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This is BBC World News Today with me the Zeinab Badawi. The


Palestinian president raises the stakes and takes a gamble by


announcing he will be asking for recognition as a member state next


week at the UN. TRANSLATION: We will be going to the United Nations


to ask for a legitimate right we choose to obtain, full membership


of the state of Palestine. Fierce fighting in two Libyan towns still


held by pro-Gadaffi forces as the new interim Government gets Libya's


UN seat. Europe's leaders are warned by


America at a finance summit in Poland that the euro crisis


threatens the global economy it will stop all hope extinguished as


police confirm a four men trapped in a flooded coal mine in South


Wales have all been found dead. It may sound like something out of


Star Wars, but American astronomers have say they have discovered a


Hello and welcome. The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has


confirmed he will go to the UN Security Council next week to ask


for a full UN membership. It is a bold move because it would amount


to an implicit recognition of state of. Washington has already said it


will veto any such vote, set in the Palestinians on a collision course.


International, televised address, Mahmoud Abbas said he will apply


for a state within the 1967 borders with east Jerusalem as its capital.


Here is Jeremy Bowen. The campaign for a Palestinian


membership of the UN stopped the traffic in a manner in the Israeli


occupied West Bank. Israel and the Americans say going to the UN could


put a stop to any chance of peace. President Mahmoud Abbas, and a


speech broadcast live from Ramallah, announced his determination to go


ahead with an application be Americans say they will veto.


TRANSLATION: We are going to the UN to ask for the legitimate right of


full membership. We will take with us the suffering and hope of our


people. He rejected criticism he wanted to not legitimise Israel. He


said the occupation and settlement of the lands Israel captured in


1967 is that what Palestinians want as a state. Palestinians say they


have rehearsed long enough. Their security forces on another practice


run are ready for independence, they say, along with all the other


institutions a state needs. But Israel's stubbornness, the


President said, mean that decisions are at a dead end, so they are


turning to the UN. Israel's campaign against includes a video,


blaming the Palestinians for not accepting a Jewish state. What


about security arrangements? What about Jerusalem? It all needs to be


in an agreement. In an agreement you give and take. In a resolution


they just take. This is a big mistake. This is not what it seems.


Both sides are Israelis. They are rehearsing for an attack by


Palestinians on a Jewish settlement in the West Bank. Many Israelis


predict a UN vote will touch of such violence. The ingredients of


this conflict are always the same. What the Palestinians are trying to


do is to change the diplomatic game decisively in their favour. It is a


risky strategy, given the hostility of the Israelis and the Americans.


The talk of imminent violence may be overdone, but there is no doubt


the temperature is rising again. The conflict is going to continue


whatever happens next week. The question is whether the


Palestinian-UN tactic makes matters better or worse.


Let's talk about the implications of the announcement. We are joint


from Washington by Ghaith al Omari, a former adviser to Mahmoud Abbas


and executive director of the American Task Force on Palestine.


Will it make matters worse or better? This as you said raises the


stakes. We are in a game of diplomatic chicken, classic and


brinkmanship. Everybody will be raising the stakes publicly as


intensive activity happens behind the scenes to reach a compromise.


The Palestinians might face loss of services on the ground, the


Israelis might be isolated, and the UN may be divided. Let's have a


look at the Palestinians. It is a unilateral move. The Americans and


the Israelis have said that they cannot do that, they have to have


they no decision process. But Mahmoud Abbas says in the end, we


are going to have made associations. What is he playing at? So he


believes in negotiation. He is someone who has spent his whole


life advocating negotiations. But there is a sense of frustration.


Things have been stalled by reality on the ground and they have been


changing in terms of settlement building. He is trying to remind


the world that it still exists. The question to ask his do the


Palestinians stand to gain or to lose? They are the weaker party in


this formula and they might end up losing more than they gain.


Washington is unhappy, Congress, of course, and they find a great deal


of activities on the West Bank. That money could be threatened if


he carries on with theirs. absolutely. I have been involved in


the peace process for a long time and I have seen diplomatic


disagreements come and go. But there is one thing that has been


happening on the ground over the last couple of years. In terms of


improving the economy, the institution building and relied,


this might be the ultimate victim of this move and that would be


truly tragic. That institution building project is working. What


about a compromise, a water down membership of the UN, and observers


stayed for the Palestinians, like the Vatican? There are many


similarities. These are being proposed. Tony Blair has been


having great efforts to propose ideas. There is a great chance for


that. At the end of the day, this is a diplomatic blip and we go back


to what will ease matters, getting a closer solution. It has been far


easier for Libya's interim Government to get their seat at the


UN, despite opposition from some African and Latin American members.


