14/01/2017 Weather for the Week Ahead


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I am sure some of you are wondering how long the cold snap will last.


For some not long for others into next week. Already we see some think


my old creeping through the Atlantic. We start the weekend with


chilli Western winds dominating the weekend. Temperatures close all


below freezing. Some snowfalls. Wintry showers across Scotland. Wind


is not as strong as they have been. Milder and rain showers for Northern


Ireland, across the Irish Sea and England. Contrast the temperatures


with the two degrees across eastern England. His ghost of England seeing


some showers as well as the east of Scotland. Temperatures recovering


quite nicely in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Showers turning to more


persistent rain overnight. As they hit the cold air across the high


ground of Scotland you could see some snow but mostly rain across


northern and western parts of the UK. Temperatures should still be


pretty low. We could see some ice around. The Atlantic, at this front


coming in trying to introduce milder conditions but it will be a slow


process. Wet weather through the day on Sunday. The cold air hanging on


across eastern areas all day with temperatures slow to recover. Much


milder air further west, up in two double figures. The cold air never


gives up across south-eastern parts of England, East Anglia, well into


the early part of next week. Further west, milder. But also cloudier.


Seems like this with a fair bit of rain in places. Temperatures higher


than they have big in the UK. Further south and east, the cold air


holding on. Some? About. Cold and frosty conditions that despite the


sunshine through the early part of the week. As we had through the


middle of the week, any places will be largely dry. Mostly fine and


settled through the middle part of next week and that is because we


have a jetstream keeping the rain at bay through the mid to later parts


of next week. How long that block of high pressure last is another


matter. It should be a dry start towards the end of next week. Cold


at towards the north, and Bring on the boys.


Potential is massive with you. The stage is yours. When you're born


to perform, Let it Shine...


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