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The South West has been told it could do better when it comes


The head of Visit Britain, Sally Balcombe, says the region's


economy is missing out on the untapped market because 18-35


year olds don't know what's on offer at the region's coastal resorts,


Kirk England is in Tiverton, where Sally Balcombe


The South West is already incredibly popular with lots of visitors. We do


get our fair share of surfers and a stag and hen dos. But are we missing


a trick when it comes to this crucial and 35 market? That's what's


been discussed at this tourism conference in Tiverton. Sally Bolcom


is the chief executive of Visit Britain and Visit England. We


missing out? I think we are. I think there's been a good recent research


by the Coastal Academy done, but shows that this group recognised a


few places in Britain. Brighton, Blackpool and Cornwall have come


through. But other areas are not getting the cut through with


audience. What about these services, stag and hen dos, we must get plenty


of under 35s? You do, but in certain honeypot places. Cornwall does


particularly well. Perhaps Devon and Somerset are not doing as well with


that audience. And this audience have a massive choice in a


competitive environment. They can get from a plane very easily and go


somewhere exciting and different. It is a challenging environment and


lots of opportunity to do more. So more tempted to jump on a plane and


go to Prague for a couple of nights? Potentially there are some transport


challenges. It takes time to get here. They have a short amount of


time. They want to be connected all the time with broadband. They want


to share on social media. All of these challenges for the South West.


Lots of challenges for businesses in the South West to tackle together


crucial under 35 market. We will have more tonight and Spotlight.


White thank you. Two men have been killed in a car


crash on the A39 near Truro. The accident happened


at about 10:30 last The driver and one passenger,


both in their 40s and from Truro, The other passenger has


a serious leg injury. One of the first "nature schools"


in the country could be The Devon Wildlife Trust says it


wants to develop a different type of learning for three to eleven year


olds as part of the Government's But it's not the only group


wanting to establish a new school in the town,


as our Environment Correspondent, We're going to do a little bit


of an explore of nature! Outdoor learning can


inspire children. Everyone go onto that


end and stand together. The Devon Wildlife Trust is already


working with a school in Exeter, where staff say they value the idea


of building nature and the environment


into the curriculum. I get a huge pleasure from seeing


the children outdoors because you see them focused,


and the concentration You see them talking to completely


different friendship groups than they might work


with in classrooms. You see the girls being


really adventurous. And I think that's


a really positive thing. The Wildlife Trust plans


to set up one of the These are schools that can be set up


by groups such charities, They're funded by central


government, but they don't have to follow the national curriculum


and are independent The Trust says nature helps teach


subjects such as maths and science. There's no subject that


you can't teach with the help You can look at the structure


of a flower or a leaf, and you can teach basic principles


of geometry along that. Some critics say free schools take


away resources from other schools. There's at least one other proposal


for a new school in Okehampton. It involves a partnership


to establish a Church of England primary and nursery school,


with strong emphasis Now, if you see smoke coming


from Plymouth's Civic Centre and a huge emergency response


this weekend, don't be alarmed - The largest fire drill ever held


in Devon is taking place will see 15 fire fighters involved


in tackling a simulated blaze It's to help test the procedures


for tackling fires in the region's increasing number of


high rise buildings. It was the biggest fire to his post


for Plymouth. Dingles department store, 1988. Since then, the city's


skyline has only gone one way and that's. As the buildings get taller,


the challenges or the Fire Service increase popular if you have a look


round our major cities in the country, especially the South West,


we have more and more high-rise buildings being built, mainly for


student accommodation, high-rise lap. We need to be prepared and


aware of the internal structures of these buildings. Plymouth today


looks skywards as well as seawards. The new council houses are worth up


to the minute as elsewhere... At 14 floors Gemili Civic Centre used to


be the city's tallest Olding. It stood empty for a couple of years,


that this weekend it will be the centre of the largest fire drill


staged. If you can imagine coming into here. If every dark. It's going


to be very smoky. Fireman Steve Anderson has been working on turning


the building into every firefighter's worst nightmare. We


have a few surprises in law, but I'm sure they'll be able to cope with


anything that's thrown at them on the day. On Sunday morning smoke


will billow down the empty corridors will stop sirens will sound the


actors will scream and fired cruise from as far as Yeovil and


Bridgewater will swing into action. A pensioner from Devon has raised


thousands of pounds for charity Paper boy David Rickard gives


all his earnings to charity, and plans to keep going


as long as he can. Eleanor Parkinson has


been to meet him. 77-year-old David Rickard,


handing over yet another cheque. This time for ?1,500 to the RNLI,


and the crew of the Penley lifeboat. So how did he raise


so much money on his own? I do a paper round in Honiston


every Wednesday, and I'm also doing And the money I from get those


activities, I donate to a Cornish charity in memory of my mother,


who died in 2006. Over the last ten years,


David has walked hundreds of miles and raised almost ?15,000


for seven Cornish charities, including the RNLI, the air


ambulance and two hospices. This time his money will


be used to help build The old one is so small that


there's barely enough room for the crew to change


into their waterproofs. Three times he's been down


and presented us with cheques. So how do you repay such


a loyal fundraiser? With tea and home-made


cakes, of course. Now with a look at the weekend


weather prospects. More unsettled, here is something we


haven't even for a while - some puzzles. Through this afternoon


Raval move into more areas. Here's what's going on, a weather front


across Cornwall has been bringing rain. That's moving eastwards over


the next 24 hours. Writer for a time but by the town we get to send a


further weather fronts bringing some rain. This is what we see this


morning. Here is that rain in the Isles of Scilly. Cloud increasing.


As well as that band of rain, we have rain moving up from the south.


Patchy in nature at first, but becoming widespread this afternoon


and overnight. Temperatures reaching highs of 9-10 Celsius. Overnight, a


damp night with temperatures not fallen as low as they have.


Typically down to around 4-6 based macro Celsius. Tomorrow night starts


cloudy. -- tomorrow morning starts cloudy. Drier and brighter


conditions with sunshine into the afternoon, but also the chance of


some showers. It could become heavy thundery for a time. Highs of 9-10


Celsius. A westerly outflow so it will feel that bit milder.


I'll be back with Victoria Graham for more on that and all the latest


news from the South West in Spotlight tonight at 18:30.


From the lunchtime news, have a very good afternoon.


The FA Cup fourth round, next weekend, across the BBC.


It's incredible, the changes that have occurred in just 50 years.


Oh, my goodness me, I don't like the look of that.


The Robshaws are going back in time again...


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