12/02/2017 Spotlight

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Good evening. stories on the BBC News Channel.


A new service has been launched in Somerset to cut hospital


admissions and relieve the pressure on accident and


It involves doctors responding to some 999 calls


Those behind the scheme say it's one of the first in the country


with 80 percent of patients being treated at home.


Good morning, go ahead. Just to let you know that the GP 909 car from


Taunton is online. This is one of two first responders with a GP on


board. They only set out to selective emergencies. People with


more confiscated problems, mental health, and of life problems.


Complicated medical conditions, with ongoing difficult health problems.


Not long before such a call comes through. From the police.


An elderly woman in confusion, there is concern for her welfare. The


doctor goes to assess her, as a GP he can do more than a paramedic,


prescribe drugs, and look at medical records. It means he can treat this


patient home. It is very likely this lady would have been taken to the


emergency department for an assessment by doctors, which would


have been distressing for her potentially, making her confusion


worse actually. She possibly would have been admitted to hospital


directly from there. In two months 80% of those seen by the surface


have avoided hospital. Improving patient care, good for the use of


the resources and the local NHS, potentially freeing up hospital beds


for other patients. It is being funded for another year, and will be


extended to weekdays, in this case, social care took over. Leaving GP


999 three to respond to another call.


The mother of a Devon teenager who was raped and killed in India 9


years ago has welcomed news of an appeal against the decision to


15 year old Scarlett Keeling was on a family trip


Last year a court freed the two men charged


in connection with her death - but now India's Criminal


Investigations Bureau is appealing against their aquittal.


A hearing is due to take place tomorrow.


At her home in north Devon Scarlett's mum, Fiona McKeown,


told us she believes the appeal is good news but doesn't


I have only just heard that they are going to launch an appeal in the


High Court in Mumbai. It is kind of good, proactive. I really want a new


investigation, only half an investigation anyway. Even if these


guys go to prison, it will feel like there is more that needs to be done.


Onto rugby and the Exeter Chiefs scored five tries as they drew


The lead changed hands several times and the Chiefs played the last half


hour with just 14 players after Jonny Hill was sent off


They managed managed to hang on for a 35-35 draw.


Really good game, really swung like a tennis match. One end to another.


Their resolve the end of day. Given that 30 minutes odd they played with


14 men, I thought they did well to come out of that the draw. Against


them, they are so good, they have done amazing to stay in the game


really. Let's take a look at the weather -


here's Jennifer Bartram with Good evening, quite a cloudy night


to come, further showers forecast at first. As we approach tomorrow


die away, we will see clear spells die away, we will see clear spells


overnight down to 3-4 C. We have a overnight down to 3-4 C. We have a


brisk breeze picking up from the East. That will be with us through


the day tomorrow. Quite a windy day, especially around the north coast of


Devon and Cornwall. Plenty of dry and bright weather, just a few


showers pushing into Cornwall later in the day. Top temperature around


11 degrees, feeling cooler with the strength of the wind. Through the


rest of the week, staying mile, the wind gradually easing off through


the week. Temperatures around 12 degrees. That is all from Spotlight,


Heidi will have the next update just before 6:30am tomorrow morning. Good


night. I'm sure most of us are glad to see


the back of this weekend. It's been cold, bleak and at times wintry. It


provided some beautiful weather Watchers photos, like Sheffield


earlier today. I suspect some of the lying snow will be blown around by


strong winds starting to develop. The odd spot of drizzle into the far


north-east. The wind strengthening here. Already signs of something a


little bit miles, temperatures climbing up. However it's not going


to feel that warm straightaway. Because of the strength of the wind.


The wind however will break up the cloud, so some sunshine into central


and Southern areas. The cloud is thickening all the time. The odd bit


of drizzle. Some sunny spells and highs of around 80