11/02/2017 Spotlight

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Good afternoon. the late news at 10.15pm.


An appeal has been lodged over the case of Devon teenager


Scarlett Keeling who was killed in India in 2008.


The 15-year-old was raped and killed in Goa while on a family


Two men accused of killing her were acquitted last year.


The lawyer representing Scarlett's family has told the BBC that


India's Central Bureau of Investigation is now appealing


against that acquittal and a hearing is scheduled to take


More than 250 performers took to the stage in Ilfracombe today


in protest at the closure of North Devon's theatres.


The Landmark in the town and Queens Theatre in Barnstaple


shut last month after the trust running them went


North Devon Council has pledged its commitment to getting


the theatres open again as soon as possible.


All angry at the news their local theatres have


The creative industries bring money into this country, the


And although regional theatres don't necessarily get all


of that, somewhere like Ilfracombe will.


West End theatres of course make billions


a year and with those sort of shows and the quality of productions, I am


sure that these places could do as well.


Those thoughts are backed by the performers who came from across


Them not being here would be absolutely devastating to so many


So many people have lost their jobs, so many people have lost


a home for our classes and it's just such a big thing that it would be


It opens so much, not just from being part of a theatre.


The musical here is a massive part of


what makes the Landmark so special, so to lose it, it's just unthinkable


and I think if we can't get it back, Ilfracombe will suffer because


North Devon Council has issued a statement saying it is


committed to saving the theatres, and hopes to have the keys back next


These people are vowing to keep up the pressure to make sure


that means the theatre doors would be open again soon.


On to football, and Home Park is packed to capacity this afternoon


for the match some have described as the biggest Devon derby


ever between Plymouth Argyle and Exeter City.


Fans were in high spirits as they arrived for the game


There's a large police presence in the city with some reports


of trouble earlier away from the ground.


While Argyle may be nine points ahead of their rivals,


the Grecians are in top form, having won their last seven matches.


Both sit in the top four of League Two and are


Tend to feel more confident than today, but they are doing well,


They are going to come in overconfident.


Argyle will take them today definitely.


And the second half is now underway - if you want to keep up-to-date,


don't forget there is full match commentary this afternoon


Argyle are currently ahead at Home Park, leading 2-0 thanks


Elsewhere in League Two, Yeovil are 1-0 up at home to Orient


thanks to a Francois Zoko goal just before half time.


And in the National League the half-time score at Plainmoor


was Torquay United 0-1 Macclesfield Town.


On to rugby, and Exeter Chiefs play Wasps tomorrow,


while Plymouth Albion are in action against Coventry at


The score at half time was 15-10 in Albion's favour.


Well, lots of wintry showers around today -


Here's Lucy Martin with the forecast.


We are staying with that wintry feel as we move


We did see some snowfall today, as captured by our Weather Watcher


As we move through this evening and overnight,


We will see a few patches of frost developing.


Some outbreaks of rain which could contain something


Those temperatures falling to an overnight low


We are looking at a cold start to the day tomorrow.


A few outbreaks of rain and that could be wintry


Temperatures reaching a maximum of seven Celsius,


with quite strong wind knocking the edge off, particularly


But the good news news is that as we move into Monday,


starting to see something a bit more springlike.


Those temperatures rocketing back into the double figures,


but that easterly breeze will really take the edge off.


That is all. Next update tomorrow evening at 5:40pm.


Good afternoon. An afternoon to snuggle up in front of the telly and


watch some rugby. It's been a cold winter's day. Not just for humans.


This shot was taken earlier. There was some sunshine in Scotland, here


a beautiful afternoon. That was the expectation for most. It's bleak out


there. A mixture of rain and snow on the radar. You have to go a long way


up the hills to find settling snow. Into the evening and temperatures


begin to fall again, we could see some of the white stuff turning up


again at lower levels across eastern Counties of England and quite a lot


of snow piling up over the Pennines in particular on a brisk wind, it is


going to feel cold wherever you are with temperatures hovering close to


freezing. Tomorrow another raw feeling day.


Further rain, sleet and snow. Most of the snow