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This is BBC World News. Another tremor for the global


economy, new job figures in the US stir figures -- fears of another


recession. For Barack Obama, unemployment is more than an


Achilles heel. It is a bigger balls eye on his presidency.


Turkey expels Israel's ambassador. Israel insists it will not


apologise over the Gaza flotilla raid.


Libya's new leaders set out a framework to run the country and


promised democratic elections, but later than first said. The a


special report on the inter-ethnic violence plaguing the South Sudan.


The debris that flies around the Earth at 17,000 mph and could


create a serious accident in space. That is not me, that is not what I


said. I am sure that Wallis Simpson have felt the same way. Madonna


tells us why she identified with Mrs Simpson, the subject of her new


Welcome. It is the start of the Labor Day holiday in the US, but it


is precisely the lack of labour that is causing this latest bout of


economic grief. Figures for last month shows that the US lost as


many jobs as it created, although the overall employment rate was


steady. This has created worries that the economy may be stalling


and heading back into recession. On Wall Street today, the opening


bell was rung by smiling businesswomen who have created jobs.


The bitter irony is that the US economy as a whole has not. Markets


fell on the news that job creation here was paralysed. 14 million


Americans are out of work. For the past year the economy had been


adding jobs at a slower rate, but in August the number of hirings and


firings cancelled each other out, meaning net job creation was zero.


The American population grows by each month 130,000. You need that


many jobs to create each -- stay even. It is unlikely that it will


fall in the future. For Barack Obama, unemployment is more than an


Achilles heel. It is a pit Bull's eye on his presidency. His


opponents are queuing up to keep playing as the job numbers deepen


fears of a recession. The next week, the President will unveil a jobs


package combining tax breaks for employers with a proposed upgrade


of America's roads and railways, creating construction work.


But that this JobCentre in Virginia, without a mixed opinions. He is


digging things out of a whole, and I did vote for him, but I think a


lot of it is not of his own making. If I am not sure that the


government can do much, the cash constraints are there. I am not


sure there is anything they can do meaningfully. If there is a catch


22 here. Companies must hire workers and invest for the economy


to grow. But they will only do that when they see evidence of growth.


The President knows it is all about confidence, and right now there is


not any. Let us talk more about this. How


serious are these worries about a drift into recession? Is is just


about the jobless figures? I think the jobless figures are a big


portion of this, for some time America has been struggling with


very high levels of unemployment are not seen for decades. You are


seeing more Americans out of work for longer periods of time, and


that has led to increased speculation of a fall back into


recession. Economists here are saying there is a one in three


chance that we could see be US for back into recession -- recession.


Now they say the risks have increased slightly, part of the


problem is that the figures of job creation are so low that it is not


enough for businesses to have confidence, and companies will not


start hiring and less they have the confidence that consumers will go


and buy their produce up spat. Recep Tayyip Erdogan is to restore


confidence, what are his options? - - Obama. How can they get other


companies involved? There is a scheme being led by the boss of


General Electric, there is talk of tax incentives for companies that


create jobs. The key create -- question is will any of his pass


the Republican-controlled House. As we have seen, there has been a real


log jam in Washington, as the American people are getting very


frustrated. Relations between Turkey and Israel


have become under strain, and Turkey has expelled is well's


ambassador and suspended military agreements. It comes after the


Israeli government refused to apologise for last year's raid on a


flotilla bound for Gaza. A UN report says Israeli commandos used


excessive force, 9 a Turkish activists died in the incident.