The National Transitional Council now hold their seat at the General


Assembly. Libyan forces backing the interim Government are renewing


their attacks on Sirte and Bani Walid, another one of Gaddafi's few


remaining strongholds. In Bani Walid fighters have pulled back


under heavy fire. Richard Galpin has this report. This new assault


on Bani Walid began early in the morning. Fighters loyal to the


interim Government picking their way through the streets, trying to


push forward towards their goal, the town centre. But it is slow and


dangerous. Close by are Colonel Gaddafi's snipers and other gunmen.


There may be more fighters involved in the attack this time, but it is


still proving to be a tough fight for control of what is a key town.


A new front has also opened up in the battle for the strategic


coastal town of Sirte, Colonel Gaddafi's birthplace. Thousands of


fighters closing in from the west and south. They are breaking


through the outer defences, getting to within a few miles of the centre


and taking control of the airport. But here they are facing fierce


resistance from Gaddafi's men. While Colonel Gaddafi's men are


making what appears to be a file stand in the towns which they still


control, in the capital Tripoli more and more are world leaders


have been arriving to give their support to the new, interim


Government. Today it was the turn of the Turkish Prime Minister.


Tayyip Erdogan was following in the footsteps of the British and French


leaders who came here yesterday. He also promised to help Libya make


the difficult transition to a democratic country. Speaking in


martyrs Square in the heart of Tripoli he praised the Libyans,


saying they proved it was impossible for any Government to


stand in the way of the might and will of the people. It was a barbed


comment aimed at the repressive Government in Syria, another Arab


country in turmoil. A BBC correspondent from BBC Arabic


has been injured was reporting from Bani Walid. Mohammad Ballout, seen


here, was preparing to go live on air when he and other journalists


were targeted by sniper fire. His injuries are not life-threatening


and medical teams are looking after him. As fighters loyal to Libya's


interim council make their push into Gaddafi stronghold, other


members of his inner circle have gone into hiding. Colonel Gaddafi


has pledged to continue the fight in Libya, but some senior aides and


family members have sought safety in neighbouring Niger. Thousands of


sub-Saharan Africans have also crossed through the desert to


escape the war. They were caught in Libya's war,


hundreds of refugees, most of them from West Africa, who have


travelled hundreds of kilometres across the desert. It is thought


more than 150,000 have already made it to northern Niger. Senior aides


of Colonel Gaddafi reach the capital further south. They had to


pass through this checkpoint at the city limits. Convoys loyal to


Colonel Gaddafi are being escorted through hundreds of kilometres


through the sentry points. The authorities here expect more to


come as they struggle to secure the past desert borders owner with


Libya. The Government has confirmed that Gaddafi's son, among those now


here, it remains under close surveillance, his movements are


restricted. Under pressure the Government has defended its actions.


Ministers say their main concern are the weapons left over from the


Libyan war or crossing the border. This concentration is not really


these people fleeing the war from Libya. The worst is the arms which


can be in any hands. This man is another victim of Libya's award. A


Libyan national, he was granted permission to stay in Niger after


he fled his home country to escape the violence. He opposed Colonel


Gaddafi, but his problem is not that, but old members of the Libyan


regime are seeking refuge in Niger. TRANSLATION: It is up to Niger if


they want to harbour a senior Gaddafi loyalists, but those guys


are rich, we are poor and have nothing at all. Neither the


Government here, nor are the NTC leaders can help us. They have


offered us nothing. More and more a West Africans have left Libya since


Tripoli fell. Many have been accused of working as mercenaries


to defend the Gaddafi regime. In countries like Niger they benefited


from the former Libyan rule and now that relationship leaves the


Government here in an awkward situation.


