Plymouth Argyle footballer who was declared a rapist last week


following a civil action in Scotland has left the club.


Scotland international David Goodwillie and a former


team-mate were ordered to pay ?100,000 in damages to a woman


who said the men raped her after a night out in 2011.


The striker has now left the League Two side by mutual


consent after asking to be released from his contract to focus


The union Unison is taking legal action over workers


who lost their jobs when the NHS 111 service in Devon was transferred


In October the company Vocare were subcontracted by Devon Doctors


to take over the service, Unison says their terms


and conditions should have been protected and has issued legal


proceedings against all three organisations.


Our health correspondent Jenny Walrond joins me,


Some good jobs with the new provider company Mac but with Unison


describes as less favourable terms and conditions. Some got jobs with


south-western ambience at Unison says some of them had different


terms and conditions. The union claims that should have been


protected under employment legislation but talks through the


arbitration service Acas failed to reach a resolution on this and there


are Unison has issued legal proceedings against the three


organisations. It says workers have suffered through no fault of their


own. The case is ongoing and Devon Doctors, Vocare and south-west of


ambulance at yet to respond. Farmers in Somerset say they're


hopeful a new way of tackling rural crime will help


protect their livelihoods. Eighteen months ago,


140 sheep were stolen from Rob Walrond's farm,


costing him ?14,000. Now with the help of a new text


message service, police hope The farmers have been


asking us for some time. We've had a farm watch


system for several years where we communicate with them


via text, and we get messages out to them very quickly


by text and e-mail. For several years they've been


saying to us, we want to come back to you, we want to give


you information back. We haven't had the facility for them


to do that as quickly, so we launched this text back system


on Tuesday, 81819, where the farmers and the rural community can text us


with any intelligence There's a warning to bird owners


in the South West this lunchtime from the Government's Chief


Veterinary Officer, Nigel Gibbens, Some poultry have been spotted


outdoors in the region and this Those who let their birds out risk


unlimited fines or even, jail. Our Environment Correspondent,


Adrian Campbell, reports. Nigel Stevens is very


careful about bio-security He has put up the poly tunnel


to ensure they can't come into contact with wild birds


or their droppings which might Defra introduced strict


controls in December - they're still in force but Nigel


says they are very confusing. As to whether you should keep them


in cages but have a roof properly plasticed over,


it's all a bit of guesswork really. We went out and put up


a temporary poly tunnel to house ours in which does the job


and still gives them You don't have to look far to see


there is widespread confusion We filmed these birds


a week ago in east Devon. They should have been covered over


to protect them from the virus. Their owners told us they have


since been advised by trading standards that everyone must comply


with the law. The Government's chief


veterinary officer agrees. This particular strain isn't


a problem for people or for the food chain but it is very severe


in birds, especially chickens and turkeys but also potentially


ducks and geese causing severe It's not just hens and it's


not just in East Devon. Birds which should be undercover can


easily be found in the countryside. The owners of these birds told us


they needed to be outside But even people like Nigel


who are doing the right thing say I don't think I know


who is policing it at all. I don't know whether Defra


know who is policing it. But Defra insists we all


have an obligation to inform Trading Standards where the law


is being broken. weather. The photo is a little bit


like a rainbow but because the droplets are smaller than in rain in


the colours get muted so it looks quite instead of the normal bright


colours. It's very exciting. Thank you to Dorset Phantom for that


lovely photo. Through this afternoon we have bright weather for most,


Dorset still a bit of fog but good sunshine and quite breezy and that


is because high pressure is slapping away and continues into tomorrow so


brisk cold southerly winds feeling very nippy indeed and that low cloud


and for the class Dorset and lifts a bit more. Plenty of sunshine for


most through this morning and afternoon and some cloud to the


west. A breezy wind especially for western areas with temperatures are


doing fairly well and that sunshine. Tonight more cloud coming in


bringing a risk of a little patchy rain and drizzle and maybe a few


flurries of light snow. Not very much and you may believe in a notice


but if you see something a little height that will be what it is. The


risk of some nice as well as temperatures drop towards freezing.


Tomorrow a cold start with strong south of south-easterly winds for


western fringes and we should find skies are brightening up as we head


through the day. Some sunny spells emerging but it will feel like a


cold day when you factor in the wind the highs of five or 6 degrees will


feel law. For the Channel Islands some ice initially and a dry and


sunny day with good spells of sunshine but feeling cold and a


fresh wind and we see some outbreaks of rain for Friday, Saturday with


the risk of Henry Thunder showers but drier and brighter.


I'll be back with Victoria Graham for more on that and all the latest


news from the South West in Spotlight tonight at 6.30,


but from the lunchtime news, have a very good afternoon.


Should've seen Hillary's face. She was stood there with Bill.


Because she's going to an event to celebrate


a job that she didn't get and the person closest to her, to reassure


her, to tell her it's going to be OK,


is a person who's already had that job.


Yeah. She must be thinking, "Where can I go?"


It's just pain, but it doesn't feel like pain,


it feels much more violent, dark and exciting.


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