It was an operation which went catastrophically wrong. Israeli


special forces distended in the small hours of the morning on to


the deck of a Turkish ship leading the flotilla. But they encountered


resistance. Within minutes, nine a Turkish activists had been shot


dead. Turkish Israeli ties, already strained, fell apart. There were


furious protests across Turkey in the days following. Diplomacy in


recent months has been unable to repair the damage. That has put


their relationship in a deep freeze. Now is the time for the Israeli


government to pay the price for seeing itself above the law, and


performing illegitimate actions without taking human conscience


into account. This price will be been deprived of Turkey's


friendship. His Royal's ambassador has been ordered to leave by the


middle of next week. All military co-operation between the two


countries will be suspended. Turkey will support any legal action


against Israel over the flotilla or the blockade of Gaza. The UN's own


investigation has been delayed three times to help find a


compromise. Turkey has insisted on an apology and compensation for the


deaths. That is something Israel is unwilling to offer. The Turks have


climbed up a very high tree in demanding that Israel apologists --


apologises, because the panel does not ask it to. It recommends that


is rarely expresses regret and pays compensation to the families of the


people killed. 15 months after the flotilla plash, emotions are less


door. But politicians still feel unable to enter the hostility that


has soured their friendship. Talking tough to Israel goes down


well with the Turkish public, so politically this was an easy step


for the government to take. But it has been left -- it has left the


door slightly open, because with his Middle Eastern neighbours in


turmoil, getting on with his well maybe useful again.


Joining us is the Israeli commentator Saul Zadka. The foreign


minister says it is time that is well paid the price for its illegal


actions. Israel will have to do something with it wants to repair


relations, hasn't it? No matter what Israel would have done, the


Turks have their own agenda in the Middle East, and it started long


before the flotilla incident about one year ago. Ever since they came


to power, the Islamist party wanted to be presented in the Middle East,


especially in the Arab world as the champions of the Palestinian cause.


This is to try and establish their head Germany over the region.


sure they will say their party has business routes. What you say about


Turkey wanting to flex its muscles is one thing, but nine activists


were killed, and this is a United Nations report saying that the


commandos used excessive force. The criticism is not just from Turkey.


There is no doubt that they used excessive force. Israel said we


will not apologise for an act of self-defence. There are a handful


of people involved. The government were not changed is that?


language used to to ask them to apologise was a very bullish, some


would say a bit like black mile. If you are not going to apologise,


tomorrow morning when this United Nations and report is out, we will


punish you. You cannot do that. What happens now? Turkey is


important, is well cannot afford to have bad relations. How can a piece


of? The damage is Severe, and it is quite a blow -- blow for Israeli


influence in the Middle East. What they wanted to do, the Israelis, is


to patch out their differences behind the scenes. The the help of


the Americans in diplomacy will be used for. The Turks have their own


agenda, and this will make it difficult. They want to offset


their losses in May last year or to have. However, it may be that


Turkey will be on the losing side. Turkey it needs Israel more than


vice versa. If the Turkish government for got as the Ottoman


Empire does not exist anymore. sure they would take issue with


that statement, but thank you. Fresh from their summit in Paris on


Thursday, Libya's National Transitional Council said today


that most of the country is now safe, and it is just a matter of


time before Colonel Gaddafi is apprehended or killed. Leaders have


set out a timetable for democratic change, saying elections could take


A lot of fervour and a lot of guns. Tripoli is in its revolutionary


honeymoon, even though Colonel Gaddafi is still at large and parts


of the country are but -- are controlled by his men. Those people


in the capital who supported him keep well away from crowds these


days. The streets of Tripoli are still dominated by young fighters,


they have moved into the power vacuum left. As far as they are


concerned, this is their revolution. The new leaders are trying to start


the process of persuading them to go home. We're not concerned by


guns at the moment. My concern is about democracy. Of a civil society,


and peace for this course. -- piece for this cause. You do not do this


with guns. And Tripoli's new military headquarters was a


American airbase. Its commander was once arrested, and he says he was


tortured by BC IRA. He is the Co find -- Deco find co-founder of a


group the Americans say have links to Al-Qaeda.


He says they have a good idea where Gaddafi is, and that he will get a


fair trial if he surrenders. If not, they will kill him. The huge


Gaddafi compound has become a place to keep -- take the children. It


was the nerve centre of the Gaddafi regime. Now they write rude


messages about him. Assuming they can kill or capture Gaddafi, this


will become the most complete Arab Revolution so far. He created a


unique system of government that has already dissolved. That means


Libya's new leaders have to find a new way to run this country,


starting from scratch, as they have to take the people with them. If


they can do it, it will be a huge Now a look at some of the day's


other news. Reports from Syria say seven people have been killed as


demonstrators came out in force to demand the fall of the government


of President Bashar al-Assad. Protestors were reportedly killed


in Deir el Zoor in the east, in suburbs of Damascus, and in Homs.