These days any meeting involving EU finance ministers is described as a


crisis meeting and certainly today European Union finance ministers


got together in Poland to discuss the euro-zone crisis. The United


States has also warned that the EU's problems have threaten to


undermine further the global economy. But ministers in Poland's


delayed a decision until October to pay out a second instalment of a


bail-out to Greece. Greece will go bankrupt if it does not receive the


funds amounting to $11 billion. They had other central European


bank said concerted action was needed. It calls for being alert,


putting our house in order in all the countries individually. It also


calls for collective orderliness. There are a whole load of decisions


to be taken and they have to be full and as rapid as possible and


implementation of all the decisions that have been taken have to be


rapid. Chris Morris has been following events in Poland. First


of all, why did they delayed his decision on the second tranche of


money to Greece? It is actually the 6th tranche of money, part of the


first bail-out to Greece. The reason it has been delayed is


because there is not agree more on how to proceed and the policy is


one of carrot and stick. They want to give more money to Greece,


partly because they are not ready for the consequences were Greece to


have to default on its debts, but there are those countries, Germany


among them, who still believe that Greece could be doing more. Instead


of a proving this next tranche of money right now, they have delayed


it for a few weeks. It means there will be plenty more talk in the


next few weeks. It is a bit of a higher risk strategy, especially on


a day when so many people have come out and said, no more delay, it is


time for action. But that is the way this entity works. 17 different


governments in the euro-zone and you have to try and crush all their


different opinions into one He it must raise serious questions.


They say that they can. What they cannot do, and they all admitted,


his move as fast as the markets might demand. On the one hand, they


are criticised for going too slowly, but on the other hand, they are


criticised for not consulting their electric and Parliament. That is


what is happening at the moment. Some of the agreements made in an


emergency summit in July have to be approved by all 17 parliaments in


the eurozone and some parliaments are basically dragging their feet a


little because they are unhappy about some of the decisions which


have been made. So it is a very difficult political mix. Forcing


the pace and tried to get a handle on this while also trying to listen


to the voters back home. Thank you very much.


Now let us look at some of the other main developments. Human


rights activists say that security forces in Syria have shot dead at


least 15 people. They say that four people died during a raid in a town


near Hammad. They fired at random after Friday prayers. They were


seeking to prevent pro-democracy demonstrations. The Prime Minister


of Pakistan has said that he will take charge of the belief benefit -


- belief that that for millions of victims who have suffered from


monsoon rains which have not yet recovered from similar floods last


year. The Deputy First Minister of


Northern Ireland has announced he is going to run for the Irish


presidency. His party Sinn Fein has confirmed that the former IRA


leader will contest next month's elections. He is due to be formally


endorsed by his party leadership over the weekend.


Police have confirmed that all four miners trapped in a flooded coal


mine in South Wales since Thursday have been found dead. Rescue


workers had been searching through a maze of tunnels to try to save


the men. Officials say that everything humanly possible meet --


humanly possible had been done. A police investigation is under way.


The rescue teams said they had that they met such difficult conditions


but they worked day and night in the hope of finding at least one


miner still alive. This evening, their hopes were finally dashed.


can confirm that the 4th dead miner has now been recovered from the


Gleision colliery. On behalf of us all, I would like to express our


deepest and most sincere condolences to the families of


Philip Hill, David Powell, Garry Jenkins and Charles Bresnan. I can


confirm that of the four deceased miners, they were found in close


proximity to each other, one was on the exit side of the blockage as we


know. The other three were covered this afternoon were all found


together in the area where they had been working. Families, friends and


neighbours suffered an agonising wait for information in the


community centre. Over the course of the day, the news just got worse


as one by one, the rescue teams found more bodies. They receive


messages of support from around the country and around the world. Gifts


of food and toys for the children. This has been a crippling growth --


crippling blow. One miner, his wife did not want him to go to work


yesterday but he insisted. It is just devastated. Not only for the


community but for the whole valley. Everybody is devastated.


operation had been hampered by the silt and debris carried by the


flood which blocked the tunnels where the four men died. There will


be an inquiry into the strategy and politicians from all sides said


that their thoughts were with the community. I spoke to the commander


and it is clear that the emergency services have done everything they


can and worked incredibly hard and have not lacked for anything but it


is at a desperately sad situation brought everyone concerned.


these are tight-knit communities that this is a tragedy not just for


those families but for the community as well. News all the


amazing rescue effort that happened but sadly it was in vain -- you saw.


Mining has long been at the heart of life in these ballets but now


the questions will begin about the risks the miners faced and whether


their deaths could have been prevented.


