14/01/2017 Spotlight


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The Conservative MP for Totnes Sarah Woollaston, who chairs


the Commons Health Committee, has criticised her own government over


It follows comments from Theresa May, who expressed frustration


at the failure of more GP practices to open seven days a week


amid growing demand on NHS hospital services.


But Dr Woollaston today took to social media, accusing


the Prime Minister of making GPs the scapegoats for an


Devon Somerset Fire and Rescue Service has been holding


taster sessions for potential recruits as it looks to take


on the first full time firefighters for eight years.


Around 200 people took part in the sessions


in Exeter and Taunton, which included demonstrations


of breathing apparatus and fitness tests.


The service is looking to recruit 16 firefighters.


We've had a period of time where we haven't


recruited because we had to


look at our resourcing against the backdrop


But now we know we've got an ageing workforce of operational staff


reaching towards the end of their career, and we need


staff to employ now, start training them now so they can


replace that workforce in the future.


A former fire fighter who was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress


disorder is now helping others with PTSD through the


Glen Gorman found that his love of taking pictures


Now, as a successful photographer, he's set up free workshops to help


emergency service and military personnel with mental health issues.


Johnny Rutherford has been along to his studios in Liskeard.


Have a feel of the camera, get a feel of the weight.


Sharing a passion that helps soothe the pain.


And if you look through the eyepiece and press the shutter release button


He is running workshops to sharpen the mind of


people living with mental health issues, by focusing on something


which can be enjoyable and rewarding, photography.


In 2003 I was diagnosed with PTSD as part of


One of the things I found helped enormously


was immersing myself into my hobby, which is photography.


It helped to divert my attention away from some


of the intrusive and unwanted thoughts I was having.


You get a different perspective just by altering your angle slightly.


The free workshops are geared to support


people living with mental health issues, like Mike Cruz, who was a


policeman in the Metropolitan Police.


In a couple of cases I was really bad with stress and had time


When you feel those days coming on, you


can feel yourself going into like a black hole, if you like,


and it's nice to not go beyond the rim.


So if you can find you're on the rim and


actually divert it by doing something like photography, you can


potentially stop yourself going into the black hole.


The workshops include displaying finished


photographs with a possible exhibition in the future.


campaign alive in a six goal thriller at Home Park.


Exeter City are just four points outside the play-off places


after an impressive 3-0 win away at Grimsby.


And Yeovil drew 1-1 away at Wycombe Wanderers.


In the National League Torquay were beaten 2-1 at home by Woking.


In rugby, the Exeter Chiefs will try to keep their faint hopes


of staying in Europe alive when they take on


They're playing tomorrow, there's full coverage on BBC Radio Devon.


In the British and Irish Cup the Cornish Pirates beat Ospreys 34


points to 10 and Jersey beat Cardiff Blues 55-10.


In League One, Plymouth Albion beat Esher at Brickfields


We've finally seen some decent spells of sunshine today


across the South West and unlike yesterday


those winds have been a little bit lighter.


on the north-westerly breeze overnight.


Quite a bit of cloud, a lot of low cloud forming as well.


These are the values for the towns and cities.


Still relatively cold air across the top of us,


so we could see a bit of frost rurally.


That means we could have a bit of ice first thing tomorrow.


Any wintery conditions tends to turn to rain as we go through the day,


For most of us it'll be grey, cloudy, damp and


Most places make it into double figures with


Milder and largely cloudy for the start of next week.


We should see brighter conditions return on


Wednesday, but it will turn that little bit colder.


Our next news is at 6.20 tomorrow evening.


Getting the detail of this cold snap is proving to be challenging and


will continue to be so over the next 24 hours. Ice around across eastern


parts after the earlier showers then rain pushing in from Northern


Ireland across Scotland and a period of snow across eastern Scotland


temporarily. It will extend into northern Wales and England too. A


chilly night across the East, much milder. Tomorrow, everything nudges


further east which gives us an issue because a period of snow across


Lincolnshire and


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