28/01/2017 Spotlight


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Demonstrators have marched through the streets of Barnstaple


in protest at the closure of two of North Devon's theatres.


Both the Queen's and Landmark theatres closed without warning


earlier this week, when the trust running them went


Today's march launched the campaign to save them,


Gathered in near-freezing temperatures, ready


to march on the town centre to save their theatres.


With music and singing, it's an entertaining affair.


I think marches like this always does a lot of good because I think


unless people raise their voices, then decisions get made and well,


ultimately, the man in the street is the one who suffers.


It's not surprising because people do feel very strongly


that the theatre is a very important part of the life of Barnstaple


The announcement that the North Devon Theatres Trust has gone


into administration has been a devastating blow for staff.


It's been a really hard week for the staff.


It's great to see all these people turning out on such a cold,


horrible day because they actually care and want to have the community


hub in each of the towns involved in this, and if we can't keep that


spirit alive and, you know, the heart of our town has gone.


The North Devon Theatres Trust blames falling sales


and a cut in subsidies for its financial problems.


North Devon council says it spent nearly ?300,000 in the last year


supporting the Trust and needs to make savings.


Big turnouts are now expected that a public meeting on February 1st


organised by the council to talk about the way forward


Hundreds of people gathered at Exeter Cathedral this afternoon,


to remember BBC Radio Devon presenter Tony Beard


Tony, who died a year ago, broadcast on the station for 30 years,


and many of his loyal listeners joined his family, friends


and colleagues, to pay tribute to the Wag from Widecombe.


If you met Dad, you know, he was everybody's friend.


You sat there, you talked to him and within five


minutes he was your best friend, you know.


I think people generally across the South West of England


felt that and I think they turned up today and paid their respects.


He would have been humbled, and he would have used that word.


He would have loved it as well, and it is sort of sad


that he isn't because it is exactly the sort of thing he


He would have loved talking to people, meeting people,


he would like the fact that it was a big event.


So ironically the sadness is that he's actually not here to enjoy it,


Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service are reminding


people not to panic if they see smoke coming from Plymouth


More than 150 firefighters will be using the now empty building


to practice fighting fires and rescuing casualties


The area around the Civic Centre and the car park will be cordoned off.


In football, and it was another good day at the office for Exeter City.


The Grecians are now unbeaten in ten games


Luck wasn't with the Glovers however, they lost 3-0


to top-of-the-table Doncaster at Huish Park.


But it was better news for Torquay in the National League,


the Gulls beat Gateshead 2-1 at Plainmoor.


On to rugby, and in the Anglo Welsh Cup the Chiefs put on an impressive


In the Championship Jersey take on Nottingham tomorrow.


And in National One Plymouth Albion beat Fylde by 29 points


Time for the weather for the rest of the weekend.


Hello. We have seen a few showers through today and we will continue


with showers overnight. Still the odd sharp shower is possible but


there will be dry and clear whether as well. A brisk south-westerly


breeze out the westward temperatures no lower than six online degrees.


Any brightness first thing tomorrow morning will disappear and it will


cloud over and outbreaks of rain pushing through the day. Low cloud


and hill fog to watch out for but it continues to be milder. Temperatures


of ten or 11. Next week remains unsettled with further cloud and


rain on Monday and Tuesday but it continues to be mild.


Julia Peet will be here with the next news from Spotlight,


More news on your local BBC website, and on your BBC local radio station.


Thank you for your company and enjoy your weekend.


Hello. If you don't like the cold weather, it certainly felt a lot


better for you today, at least across the southern half of the UK.


Still pretty chilly in northern areas, even some sleet. When we


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