A London financial trader wept in court this afternoon as he was


charged with fraud in connection with a �1.3 billion loss at the


Swiss banking group UBS. The 31- year-old was remanded in custody


after the hearing. There was a big media presence at


the City of London magistrates' court but this was the only glimpse


they got of the man accused of a �1.3 billion fraud. He was remanded


in custody until another hearing next week. He wept in court as he


stood facing charges of fraud and two of false accounting, one of


which dated back to 2008. He was a senior trader in the London office


of the Swiss bank UBS. He was arrested at his desk in the early


hours of yesterday. It is alleged he dishonestly abused his position,


causing losses to the bank. His family home is in Ghana. His father,


a former UN official, said that the family was heartbroken and hoping -


- hoping to hear his son's side of the stories. Whatever the details


of the transactions, the big questions being asked are wide work


senior managers not aware of what was going on and how could losses


of more than a billion pounds been ranked up with out their knowledge?


It is not incredible in the sense that it will be very hard to


regulate away any of these sorts of accidents happening. It is very


difficult to believe it has happened just now when there is so


much attention being put on better enforcement of regulations. It it


is not clear precisely what kind of deals he was carrying out. His job


involved complex and potentially risky trading with the Bank's money.


To minimise risks, there is a technique called hedging. A first


transaction might involve putting money on a market move going up,


but a second transaction puts money on it going down and it can only go


wrong when the balancing bet is not made or is not be enough. We do not


know what has happened in this particular case. There are only


allegations of rogue trading. But allowing some on the authority to


run up a �2 billion debts... The man concern was a man with a degree


in computer science. I am not sure what sum of money I would allow


someone with that background to have but it would not be that much.


Just what was going on and why his bosses did not seem to know they


only become clear when the full case gets to trial.


It may sound like something out of Star Wars but American astronomers


say they have discovered a planet orbiting two sons. The Saturn size


planet has been named Kepler-16b and it is the first concerned --


first confirmed solar system of its kind. It circles the true sons


every two ended and 29 days but is thought to be too cold to support


life. -- 229 days. I am joined by the astronomer David


White House. It is a bit like Star Wars. Didn't star was have a planet


that went to run two sons? That is right, it is called Tatooine and


there's a famous scene with Luke Skywalker watching the double


sunset. It is a gas giant so it does not have a surface but if it


has a nude, a rocky moon, then if you look to towards it, you would


seek the two sons in your Sky because they are smaller than our


Sun and one of them is a yellow and the other is a deep red. That would


be blocked by dark scars of sunspots on net, much larger than


the sunspots on our staff. It would be a spectacular multi-coloured


display which you would see in the sky. You are used start and son at


interchangeably? The sun is a star? The sun is a typical staff. This


just goes to show that because most from planets and most stars are not


like our son, solitary stars, they are part of multiple systems. That


is the first one we have found where the planet orbits both of


them. As we explore the cosmos, we will no doubt find planets which


orbit two stars in a figure of eight orbit or something weird like


that. Ballet movements in the solar system. What does this tell us


about our Earth, or the space? shows us the diversity of planetary


systems. One of the major themes of discovery in recent years is that


we have found planets orbiting other stars. Before that, we only


knew about our own planets. Now we are finding more and more and these,


we are finding weird and wonderful combinations. I know it is a


typical question but I have to ask, could there be life potentially?


Not on the planet that we have found because it is a gas giant.


But if it has a rocky moon, that is a possibility. It is a cold planet,


so these two sons are not warming it up? If they are very cool but


one of them has huge explosions on the surface and that might make a


difference to a rocky moon of Kepler-16b. A I have learnt so much.


Thank you very much. A reminder of our main story. The


Palestinian President has confirmed that he will ask for full


membership of the United Nations next week in a national address


from the Mahler on the West Bank, he said that he would apply to the


Security Council within the 1967 borders with the capital as east


Jerusalem. That is all. Now the weather. Enjoy


It has been fairly cloudy and this weekend is not looking that


inspiring. Blustery showers on the cards for tomorrow. More of the


same poll Sunday. That is courtesy to an area of low pressure pushing


its way into northern Scotland overnight. Some pretty dusty winds


to boot. Where ever you are tomorrow, you are likely to pick up


one or two showers. In between, some decent spells of sunshine. It


is likely they will become banded together in places. Through


southernmost counties, it is a bit hit and miss. Sunny spells and a


few scattered showers. It is for south-west England and Wales that


are exposed to the dusty south westerly winds where they will be


showers packing in for much of the day -- gusty south westerly winds.


Further north in Northern Ireland, here again, fairly cloudy and at


some scattered showers. They will be on the heavy side at times. For


northern Scotland, the remnants of the weather front still bringing


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