The European Union said it will impose a ban on oil imports from


Syria, in an attempt to put pressure on the authorities over


the crackdown. The website Wikileaks has released


its full archive of US embassy cables online. Many, if not all, of


the posted documents appear to be unedited, exposing names and


details of informants. Wikileaks took the decision after the files


became available online due to a security breach.


South Africa's ruling party, the ANC, has dismissed a request by its


controversial Youth League leader Julius Malema to drop his


disciplinary case. He is accused of sowing divisions in the party and


bringing it into disrepute by calling for a change of government


in neighbouring Botswana. Once a close ally of President Jacob Zuma,


Julius Malema has become his fierce critic.


The UN's nuclear agency says it's increasingly concerned about a


stream of intelligence information suggesting that Iran is continuing


to secretly develop nuclear weapons. A report by the IAEA also says


Tehran has started installing equipment to enrich uranium in an


underground bunker. Iran insists its programme is only for civilian


purposes. It has only been two months since


south Sudan became independent, yet already the shine has come off the


celebrations. Inter ethnic conflict is not new in south Sudan, but it


has been hoped that the peace dividend and independence after


decades of court with the North would make a fresh start. Hundreds


of people have been killed in a cattle raid in a remote and


undeveloped area. The start of a seemingly ordinary


village date turned into a disaster. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of


armed when -- armed men, shot their way through Pieri and the swearing


area. The local authorities say more that -- more than 600 people


were killed. The attackers also stole thousands of cows and


provisions from this were house provided by the World Food


Programme before they torched what was left. Those who survived have


now got to come to terms it what they lost. I was sleeping in my


house when I heard the but it. They have killed my people, they have


killed two of my nephews. All this destruction is the latest in a


series of inter ethnic clashes in Jonglei state. These attackers --


the attackers were from the Merley group seeking revenge for killings


of their group, the Nuer. This two year-old was stabbed and his mother


was badly hurt. The scale of the violence he has shocked many.


Stopping the biting is difficult. The roads are poor and civilians


are as heavily armed as the security forces. The government is


aware it must act. Putting in a law and order by having adequate police


and adequate security forces in places where we anticipate cattle


rustling attacks, that will result in a vicious circles of revenge


attacks. Cows are an immense source of wealth here. So for some, cattle


raiding has become a way of life. Many of those who fled the fighting


in Pieri ended up here in Watut, stripped of their cows and


dependent on handouts and local kindness. The local chief told me


the conditions are not good, and his people are not comfortable. We


have nowhere to sleep and nothing to eat. As you can see, we are in a


very bad situation, he said. The joy of south Sudan's independence


is still fresh, but in Jonglei state and all over the country,


people have to be disarmed and security forces professional --


made professional if the cycle of revenge attacks is to be broken.


Decade of space exploration has left a bit of a mess in space. And


NASA has been told to clean it up before it causes a disaster. A new


US live -- report estimates that up to 1000 satellite are at risk of


colliding with the junk. Even tiny fragments can have devastating


effect. In a moment, we will have an aerospace engineering expert.


But let's have a look at the extent of a problem. This is a moment that


Nasser left -- that NASA lost its tall box, adding to the collection


of debris. The vast emptiness of space is filling up with items that


astronauts have left behind. The amount of debris is staggering.


