29/01/2017 Spotlight


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Police in Cornwall say a mutilated lamb could have been the victim


The lamb, called Bounce because of its friendly nature,


was found with its ears and tail cut off at a farm near Wadebridge.


Its owner has described the attack as barbaric.


So both ears have been removed and both ears have been tied


to the body of the lamb on each side and then the tail of the lamb had


been removed at the base, very close, and tied to the body.


The blue spots show where the wounds were disinfected but a few


I was really upset because he was a really nice and friendly lamb.


Since she began breeding pedigree Hampshire Township in 2005,


the farmer has never seen anything like it.


What do you think about the person that has done this?


Who could go in and brutally attack a little animal -


it was only a baby, three weeks old - or any animal, for that fact.


I still can't believe it, to think what he went through.


Chapel Farm is near Wadebridge and police are keen to speak


to a man seen near the lambing fields around midnight days before


If anybody can come up with any suggestions,


we would be interested in receiving information.


Bounce was named because of his warm and friendly nature.


Police hope his attack was an isolated incident.


One of the largest emergency fire exercises ever held in Devon has


The aim was to prepare crews for tackling fires in the region's


There has been a big explosion and now there is a fire


on the seventh floor of the Civic Centre in Plymouth.


Time to pause and plan before heading in.


Blown out this area and this lintel on the door has collapsed.


The challenge now is to find the living.


Basically, there has been a fire and explosion and fire is heavily


Thick smoke makes it impossible to see the casualties.


Thermal images are employed and they find them and they are dragged out.


It has been a steep learning curve in a high-rise,


high risk situation for all of those taking part today.


At all levels, we have seen crews engaging with the process,


which is fantastic, but also engaging with the learning elements,


from the firefighters on the floors tackling the fire right down


to the command element, so we have tested all those elements


The next task is to share what they have learned with fire


crews not just in the south-west but across the whole country


A dolphin has been rescued after becoming stranded


The British Divers Marine Life Rescue Group were called


to Polpeor Cove and found a young female dolphin in a rocky pool being


A vet checked her over and found she was well enough to be set free.


She was taken to a neighbouring beach for release.


Time for the weather now - here's Emily.


We have got unsettled weather for the week ahead,


also very mild weather, and some dry weather for a time


tonight after the earlier rain has cleared, but it leaves behind a lot


of cloud, some patchy drizzle, also mist and fog to watch out for.


These are the minimum overnight temperatures though, very mild,


So a mild, misty and murky start to Monday morning.


Further rain spreading in from the west throughout the day.


Some mist and fog may linger for much of the day as well,


but very mild temperatures, at 12 degrees tomorrow afternoon.


It will be cloudy with further rain at times.


A little bit drier and brighter for a time on Wednesday


but then further rain looks likely on Thursday.


Good evening. Very soggy down south today. A wash-out of the day for


some of us. Scotland, northern parts of England, had sunshine. It's going


to be cold. Already is. This is what is heading our way for the week


ahead. We need our brollies out and it'll turn Wendy later in the week.


The rain is clearing. I wouldn't say necessarily particularly drying out


after this rain band boost towards the east, it'll stay damp but cloudy


and murky in the north. Maybe freezing fog in places. It will be


cold in the glands of Scotland. It could be down to -10 degrees, it's


already about -5 or 6 degrees right now.


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