Each of these dots represents one object. Each item travels faster


than a rifle bullet. There are 22,000 pieces of debris large


enough to track from the ground, but smaller object could still


cause serious damage. The 2003 Columbia disaster was caused by


damage to the heat shield. Even a fragment of loose paint can cause


devastation. This Russian satellite was sent up in 1993, but two years


ago it came into the part of the US communications satellite. The


collision added thousands of pieces of debris. Collisions are very rare,


but after each trip to space, there is one more sign of those who have


Bordley gone before. Joining us now from Southampton is Hugh Lewis, an


expert in aerospace engineering. Do you think that the problem is so


bad that we ought to suspend space exploration in case there are any


collisions? No, I do not believe that is the case. I think the work


we have been doing in Southampton and the international community is


also doing showed that the environment is, it will be a


problem, the number of object is increasing but we are taking steps


to manage the problem. So basically clean space? How do you tackle


that? The international community, including government agencies,


commercial satellite operators and manufacturers are already taking


steps to address it through space mitigation guidelines. These


guidelines are designed to reduce the amount of new debris created,


and that will not be suspicion alone. We will be needing to clean


up the debris by removing the junk from orbit. You cannot get your mop


and bucket out. How exactly do you go about cleaning space? It is a


very challenging problem, in that sense that in order to remove a


piece of debris, it you have tickets to its location. That


involves launching a spacecraft to provide removal. That is a very


expensive process, the cost of building a satellite and launching


it is significant. We need to look at ways in which we can do this in


a cost-effective manner. So that is still being assessed and. Is it


going to be, is there going to be a cost-effective way of doing it or


do we have to live with junk in space? The technological aspects


are just one talent among several that need to be tackled in the


coming years. -- just one challenge that needs to be tackled. There are


legal and political challenges than need to be addressed. That dialogue


is starting to take place and it is starting to go forward. Thank you


very much, on how to clean up space. Her career in music has been a long


and successful one, and now she is having another go at being a film


director. Madonna's second movie has had its premiere at the Venice


Film Festival and the film tells the story of the American socialite


Mrs Wallis Simpson whose affair with King Edward VII scandalised


pre-war Britain and led to his abdication. In her only British


interview, Madonna has been speaking to the BBC's art editor


Will Gompertz in what she hoped to achieve with her film.


Enter Madonna. Performing for the cameras. She is promoting her new


film. Though this time, she is not the star but the directors. It is


not usual for this much faster be made about Iraqi film direction.


But then, Madonna is hardly typical of your mid-life career change. She


is very famous and gets treated rather differently. Wallace, what


is wrong? Lunch with your brother and sister in law. The subject of


celebrity is a central theme running through her new film, W.E..


It tells the story of Wallis Simpson's affair with Edward VII.


Let's stop all this talk about marriage. It frightens me.


considers what she lost by becoming a public figure. I cannot give up


the from. Then I will be the most despised woman in the world.


price of fame is an issue close to the director's hard. Once you


become a public figure, or a celebrity, it is very hard for


people to give you more than one dimension to live in. You were


reduced to a sound bite. It can often be frustrating, because you


spend most of your time saying, that is not me, that is not what I


said or dead. And I am sure that Wallis Simpson felt the same way.


The Wallis Simpson story is well known, featuring in the King's


Speech. Madonna has added a parallel element of someone


obsessed with Wallace's son in modern Manhattan who also has a


complicated love life. Two mixed to time frames would be a challenge


for modern director. -- an experienced director. A bloody


nightmare. The details of all the stories, the world they lived in,


the luxuries, the objects, I do not know what I was thinking when I was


writing the script! The film has divided critics from night and --


nice and warm to pure scorn. But the director of Black Swan thinks


the material girl has come up with the goods. Everyone in the world


has seen the king's speech, it so to see another window into that


story was fascinating. Now the stuttering King is a Supporting


actor, played by a different actor. It is interesting to see how a


different artist approaches that universe and how they fit together


is pretty cool. At the end of the press conference, there was this


bizarre scene. Hardened hacks turned into Die Hard fans,


desperate for an autograph. An ironic episode given that the movie


questions the cult of celebrity. Madonna and her new film. Let's


remind you of our top story pulled a rock share prices in New York


have fallen after new US jobs figures.


Government figures showed that the jobs figures ground to a halt last


month -- job creation ground to a halt.


Next it is the weather. From me, Zeinab Badawi, and the team, could


Today in the sunshine it has been lovely and warm. Tomorrow, for


south-east England, more of the same in the sunshine again. It is


going to feel very nice indeed. Overnight tonight, we have got a


with a front pushing him, going to bring cloud and rain into Northern


Ireland and Scotland. For many northern areas, a bit of a


disappointing start to Saturday. The south-east is starting misty


and murky, but these guys will Brighton. As we head to 3pm, I will


expect to see a bit more cloud developing through Lincolnshire


into the Midlands but staying dry for most of the day. Four East


Anglia, the south-east, the Home Counties and central and southern


England, a lovely afternoon. After as reasonably bright start to the


day, south-west England will see the skies cloud over. Patchy rain


in the West later. Cloudy in Wales, rain in the West, cloudy -- heavy


at times. In Northern Ireland, it will be a cloudy start. Through the


afternoon, the cloud breaking up allows spells of sunshine to break


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